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Kayfabe Character Information Thread

Recommended Posts

Name:   James Knight

Figureheads: Tama Tonga

Nicknames:  The Demented Knight

Backstory:  Growing up James Knight was a loner due to many finding him very disturbing. Many would come across him and over hear him talking to himself about how much he enjoys the pain of others. When Knight was starting his junior year his mother sadly passed, but rumor spread throughout the school that at her funeral James Knight was seen laughing. Soon after the funeral James Knight took up wrestling. Some saw this as a way for him to take his mind of his mothers death. All we do know about James Knight is that when he steps between those ropes, bad things tend to happen to good people...

Style: Brawling(70%) , Technical(30%)

Spots: Superplex, Apron Powerbomb, Missile Drop Kick into steps 


1. Apron DDT( No legs hooked )


2. V - Trigger



1. Curb Stomp


2. Back Stabber


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Name: Odyssey Sellers

Figureheads: Adam Cole, Aleister Black

Alignment: Tweener (Leans Heel)

Nickname: "The Crippler"

Height: 6'2"/1.88 m

Weight: 200 lb/90.72 kg

Hometown: Oakland, California

Theme: Tear Away - Drowning Pool

Gimmick: Narcissist

Bio: Grew up in a rough Oakland area, around tons of violence. Had a love of wrestling rooted deep from a young age, and tried his hand at backyard wrestling for many years. Had a love for Japanese wrestling and Japanese culture from the age of 14, when his family went to Japan to see a wrestling event live. He ended up practicing MMA, specifically Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, achieving red belts in both martial arts. The MMA training both benefitted him during his wrestling training and keeping himself alive in the rough streets.

Fighting Style: Puroresu, Hard Striker and Agile High Flier

Moveset Guidelines: Basically none, the moveset is extremely flexible, and basically any move is possible (of course taking into account weight differences in terms of lifting), especially in the realm of striking. Loves kicks and knees due to his amateur kickboxing experience, and is a red belt in Muay Thai and BJJ. Heavily influenced by Japanese wrestling, and as such has a good submission game.

Signatures: Springboard 450, Frog Splash

Image result for springboard 450 splash gif

Image result for eddie guerrero frog splash gif

Finishers: Soul Search (Black Mass), Journey's End (Powerbomb Lungblower), Crippler Crossface

Image result for black mass gif wwe

Image result for project ciampa gif

Image result for crippler crossface gif

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Figureheads: Randy Orton

Name:Rory Orton

Nickname:The Viper

Gimmick:Legend Killer


Back story:Rory Orton is man who claims that he hear voices in his head and these voices tells him what he should do.He calls himself a Viper and claims that it took only one RKO to get him to the victory in a match.He also Claims that he has learn his finisher from a wrestler from an another universe where a company like BPZ Wrestling named WWE exists.

Move Sets:

Regular Moves: Spinning Heel Kick, Jumping DDT, Power slam, back body drop, Drop Kick,etc.

Signature Move: Vintage DDT

Finishers: RKO and Punt Kick

Taunt:Classic Randy Orton taunt from Top Rope

Theme Song:


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Team Members: BiC And Hans Clayton

Theme Song: Rise Up By Extreme Music

Bio: Hans and BiC were friends on the wrestling independent scene, working various shows together before going separate ways and now back together in BPZ, they are once again together and although they have yet to debut, have sold thousands of T shirts and are looking for opponents, the respect between the two is what drives them to be partners and they are ready to take WWE by storm.

Finishing Moves: 

"First Class Flight"


"Buzzer Beater"


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Name: Raven 

Nickname: The Enigma

Gimmick: The Crow

Figurehead: Sting

Alignment: Face

Backstory: Former British indie wrestling legend, "Birdman," he entered BPZ as a member of SSW Club, playing the role of a gentlemanly technician, talking down to the simpler American masses. Unfortunately, this gimmick found no success, and with every subsequent loss he suffered, he became more and more unstable, even reverting back to his "Birdman" persona in hopes of it giving him a victory. Since then, he's left SSW Club and has embraced his lack of stability, now painting his face like a crow and carrying around a baseball bat to get in his opponent's heads and cause general mayhem in BPZ.


Fighting Style: British strong style, aerial.

Regular Moves: Hard chops, general strikes.

Signatures: Superkick, 21-Plex.

Finisher: Bird Bomb (Frog Splash) 

Taunt: Throat-slit into pointing at the opponent, his hand shaped like a gun.



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Figurehead: Sami Zayn

Name: George AK

Nickname: "The eighth wonder of the world"  "The rock"

Gimmick: Hardworking 

Alignment: Face

Backstory: Didn't do well in school because he was addicted to watching wrestling. When he found out he failed all of his exams he packed his bags and flew to america. He knew of a small wrestling company that had a developmental programme. He went through this program as the company expanded and because huge. That company - BPZ.

Moveset: Basic wrestlers move-set with a lot of high flying moves and different variations of moves.

Fighting Style: Technician, High Flyer

Regular Moves: Takedowns, Suplex's etc

Signatures: Running Knee, Pele Kick

Finisher: "Black Out" (Moonsault senton) "Disintegration" (Bucklebomb)

Taunt: NONE

Theme: "Fight Back" Neffex


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Jack Bishop
Style: Technical Powerhouse

Moves: Air Raid Driver, dominator, stalling German suplex, half Nelson Uranage, suplex Piledriver, pop up flatliner,

Signatures: Lion-Plex (tiger suplex) tigersuplex.gif~c200  

Black Ice Powerbomb(gutwrench sit out powerbomb) Gutwrench+Sit-Out+Powerbomb.gif Broken Chord (slingshot Cutter *best move*)


Finishers: Sleeping Pill (Running Knee Strike)

 3F564DBC-B0C6-4C69-85C7-3E02C212882C.gif.5a7aa3f4d591bef405381177ec7a82f3.gif (this except standing)

Silent Symphony (Butterfly Piledriver)  


Eye Opener (Cobra Clutch Crossface) Crossface+Cobra+Clutch.gif

New Finisher: The Last Breath (Suplex Cutter)




Huge spots: Silent Symphony off the apron, Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the apron

very nice.gif

Edited by owendalton

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Name: Mr. Ace

Nickname: "The Studious"

Gimmick: Teacher (You imbalance imbreds)

Alignment: Heel

Backstory: Needed a job on the side to keep his wrestling career going, Wall Ace takes up teaching and is now using his new intellect to kicks people asses.

Moveset: Complicated Moves like the Canadian Destroyer and such

Fighting Style: Technician and Brawler

Regular Moves: Suplexs, submissions, kicks

Signatures: Teacher's Ed (Superkick) and Break Room (Kimura Lock)

Finisher: Chalked Out (Sleeper) and Detention (Canadian Destroyer)

Taunt: Points at cerebrum "Out Smarted"

Theme: "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger 


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Image result for conor mcgregor

Name: Joh

Figureheads: Conor McGregor

Alignment: Face

Nickname: "The Worthy One"

Height: 6'0"/182cm

Weight: 238lbs

Hometown: Cork, Ireland

Theme: 12 Stones - We Are One

Gimmick: Patriot

Fighting Style: Brawler/Technician

Signatures: Finding Worth, Ireland's Call


Image result for ireland's call gif

Finishers: The Recession, Triangle Choke



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Name: Bashka

Figureheads: PAC/Pentagon Jr (for special occasions/matches)

Alignment: Heel

Nickname: "The Whole Package"

Height: 6'0"/183cm

Weight: 229lbs

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Fighting Style: Technical/Brawler

Regular Moves: Clothesline, Diving Cross-Body, Running Powerbomb, Running Dropkick, Headlock, Crossface, German Suplex, Small Package, Powerbomb, Surfboard, Armbar


Signatures: God’s Grip (Liontamer), Down To Earth (One-Winged Angel)




Finishers: Revelation (Dream DDT), CultureShock (GTS)




Rare Finisher: The End (Bitter End)



Theme Songs: 

"Icon" by Jaden Smith (Singles)

“G.O.D. (Firing Squad) Instrumental” by No Name Tim and Kashis Keyz (Bullet Proof)


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Figurehead: Michael Elgin

Name: Siege 

Nickname: The Human Tank

Gimmick: Powerful big boy who loves to slam his opponents into the mat

Alignment: Heel 

Backstory:Siege is a man built of rage and power. When he was younger he was kicked out of the training center he worked at after he unleashed his rage on his trainer and slammed him into the steel post. Once he learned to better control his anger Siege was continued his training in professional wrestling.
Moveset: Canadian Backbreaker, Fall away slam, Scoop powerslam, Sitout spinebuster, Waterwheel slam, Samoan Drop

Fighting Style: Brawler, Hard hitting.

Regular Moves: Canadian Backbreaker, Fall away slam, Scoop powerslam, Sitout spinebuster, Waterwheel slam, Samoan Drop

Signatures: Ripcord Clothesline, Spear 

Finisher: Buckle Bomb and then picks him back up into a Powerbomb,  Package Piledriver,

Taunt: Slams chest like king kong

Theme: "Johari ► A Gradient Into Nonexistence." 








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Name: Sheridan
Figurehead: Becky Lynch
Nicknames: "The Angel of Death," "Deutsch Effizienz," "The Lioness"
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 135lbs
Hailing From: Munich, Germany

Alignment: Face
Gimmick: Revolutionist

Gimmick information: Sheridan is one of few females who work in BrendenPlayz and she has risen to be a popular name amongst the midcard scene. Although she didn't initially commit to the wrestling business during her first run with the promotion, since returning in March of 2019 she has competed in the ring with future and current Hall of Fame talents while still being in the NXT division. Keen to prove she has the potential to be a future face of the promotion, Sheridan is keen to win her first championship heading into the latter stages of the year, be it alongside her tag team partner Jonathan or venturing out as a singles competitor once more.

Singles theme song: "Storm the Sorrow" - Epica
Royal Flush theme song: "Clique" - Kanye West

Alliances: Jonathan (Mentor,) Ryan Reeves (Former tag team partner)
Enemies: Flynn (Rival,) The First Class Express' Party Bus

Fighting Style: Technician
Fighting Accomplishments: Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Common Moves: Big Boot, Cannonball Senton, Clothesline, Deadlift Sitout Powerbomb, Diving Crossbody, Double Knee Backbreaker, Double Underhook Suplex, Drop Kick, European Uppercut, Flying Knee Strikes, Inner-Thigh Row, Side Slam, Sleeper Hold, Step-Up Enzuigiri, Triangle Choke

Signature Moves: "Imperium" (Ganso Bomb,) "Gehenna" (Kimura Lock)

Finisher Moves: "Sheribar" (Cross Armbar,) "Angelic Demise" (Running Bicycle Kick)

Über Finisher Move: "Sherplex" (Bridging German Suplex)

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Character Info

Name: Steph Carwin

Nickname: The Axe Murder

Height: 6’5

Gimmick: Heel, Dosent care what people say

FigureHeads: Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens

Moves: Big Boot, DDT, Clothesline, Lion Messi, Frog Splash, Dropkick, Crossbody, Sucide Dive, Swantom Bomb, 

Sigunatre: SuperMan Punch

Finisher: Pop Up Power Bomb.

Theme Song:



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Related image


BIO: Prince had a big passion for wrestling growing up but always kept it a secret as he knew that no one in his family would approve of it; as he got older Prince tried his best to put wrestling to the back of his mind which he felt he finally achieved when he got a job as financial adviser. He was making money yes but Prince was never truly happy at what he was doing and keeping these thoughts to himself affected him mentally, to the point where he pushed everyone around him away and lost his job; for awhile he just felt lost. After seeking help though Prince got his life back on track and decided it was time to make his own decisions, thus becoming a wrestler and making it to BPZ. Princes mental strength has has caused for him to have a rocky career though to where people feel he will never fulfill his potential but he has never lost his passion, continuing to have dreams of making it to the top of the business and prove doubters wrong.


MOVES: Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Step-up enziguri, Spinebuster, Crossface submission, He'll slap ya face if you piss him off, Backbreaker, Corner running knee strike, Combination of strikes (Like AJ Styles), Belly-to-belly suplex, Crossbody top-rope dive, Pele kick, Running flying forearm, German suplex, Sidewalk slam, Stun gun, Leaping rope cutter, Push-off dropkick, Hangman neckbreaker, Running senton, Hurricanrana, Double Axe Handle, Snap suplex, Standing Elbow drop, Famouser




Image result for velveteen dream elbow drop



Image result for Rey mysterio springboard ddt


Image result for Velveteen dream dream valley driver


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Image result for killer kross gif

Name: Mecko

Nickname: The Tiger

Figurehead: Killer Kross

Height: 6'7

Weight: 300 lbs

Gimmick: King of the Jungle

Alignment: Heel

Backstory: Sheridan loves his cats and visited often talking about a wrestling promotion that she participated in mentioning how a man of his size would make a large impact on the wrestling scene. With that in mind, Mecko finally arrived in BrendenPlayz. Will he dominate the singles scene with primal instincts or is there potential for him to delve into the Tag Team Scene? One thing is for certain, he looks to establish himself in the BrendenPlayz Food Chain one way or another.


Fighting Style: Powerhouse

Regular Moves: Clothesline, Powerbomb , Pumphandle Slam, Samoan Drop

Signature moves: Fisherman Neckbreaker, Forearm Smash, Death Valley Driver

Finisher: Discus Clothesline, Tiger Claw(Mandible Claw)

Taunt: Tiger Roar



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Name: ICON

Nickname: Prophetical Son

Figurehead: Tomasso Ciampa

Height: 6'4


Gimmick: Badass, Crazy man

Alignment: Heel

Backstory: ICON, always wanted to do something more with his life. He was kicked out of his house, for drug abuse. 2 blocks away from his ex house, there was a Training School. He signed up, working his ass off. Finally making it to BPZ, made him insane. Started following the works of Demons, he has certain moments, that makes you question his mental health. He just wants to be remembered in the most unique way.

Moveset: (I know its hard to do writeups, with looking back and forth for a bunch of moves. So for my reguluar moves, I will let you choose whatever you would like).


(Escape Your Fate)


(Welcome To Hell


(Love Is Fake)



(The Prophecy)


(Dark Side)




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Name: Aidanator

Figurehead: Curt Hennig

Gimmick: Mr. Perfect

Alignment: Tweener

Backstory: Was a rising star in BPZ from September 2016 to March 2017. After a loss at BPZ Mania, he left, and spent the next 2 years training and preparing for his return. Now, he is the perfect being, and sees himself as such.

Fighting Style: Technical Masterclass

Finishing Move: Perfect Plex

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Current Figureheads: Masked Cody Rhodes (Undashing)
Name: Death Notorious Angel
Nicknames: Diablo
Height: 6’4
Weight: 220 lbs
Antics: Calculated, Extremely Methodical, Quick Fire, Sinister Tatics
Theme: "ULTRASound" by Blue Stahil 
Fighting Style
Style: Japanese Strong Style (More Brawler; stiff style
Vintage Moves: Variations of the Suplex- Belly To Belly, Back Supelx, Regular Suplex, Gutwrench suplex. Variations of kicks- Round house, leg kick, gut kick, shoulder kick. Chop, right hand punches, finger snap, powerbomb, diving elbow drop, suicide dive, corkscrew crossbody, diving rolling senton to standing opponent. Variations of the backbreaker.
Signature 1: Running Knee
Signature 2: Powerbomb
Finisher 1: "Punisher" (Double Underhook Spinning Sitout Facebuster)
Finisher 2: "Lucky Lucy" (Future Shock DDT)
Finisher 3: "Detonation Personified" (Codebreaker or GTS into Claymore Kick) Nobody kicks out

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Current Figureheads: Papa Emeritus II 
Name: Arius
Current Alignment: Tweener
Nicknames: The Revenant
Height: 6’6
Weight: 250 lbs
Born: Sydney, Australia
Billed FromTeatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy


What is your gimmick/significant background in kayfabe?
A journeyman appearing on to the scene in BPZ seemingly from thin air. He moves around the arena and ring with an observant eye. Arius is a dark but social soul who is often followed at times by masked ghouls who show a mysterious loyalty to him. Accompanied by his orchestrator and fellow competitor Rin Akane they intertwine their passion for the arts and the technical marvel of processional wrestling. Bringing spectacle and intrigue where he goes. Behind his painted mask he can be a ruthless equaliser in the ring and will gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry even if he must first come down to their level.

How does your character interact with the fans?
Arius respects the audience as individuals and supporters, taking their hands if they reach out in an embrace and acknowledging their calls. He doesn't feel the need to take the time to excessively praise them feeling they know they are respected. 

What mannerisms does your character have?
Arius when leading into a anticipated match likes to motivate his opponents even while doubting their chances of being the victor. Uses his time in the ring to either elevate the himself against a gifted opponent or to break them down so they might have a chance to reflect on their wasteful actions. On occasion he interjects into the business of others, not to interfere but to make comment in either advice or jest as he keeps an eye on the rest of the companies happenings. 

Arius  will often remain leaning against his corner before a match, staring his opponent down with a menacing look and calculating look. This gives him time to plan out his attacks, or simply intimidate whoever stands before him. 
The corner turnbuckles are used to his full advantage. If he whips an opponent into the corner, expect a fury of elbow/kick combinations to follow.  
Arius isn't known as a superstar to shake the hand of another wrestler until they've reached a satisfying end to their story. One good match isn't enough to satisfy The Revenan that such forms of respect are in order.
Arius will at times move his hands slowly through the air to the tune of the match thus far when he has the advantage. In his mind the movements him and his opponents take equal to a note and the song plays through his mind during the match. 


Basic Moves:
 Inazuma Leg Lariat, Brazilian Kick, Half nelson choke, Bow & Arrow, Snap DDT, Octopus Stretch, Forearms, Inverted Death Valley Driver, Sicilian Barrage, Leaping Knee Drop, Running Forearm, Tiger Spin Drop Toe Hold Takedown, Rope Hung Triangle Armbar, Short Arm Clothesline, Side Death Valley Driver, Modified Indian Deathlock, Delayed Reverse Ushigoroshi
'Lifted Osaka Street Cutter'
 'Seeing Red'  (Bridging full nelson suplex; sometimes half nelson)
Danse Macbre (Theatrics leading a Black Mass followed by a leg sweep)
"Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper
"The Sentence" Omega Driver
Uber Finisher
'Repent' (Used rarely)

How does your character carry himself?: 
He addresses most people in a courteous manner, in and out of the ring and addresses those around him as his friends, talking in mass rather than an individual. Though he can show hints of a sense of humour, he will not cut corners in addressing someone directly if he has an opinion, being direct on his thoughts on the capabilities or potential of a given wrestler. Likes to make an appearance or monologue his personal show. If the formalities are dropped you've obviously struck a deep nerve.
A very fashionable dresser in and out of the ring. It is rare to see him dressed in casual clothing outside of maybe a partially unbuttoned dress shirt outside of the ring.

What kind of wrestling style does your character have? 
Calculated: Inspired by a puroresu and technical style Arius feels just like a well directed performance that every move has a purpose. Also leans on some entertainment flare to attempt to get into his opponents head.

What general kind of moves does your character perform? 
Inazuma Leg Lariat, Hook Kick, Half nelson choke, Bow & Arrow, Snap DDT, Bridging Dragon Suplex, Forearms, Gamengiri, Inverted Death Valley Driver, Sicilian Barrage, Leaping Knee Drop, Running Forearm, Tornado Round House Kick, Discus Forearm.  .

Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker  (November 2019 - Present)
Fugue by Yngwie .J. Malmsteen (December 2018 - November 2019)

Entrance Video

Entrance Footage

Are there any further details about your character?
Arius hosts in-frequent events at his home estate for personally invited guests mostly. Small glimpses from the events so far have showed men and women enjoying their evenings behind allocated masks. No one knows what brings all these people together but they all have an affinity for the energy Arius brings. Doctors, Brick Layers, Journalists. Anyone could be a Ghoul at heart. 

1x NXT Champion
1x BPZ United States Champion 
1x BPZ North American Champion. Inaugural Champion




Current Figureheads: Hana Kimura 
Name: Rin Akane
Current Alignment: Heel
Nicknames: '"Osaka's Only Superstar' 'The Orchestrator'
Height: 5'5
Weight130 lbs
Born: Osaka, Japan
Billed FromOsaka, Japan


What is your gimmick/significant background in kayfabe?
Gimmick Manager - Ambitious Director
Gimmick In-Ring -  Martial Artist/Joshi Wrestler
Using her extensive martial arts training provided by her upbringing she uses her cunning to bring down giants if they can first see past her extravagant showmanship. Rin wants to continue to further the legacy she's in the process of building, all while representing the client she has linked her career with in Arius. In the ring she is distanced and doesn't like cooperating but Rin is a clever person, who sees much more than the others. A very calm but yet dangerous presence Rin fears no man or women. 

How does your character interact with the fans?
Rin Akane views as a paying audience and so respects them as such. Doesn't tend to go beyond what is required as far as interactivity goes outside of the ring and while at ringside she for the most part will ignore them keeping her attention on the ring. At times she has shown moments of mocking but these are rare and usually occur during house show circuits. 

What mannerisms does your character have?
At the beginning of a match, she will often lean against the ropes in her corner, staring her opponent down with an unwavering malicious glare. This can lead to her dragging out the match, stopping a fast-paced opening to the bout, and psyching out or evaluating her opponent.
If she has her opponent in a submission hold, she will talk down to them in her native language which sometimes could work against her, growing overconfident and the move reversed. Sometimes Rin would lean down in her opponents ear as she attempts to wear them down both physically and mentally.
She will often use the ropes to her advantage: not breaking a hold because of a rope break until down to the absolute last second of the ref's five count, using the ropes to trap her opponents in illegal submission holds, and sticking close to them if possible when situations become bad for her.


Frequent Moves:
Big Boot, Bicycle Kick, Leg-feed Enzuigiri, Bicycle Knee, Shotgun Dropkick, Roundhouse Kick, Mounted Elbow Strikes, Running Forearm Drop, Leaping Elbow Drop, Diving somersault leg drop Running Basement Dropkick, Dragon Suplex, Step- Over Spinning Heel Kick, Fujiwara Armbar, Biceps Slicer, Rear Naked Choke,  Slingshot Somersault Senton, Single Leg Crab, Matrix Evasion/Headscissors Combination, Standing Dropkick, Flying Knee, Diving Reverse Cannonball, Ura Shouten, Haas of Pain, Split Legged Moonsault, Double wrist-clutch proceeded by stomps to the head, Slingshot Headscissors Takedown

'The Luciola Splash' (Corkscrew Moonsault)
Image result for Corkscrew Moonsault gifImage result for Corkscrew Moonsault gif
'Faust' (Vertical Suplex Cutter)
Moonlight Sonata (Victory Star Drop)

How does your character carry herself?: 
Flashy, confident, Rin Akane was ready-made for the ruthless world of business and entertainment from the jump. Possessing a long fascination for the artistry of combat she considers herself a part of the new wave leaving her distinct style on the canvas of professional wrestling. With an unapologetic attitude, athletic strong build, and sharp tongue, she will utilise all to take her places in the company.  

What kind of wrestling style does your character have? 
Rin will slow the match down to her own pace. If she doesn't need to exert herself, then she won't, and she will always be looking to use sleeper holds and submission moves in order to wear an opponent down and preserve her own energy. Her strikes are fierce and her finishers and signature moves are made more impactful and spectacular by her stamina-conserving strategy early in the match. She likes to show off but knows timing is everything. And though she can move fast and shows incredible agility at times, she keeps the pace as slow as she can, just to break her opponent under the pressure when she decides to shift into top gear suddenly. Everything has a purpose.

NightmareOwl x Kenshiro+ - Hell Is Other People
EMIKA - Flashbacks
Entrance Video
Coming Soon

Are there any further details about your character?


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