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Ark Universe

Kayfabe Character Information Thread

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Name: Bob Sparks

Nickname: "The Bomb"

Figurehead: Big Show ( In-Ring) - Big Smo (Promo)

Gimmick: Family man.

Alignment: Face

Backstory: Bob had a successful life as a business man working for the local Insurance company. Everything was going great until he got involved with the wrong people. He was coming home after watching a Carnage show at the large sporting arena he lived near with his family. He thought he would try to take a shortcut through the city streets to get home sooner to make some more sales. This was he greatest mistake he ever made. His family and him came across some upset past clients who pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg and killed his wife, son, and daughter. Who were never caught. Ever since he has been training non stop to do the one thing his family loved wrestling. Now he had made the BPZ roster and is looking to go to the top.

Fighting Style: Powerhouse

Regular Moves: Scoop Slam, Big Boot, Buckle Bomb, Running Powebomb

Signatures: Chokeslam, Spear, Running Powerslam

Finisher: The Bob Bomb (Batista Bomb), Bear Hug (submission), choke slam on ropes.

Taunt: Stare straight over shorter opponents,  Dikembe Mutombo Finger Wave

Theme: Blood in the Water by Grandson. 





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Name: Kirk "The Fist" Kelly
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 30
Size: Heavyweight
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 255 lbs.
Body Type: Muscular
Styles: Regular, Technician
Finishing Move: "The Jawbreaker" (a vicious uppercut)
Face Gimmick: Bad Ass (or similar)
Heel Gimmick: Bitter Veteran (or similar)

From an early age, Kelly was always the athletic type. He was the captain of the wrestling team and a star on the football field in high school. It was no surprise when he excelled as an amateur boxer in college. Before he graduated, Cliff Anderson of Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling noticed Kelly and felt like he might transition well to the world of professional wrestling. Kelly jumped at the opportunity and spent 2 years working with CZCW where he continued to develop his technical skills. At the age of 23 Total Championship Wrestling recruited Kelly and he soon became a success as "The Fist", a bad-ass brawler who never backed down from a challenge and knocked opponents out cold with his finishing move "The Jawbreaker".
After five years with TCW, Kelly was forced to take a break from wrestling following a knee injury in a match that costed him his World Title. During his time away, Kirk continued to train and box, knowing that it wouldn't be long before he made his return.

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Name:   James Knight

Figureheads: Tama Tonga

Nicknames:  The Demented Knight

Backstory:  Growing up James Knight was a loner due to many finding him very disturbing. Many would come across him and over hear him talking to himself about how much he enjoys the pain of others. When Knight was starting his junior year his mother sadly passed, but rumor spread throughout the school that at her funeral James Knight was seen laughing. Soon after the funeral James Knight took up wrestling. Some saw this as a way for him to take his mind of his mothers death. All we do know about James Knight is that when he steps between those ropes, bad things tend to happen to good people...

Style: Brawling(70%) , Technical(30%)

Spots: Superplex, Apron Powerbomb, Missile Drop Kick into steps 


1. Apron DDT( No legs hooked )


2. V - Trigger



1. Curb Stomp


2. Back Stabber


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Related image
Current Figureheads: Johnny Gargano, Seth Rollins, Kenny Omega
Name: BiC 
Current Alignment: Face
Nicknames: The Pure Athlete, The Submission Machine
Height: 6’2
Weight: 210 lbs
Theme: EPIC ROCK | ''Rebellion'' by Jaxson Gamble
Bio: Growing up in Boston, BiC spent most of his childhood in a gym training for an MMA career that would never take off. It would be after 1 year of training that Brenden himself would scout out BiC, bringing him into the company as a young prospect and giving him the NXT Championship early. BiC has had one of the most up and down careers in history, winning every single title he has tried for, and also losing along the way. While the heart of the fans is with him now, its no telling when BiC will go to his old ways. 
Fighting Style
Style: Based off of the likes of Johnny Gargano, Roman Reigns, and Kenny Omega. Hard hitting knee and kick shots but also technical at times, is able to hit moves such as a 450 or a shooting star press but can also hit a deadlift powerbomb. A little mix of everything but tends to lean towards hard hitting action when in the ring. As for moves, just come up with them on the spot.
Vintage Moves: Many springboard and diving moves, hard chops, catching powerbomb/suplex, bicycle knee, discuss elbow, come up with it on the spot.
Signature 1: "Fallen Angel" (Running Bicycle Knee To Head)
Image result for Kenny Omega gif
Signature 2: "Tranquilo Sunrise"  Slingshot DDT
Image result for WWE slingshot DDT gifImage result for WWE slingshot DDT gif
Signature 3: "Golden Heart" Deadlift Powerbomb
Image result for WWE deadlift powerbomb gif
                                                                                               Finisher 1: "Cardiac Unrest" Crossface
Image result for WWE submission gif
Finisher 2: "No Regret" Murphys Law
Image result for WWE Murphys Law gif
Finisher 3: "One Last Breath" Running Sitout Piledriver (Rare, Ask To Kickout)
Image result for Package piledriver gif

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Name: Odyssey Sellers

Figureheads: Adam Cole, Aleister Black

Alignment: Tweener (Leans Heel)

Nickname: "The Crippler"

Height: 6'2"/1.88 m

Weight: 200 lb/90.72 kg

Hometown: Oakland, California

Theme: Tear Away - Drowning Pool

Gimmick: Narcissist

Bio: Grew up in a rough Oakland area, around tons of violence. Had a love of wrestling rooted deep from a young age, and tried his hand at backyard wrestling for many years. Had a love for Japanese wrestling and Japanese culture from the age of 14, when his family went to Japan to see a wrestling event live. He ended up practicing MMA, specifically Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, achieving red belts in both martial arts. The MMA training both benefitted him during his wrestling training and keeping himself alive in the rough streets.

Fighting Style: Puroresu, Hard Striker and Agile High Flier

Moveset Guidelines: Basically none, the moveset is extremely flexible, and basically any move is possible (of course taking into account weight differences in terms of lifting), especially in the realm of striking. Loves kicks and knees due to his amateur kickboxing experience, and is a red belt in Muay Thai and BJJ. Heavily influenced by Japanese wrestling, and as such has a good submission game.

Signatures: Springboard 450, Frog Splash

Image result for springboard 450 splash gif

Image result for eddie guerrero frog splash gif

Finishers: Soul Search (Black Mass), Journey's End (Powerbomb Lungblower), Crippler Crossface

Image result for black mass gif wwe

Image result for project ciampa gif

Image result for crippler crossface gif

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Figureheads: Randy Orton

Name:Rory Orton

Nickname:The Viper

Gimmick:Legend Killer


Back story:Rory Orton is man who claims that he hear voices in his head and these voices tells him what he should do.He calls himself a Viper and claims that it took only one RKO to get him to the victory in a match.He also Claims that he has learn his finisher from a wrestler from an another universe where a company like BPZ Wrestling named WWE exists.

Move Sets:

Regular Moves: Spinning Heel Kick, Jumping DDT, Power slam, back body drop, Drop Kick,etc.

Signature Move: Vintage DDT

Finishers: RKO and Punt Kick

Taunt:Classic Randy Orton taunt from Top Rope

Theme Song:


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Team Members: BiC And Hans Clayton

Theme Song: Rise Up By Extreme Music

Bio: Hans and BiC were friends on the wrestling independent scene, working various shows together before going separate ways and now back together in BPZ, they are once again together and although they have yet to debut, have sold thousands of T shirts and are looking for opponents, the respect between the two is what drives them to be partners and they are ready to take WWE by storm.

Finishing Moves: 

"First Class Flight"


"Buzzer Beater"


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Name: Raven 

Nickname: The Enigma

Gimmick: The Crow

Figurehead: Sting

Alignment: Face

Backstory: Former British indie wrestling legend, "Birdman," he entered BPZ as a member of SSW Club, playing the role of a gentlemanly technician, talking down to the simpler American masses. Unfortunately, this gimmick found no success, and with every subsequent loss he suffered, he became more and more unstable, even reverting back to his "Birdman" persona in hopes of it giving him a victory. Since then, he's left SSW Club and has embraced his lack of stability, now painting his face like a crow and carrying around a baseball bat to get in his opponent's heads and cause general mayhem in BPZ.


Fighting Style: British strong style, aerial.

Regular Moves: Hard chops, general strikes.

Signatures: Superkick, 21-Plex.

Finisher: Bird Bomb (Frog Splash) 

Taunt: Throat-slit into pointing at the opponent, his hand shaped like a gun.



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Figurehead: Sami Zayn

Name: George AK

Nickname: "The eighth wonder of the world"  "The rock"

Gimmick: Hardworking 

Alignment: Face

Backstory: Didn't do well in school because he was addicted to watching wrestling. When he found out he failed all of his exams he packed his bags and flew to america. He knew of a small wrestling company that had a developmental programme. He went through this program as the company expanded and because huge. That company - BPZ.

Moveset: Basic wrestlers move-set with a lot of high flying moves and different variations of moves.

Fighting Style: Technician, High Flyer

Regular Moves: Takedowns, Suplex's etc

Signatures: Running Knee, Pele Kick

Finisher: "Black Out" (Moonsault senton) "Disintegration" (Bucklebomb)

Taunt: NONE

Theme: "Fight Back" Neffex


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Jack Bishop
Style: Technical Powerhouse

Moves: Air Raid Driver, dominator, stalling German suplex, half Nelson Uranage, suplex Piledriver, pop up flatliner,

Signatures: Lion-Plex (tiger suplex) tigersuplex.gif~c200  

Black Ice Powerbomb(gutwrench sit out powerbomb) Gutwrench+Sit-Out+Powerbomb.gif Broken Chord (slingshot Cutter *best move*)


Finishers: Sleeping Pill (Running Knee Strike)

 3F564DBC-B0C6-4C69-85C7-3E02C212882C.gif.5a7aa3f4d591bef405381177ec7a82f3.gif (this except standing)

Silent Symphony (Butterfly Piledriver)  


Eye Opener (Cobra Clutch Crossface) Crossface+Cobra+Clutch.gif

New Finisher: The Last Breath (Suplex Cutter)




Huge spots: Silent Symphony off the apron, Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the apron


very nice.gif

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Name: Mr. Ace

Nickname: "The Studious"

Gimmick: Teacher (You imbalance imbreds)

Alignment: Heel

Backstory: Needed a job on the side to keep his wrestling career going, Wall Ace takes up teaching and is now using his new intellect to kicks people asses.

Moveset: Complicated Moves like the Canadian Destroyer and such

Fighting Style: Technician and Brawler

Regular Moves: Suplexs, submissions, kicks

Signatures: Teacher's Ed (Superkick) and Break Room (Kimura Lock)

Finisher: Chalked Out (Sleeper) and Detention (Canadian Destroyer)

Taunt: Points at cerebrum "Out Smarted"

Theme: "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger 


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Image result for conor mcgregor

Name: Joh

Figureheads: Conor McGregor

Alignment: Face

Nickname: "The Worthy One"

Height: 6'0"/182cm

Weight: 238lbs

Hometown: Cork, Ireland

Theme: The United Nations Anthem

Gimmick: Patriot

Fighting Style: Brawler/Technician

Signatures: Finding Worth, Ireland's Call

Image result for cradle ddt gif

Image result for ireland's call gif

Finishers: The Recession, Triangle Choke



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