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Andrew Walsh's Interview

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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to a brand new podcast, my name is Andrew Walsh and I started this podcast for years ago, but it was failing, until BPZ came knocking on my door, they gave me enough funds to restart anew.


So join me as soon we'll have our first guest on the podcast from BPZ Wrestling, this is Andrew Walsh signing off for now. 





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WELCOME EVERYONE TO ANDREW WALSH'S PODCAST I'm Andrew Walsh and today we have a special guest, today we have the IC Champion BIC!


I'm glad to be helping the ratings, who'd you have on here before? Echo? Jesus he didn't even win at BPZMania.


It great to have you Well I'll be asking a few questions for ya BIC. My first question is how did it feel to win the IC Champion at BPZMania.


It feels amazing, like I said in the ring a few weeks ago, I am the champion and all my hard work has finally given me a purpose. Its things like these that make me love pro wrestling.


You have your first defense against Prince in a couple of days at World At War, how do you feel about him and do you think he'll be a challenge?


Its Prince….Enough said


Short and sweet I like it. Next question who would you like to see step up to you for the Title?


It doesn't quite matter who steps up for it, in fact that question is quite disrespectful. You think anyone deserves to fight me for THIS championship? No.


Interesting, when people see BIC, they see the talented man, however with you winning the title off Bart, are we seeing a different chapter of BIC's Story?


Since day one, I have been improving day in and day out. Is this a "New" BiC? Some sort of brand new style, no. But it an improved version, whether the crowd supports me your not, I achieved my lifelong dream, and I'm excited to see what's next.


Throughout your storied career, which was your favorite moment of all time for you.


Winning the world championship, it was so special and probably one of the biggest shocks in the companies history.


One Last Question before we head off, what do you have to say to the people that has always doubt you from the begin?


Just look at me, I am jacked, I have my championship. The people who doubt me are fat slobs typing away at their computers, they are just jealous assholes.


Thank You BIC for coming on here.


You're welcome for the viewers.


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Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to  Andrew Walsh's Podcast, my name is Andrew Walsh and today, we have a special guest here today and his name is Aaron North, Aaron how are you?


I'm perfect today. I walked my dog in the morning, ate some breakfast and had a nap, so thus far it's been a great day.


Alright Aaron, coming up we have World At War 2 this Sunday, Aaron how do feel about your chances going into that match?


I think I have a great chance at winning. I've been training and working hard and i think it's finally my time to shine.


People are saying that Arius and KENJI are the favorites to win, what do you have to say about that?


No way, Arius is already a champion and he doesn't deserve any more gold than what he already has, and KENJI he's a rookie why is a rookie one of the favorites? He hasn't done anything to deserve this title match.


Very strong choices of words Aaron, however, if you don't win this Sunday, what plans are next for Aaron North?


Well if i don't win it's time to go for Arius' US title, since obviously he's not perfect and he'll be easy to beat, and if i don't win that match i might have to start rethinking some stuff.


Do you think The Tag Team Championships are in sight for you, there are now more competitors than ever for the Title?


Well teaming with someone does sound appealing and if I don't get to have a successful singles career in BPZ Wrestling I guess i'll just have a successful tag team career in BPZ Wrestling. So to answer your question, yes.


Who would you want to face in the future, you could say your dream opponent?


I'd love to face the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, The Bailey. He and i don't really get along too well and one day i hope i can shut him up and possibly retire him.


One last question, where do you see yourself at the end of the year?


I see myself at the top with a championship belt around my waist, because that's where i deserve to be and that's the right position for someone perfect like me.


Thank You for Your Time Aaron.


My pleasure.


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Welcome everyone to Andrew Walsh's Interview, my name is Andrew Walsh and today, we have a very special guest, today we have multiple time champ and the man who been inducted into the HOF ANGELO!


"Thanks Andrew glad to be on the show."


Thank you very much, let's begin with your career, at the beginning of the year you had a fierce battle against Julius in which you sadly lost and had to retire, how do you feel currently about that? Have you moved on from it?


"I'm fine. Am I thrilled? No because I was born to wrestle. But things in the management office about my age came up and I was asked to. Have I moved on? Well, somewhat. I still train daily.  I still do everything I did as a wrestler, except wrestle. It does hurt, ya know, seeing all these new things coming in and I can't be apart of it because of retirement, but I learned to accept it and move on with my days"


As I said before, you have been inducted into the HOF alongside FDS, Jonathan , Poidust and Flynn, do you feel grateful being alongside them on the red carpet?


"Of course. Those guys are some of the men who I rode down the roads with from 2015 and gotten to know more throughout the years. Despite everything between me and management, I am honored and privileged to be in the Hall Of Fame."


Currently, there are many different talent that has arrived in NXT and out of all of them, you chose Aaron North, why did you decide to pick Aaron and where do you see him in the coming years?


"I watched everyone, and I paid attention to two things. Someone who has talent but doesn't know how to use it and someone who can take the advice I give and make gold. Aaron fit that. I worked with him for a bit before hand and he has limitless potential that he is close to showing. He went from being some class clown to a perfect machine. He will be the United States, Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion in years to come."


Last time we saw Angelo Caito, he was being kicked out of the building by security guards when you were trashing the company, what do you think about this?


"Ah security guards, they try to do their job which is dandy, but never succeed. BPZ wants my mouth shut because I am showing the world what this company is, and why people shouldn't join unless you're already butt buddies with top guys, cause then you wouldn't make it. It's funny they try so so hard but still give me time on the microphone to trash the company more."


Why do you think so? Do you think that the show gives them more of a boost in the ratings because of you or is it a different purpose?


"I ain't never been into Wrestling for views. What I say is what I feel. This is for those who been discarded by top guys, who've been trashed by top guys. This is for guys like Yelich, Zombie, Jake, Blade, and everyone else who busted their ass here and was forced to be a joke."


Do the people at the top think that they are not good enough to be in the Main Event unlike people like Flynn and Slim?


"They depend on names who have big history behind them to main event. Let's take this. Necce was the Universal Champion, biggest dog on Carnage. How many main events was he in as Champ? None, not even on Carnage events. Who know who were? Flynn and Bailey for both. They went over a world championship, no one is bigger than no title period and no one is valuable anymore when these people are tired of the same people in the main event every show."


Bailey and Flynn has been here for years in the company, paying their dues like all of the wrestlers in BPZ, I feel that they deserve to be booked at the top of the cards due to their creditable, look at BPZMania this year, Bailey and Flynn were the ones everyone was talking about due to their names on the card because they worked harder than most people.


"Fans had to. Rumble winner vs Champion should be talked about i won't deny that. But I've been here for years, put my heart and soul in this place for four years straight, no month off like them, every day I've been here, and where is my opportunities like them? Because I'm not one of the boys that sit at the little meetings and so on like them."


Interesting, well last question Angelo before we go off, where do you see yourself at the end of 2019?


"At this point, how things are going, probably fired. Probably still employed, possibly back in the ring when BPZ decides they need me. Who knows? Just got to wait and see."


Thank You For Your Time Angelo.


"Thanks Andrew. Got a nice little thing going here, keep it up."


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome Back To Another Episode of the Andrew Walsh's Interview, my name is Andrew Walsh and today guest is a wrestler that has been in BPZ for years and has won many titles in the process, please welcome Joshua Scott!




Hello Andrew, thank you for having me on


So Josh, how has been returning to the world of professional wrestling with the SSW Club?


So far, outsiders could say that it hasn’t been successful for me. And it hasn’t gone as I planned originally. But it certainly hasn’t been a failure. I was always going to go down as the guy that could never do it and now I’ve returned, I have a chance to win the World title and prove everyone wrong.


Speaking of the World Title, let's talk about Bailey, now Bailey is considered the most decorated champion in BPZ History and lot of people are saying that you don't stand a chance against him, what do have to say about that?


Me and Bailey have a rich history and I personally respected everything he did in his first 3 years here. But since 2017, all Bailey has done is abuse his powers as General Manager. He inserted himself into 2 MITB matches last minute, giving him an unfair advantage, and last year when we were meant to be fighting at Cyber Sunday, he cancelled the event. Without his powers as COO, Bailey is nothing and we saw that when Sameer became World Champion.


Well, some people have speculated that Sameer did everything on his own accord and nothing else to annoy him and make sure that he wants to win a quadruple championship for the first time in BPZ, do you see Sameer betraying Bailey in that way?


Well, I’m not going to comment on that, I am going to watch how this scene unfolds and make my move when it’s appropriate.


Moving on, my next question is, how are you gonna move forward with SSW Club? Can you see them being main Eventers like you and that why they need your guidance?


Of course I do, they all have potential. It was a good thing Raven left because he was always the dark sheep, he always thought he was much better than he was. When me and Bulldozer win Tag by beating Brenden and Sameer, we will finally be seen as the main eventers we were.


Great, my next question is that throughout your career, what was your favorite title to hold and did you think that you gave prestige to that title?


Well my favourite title to hold was the Intercontinental Championship. Winning that at BPZ Mania is one of the greatest moments of my life. However I regret it because I didn’t put prestige on the belt, and I have never successfully defended any of the 4 belts I’ve held. Hopefully with World I can change that.


My final question to you Josh is, did you ever see yourself making it this far into your journey here in BPZ? You had phenomenal success and that has landed you as one of the best in BPZ and the most respected, how you feel about that?


When I first came here, I was very naive. A lot of the locker room turned against me, and especially because in 2016 there wasn’t nowhere near as much help for new members as there is now. However, I set my sights on the NXT title, a belt Summer was odds on to win and I won it. When I won that title, I knew from there I was gonna win titles, but if you’d have asked me when I first started, after that first week, I never would’ve thought I would have succeeded in what I have done.


Thank You for Your Time Josh. 


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