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Just the Beginning

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"I will not be made out to be a loser. I will not be identified as some fallen saint. I will not fall again."

Echo Wilson pauses for a moment, so early. He keeps the same expression of rage on his face, cutting daggers into whoever gazes from the other side.

"I will not take a loss as my answer Bart. You are a nobody and you are a fraud. You've never seen me angry till today Bart, but trust me, the shots have been fired.  You will not escape with that Undisputed Title in hand, trust me on that. I'll find a way. I'll find a way to get back to you and that title. No matter who I have to run through, no matter who I have to prove myself against. You'll be seeing my face again sooner than you realize. Your dream is not over, because I'm about to turn it into your nightmare. Look forward, but keep eyes on the back of your head Bart. Because your next threat may come from behind you."

"But for the time being, we're setting our eyes on something.....different. My goal here is to prove I'm the best. And the people I used to run with, the people I used to call my friends. They were only the most ELITE of talents in this company. We called ourselves The Kingdom, and we ruled with an iron fist. Yet somehow, legacy shows that I'm the weakest of the bunch. I'm out to shut up all of the idiot in attendance, like the people tonight who celebrated with Bart as he lifted that hunk of gold over his head. So naturally, when I watched backstage, my eyes landed on a familiar face. The Saviors promised what they'd do to the Boss and they delivered. But I'm promising something new to you Saviors. Julius, Ropati, there ain't no happy ending for you. The Blacklist has set their eyes on the prize and we want what you hold. It doesn't matter who you beat, it doesn't matter about any hurdle you've overcome so far. But let me tell you this, you're not just going to slide past us. We're more dangerous, more lethal, more brutal than anything you've experienced together as a team. Julius, you and I, we're in a similar boat to where me and Bart were. You're not going to be remembered as the superior. You're not going to be remembered as a savior of anything. When The Blacklist marks you as their target, everything you've built will go down in flames. Everything you've created for yourself, your name, your character, your reputation, it will all be tarnished black. Tarnished black in the memory of me. Your true overlord, your true savior Julius. I will live beyond anything and everything that you've created, and I will stand the test of time. I remember what you told me Julius, you said to me, that you were bored of the singles wrestling life, you were bored of winning title after title. And I smiled, and I spurred you onto this. I told you what you wanted to hear, knowing all along that this day would come. This day would come where I'd bring my own army and I'd crush all of these dreams that you have of being a Tag Team Superstar."

"Then we have your little....sidekick. Ropati. How this little scumbag managed to slip between you and I is a miracle Julius. You ended the Kingdom Ropati. You did it. Right now, if it wasn't for you being a little snake, the Kingdom would be strong and happy. But no, you planted seeds of doubt in Julius' head and he bought into your stupid little lies. You took advantage of a moment where Julius' head was in disarray, you took advantage of his weakness and his confusion and tricked him into your little game. So yes, all of your partnership, your entire team is built on a pile of lies. Yes, your entire friendship was built off of Julius' weak little mind. What does that entail for the future? I don't see much of one at all if I'm honest. I always knew I'd come back for this and Ropati will get all that's been coming to him. Ropati, if you think that you're smart, if you think you've managed to trick Julius into your mind tricks, then you're stupider than I thought you were. Julius is using you, moving you around like a pawn and for what? So he can throw you away whenever you fail. And trust me, at Backlash, you'll fail hard, you'll fall hard. The Blacklist is just getting underway but the signs are all pointing to the moon. The Blacklist are destined to be the ones to end the reign short of the Saviors, because you've been targeted, you've been etched and singled out."

"Saviors, you will make a mistake, you will make a misjudgment. And when you do, I'll be there to indulge in the sweet satisfaction, of "I told you so."

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