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Seven Star Wrestling (Forum Wrestling) - Sign Ups Available

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Seven Star Wrestling (SSW)

Pretty much just like all the other forum wrestling promotions.  I'm gonna stay active with it and try to post as much as possible.

Basic Information


Seven Star Wrestling is a wrestling promotion created by the one and only Dave Meltzer.  After watching companies perform worse and worse over the years, Meltzer decided it's time for him to produce matches actually worth watching.  Meltzer wanted to try out a schedule like NJPW's because he figured if the matches there were that good, he would be able to replicate it.  Although a small company, Meltzer believes that under his guidance as a man who knows what a good match is, he will be able to help the new workers achieve great success and propel the company to godly status, perhaps even a seven star match that he was rumored to have given a match somewhere else in the universe.


SSW Tag Team Championships

Image result for tag team championship belt

Although Meltzer doesn't rate tag team matches as highly as singles match, he still thought it was necessary to bring these titles for "diversity".  Only the best tag teams in SSW will have a chance to claim these soon-to-be prestigious titles.  Who will be the first?

SSW National Championship

Image result for national championship belt wrestling

This title is reserved for those looking to make a name for themselves but are not yet ready to be A superstars.  However, holding this belt is nothing to be ashamed of.  Only the finest mid level competitors will face off for this title and winning it will be no easy task.  Will you be the first to hold? Sign up and see.

SSW Championship

Image result for world heavyweight championship belt  

Here it is, the main event level belt in SSW.  If you are elite, the best of the best, one of the top stars of the company, consider yourself eligible.  Ladder matches, Hell in a Cell, TLC, you name it and this belt will have a match with the stipulation.  The only rule: the holder of the title gets to decide the stipulation for the match.  Will you be able to become the first true main eventer in SSW and win the big one straight off the bat?

Just a little additional info - I will be booking and making all the decisions.  You are allowed to make requests, but at the end of the day it is up to me, so please don't complain, I will try to book everyone as much and as strongly as possible.


If you wish to make a character, please fill out this form



Weight (Please use pounds/lbs)

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles):

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks):


Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to):

Signature Moves (Up to 3):

Finishing Moves (Up to 3):

Tag Team (List name and who it is with.  It is not required to post a tag team, however everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes):

Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required to be in stable. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee):

Additional Information:


Thank you for signing up, I will make a card once I have about 8-10 characters submitted




Edited by mikey0619

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Name: Joey Marvelous

Age: 26

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 200 lbs

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Cruiserweight

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): Young Lion ( trying to make it big and wants to prove to everybody that he got what it takes)

Heel/Face/Tweener: Face

Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Dropkick, Hurricanrana, Flying Crossbody, Head Scissors Takedown, Arm Drag, Top Rope Splash, Running Enzuigiri, Enzuigiri, Nothern Lights Suplex, Pele Kick, Suicide Dive, Neckbreaker

Signature Moves (Up to 3): Lionsault, Shooting Star Press

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Phoenix Splash, Code Red

Tag Team (List name and who it is with, not required. Everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes):

Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee😞

Additional Information: New York Cruiserweight who has worked for several small indy promotions

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Name: Arius
Age: 25
Weight: 220lbs
Wrestling Style: Puroresu/Technical

Gimmick: Appearing on to the scene seemingly from thin air he moves around the arena and ring with an observant eye. Arius is a dark soul who is often followed at times by masked ghouls who take on menial tasks. Accompanied by his orchestrator and fellow competitor Rin Akane they intertwine their passion for the arts and the technical marvel of processional wrestling. Bringing spectacle and intrigue where he goes. Behind his painted mask he can be a ruthless equaliser in the ring and will gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry even if he must first come down to their level.
Additional Information: Loves to be challenged, Accompanied to the ring by Rin Akane (If allowed)

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel
Usual/Basic Moves:  Inazuma Leg Lariat, Half nelson choke, Bow & Arrow, Snap DDT, Forearms, Inverted Death Valley Driver, Sicilian Barrage, Leaping Knee Drop, Running Forearm
Signature Moves (Up to 3):: Lifted Osaka Street Cutter , Kick and Sweep combination, Octopus Stretch
Finishing Moves (Up to 3): "Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper  with Scissors, "The Sentence" Omega Driver

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Weight (Please use pounds/lbs)280 lbs

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles):Technical/Brawler/Puroresu

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks):He destroys everyone.He's an uncontrollable monster who will even attack fans in the crowd.


Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to):Big boot,Running senton,Spinebuster,Suplex,Gutbuster,Belly to Belly suplex and slam,Gutwrench Suplex,German Suplex,Military press,Pop up Spinebuster,Running Knee,Ground n pound,Double axe handle,Back body drop,Running Splash,Mudhole Stomp,Roundhouse kick to the head and chest,Knees to the gut,Flying knee drop

Signature Moves (Up to 3):Splash,Lariat,and 2 german suplex then a bridging dragon suplex

Finishing Moves (Up to 3):Spinning sit out Powerbomb called MaddBomb,Frog Splash called Mad Splash,and Claymore kick called Madd Man's Kick

Tag Team (List name and who it is with, not required. Everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes):Pain and Destruction / PnD

Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee):

Additional Information:This Monster/Machine/Destroyer is someone who just wants to find competition and destroy the competition.

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Name: Birdman

Age: 20

Weight: 195 Pounds

Wrestling Style: Cruiserweight

Gimmick: Prototypical high-flying, white-meat babyface (Basically El Generico).

Heel/Face/Tweener: Face

Usual/Basic Moves: General dives and quick strikes.

Signature Moves: headbutt, Superkick, diving headbutt.

Finishing Moves: Bird Bomb (Frog Splash)

Tag Team: None, open to being thrown into one.

Stable: None, open to being thrown into one.

Additional Information: British, wears a mask.

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Name: Aaron North

Age: 33

Weight: 310 pounds

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse

Gimmick: A Monster kinda like Braun Strowman.

Heel/Face/Tweener: Face

Basic Moves: Slams, Throws and stuff.

Signatures: Powerslam, Spinebuster.

Finishing Move: Jacknife Powerbomb

Tag Team: None, open to being thrown into one.

Stable: None, open to being thrown into one.

Additional Info: Finnish

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Age: 26

Weight: 192 lbs

Wrestling Style: Cruiserweight

Gimmick: Since living with a single mother who struggled on a daily basis to provide for her kids, RAINE has found success within the wrestling industry and it would be nowhere near an overstatement to say that it has gone to his head. From family-orientated humble beginnings to a self-deluded, vainglorious narcissist, RAINE refuses to share his spotlight with anyone but perhaps his unique offense and insane talent as a highflyer deserves such attention.

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Usual/Basic Moves: Highflying moves (Ricochet, Jack Evans, etc.)

Signature Moves: Starship Raine (Starship Pain), Standing Corkscrew Moonsault, Famouser

Finishing Moves: MoneyMaker (Codebreaker), 630 Senton

Tag Team: N/A

Stable: N/A

Additional Information: African-American, not a friendly person, rude to others, dresses like a modern day Ric Flair

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Name: Maasa

Age: 24

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 185

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Technical High Flyer

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): Demon (Finn Balor)

Heel/Face/Tweener: Tweener

Usual/Basic Moves: Dropkick, Rainmaker, Dragon Suplex, Roll up, Rushing Leg Sweep, Roundhouse Kick, German Suplex, Backstabber, GTS, 

Signature Moves (Up to 3): Cold Fire (630 Senton)

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Welcome To Hells Kitchen (Double Foot Stomp From The Rope) Demons Legion (Fisherman Suplex Into The Corner Upside Down and Delayed Dropkick While Upside Down in the Corner) 

Tag Team (List name and who it is with, not required. Everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): Maasa and Birdman

Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee): Joey Marvelous, Birdman and Maasa (Personality Combination)

Additional Information: None


Edited by Maasa

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Name:  Charles Lupin

Age: 27

Weight: 207 lbs.

Wrestling Style: Striker

Gimmick: "Son of the Moon" Dark and Mystical. Often unleashed rage if provoked.

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Basic Moves:  Step-up Enziguri, Superkick, Sling Blade, Standard kicks, German Suplex, Head Lock, Basement Dropkick, Spinning Sit Out Powerbomb, Uppercut, Springboard moves, Standard punches, Running Knee & Leg strikes

Signatures: Moonsault, Hammerlock DDT

Finishing Move: Into the Light (Running Single High Knee), Wolf's Claw (Triangle Armbar)

Tag Team: None (Unless needed)

Stable: None (Unless needed)

Additional InformationCharles Lupin, aged 27, was born in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1991 (Assuming we're starting in March of 2019). Growing up, he always loved to visit local wrestling shows, and watching the WWE. At the age of 19, he travelled to Manchester, England where he began to train in the hopes of becoming a wrestling star. He wrestled in many local promotions, two years after arriving. He won his first Championship at the age of 23, against a man known as 'the Terminator'. At that match, a scout for the WWE approached him, and offered a tryout. It was accepted, but he was injured in the performance centre. In mid 2018, he moved back to the Netherlands and won his second Championship. In early 2019, he heard of an opportunity to wrestle for a promotion known as 'Seven Star Wrestling'. The offer was accepted, and he has left his home country to travel with SSW.

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Name: Angelo Caito

Age: 40

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs)

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Brawler/Technician

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): The Ironman in any company. Can go the limit till his body cannot go no more. 

Heel/Face/Tweener: face

Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Technical and brawling moves (Pete Dunne, Walter, Zack Saber Jr, etc)

Signature Moves (Up to 3): Bullhammer Elbow, Fuji Armbar, Back Suplex into a neck breaker

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): GTS, Pedigree, Crossface

Tag Team (List name and who it is with, not required. Everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): none

Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee): none

Additional Information: Italian born and raised. Humbled to the sport and to all his peers that show the respect back. Dressed in black tights with different names of his family in white on the tights. 

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Weekly: Punishment (2-3 matches)


January: SSW Decimation (4 matches)

February: SSW Mayhem (4 matches)

March: SSW Uprising (4 matches)

April: SSW Hell (Biggest PPV, 5-7 matches)

May: SSW Retaliation (4 matches)

June: SSW Genesis (4 matches)

July (Elimination Tournament Month): SSW Revolution (3 matches)

August: SSW Unholy (4 matches)

September: SSW Oblivion (4 matches)

October: SSW War (4 matches)

November: SSW Aftermath (4 matches)

December: SSW Victory (2nd biggest PPV, 5 matches)

The diary will start at the May PPV, the card is listed below


Opener: Maddrix vs Birdman

Charles Lupin vs Maasa

(SSW National): Aaron North vs Arius vs Joey Marvelous

Main Event (SSW Championship): RAINE vs Angelo Caito


Show will be posted later today or tomorrow, so make your predictions while you still can


Edited by mikey0619

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SSW Retaliation

Note: Text in this font is Meltzer commentating (if that doesn't work with you then it's just any commentator)

Match 1: Maddrix vs Birdman

Here it is, the first match in SSW history in front of the 500 people in attendance here tonight.  Without further ado, let's get right on with it.

Maddrix enters first and poses on the stage.  Boy, is he a sight to see.  280 pounds, 6 feet 10 inches, and only at the young age of 20.  It can already be told that this man has a long career ahead of him.  Maddrix storms down to the ring, the cameras shaking slightly with every step.  He steps up onto the apron and then steps right over the top rope with ease.  He stands in the middle of the ring with his head down and slowly lifts it up.  Before he can finish posing for the crowd, Birdman's music hits and he runs out of the curtains and sprints down to the ring, high-fiving fans on the way down.  He slides right into the ring, gets on the middle rope and throws his hands up, getting the crowd behind him.  Midway through his pose, the bell rings and the match begins.

Maddrix immediately lifts Birdman onto his shoulders and hits an electric chair drop on him.  Maddrix drifts over for the cover, 1... 2, barely a 2 count.  Both men quickly get up to their feet and lock up for the first time.  After a few minutes, Maddrix finally gets the advantage and throws Birdman off the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex.  Not letting go, Maddrix lifts himself and Birdman up to their feet and lifts him up for a chokeslam well over his head, which he turns into a uranagi on the way down.  Maddrix then lifts Birdman up with ease, using only one hand, and walks the ring holding him with that one hand while yelling to the crowd.  However, Birdman slips from his grasp and rolls him up in School Boy pin, 1... 2..., nearly 3! Wow that was close, but not enough.  Both men quickly get up to there feet, but Birdman strikes first with a slap to Maddrix's chest.  He is absolutely unfazed, and he glares straight down at the small Birdman.  Birdman doesn't back down and stares straight back at him before slapping his chest again to no avail.  He tries to hit a dropkick, but Maddrix is still unresponsive.  Birdman scampers back to his feet only to be laid out with a thunderous chop to the chest.


Now that's how it's done! Maddrix picks Birdman up and throws him off the ropes and throws him straight into the air and hits him with an earth-shaking spinebuster! He quickly gets up and runs off the ropes right into a running senton across Birdman's lifeless body.  Maddrix covers him, 1... 2..., kickout! It'll take more than that to keep this upstart down! Maddrix once again drags Birdman's limp body up to his feet, runs off the ropes and hits a sickening lariat, but Birdman used the momentum to do a backflip and land on his feet! Maddrix slowly turns around, right into Birdman's superkick, which knocks Maddrix back and off the ropes.  He comes back with a lot of speed and hits another lariat on Birdman, which this time sends him backfirst onto the ground.  Maddrix then ascends to the top rope and hits the Mad Splash, similar to Birdman's Bird Bomb! 

Kevin Owens Frog Splash GIF - KevinOwens FrogSplash ShaneMcMahon GIFs

Maddrix goes right into the cover, 1... 2... 3! This match is over! Maddrix casually raises his hands in victory.  He slowly walks to the back and through the curtains, without a single look back to the crowd.  Birdman is still in the ring, and he has just gotten to a feet.  He took the loss tonight, but what a hell of a performance from that man.  The fans think so too, and they cheer him as he is helped to the back.

What a way to start off the show, huh? I would rate that 5 stars, but what do I know? Anyway, time for match number two!

Match 2: Maasa vs Charles Lupin

Charles Lupin enters with a fully black attire, his head completely covered by a black hood.  He slowly makes his way down to the ring and climbs into the ring in a standard fashion.  He gets to his feet and slowly takes off his hood and robe, which reveals a surprisingly normal looking man.  He looks to the entrance ramp right at the same time Maasa's music hits.  Maasa is nowhere to be seen on the stage, and instead the camera pans over to the section of fans behind the ring, where Maasa is approaching from.  Stalking over on his hands and knees, he is wearing heavy lime green and gold makeup with an attire of the same color to go with it.  He reaches the ring and climbs up the stairs and crawls over the bottom rope into the ring.  He poses for the fans in his weird position and turns to face his opponent.  The bell rings and this match is underway!

Maasa extends a hand to Lupin, who attempts to shake it but Maasa shies away at the last second and smirks at Lupin, who just stares with a blank expression.  The two men circle each other for a few seconds before locking up.  Maasa gets the advantage straight away and sends Lupin off the ropes and hits a picture perfect dropkick on him.  Maasa kips up to his feet and poses for the crowd.  Little does he know, Lupin is waiting right behind him.  Maasa turns around right into a kick to the gut by Lupin, who follows up with a sickening axe kick to the back of the head! Maasa is only down to his knees though, and Lupin lifts him up and nails him with his devastating hammerlock DDT! 

Andrade Cien Almas Smash Head GIF - AndradeCienAlmas SmashHead HammerlockDDT GIFs

Lupin rolls Maasa over and hooks the inside leg, 1... 2..., ooo not quite.  Not one to waste any time, Lupin backs away from Maasa as he gets to his feet, looking to hit Into The Light.  He runs at Maasa but he flies by in a miss, right into the corner.  Maasa picks him up and hits a massive backstabber right to the upper back of Lupin.  With Lupin planted firmly on his back, Maasa scales to the top rope and hits a Cold Fire, executed perfectly! There's a cover, 1... 2..., again, not quite yet.  Maasa wastes no time and gets Lupin up, looking for the Demons Legion.  He hits the fisherman suplex into the corner and runs to the opposite one, looking for his dropkick.  Lupin is in position, but Maasa misses the kick when Lupin lifts himself up with his legs.  Lupin cautiously lifts himself up to the top rope, still in a backward position while Maasa is on his back clutching his head, having hit it hard after his failed dropkick.  Lupin throws himself into the air with his arms and hits a moonsault on Maasa.  Lupin this time does not waste his time waiting for Maasa, but instead throws him against the rope and hits Into The Light on him as he comes off the ropes.  

Daniel Bryan WWEChampion GIF - DanielBryan WWEChampion WWE GIFs

Lupin falls to his knees and softly pins Maasa, 1... 2... 3! This one is over.  Lupin gets to his feet and celebrates, climbing on the rope and posing for the crowd.  Maasa slowly gets up to feet using the ropes for assistance.  Lupin notices him and hops down from the ropes.  He walks over to Maasa, studies him for a moment and extends a hand.  Maasa tries to shake it, but Lupin pulls away at the last second like Maasa did to him earlier.  Lupin smirks, laughs, and makes his way to the back.  Maasa is shown with his hands on his waist, looking down but smiling to himself.  The camera rolls over to a commercial.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back from our short commercial break and I just gotta say, unfortunate for Maasa, eh? All that makeup to lose.  At least he put on a good performance.  Time to put that match behind us though, now we have the two championship matches of this show! First and coming up right now, the SSW National championship Triple Threat Match! Roll it!

Match 3 (SSW National Championship): Aaron North vs Arius vs Joey Marvelous

Aaron North is the first to enter, and boy is this guy big.  310 pounds, 6 foot 9 inches? Say no more, this man has a chance at winning this match.  North makes his way to the ring slowly, offering high fives and some handshakes on the way there.  He reaches the ring and rolls inside, pops up to his feet and poses to the fans with a slight smile on his face.  Arius is the next to enter, and he is looking quite creepy.  With his manager Rin Akane by his side, a very eerie message is being sent.  They make their way down to the ring, but before Arius goes inside, Akane whispers something to him that makes him shudder, but he nods affirmatively.  He rolls into the ring and poses strangely for the fans, but what can you do? Last out is Joey Marvelous, who bursts out of the back in frenzy of adrenaline.  It lasts too, and the young lion sprints down to the ring, almost knocking down Akane in the process.  He hops onto the apron, pulls back on the top rope and launches himself over in a somersault into a standing position, bowing for the fans in attendance.  With introductions out of the way, this bell rings and the match to crown the first ever SSW National champion begins.

Arius and Marvelous both turn to North right away, who looks back, not very surprised.  While Marvelous is still distracted by North's massive figure, Arius strikes him with a forearm to the side of his head.  He drops to the ground and rolls out of the ring to get out of harms way.  North sprints at Arius and hits a pounce on him, sending him flying over the top rope and right on top of Marvelous! Now that's some freakish strength! But he's not done.  North rolls out of the ring and sprints around it, attempting to meet Arius and Marvelous on the other side.  He does and collides with both of them with a pair of clotheslines.  The two men fall to the ground and North raises he hands and lets out a yell.  North scoops up Marvelous and rolls him into the ring.  He slides in after him, scoops him up onto his shoulder and hits a powerslam, with authority!

Braun Strowman Running Powerslam GIF - BraunStrowman RunningPowerslam ReyMysterio GIFs

North covers him, 1... 2..., but Marvelous is able to kick out on his own.  North turns only to meet a pair of feet right in his face.  Arius had made his way to the top rope and was patiently waiting for North to face him, and he delivered a missile dropkick square in North's face.  North is not knocked off his feet, but he is sent into the ring corner.  Arius runs at him and hits an inazuma leg lariat right across his neck.  Arius lands of the ring apron and delivers a huge forearm right to the side of North's head which sends him out of the corner right into a step up enzuigiri from Marvelous, which finally knocks North off his feet.  Marvelous goes for the pin, 1... 2..., but no! Arius jumped off the top rope and landed a knee drop right onto the back of Marvelous' head.  That had to hurt! Arius scoops him up and throws him out of the ring, but he stays on the apron.  Arius attempts to delivers a forearms to Marvelous, but he sidesteps and delivers a kick to Arius' head, which turns him around.  Marvelous is about to get back into the ring but Arius delivers a pele kick right to the top of Marvelous' head which sends him to the outside.  But wait, North is still in the ring! The big man turns Arius around and eats a punch straight to the face, but he surprisingly falls on impact.  The camera pans in on Arius' hand, which is shown to have brass knuckles on it, completely legal in this triple threat match.  Arius slowly positions himself and locks in the Final Testimony on North, but he is already out cold from the brass knuckles punch.  The referee lifts his arm up, but it falls to the mat.  The bell is rung, and Arius is declared the winner, and the inaugural SSW National champion.  The camera fades out to a commercial break, with the last image being Arius returning the brass knuckles to Akane.

What a match! Congratulations to Arius, you deserved it with that performance.  Great job to Aaron North and Joey Marvelous though, you guys did fantastic.  Also, as owner of this company, I said the world title matches will always have a stipulation to go with it.  And we don't have one yet! Since there is no champion to decide a stipulation, I will do so myself.  So ladies and gentlemen, the match you are about to see will be for the SSW championship and it will be a... tables match! Enjoy!

Match 4 (SSW Championship: Tables Match): RAINE vs Angelo Caito

RAINE is the first to enter, and despite being the first show, these fans know him from elsewhere in the indies and boo him automatically.  RAINE steps out from the back, with a very smug smirk on his face.  He makes his way to the ring, in no rush at all and makes sure that as he walks down the entrance ramp that no fans are able to touch him.  With that task done successfully, he enters the ring and poses for the fans, who boo him.  He does not care and maintains his pose, soaking in the heat.  While he is midpose, Angelo Caito's music hits and he emerges from behind the curtain.  He walks down to the ring casually, offering up some high fives for whoever can reach him, and rolls into the ring, where RAINE is still posing.  Caito carefully avoid him and poses himself on the middle rope.  Caito steps down and is ready to begin, but RAINE still has not moved.  After a few minutes, RAINE steps down from his pose and takes off his robe carefully and hands it to a ringside personnel.  With that out of the way, the bell rings and this contest for the SSW championship is underway!

The two men lock up, but RAINE quickly gets the upperhand and performs an arm drag on the much bigger Caito.  Moves like that will take a lot to do, and Caito is always ready to go for a long match, so RAINE has to be careful.  The two men lock up again, and RAINE once again gets the upperhand, but Caito pushes him off.  RAINE goes off the rope and attempts to perform a jumping clothesline on Caito, but Caito catches him in a uranagi and drives him straight down into the mat.  Caito then jumps straight into the air and stomps right in the middle of RAINE's chest, driving the breath out of him.  Caito gets RAINE to his feet, but is quickly brushed off with a jumping knee to the face.  RAINE jumps onto and off of the middle rope, performing a springboard enzuigiri on a dazed Caito.

Springboard Enziguri GIF - Springboard Enziguri Taiji GIFs

RAINE goes for the cover, 1... 2, barely a 2 count.  Caito slowly gets to his feet, but RAINE is already running of the ropes again and this time is trying to hit a springboard moonsault off the top rope.  Caito is ready this time, and catches him on his shoulder and tries to end this match early by powerslamming RAINE over the top rope onto the table on the outside.  However, RAINE grabs onto the top rope and flips over on Caito and uses his legs to drag him over the top rope.  Caito stumbles to the outside and is positioned perfectly in front of a table.  RAINE runs off the ropes and performs a tope con hilo, but Caito moves out of the way and RAINE sends himself straight through the table.  Not the end of the match, but painful nonetheless.  Caito walks over to a fresh table and shoves it into the ring.  He sets it up and exits the ring to get RAINE.  RAINE has recovered though and punches Caito while he is trying to throw him back in.  The two men slide into the ring, but RAINE was slightly ahead and is able to get to his feet first, so he meets Caito with a high kick once he has reached his feet.  Caito is once again positioned in front of a table.  RAINE positions himself so he is ready to hit a springboard knee which would send Caito through the table.  He jumps onto the ropes and tries to deliver it, but Caito catches his leg and is able to counter into a flapjack.  RAINE crashes down through the table, and the match is over.  The referee presents Cato with the title, who takes it and stares at it in disbelief.  He raises the belt high and shouts out a victory scream before throwing the title on his shoulder and walking to the back.

Well, that was a thrilling way to the end the show! Congrats Angelo, you did a fantastic job tonight.  Well, that's all for SSW tonight, good night ladies and gentlemen, we'll see you s-

RAINE is seen grabbing onto Meltzer and yelling at him.  What he is saying is clearly heard: "Meltzer that was a fluke.  An absolute fluke.  I had the title WON, but Caito got lucky.  This was a bullshit stipulation anyway.  The lucky one wins all the time.  I want a rematch, and I'm sure you'll give it to me.  Right?" With that, RAINE pats Meltzer hard on the shoulder and walks away.

Well, okay then.  As I was saying, good night everyone, we'll see you soon.


If you read all of this thank you for reading.  If you haven't signed up already, feel free to and I'll book you matches just like these.  The template for signing up is in the first post.

Edited by mikey0619

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Name: Ryan King


Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 231

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): All Around

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks):Badass. He's an aggressive fighter who is fun loving out of the ring but gets shit done in the ring. He grew. He wrestled in high school gyms until he became THE MAN that he is today. He got a call from 7 star wrestling and was very happy to show how good he was in the ring. He is ready to kick ass with Mason Mercer.


Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): lots of Gutwrenches put into unique moves, Military Presses, Hip Tosses, ddt's, Inverted ddt can be used like a signature but it is a usual move

Signature Moves (Up to 3):Layout Alabama Slam into heel hook(Australian Nightmare) can also be used as finisher, Ushigoroshi(Total Silence)

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Jackknife, Deadlift Sit Out Powerbomb,(both powerbombs are Kingpin) Romero Dragon Sleeper(Snake Venom)

Tag Team (List name and who it is with.  It is not required to post a tag team, however everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes):Tag Team with Mason Mercer, they are the Sinister Sons Nation

Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required to be in stable. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee):

Additional Information:None else

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Name: Mason Mercer

Age: 18

Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 205

Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): He hits a lot 

Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): Kind Of apocalyptic in a way, he is repeatedly cheered even though he shows no leaning towards being a face or a heel. He is a badass competitor, not afraid to play dirty, but is more abusing the counts, attacking the eyes, not like cheesy low blows and stuff. He can high fly, but chooses not to most of the time.

Heel/Face/Tweener: Face

Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Michinoku Driver, Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Forearm Smash, Moonsault, Submissions, Neckbreakers, mostly neck impact stuff, suplexes, 

Signature Moves (Up to 3): Single Knee Facebreaker (Glasgow Smile), Blue Thunder Bomb (Black Sun), Spike Hurricanrana (Broken Mirror)

Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Kudo Driver (Fall of A Nation), Ace Crusher (The Eighth Star)

Rare Finisher: Inverted Figure 4 (Endgame)

Tag Team (List name and who it is with.  It is not required to post a tag team, however everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): Sinister Sons Nation - Ryan King (we’re extremely open to a third member or more)

Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required to be in stable. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee):

Additional Information: From Chicago, IL, has a red streak in black hair.

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The commentary team might need to install safety bars by the ramp when that monster of a man Maddrix comes to the ring from now on. Poor Birdman was walking into a one sided war here as soon as he stepped out of the curtain. Though the high flying dynamo did put up one hell of a fight. Each kickout i kept thinking to myself "No, he can't" by the end i was thinking he might actually do it but after that splash from the top rope it would be hard for anyone to get up from. I got my Birdman merchandise though now because with that level of resilience it might lead to some great accomplishments.

"You might question the actions taken place tonight but if you're not willing to do what it takes to become champion then did you truly want to hold the gold around your waist in the first place? The director conducts the story and Rin made sure it ended on an uplifting note
One nation under Arius"

RAINE, a name so good you need to shout it. Was his own enemy tonight continually putting himself in harms way near those tables and now it seems to be going a little a psychotic after that loss. Meltzer might need to increase the security around the commentary table just to be safe. Maybe install a pope booth just inc ase he isn't able to get the job done again next time.
Congratulations Angelo for acting quick and on your SSW Championship victory. 

Really great first episode Mikey. Wonderfully written out and some intriguing plot points leading into the future of SSW. It will be interesting to see how far Lupin & Maasa go in out doing the other, seems like they enjoy each others cockiness. Can't wait to see more in the future. 

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SSW Punishment (Episode 1)

*From now on, matches/commentary will be in red, angles will be in black*

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first installment of Saturday Night Punishment! We have an action packed night ahead of us, so stay tuned to see your favorite stars! But before we get into the in ring action, let's go backstage to where our interviewer, Dikey, is waiting with the new SSW champion, Angelo Caito.  Take it away!

Hello Angelo, how do you do?

I'm doing well, yourself?

Doing great, thanks for asking.  Now, first question: did you have any doubt you were going to win last night and did you think your win was a fluke?

Well, of course.  RAINE is a very worthy opponent and he almost had me beat.  I wouldn't say I got lucky, I'd say my veteran instinct helped me win that.  Not to take away from RAINE though, he did a fantastic job that match and I'd very much like to face him again in the near future.

Do you think he deserves a rematch for the title at Genesis?

Well, the answer is obvious, isn't it? Of course not! He lost his match, and there are two other competitors who won their matches who are much more deserving, wouldn't you agree?

Hmm, I suppose so. Well that's all the time we have for today.  Back to you Dave.

Bold words from our new SSW champion! But never mind that, we have our first match in Punishment history up right now!

Match 1: Maasa vs Joey Marvelous

Maasa is the first to enter, however tonight he shows up sporting a rather regular look as opposed to last night.  He is wearing a pair of standard red wrestling trunks with red boots to match.  He has some light black face paint on, but other than that there is nothing peculiar.  He makes his way down to the ring in a standard fashion, not offering any gestures toward the fans, but also not caring if they touch him or not.  He walks up the stairs and steps into the ring and sits in the far corner, patiently waiting for his opponent.  His opponent's music hits and Joey Marvelous bursts through the curtain and out onto the stage.  He throws his hands in the air, getting the crowd behind him and he sprints down to the ring and dives right inside.  He leaps up to the top rope, does a backflip off of it and lands on his feet before bowing for the fans.  He goes to his corner and the bell rings.

Maasa sprints right at Marvelous, trying to catch him off guard, but he is met with a dropkick square to the chin.  Maasa is sent backward right back into his corner and Marvelous is in hot pursuit.  Marvelous does a cartwheel and hits a back elbow on the standing Maasa.  He plants his feet and does a backflip, looking for a pele kick.  However, Maasa catches him leg and throws it to the ground.  Maasa quickly lifts up Marvelous from his position on his stomach and powers him over his head and head first into the corner with a german suplex.  Maasa then runs to the opposite corner, sprints back and hits a dropkick on Marvelous.  He does the same thing over and over and over again.

Daniel Bryan Corner Dropkick GIF - DanielBryan CornerDropkick BigCass GIFs

Marvelous stumbles out of the corner and Maasa hits a roundhouse kick, right to the side of the head.  Marvelous collapses on his back and Maasa leaps up to the top rope with ease.  He raises his arms above his head and flings them downward while jumping.  He flips in the air and hits the Cold Fire square on the midsection of Marvelous.  Maasa rolls into the pin while clutching the back of his neck, 1... 2..., kickout from Marvelous! Maasa stands up, a look of disgust on his face.  He once again nimbly hops to the top rope and raises his arms in an X across his body.  He leaps off, looking for Welcome to Hell's Kitchen, but Marvelous moved out of the way.  Maasa rolls through and comes up sprinting right at Marvelous, only to be met by a thunderous neckbreaker, driving him back first onto the mat.  Marvelous is quick to pounce on the opportunity and leaps off the ropes and hits a perfect springboard moonsault, off the second rope.  Marvelous stays on top of Maasa and goes for the pin, 1... 2..., kickout, but barely.  Marvelous drags Maasa over in front of a corner, perhaps looking for a move to finish this match.  Marvelous scales the ropes, positions himself backward and leaps off the rope, twisting in midair to hit a Phoenix Splash, right on the mark.

Seth Rollins Phoenix Splash GIF - SethRollins PhoenixSplash Tripleh GIFs

The pin, 1... 2... 3! This one is over! The crowd erupts in a cheer as the referee raises Marvelous' hand up in victory.  Marvelous hops onto the top rope and poses for the crowd.  He backflips off, lands, exits the ring, and walks to the back, offering high fives on the way there.  The camera fades to black on an image of Maasa's defeated face.

The screen fades in from black, and it shows the brand new SSW National Champion, Arius, lounging in a room with gold all around with Rin Akane by his side.  He is holding a glass of champagne in one hand and he is petting a calico cat with the other.  However, his precious title is no where to be seen.  Before speaking, he takes a healthy swig of the champagne, draining the glass.

Ah, it's nice to be champion.  The benefits of it are truly amazing.  Luxury, pride, respect.  I mean, basically all is mine for the taking.  Ah, the champagnes gone.  Just kidding, I've got an endless supply.  Fetch me another glass if you'd so kindly.

A masked man with a black robe on enters and takes the glass off screen.  In less than a second, he returns with a full glass and Arius' championship, customized with new title plates.  Arius thanks the man, takes the glass and carefully takes the title, hoisting it over his shoulder.

Beautiful, isn't it? I know it's just a piece of metal, and you all think I'm overreacting over this, but I know I'm not.  I feel a connection.  Every time I touch it, I feel a rush go through me, a rush of good feelings.  I feel...truly motivated to retain this title.  It's strange indeed, I cannot explain.

Rin interrupts Arius and whispers something into his ear, causing the look on his face to go from intrigued to disappointed.

Well, that's unfortunate.  I have to depart for now.  Goodbye everyone watching, I hope to see you all soon.

Arius rises from his luxurious sofa, brushes off his title, and walks out of the frame.

Hmmm, okay then! That man is interesting to say the least.  I'm sorry for rushing, but I can't contain my excitement, the main event is next up and right now! Let's see it!

Main Event (#1 Contendership for SSW Championship): Charles Lupin vs Maddrix

Charles Lupin enters wearing a similar attire to what he wore at Retaliation, but instead of all black, there are a couple red streaks that are stemming from the rim of his robe.  He slowly walks down to the ring and once again enters in a very orderly fashion, very similar to how he did at the PPV.  He takes off his hood to reveal himself again, and looks at the stage.  At that exact same time, Maddrix's music hits.  Maddrix slowly walks out and poses for the fans.  They are clearly impressed by him once again, and it's hard not to be.  Maddrix starts to walk down the ramp, but wait! It's RAINE and he's coming right for Maddrix with a steel chair! BANG! A shot right to the back of the head, and Maddrix is down.  RAINE hits him a few more times on the back before marching down to the ring.  He rolls inside and stares at Meltzer, daring him to do something, but he makes no move.  Satisfied, RAINE turns and walks to his corner, ready for a fight.  The bell rings, and this #1 contender match is underway!

Main Event (#1 Contendership for SSW Championship): Charles Lupin vs RAINE

The match starts with a very quick pace, both men circling each other and landing kicks and a few jabs, looking for an opening.  Lupin misses with a big forearm that sets him off balance and RAINE takes advantage but getting behind him and locking his hands in front.  Lupin tries to escape but RAINE simply lifts him up and hits a german suplex on him, bridging into a pin. 1..., only a 1 count.  Lupin and RAINE are both up quickly and they start exchanging punches and forearms, and the fans are eating it up.  RAINE finally breaks the rally by trying to hit a lariat but Lupin ducks and runs off the ropes, trying to hit a springboard moonsault off the second rope, but RAINE hits him with a chop to the chest midair.  However, Lupin lands on his feet and stares at RAINE with a very menacing expression, void of any compassion or friendship that once existed.  RAINE attempts to slowly back away, but Lupin grabs him and pelts him with a variation of different moves.

Image result for phenomenal blitz gif

Lupin is going absolutely WILD! The fans are loving watching the man they hate getting pulverized.  Lupin rolls RAINE over to his stomach, lays down next to him, and locks in the Wolf's Claw! It's looking dim for RAINE now, he's in the center of the ring with no where to go and he's fading very quickly.  RAINE's hands start to fall, but he lifts them back up in one last attempt to free himself from the hold.  He wraps his arms around Lupin's arms that are locked on his head and, with a tremendous show of strength, lifts Lupin up off the ground with him and delivers a sitout powerbomb! Very unlike the highflying RAINE, but it worked, the hold is broken and a pin is on! 1... 2..., kickout! RAINE stands up, and he is ready to end this one.  He taunts Lupin, telling him to get up.  Lupin obliges, stumbling to his feet.  He faces RAINE, who attempts to hit a MoneyMaker, but Lupin sidesteps.  He tries to hit a standing double foot stomp, but he just misses and lands in a prime position for RAINE, which he capitalizes on by rolling him up.  1... 2..., RAINE's feet are on the rope, 3! This match is over!

RAINE has just stolen Lupin's chance at a SSW Championship opportunity! Lupin stares at RAINE with a look of both hatred but with also a bit of disappointment.  RAINE has learned his lesson and is already out of the ring and heading to the back.  Before he can reach it, Angelo Caito enters onto the stage and raises the title high in the air. The two men stand off before RAINE laughs and walks right past him into the back.  The camera fades to black, signifying the end of the first episode of SSW Punishment.

Once again, if you have not signed up, please consider doing so if you like what you see.



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