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Name: Jack Bashka

Age: 25

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs): 229

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Technical

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): A man who feels he is owed everything. He has been in multiple movies and he sometimes uses that in his promos. He has achieved a lot in his short wrestling career and he despises the fans, but when in a formal setting such as an interview he acts very nicely. 

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Clothesline, Diving Cross-Body, Running Powerbomb, Running Dropkick, Headlock, Crossface, German Suplex, Small Package, Powerbomb, Surfboard, Armbar

Signature Moves (Up to 3): The Godbomb (Bucklebomb), Down To Earth (On e-Winged Angel)

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Revelation (Curb Stomp), Knee of God (V-Trigger), The End (Bitter End)


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SSW Power Rankings: July

Hello everyone, I am the owner of SSW, Dave Meltzer and today I am bringing to you SSW power rankings! This ranking will consist of the five hottest stars in SSW right now, so let's get on with it!

5. Charles Lupin

Image result for tyler bate

Despite a difficult loss to Julius Jones in the finals of the SSW Revolution Tournament, Lupin was able to establish himself as one of the most dominant forces in SSW, defeating both Birdman and Maasa in singles competition.  Perhaps next month he'll get an opportunity he can cash in on.


Image result for lio rush suit

Even though RAINE has gone 2-0 in his title defenses this month, the signs of weakness are starting to show.  Even with a victory over his rival Angelo Caito, he was barely able to hang on to his title against Joey Marvelous, doing so by questionable means.  But in the end, he is still the SSW World Champion.

3. Yelich

Image result for alex shelley

In his first appearance in SSW ever, Yelich sent a big, loud statement to the reigning SSW World Champion RAINE.  And that message was: keep that title nice and warm for me.  This debut has already caused an uprising on social media, and Yelich has all the hype behind him.

2. Arius

Image result for papa emeritus

He had to pop up eventually.  Arius had a red hot July, defending his title against two hungry competitors, at the same time.  Arius still seems to be going strong during his title reign, and dare I say he has a long time left before that title is coming off of his waist.  Congratulations Arius, you almost topped our list this month, but not quite.

Honorable Mentions: Birdman, Giant Kayle, Joey Marvelous, Maddrix

1. Julius Jones

Image result for drew mcintyre

I saw it coming, you saw it, everyone saw it.  It is no surprise that Julius Jones has topped our rankings this month.  Jones collected a 3-0 win/loss record this month, and he won all of his matches in a very convincing fashion.  Combine that with a few decent promos toward RAINE, and it all adds up to a fantastic month for Mr. Julius Jones.  And therefore, Julius Jones is your SSW Wrestler of the Month!

That's all for this month, folks! Until next month, Meltzer out.


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Name: John Stark

Age: 26

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 345lbs

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Brawler

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): Monster heel think Braun when he debuted could also be a bodyguard

Heel/Face/Tweener: heel

Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): think every move done by big show, braun etc and you're good

Signature Moves (Up to 3): Frog Splash, Stark Bomb (Batista Bomb) 

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Tombstone, Running Powerslam, Shooting Star Press (Super Rare)


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Name: Benjamin Wolf 




Weight (Please use pounds/lbs)285lbs


 Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles):Brawler with a bit of technical 


Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks):Cult Leader who brings out fans and even wrestlers trying to convert them to wolfism 


Heel/Face/Tweener:which ever fits best 


Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Deep Six,spear,sit out powerbomb,big boot,rebound Lariat,Diving Knee Stomp


Signature Moves (Up to 3):Howling Wolf(Corner Bicycle Knee Kick,End Of Days


 Finishing Moves (Up to 3):Sister Abigail,The Dawn (Gourdbuster GTS)


Tag Team (List name and who it is with. It is not required to post a tag team, however everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): Don’t Mind


Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required to be in stable. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee): Don’t mind


Additional Information:

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Name: Prince

Age: 23

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs): 154 lbs

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Bruiserweight

Gimmick: He continuously sees himself as the Prince of wrestling, with his goal to show to others he has what it takes to be the king

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Running uppercut, general stomping around the body, elbow drops in the Ziggler fashion, backstabber, kicks to the gut in the corner Daniel Bryan style, general slapping to the face

Signature Moves (Up to 3): The Miz's corner clothesline, Zig-Zag (Claiming The Crown)

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Image result for rey mysterio ddt The Upper Class

Image result for lebell lock Off With Their Heads

Additional Information: Princes main problem that stops him becoming the "king" is his immaturity, such as getting too cocky in a match or getting riled up and losing focus when things don't go his way

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SSW Punishment (Episode 10)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to SSW Punishment, the 10th installment! We have only a few shows left before Unholy and a whole lot of matches left to cover, so let's get into it quickly as we have no time to waste! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

The show begins with the music of the Sinister Sons Nation playing and the three members of the faction walking down to the ring. King and Mercer roll into the ring while North steps over the top rope in between the two. They pose in the center of the ring with their championships before each taking out a microphone.

Mercer: Well, it's an understatement to say we haven't been here in a while. SSW, what's up?

The fans cheer as Mercer smiles at them, clapping him hands together.

Mercer: Glad to see you guys are excited. We came back tonight with one thing we want: a fight.

King: You see, we've been craving competition since we've got here, and truth be told we haven't found much. Sure, The Prizefighters were able to get the best of us once, but we came back and beat them. And don't get us started on the excuse for a team known as the Detroit Deacons.

North: So our proposition is this: if you come out tonight, wrestle these two, and somehow win, we'll offer you a title match at Unholy. So anyone who thinks they can stand in the ring with the tag team champions, come on down!

The music of Benjamin Wolf plays and he and his Wolves enter the arena. They slowly walk down to the ring and surround it from three sides. Wolf lifts his microphone and says two simple words.

Wolf: We accept.

Match 1: Sinister Sons Nation (Mason Mercer & Ryan King) vs The Wolves (Alexander Wise & Giant Kayle)

The bell rings and this match is underway, Mercer and Wise starting it off in the ring together with North and Wolf on the outside. The two circle each other for a few seconds before Wise makes a move, wrapping his arms around the waist of Mercer and quickly delivering a snap german suplex to start the match off with a bang. Mercer quickly gets back to his feet and stares down Wise who meets him with a smirk. The two lock up and this time it is Mercer getting Wise grounded. He lays into his side with some well placed elbows. Mercer wraps his legs around the torso of Wise and rolls over into a pin. 1..., only a 1 count. The two men charge at each other but it is Mercer hitting a dropkick to Wise that sends his stumbling back into his corner. Kayle enters the ring and the size difference between him and Mercer is painfully obvious. Despite that, Mercer still takes the fight to Kayle, landing some highly ineffective punches to Kayle's body and head. Kayle delivers a singular chop to Mercer that sends him to the ground.

Image result for great khali chop gif

Kayle then scoops up Mercer onto his shoulder from the ground, but Mercer slides off and pushes Kayle face first into the ring post of his corner. Mercer tags in King and the two of them deliver a pair of leaping knees, dropping Kayle down to one knee. King then sprints off the ropes and delivers a sliding clothesline, finally knocking Kayle down to the ground. King quickly scales to the second rope and delivers an elbow drop straight to the sternum of Kayle. King lugs the giant body of Kayle to the center of the ring and attempts to lock in Snake Venom but to no avail. Both men slowly rise to their feet but it is Kayle who catches King and tosses him into his corner. Kayle delivers chop after chop after chop across the chest of the King before the referee's count forces him to tag in Wise. Wise Irish whips King in the direction of his corner but reels him back in and hits a huge forearm, the blow ringing throughout the entire arena.

Image result for forearm wrestling gif

Wise pins King, 1..., 2..., not quite the 3. Wise poses for the crowd and taunts Mercer from in the ring, who tries to enter. The referee calls him off and Wise uses the opportunity to grab ahold of the rising King and throw him into the referee, who bumps into Mercer sending him facefirst off the apron. With the referee distracted, Wise lowers himself down to one knee and delivers a low blow to King, dropping him down to the mat.

Image result for low blow gif

Wise goes for the pin as the referee refocuses on the ring. 1..., 2..., 3! The Wolves have won this match! The two men celebrate in the ring as a replay shows on the titantron to break down what happened. It turns out that on the outside, Wolf delivered The Dawn to Aaron North to keep him out of the equation, and when Mercer tried to reenter the ring to break up the pinfall, he clung onto his leg to stop him. Wolf now rolls both Mercer and North into the ring and the beatdown ensues. After it is all said and done, the three members of Sinister Sons Nation are down in the ring with the Wolves posing over them.

The segment fades out and instead the camera focuses in the backstage area, where Arius is sitting wrapping his knuckles with the SSW National championship by his side.

Arius: Bulldozer, last week I made an absolute fool of you. You were left in the center of that ring out like a light, unable to do anything. And I can assure you that your fate will be the exact same at SSW Unholy. Not only will you be defeated once more, but you will also be an example, a martyr if you will. You will be a martyr for any other superstar who thinks they are good enough to pry this championship away from my grasp. And on-

Arius is interrupted midsentence by everyone's favorite, Superkick Sanchez walking in front of the camera, singing a tune with only the world superkick in it. Arius looks back at the camera to resume his promo, but he instead shakes his head and continues wrapping his knuckles in silence.

The camera follows Sanchez as he comes along the Wolves after their match. They are sitting on some metal crates and Sanchez approaches them joyously.

Sanchez: Superkick!

Wolf: Scram you pathetic fool. Unless...yes. Jobber, how would you like to be the newest member of the Wolves? All you have to do is shake this hand right here.

Wolf extends a hand to Sanchez, who studies it for a long moment. He looks back up at Wolf and smiles. However, instead of shaking his hands, Sanchez delivers a superkick right to Wolf's chin. Wise and Kayle pin Sanchez's arms and hold him still for their leader to get some revenge. Wolf begins his onslaught with a bicycle kick and he quickly follows up by getting Sanchez on top of one of the metal crates and delivering a Sister Abigail to him. He and his stable then leave the scene as medical personnel attend to Sanchez.

That's my boy! Superkick Sanchez, getting his TV time in! I like it! Ladies and gentlemen, I have once again received terrible news, and that is that RAINE is not here tonight once again. Furthermore, he wasn't even able to send a video which is quite tragic, but no need to fear because we have his opponent, Julius Jones, on standby right now.

Jones is shown to be at a gym, hard at work lifting weights, doing sprints, and punching a bag. He wraps his workout up and walks over to the camera.

Jones: RAINE, your time as champion is coming to a close faster than you know it. While you're spending your time in business meetings with stripper present, this is how I've been spending my time. Like a true wrestler, I've been working my ass off. You may think you're perfect and you need no preparation, but think again. If there's one perfect one in the match, it is most certainly not you. So when you show up the event with a beer belly and ring rust, you have no one to blame but yourself. You are the face of this company, and you should be acting as such, not taking time off on vacation. But I've done enough talking. It's time to get back to work. I'll see you at Unholy, RAINE.

Main Event: Prince vs John Stark

The main event of tonight's Punishment is a battle between two debuting stars in SSW. The first man to enter is Prince, and he is looking stylish as ever. He is wearing a quite formal robe with a crown on his head, but nothing too extreme. He struts his way down to the ring and steps inside, posing for the fans in the center of it. He walks over to his corner, perched on the top turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent. The music of that man plays, John Stark. He emerges from the curtain onto the stage. He raises his arms up and roars before storming down to the ring, he quickly rolls into the ring and paces it in his corner, ready for this contest to begin. The ringing of the bell sounds and the matchup has begun.

Stark is the first to make a move, sprinting at Prince. Prince ducks underneath the top rope in his corner, making the referee push Stark back toward the center of the ring. While he is doing so, Prince ascends to the top rope and leaps off, delivering an elbow to the chest of Stark which surprisingly takes him down. Prince keeps up the attack, working the limbs of Stark with various finger grips and stomps. He eventually puts the exclamation point on the attack with a stomp to the chest, pinning him in the process. Prince only gets a 1 count and he continues to work Stark's legs as he gets back to his feet. Stark is able to get back but he is shortly put back down on his knee by a chop block to the back of his leg from Prince. Prince runs off the ropes but we never find out what he was looking for because Stark chops him right across the chest, dropping him to the ground.

Image result for walter chop gif

Stark quickly gets Prince back to his feet and tosses him off the ropes. He meets him back in the center of the ring with a shoulder block which sends him back down to the ring. Prince wisely uses the opportunity to kick at Stark's shin, further exemplifying the damage done earlier in the match. Stark grasps at his leg and Prince sits up, delivering a brutal forerarm to the side of Stark's lowered head. Stark falls facefirst onto the ground and Prince capitalizes with a series of 10 elbow drops to his back, leaping into the air for the last one. Without warning, Prince locks in Off With Their Heads on the grounded Stark, who immediately yells out in pain. He is in the hold for nearly a minute before he is able to muster up enough strength to work back to his feet with Prince still hanging on and drop backward, flattening him in a pin. 1..., 2..., Prince to just able to slide out from under Stark's body. Both men are down, but it is Prince who gets up first. Prince slowly gets Stark back to his feet and taunts him as he struggles to stay up. Prince reels back his arm for a punch but Stark quickly moves with a boot to the face of Prince.

Image result for big boot gif

Stark then runs off the ropes and leaps into the air, delivering a senton right to the midsection of Prince. He proceeds to cover Prince, 1..., 2..., not quite 3. Stark gets back to his feet and stumbles over to the corner, slowly scaling the ropes. The big man reaches the top and looks around at the crowd, who are cheering him on. He takes a leap of faith and lands it with a Frog Splash, right on the money!

Image result for frog splash gif

Stark once again goes for the cover, 1..., 2..., Prince powers out again! The crowd is electric for this match between the newcomers as Stark lifts up Prince in a Tombstone position. Before he can deliver the move, Prince swings his body around and sends Stark facefirst into the corner with a hurricanrana! Prince runs at him and leaps into the air, delivering a corner clothesline! 

Image result for the miz clothesline gif

Prince quickly ascends to the top rope once again and looks to deliver a frog splash of his own to the fallen Stark. Stark rolls out of the way and Prince crashes to the mat. Stark quickly gets him back up and scoops the 154 pound man up easily. He finally delivers the Tombstone Piledriver and pins him, 1..., 2..., 3!

Image result for tombstone piledriver gif

Stark celebrates the victory as the referee raises his arm in the air. All of the sudden, he is attacked from behind by Yelich! What is he doing here?! Yelich gets in position and delivers a Canadian Destroyer to the big man! And without explanation, Yelich quickly runs to the back, looking terrified by what he's done.

Well...I guess that's that. I'm not sure what's up with that guy but I'll let him be for now. Apologies for a bit of a short show tonight, but we've been extremely busy in SSW and I promise big things are to come. As always, my name is Dave Meltzer and thank you for tuning into SSW Punishment! We'll see you next week!

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SSW Punishment (Episode 11)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to SSW Punishment, the 11th installment! With Unholy drawing ever so closer, we have a few big shows planned out, so stayed tuned! Sit back, relax, and don't move cause we have a match to start the show off with a bang! We hope you enjoy!

Match 1: Birdman vs Joey Marvelous

To start off the show, we have a match that is sure to be a pure wrestling beauty. Birdman is the first man to enter. He sprints down to the ring, dives inside and immediately scales the ropes. He flips off the top in a backflip, landing perfectly with a bow to the crowd with cheer in approval. Joey Marvelous enters shortly after. He takes his time getting down to the ring, offering high fives and handshakes to his supporters in the crowd. He hops up onto the apron and climbs to the top rope. He does a flip off and lands in a pose for the crowd, eyeing Birdman while doing so. Birdman is clapping out of respect rather than being shaken, and with that Marvelous goes to his corner and awaits the sound of the bell. The bell dings and the match is underway.

The match begins with Marvelous making an offer for a handshake to Birdman. Birdman quickly takes it and pulls away, avoiding Marvelous' attempt to sucker him in. Both men offer a smile before circling the ring to begin the match properly. Marvelous gets the upperhand with a headlock, grounding Birdman quickly. Birdman is quickly able to reverse the hold and pin Marvelous' head between his legs. Marvelous is able to force his way out after a couple of seconds and he catches Birdman with a dropkick as he is rising to his feet. Birdman stumbles back against the ropes and Marvelous follows up with a clothesline, sending him over, and he's not done yet. He crowd hypes up Marvelous as he sprints across the ring, leaping over the top rope in a tope con hilo, driving Birdman backfirst against the announcers table!

Image result for tope con hilo gif

Marvelous quickly gets back to his feet before laying into Birdman with some punches. He finally pushes him onto the table and hops up onto the apron and then the top rope. He looks weary about what he's about to do, and he takes a long look around the crowd, causing them to increase the volume of their cheers. With one last glance at the fans and a nod to himself, Marvelous takes the leap of faith in the form of an elbow drop. But to no avail!

Image result for table elbow drop gif

Birdman was able to move out of the way just in time, and Marvelous crashed through the table hard. Both men are down and not moving. The referee quickly checks on both men and signals that the match can continue, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Birdman is the first to his feet, and he walks over to the rising Marvelous. He grabs onto his back and throws him backfirst against the apron. He drives his knee into his gut before rolling Marvelous into the ring. Birdman awaits on the apron as Marvelous slowly gets up to his feet. Birdman leaps off, looking for what seems to be a springboard DDT, but Marvelous rolls underneath. Birdman lands on his feet and turns around right into an enzuigiri from Marvelous. Birdman is dazed but not knocked down, and this time Marvelous winds up his enzuigiri with a sprint, connecting. Birdman finally falls onto his back, and Marvelous delivers a lionsault, but Birdman got his knees up. Marvelous stumbles back on his feet and accidentally knocks the referee out of the ring. Marvelous makes sure the referee is okay before turning around and WHAT THE HELL?

Image result for low blow gif

Birdman low blows Marvelous, and he falls to his knees. Birdman grabs onto the hair of Marvelous and stares down at him for a moment. But instead of offering mercy, Birdman delivers a sickening headbutt and Marvelous collapses in a heap. Birdman scales the ropes and leaps off, hitting the Bird Bomb.

Image result for frog splash gif

Birdman waves the referee over from outside of the ring, and he makes the count, unaware of what just occurred. 1..., 2..., 3! This match is over, and Birdman is the victor. The referee raises Birdman's arm into the air, but he tears it down and delivers yet another headbutt, sending the referee out of the ring once again. With the spotlight only on him, Birdman begins to untie his mask. When he finally pulls it off, it reveals a face full of paint, much to the surprise of the fans who are still in shock. Birdman tosses the mask onto the fallen body of Marvelous and walks to the back, a statement being made to kick off the show. 

Image result for sting wrestler

Oh god, we're running short of good guys. This is bound to turn out to be an issue soon...should probably start the new signings soon.

While Meltzer rambles off, the audio switches over and the camera does to. It is in a backstage area and it is showing a beaten down Angelo Caito. He is motionless on the ground and a note is left next to him. The camera zooms in on the note and it reads:

I know, you probably are all shocked an old man got beaten up and couldn't defend himself. You'll know who did it at the end of the night. If you're reading this, watch your back, you might be next.

Some shouting is heard as medical personnel rush to the scene, attending to Caito who is regaining consciousness.

Oh wow, I hope I'm not next. This is quite a safe area, although I might have to box myself in. But full steam ahead, there's no stopping the train that is my show. Up next we have none other than Yelich, who wishes to address all of the SSW roster.

The camera once again shifts scenes to the backstage area, where Yelich is walking around and seemingly talking to random objects.

Yelich: I challenge you to a match at Unholy! What do you say? No response? Ah, just like the rest of them.

Yelich turns away from the apple he was talking to and almost runs facefirst into the camera.

Yelich: Ahh! Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to creep up on me like that. Oh, that right there? I was just a little bored and was having some fun, no biggie. Alright now...SSW locker room, superstars, whatever you want to call yourselves. I am here to issue and open challenge! Anyone, really, I'll tear through you all! Alright, that's all I had to say. Back to business. Do you want to face me at Unholy?

Yelich goes back to talking to inanimate objects, and his first target is the very camera he was talking into.

Ummm no comment on that. I promise he'll turn out to be great, I'm not that mindless. Now we have a matchup that is sure to raise some eyebrows, so watch this.

Match 2: Arius vs George AK

Arius is the first man to enter, and as always, his entrance never disappoints. At first, two of his ghouls rise out from under the floor, holding the National championship between them. Arius then rises up on a platform in between the two of them. Smoke goes off that covers the three from sight for a second, but when it clears, Arius has the National championship around his waist and he is wearing a glorious robe. He and the ghouls make their way down to the ring, seemingly floating underneath their long cloaks. They enter the ring and when Arius strikes a pose, pyros go off from the ring posts, showering him in gold confetti. With that spectacle over, George AK enters. He doesn't even try to compete with Arius entrance, so he instead riles up the crowd a bit and gingerly makes his way down to the ring, wary of his opponent. He slowly enters the ring, poses for the fans, and quickly gets into his corner, keeping an eye on Arius at all times. The ding is heard and the match begins.

These two are very technically sound and it shows right off the bat, the two trading holds in the blink of an eye. AK gets the upperhand, and he looks surprised with himself. He maintains the hold and even manages to ground Arius. Arius is quickly able to break out and get up to his feet, landing a stomp right in the chest of AK. He rubs it in a little before breaking off, letting George get back to his feet. Despite the opportunity to recover, Arius still gets the upperhand with a knee strike to the gut. Arius follows up with a DDT and a single leg boston crab. AK is able to get onto his stomach and flip Arius into an ankle lock, his whole leg trapped between AK's two legs.

Image result for ankle lock gif

Arius uses his upper body strength to drag the weight of himself and George to the bottom rope where he is able to break the hold. He slides out to the apron and when AK goes to drag him back in, he kicks AK's head, sending him reeling back in the ring. Arius quickly reenters the ring and hits a running forearm on George which sends him back. He bounces off the ropes and retaliates with a huge clothesline that is dodged by Arius. Arius delivers a dropkick to the back of AK, and he is now draped over the middle rope. Arius keeps up the offense with a kick to the back of George's head, smoothly exiting the ring under the top rope in the process. Arius goes to grab George's leg and drag him out of the ring with him, but AK kicks him away and creates a little bit of separation. He uses the ropes to get back to his feet and he uses the ropes to leap over the top and hit a crossbody on Arius.

Image result for crossbody to the outside gif

AK continues his assault by driving Arius back first into the barricade and delivering an uppercut shortly after. AK does the same thing once again, but this time driving Arius into the apron. He shoves Arius into the ring and rolls in after him. He goes for the pin, 1..., 2..., not 3. AK traps Arius' head between his thighs and begins elbowing him, the desperation for a win beginning to show. Arius is able to force AK onto his stomach and slide his head out. He scoops up AK from the ground and lugs him over his head in a bridging german suplex.

Image result for neville german suplex gif

1..., 2..., nearly 3! Arius is visibly frustrated from the kickout and his frustration is not helped when he sees Bulldozer making his way down to the ring. Arius spends a crucial second observing his opponent at Unholy which leads to AK rolling him up in a school boy! 1..., 2..., Arius gets the shoulder up at 2.9! Both men quickly get back to their feet and it is George getting the advantage with a huge Codebreaker! 

Image result for codebreaker gif

AK quickly continues the assault with a Lights Out! 

Image result for curb stomp gif

AK falls into the pin as the whole crowd counts along with the referee, 1..., 2..., oh come on! Bulldozer slid into the ring and attacked AK, breaking up the pinfall.

Bulldozer tosses both AK and the referee out of the ring and just leaves him and Arius. He gets a microphone from ringside.

Bulldozer: Sorry to interrupt all the fun, but I assure you, I will be the one to hand Arius his first ever pinfall lose in SSW, not some jobber.

Bulldozer lets the mic fall before sizing up Arius, begging him to get up. Arius get up to a knee before being shut out by a devastating Kinshasa from Bulldozer.

Image result for kinshasa gif

The camera cuts away from the ring and once again to the backstage area, a scene similar to the one we saw earlier tonight. But this time, it is Superkick Sanchez who has been assaulted. Medical personnel are already attending to him. The cameraman reaches the scene and zooms in on yet another note in the same handwriting which reads:

Time is ticking. The reveal is drawing nearer. Everyone is now a target. Watch out, or you will suffer the same fate as those who have already been attacked. Good luck.

The camera then zooms out to survey scene. Sanchez is on the verge of consciousness, and he has something to say.

Sanchez (weakly): Superkick...

And with that, Sanchez dramatically passes out in the arms of the doctors who look around at each other, very confused.

GO ON SANCHEZ, YES! Sorry, I get a little bit emotional when I see my boy on the TV. Ahem, well, that just leaves the main event. And it is a big one. You all remember RAINE? Well, he's back and returning to action tonight!

Main Event: Maddrix vs RAINE

The first man to enter is Maddrix, and although it's been a while since he's been seen, he's still as intimidating as ever. He storms down to the ring, shaking the camera with every step. He steps onto the apron and enters the ring over the top rope. He awaits in the ring for his opponent. The music of RAINE plays and although they hate him, a cheer arises from the fans. And sure enough, RAINE enters the arena, in his ring gear with his championship, ready for a fight. He gets down on an army crawl and crawls underneath the reaching out hands of the fans, avoiding them all. He brushes off his championship before rolling into the ring. He poses for the fans before retiring his championship to a ringside personnel and preparing himself. He bell rings and this match is up and running.

Maddrix quickly rushes at RAINE, but he ducks and starts laying into the big man with punches in the corner. The referee pushes RAINE away, but before he breaks, he lets Maddrix go with a nice little forehead flick. This enrages Maddrix and he once again tries to attack RAINE, who tries to dodge but gets clipped and knocked down. Maddrix pounces on the opportunity, attacking RAINE with a volley of punches, forearms, and elbows. He then starts to pick up RAINE's head and bash it against the mat. He finally grabs a hold of RAINE's throat, picks him up and delivers a chokeslam, planting RAINE firmly on the mat. 

Image result for chokeslam gif

Maddrix pins RAINE right there, 1..., 2..., kickout from the world champion. Maddrix then runs off the ropes and leaps into the air, looking for a splash. RAINE rolls out of the way and delivers a double foot stomp to the back of the downed Maddrix. He then gets him back up to his feet and starts delivering a barrage of attacks including punches, forerams, leg kicks, and even a leaping knee to finish the job off. Maddrix stumbles back from the knee and when RAINE goes to clothesline him over the rope, Maddrix lifts him up and sends him flying to the outside, well over 10 feet in the air. RAINE gingerly gets back to his feet as Maddrix runs across the ring, the big man taking flight at the last second, flattening RAINE.

Image result for roman reigns suicide dive gif

Maddrix quickly gets RAINE up and throws him carelessly back into the ring, ready to follow up on the big move. He steps up onto the apron and instead goes over the middle rope to enter, and that move costs him! RAINE rolls him up in a small package, 1..., 2..., 3! RAINE has just scored a very cheeky win, and Maddrix is not pleased about it. Despite RAINE's effort to leave the ring quickly, Maddrix is able to prevent him from doing so. He grabs onto RAINE and hoists him high into the air and spins him around, delivering the Madd Bomb. He's not done yet though, which is evident as he scales to the top rope. He leaps off, delivering the Mad Splash. He exits the ring in a fury, marching to the back. At that moment, Julius Jones slowly enters and walks down to the ring. He gets inside and surveys the beaten down RAINE. He simply gets him to his feet and pats him on the shoulder, comforting him. But it is all a ploy, and Jones ends RAINE off with a brutal End of Days.

Image result for end of days gif

And with that, the camera once again shifts backstage. This time it shows all three members of the Sinister Sons Nation tied to chairs. The sound of a door closing is heard, and three men with masks over their faces walk into the room. They unmask and reveal themselves as The Wolves. Wolf crouches down to get level with their three captives while Wise and Kayle watch over it all with the Sinister Sons championships around their waists.

Wolf: Well well well. What did you all expect? Did you expect the good guy Joey Marvelous to do it? Or the psycho Yelich? Well, no, it's us. We have been the ones behind the destruction tonight. These 5 souls, they didn't have the brain to join the Wolves. They vowed for a journey by themselves, or a journey with the ones they know best. No. There's only one way, and it's the way of the Wolves. Join us, or forever hold your peace. Show them what happens boys.

But at that moment, all three members of the Sinister Sons spring to their feet, still tied to the chair. They all spin around in wild circles, trying to connect with whatever possible. At the end of it all, Aaron North and Mason Mercer stand tall, while the other four are laid out on the ground. The two free each other and help King to his feet before freeing him. They take their championships, look at the wreckage one last time, and exit the room without a word.

I knew it all along! Those schemers are always the center of attention. Well, that's all for tonight! Next week we have the go home show of Punishment, and after that it's Unholy time! As always, my name is Dave Meltzer and thank you for tuning into SSW Punishment! We'll see you next week!



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Name: ICON

Age: 25

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs): 220

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Technical

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): A man who has had problems with drugs in the past and wrestling is his hideout. He just wants to show he can do something good with is life.

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Clothesline, Diving Cross-Body, DDT, Superkick, Dropkick

Signature Moves (Up to 3):CurbStomp (The Prophecy), Powerbomb(The End)

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Bitter End (Lovely Bitter) Zig Zag (Fabulous Ending)


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SSW Punishment (Episode 12: The Go Home)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to SSW Punishment, the 12th installment! With Unholy only one week away, we have a lot to cover this show. Championships, a pack of wolves, and a man with any different personalities. There's too much to discuss, so instead of talking let's get into the show.

The show begins with the music of everyone's favorite and least favorite, Yelich. He walks down to the ring, giving high fives at first but he quickly stops and walks down to the ring, looking disgusted by the fans. He rolls into the ring and pulls a microphone out of his jacket.

Yelich: Hello hello! How're you all doing today? Good! I don't really care if I'm being honest. So you're probably wondering why I'm out here. And that reason is to host a battle royal! 10 men will compete and the man who wins gets the honor of facing Yelich at SSW Unholy! So let's get them all out here and see who's ass I get to beat in a week.

Yelich slams the mic down on the mat, for some reason looking visibly frustrated. Nevertheless, he exits the ring and takes a seat at ringside, prepared to watch the madness. The 10 stars make their way down to the ring and the bell dings.

Match 1: Battle Royal

The match starts off like any battle royal: with a whole lot of action. Shots are traded all around the ring and once everyone is separated into different corners, there are only two people left standing in the center of the ring: Superkick Sanchez and newcomer Arrow Gargano. The two stare each other down before Sanchez sticks his hand out, shocking the fans. Arrow wildly looks around, wondering whether to make the decision or not. The fans cheer him on and he takes the handshake. The two prance around until they run into the giant John Stark. They share a look and an understanding is formed. They both land giant superkicks on Stark, sending him back. But when he rebounds off the ropes, he floors both guys with a pair of clotheslines. He then picks each one up with one hand and easily pushes them to the outside, picking up two eliminations.

Arrow Gargano and Superkick Sanchez have been eliminated.

Stark turns around to get back into the match but Prince sprints by his in a flash, leaping off the ropes and hitting The Upper Class!

Image result for rey mysterio ddt

Prince goes to pick up the elimination, but Maddrix grabs onto him from behind and lifts him high into the air with a tremendous back suplex. Maddrix then goes to eliminate the sitting duck Stark, but Birdman stands in his way. It is an interesting matchup, these two have obviously had their issues in the past but that was with a completely different Birdman. Birdman right away slaps Maddrix in the face and leaps onto his back, locking in a sleeper hold. Maddrix stumbles around the ring and finally gets Birdman off by driving him into Jack Bashka, who is regaining some energy. Birdman continues his assault with a high kick followed by a dropkick. Maddrix is leaning against the ropes and Birdman delivers a crossbody, driving both him and Maddrix to the outside, eliminating the two.

Maddrix and Birdman have been eliminated.

The brawl continues on the floor with Birdman absolutely going insane on Maddrix. Angelo Caito is standing in the ring looking mesmerized but what is happening. But when Maasa tries to attack him from behind, his veteran instinct kicks in, dodging the attack. He begins to lay into Maasa with a volley of punches. His last one knocks him down so he is able to react to a flying Joey Marvelous. He catches him in midair with a Uranagi, driving him into the mat. Caito picks up the body of Maasa and gets him onto his shoulders, delivering a GTS which knocks him against the ropes. Caito quickly follows up with a huge Bullhammer elbow and the force is enough to eliminate Maasa.

Maasa has been eliminated.

Caito turns his attention back to Marvelous, who is already starting to get back to his feet. He lifts him up, possibly looking for the back suplex/neckbreaker combination, but Jack Bashka runs at him out of nowhere with the Knee of God! Caito drops Marvelous and Bashka follows up with a second knee, dropping Marvleous instantly. 

Image result for v-trigger gif

Bashka scoops up Marvelous and disposes of his body out of the ring. He turns back to the ring and right into Into the Light courtesy of Charles Lupin!

Image result for running knee gif

Lupin gets back to his feet but Stark comes up from behind him, using his brute force to throw Lupin out of the ring!

Image result for royal rumble elimination gif

Charles Lupin has been eliminated.

Stark poses for the fans who boo him, but their boos quickly turn into cheers, much to the surprise of the big man. He turns around and is nailed with an enzuigiri from Marvelous, who hung onto the ropes to save himself from elimination. Stark stumbles back against the ropes and it is Caito who picks up the elimination with a clothesline.

Image result for clothesline over the top gif

John Stark has been eliminated.

And we are down to 3! Angelo Caito, Joey Marvelous, and Jack Bashka. The three circle the ring, pondering which move to make first. Bashka goes right after the former world champion, and Marvelous surprisingly helps the heel out with the assault. They beat him down into a corner and take turns hitting moves on him, including a hesitation dropkick from Marvelous and a sliding elbow from Bashka. Marvelous goes to pick Caito up but Bashka grabs him from behind and tosses him out of the ring!

Joey Marvelous has been eliminated.

Marvelous made a fatal mistake in trusting his opponent. These truces are temporary, and it showed right there. With that, Bashka looks to be in a perfect position. He walks around the ring, boasting to the fans. He turns around and looks to finish Caito off, possibly with a knee in the corner, but while he is running Caito springs to his feet and takes him down, raining down punches and forearms. The crowd cheer him on as he gets Bashka to his feet, delivering a combination of a clothesline, a forearm, and lastly a military press, dropping Bashka onto his stomach. Caito is about to toss Bashka out of the ring but Yelich slides in, blocking him? What the hell? Yelich smiles at Caito before kicking him in the gut and delivering a Canadian Destroyer, leaving him down and out.

Image result for canadian destroyer gif

Yelich motions Bashka over to pick up the wreckage, an alliance seemingly formed. But once Bashka is about to eliminate Caito, Yelich spins him around and hits him with a Concussion Syndrome! Both men are now down and out, with Yelich standing tall. Yelich simultaneously picks them both up and clotheslines them over the top rope, their feet hitting at the same time.

Angelo Caito and Jack Bashka have been eliminated.

The crowd are in confusion as Yelich dances around the ring, finally dropping to his knees, acting as if he's won the match. At that moment, Meltzer stands up, microphone in hand.

Meltzer: Alright, Yelich, what the hell was that? What did you think was going to come from that, you not having a match at Unholy?

Yelich confirms Meltzer's question with a nod of his head and a smile.

Meltzer: Well that will never stand. I already have the match card in the works. Yelich, at SSW Unholy, you will be taking on not one man, but two. Ladies and gentlemen, in a triple threat match, Yelich will be taking on both Angelo Caito and Jack Bashka.

Yelich looks visibly disappointed at first, but a smile quickly forms on his face. He begins running laps around the ring, acting like he's won the lottery. Caito and Bashka are laid out on the outside, very confused by what just occurred.

The camera transitions backstage and it focuses in on none other than Bulldozer. He's in a classic setting, sitting on a steel crate with metal structures all around him. He sits with his legs open, hands interlocked. 

Bulldozer: Arius, do you even hear yourself when you talk? Do you know what you do when you step in that ring? You walk around, claiming you're the best in the world. Okay, you've beaten some mid level competition in your time here in SSW. But the truth is, when you step in that ring, you're not what you say. George AK proved that last week. You nearly lost to some jobber who has not as much picked up a win in his entire wrestling career. The only you kept your "undefeated" streak is because of me.

Bulldozer pounds his fists together and stares down at the camera.

Bulldozer: Which is why at Unholy, you won't stand a chance, Arius. I am no mediocre competition. I am the God of Pro Wrestling, and all of you are witness. And Arius, you will be witness too when you are staring up at the ceiling, flat on the mat as you hear "Here is your winner and new SSW National champion, Bulldozer."

Bulldozer shoves the camera to the ground and the scene shifts back to Dave Meltzer.

Interesting words from the challenger. Well up next is the main event, and I think you guys are going to like it. Take a look.

Main Event (Last Man Standing): Drake Wolfe vs Benjamin Wolf

The two men are already in the ring, wasting no time whatsoever. The bell rings and the match begins. Drake takes out a pair of hidden brass knuckles and puts them on right away. Wolf is able to corner him before he puts them to use, laying into him with chops and knees. He then grabs him underneath the arms and tosses him halfway across the ring. Wolf quickly pursues, knowing it will take a lot to keep this man down. When he goes to pick him up, Drake swings wildly and slightly connects with the knuckles, sending Wolf reeling. Drake slides out of the ring and runs over to his shopping cart, fetching a chair which he tosses into the ring and a kendo stick which he holds onto. Wise and Kayle both surround him, threatening to take advantage of the weapons he's brought out, but they each get a step too close and Drake begins wacking them both at lightning speed with the stick.

Image result for aj styles kendo stick gif

Drake finally knocks down Wise after nearly 10 shots and then he focuses on the big man, Kayle. He lays into him with nearly 15 more hits before he falls. Drake turns to reenter the ring, but it is already too late as Wolf leaps over the top rope, taking Drake out! 

Image result for suicide dive gif

Wolf regains his bearings and takes a look through Drake's shopping cart. He finally finds something he likes: a sledgehammer. He turns back to Drake, raises the sledgehammer high above him head, and brings it down on his back, breaking the count and causing Drake to scream out in pain. Wolf takes the time to tend to his faction mates before running back over to the risen Drake and driving the hammer into his face at full speed.

Image result for triple h sledgehammer gif

The referee begins the count as Wolf poses with the sledgehammer, seemingly making quick work of Drake. But the referee calls it off at 9, and when Wolf turns around, he sees Drake staggering around on his feet. Wolf takes another look at his trusty sledgehammer and prepares to deliver the same move again, but Drake catches him with a sloppy brass knuckle punch. The punch is still enough to send Wolf down and give Drake some time to recover. But rather than recovering, he marches right back over to his cart. He pulls out 5 light tubes, eyeing them maliciously. He sets 4 of them on the ground and holds the other one. Wolf is able to get to his feet at the count of 7, and Drake smashes the tube over his head, sending him down to his knees once more. Drake wants more blood though, so he picks up Wolf and marches him over to the light tubes. He positions him backward, and right before he hits the move, the Wolves attack. Kayle pins Drake's arms as Wise grabs one of the tubes, preparing to put Drake out for good. But at the last second, Drake ducks and the tube breaks on Kayle's head. Drake kicks Wise in the midsection and drives him headfirst into the ring post. He finally turns back to Wolf, who is still struggling to stand. Drake positions himself again and delivers a german suplex through the light tubes!!!

Image result for light tube powerbomb gif

The referee counts, but right when he is at 9, Drake breaks the count with a stomp to Wolf. He once again goes fishing in his cart, the crowd cheering him on while doing so. He pulls out a barbed wire 2 by 4, much to the pleasure of the fans. But before he is able to put it to good use, the ever so present Wolves shut him down. They beat him down and get their leader up, wanting him to finish the job. They pin Drake's arms while Wolf fastens the brass knuckles up. Though wobbly, he is still able to connect with a huge right hand. The Wolves don't let go, and it is revealed why seconds after. Drake begins laughing after the blow, somehow not affected. Wolf looks in shock before winding up another punch. It is right on the mark, with more force this time and Drake finally drops. The referee counts to 10 and Benjamin Wolf wins the match. But despite the match being won, it is clear the Wolves aren't done with Drake just yet. They slide him into the ring and pursue after him. They each hit their finishing moves on him, but Wolf wants a little more. While Wise and Kayle hold him up, Drake grabs the kendo stick from outside and is ready to put Drake out. But at the moment, the Sinister Sons Nation music plays! The three members rush down to the ring with Mercer grabbing the chair laid in the ring. The three fight off the Wolves, sending them out of the ring with the combination of the two titles and the chair. They taunt them for a few moments before they head to the back. The three tend to Drake, calling for medical assistance.

Jesus, I don't even know if that can air. I think we all could do with a commercial right now. See you all in a bit.

We return from the commercial and in the ring is a table set up with a paper on it. Meltzer is positioned to the side of it, microphone in hand.

Meltzer: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here tonight to host the contract signing between the Revolution tournament winner, Julius Jones, and the SSW World champion RAINE. Please give a warm welcome our guests!

Julius Jones is the first man to enter, and he is looking stylish as ever for the event. No suit on, just a classic robe and his long blonde hair. He marches down to the ring and enters, he stands in the center of the ring rather than taking a seat, staring down at the entrance way, waiting for his opponent.

RAINE enters, and now there is style. He is fashioned in a beautiful white tuxedo, bright white smile on his face. The SSW World championship is about his shoulder. He makes his way down to the ring, dodging all fan contact. He enters the ring carefully, making sure not to stain his title or suit. He passes Jones without even a look while he stares him down. He takes a seat in the chair and puts his feet up on the table, ready for what's about to happen.

Meltzer: Alright gentlemen, tonight we are here for the first ever contract signing in SSW history. Who will be the first to sign?

RAINE casually reaches for the pen, but Jones snatches it away before he even gets a finger on it. He also takes one of the microphones off the table.

Jones: RAINE, I know exactly what you're going to do. You're going to sign this contract and run away with it, without me signing it. Well, I'm afraid that can't happen anymore. Whether you like it or not, you're facing me at Unholy. I know you're scared, you and should be, because I'm winning that World championship and bringing it the prestige it deserves.

Jones slams the microphone down and signs the contract. He leaves the pen on the table, but he positions himself behind RAINE, ready to stop him from making any moves. RAINE gingerly takes the pen. He looks around at the crowd and slowly takes the microphone. He raises it to his mouth, taking a moment to get his words together. But before he speaks, he whirls around in his chair, trying to hit Jones in the head with the mic. However, Jones catches his arm and delivers a headbutt, sending him to the ground. He waits in the corner, and as RAINE gets back to his feet, Jones rushes at him with a Claymore kick.

Image result for claymore kick gif

Julius grabs the fallen pen and the limp arm of RAINE, forcing him to hold the pen. He then signs a scribbly yet legible signature of RAINE's name. Jones lets go of his arm and RAINE rolls out of the ring. Meltzer grabs the contract and makes the announcement.

Meltzer: Ladies and gentlemen, it is official! At SSW Unholy Julius Jones will be facing the champion RAINE for the SSW World championship!

Jones scoops up the title RAINE lost in the confrontation in the ring. He raises it into the air as RAINE just looks on, unable to do anything. The screen fades to black and the episode of SSW Punishment has ended.


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SSW Unholy

Opener - Angelo Caito vs Jack Bashka vs Yelich

No real history here, just three men wanting to go at and it prove that they are here to stay in SSW. Will Caito be able to get himself back into the world title scene? Or will it be the newcomers Bashka and Yelich making a name for themselves here in SSW.

SSW Tag Team Championships - Sinister Sons Nation (c) vs The Wolves

The Wolves have already proven to be one of the most dominant forces seen in SSW history. After clenching a victory over the Nation a few weeks ago in a non-title match, they have earned one at Unholy. It will no doubt be the Nation's biggest challenge since arriving in SSW, but with that being said, do they have what it takes?

SSW National Championship - Arius (c) vs Bulldozer

A rivalry of pure animosity. Arius hates everything that Bulldozer stands for, and vice versa. In fact, the championship thrown into the mix seems like an extra compared to a huge victory one of these men will get. Will Arius defend his honor and his precious title? Or will Bulldozer tear it away from his cold hands, proving he really is the God of Pro Wrestling?

SSW World Championship - RAINE (c) vs Julius Jones

With the biggest championship in SSW on the line, this match is sure to not disappoint. The two men took completely different paths to the title. RAINE was just handed an opportunity and capitalized on it while Jones dominated his way through the rankings, even winning a whole tournament to prove his dominance. Only one question remains: who will walk out of SSW Unholy as SSW World champion?

Match Card

Angelo Caito vs Jack Bashka vs Yelich

SSW Tag Team Championships - Sinister Sons Nation (c) vs The Wolves

SSW National Championship - Arius (c) vs Bulldozer

SSW World Championship - RAINE (c) vs Julius Jones

Leave your predictions below!

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