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Aaron North

Star Trek: The Future of Our World

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Welcome to a new diary called Star Trek: The Future of Our World.

This is a diary about space and different people in space who look to overcome different obstacles in the universe.

It's based in the 23rd century where technology is as good as it has ever been.

This post is here to tell you about the world and what's going on in it and to help you pick a race 

Please read carefully because there's some cool info here


Race List:

(Not all races are included so if you want to pick something different check out this page of the Star Trek Fandom Wiki this is just grasping the surface)


The Bolian

Alandra, a holographic Bolian female (2375)

Bolians were distinctively known for a bifurcating ridge running vertically along the center of the head and face, and partway down the chest. Skin color ranged from light green-blue to blue-gray to vivid blue and was occasionally accented with dark blue bands on the head. Most Bolians are bald but a few female Bolians have hair. Intimate relations between Bolians and Humans typically caused adverse effects to the latter, which might include fatigue, nausea, and joint inflammation. When removed from the body, Bolian blood was blue in color. The chemistry of their blood was very different from Vulcans. If a blood transfusion was given from a Vulcan to a Bolian it would result in the death of the Bolian.

Weaponry & Technology

Bolians use basic weapons such as phasers, phaser rifles and combat knives. On ships they use photon torpedoes and phasers.


The Entharan

Kovin, an Entharan male (2374)

Bio & History

Physically they were humanoids with a complex bone structure around the top of their noses. They had premaxilla bones. Their world depended on trade with alien species. There were strict protocolst about those relations, and even being accused of violating them was a serious offense, and could even end the career of an Entharan trader. Their planet is in the Delta quadrant.

Technology and Weaponry.

The technology available to the Entharan includes: monofilament stimulators which can manipulate the neurotransmitter levels in a human brain.

Electro-dynamic probes - Which can stagger your enemy with a single touch.

Micro-caliper - It can be used to adjust components on certain devices and it can also be used to disarm mines. It can also be used to modify weapons and many other things.

Dermal regenerator - It can be used to heal wounds such as burns and cuts. These are often being sold to other species.

The weapons available to the Entharan includes: Isokinetic cannon which is a starship mounted energy cannon weapon that can cause a heavy damage. These are often sold to other species.

Thoron rifle - It's a thoron based, hand-held rifle that shoots directed energy particles. Some hand-held disruptors that are sold by the Entharan are also thoron


El Aurian

Guinan, a female El-Aurian, in 2366 aboard the USS Enterprise-D

The El-Aurians were a widely traveled people who spread themselves across many parts of the galaxy, and beyond. At least one El-Aurian, Guinan, visited Earth in 1893, before Humans had any official knowledge of alien species. In the past the El-Aurians have been a victim of an attack from the Borg, who destroyed every El-Aurian city. All El-Aurian species spread across the universe but nevertheless prevailed.

Weaponry & Technology

The El-Aurian aren't a violent race and the weapons they use are just basic phasers, phaser rifles and knives.

Their ships aren't too special either, most of them don't even have weapons at all.


The Hirogen


Bio & History

The Hirogen were one of the most dominant species in the Delta Quadrant when the Starship Voyager encountered them in the 24th century. Physically, they were very imposing with great height and broad composite armor. Every aspect of their technology enhanced their martial and hunting capabilities. A single Hirogen hunting vessel required minimal crew and could dominate regions of space spanning many lightyears. The Voyager crew encountered city sized holodeck programs designed for training hunters built inside space stations.

Weaponry and Technology

Hirogen's wear body armor with internal life support, with a breathing apparatus over the mouth and nose, and it can protect a Hirogen hunter while seeking prey in most hostile environments, including the surface of a collapsed star. The Hirogen have an arsenal of various formidable weapons, including a tetryon rifle with a sensor display that helps a hunter to track his prey. They also have a device that seems to function much like a tricorder, which reveals bio-data on the captured prey. Hirogen ships made use of various technologies including torpedo launchers, shield emitters, and sensors. Hirogen vessels were also equipped with a subnucleonic beam that could perform rapid scans of other vessels and could severely disable another ship, disrupting its propulsion and its navigational sensors. The HIrogen ships monotanium armor plating which gives extra protection and scatters beams that are shot at it.


The Klingons


Bio & History

The Klingons, both male and female are individually fierce fighters as well. Throughout their lives they undergo grueling rites of passage, usually involving pain sticks. Their zeal for combat and glory made them a formidable military throughout the galaxy. As the Federation has learned again and again, the Klingon Empire could be a fearsome ally or enemy. Klingons don't focus on science and education as much as combat.

Weaponry and Technology

All Klingon ships are capable of warp 6. Klingons use cloaking screens on their ships for surprise attacks. Klingons have a lot of different blade weapons, they use the kar'takins like many other warrior races do. Klingons use basic phasers and phaser rifles in long range battles and on ships they use torpedos and phasers.



D'k tahgsDk tahg, The way of the warrior 

Gintak SpearsGintak spear         

kut'luchs Kutluch, Real life

mek'lethsMekleth, Rules of engagement

mevaksMevak, Sons of Mogh

tajtlqsKuvahaun tulos haulle tajtlq star trek





Bio & History

The Romulans share a common ancestor with Vulcans, but they have been a philosophically distinct faction in the galaxy for thousands of years.Where as Vulcans value logic and foster harmony, Romulans value ambition and rely on cunning to advance themselves. Advancement in the military was the greatest honor a Romulan could earn. Romulans are probably the most notorious species in Star Trek to harness cloaking technology in all of their combat worthy starships.

Weaponry and Technology

According to many Romulan weaponry is a lot strong than any other weaponry. On foot they use type 3 disruptors it's an energy weapon known for not having a stun setting. The type 3 disruptor left the victim with burns which makes it a cruel weapon. The Romulans also use disruptor rifles which fire a stronger beam than the normal disruptor. Some Romulan ships use strong disruptor on their ships that leave behind antiproton particles. Most Romulan ships also use plasma torpedos it's a strong but an energy-intensive weapon. Bigger Romulan ships use thalaron generators to create a large field of radiation enough to encompass a ship or even an entire planet




Bio & History

Even more so than Klingons or Romulans, Cardassians are the most notorious for their ruthlessness. Their society was strictly regimented and militaristic with publically broadcast trials in which the accused was always presumed guilty. Cardassians always seemed to engage in dangerous mind games with their enemies and even with friends and family. Their power and influence shrank after successive wars with the Federation and the Klingons. However, they continued to threaten the Alpha Quadrant when Gul Dukat enlisted the Cardassians as a member of the Dominion.

Weaponry & Technology

Cardassian technology had become notably inferior compared to newer classes of starships operated by the Federation, particularly Galaxy-class and Nebula-class vessels. A Cardassian warship was easily destroyed by the USS Phoenix, even when the warship had the ability to penetrate the Phoenix's shields. The technology such as sensors on starships such as the Enterprise are much more advanced than Cardassian technology. Cardassians can however hide the contents of their supply ships from scans of other ships. Cardassians use basic weapons like phasers, phaser rifles and knives.

Type 2 phaser, TOSGalaxy class firing phasers HDKirk fires a phaser rifle at Mitchell

Type 2 Hand Phaser                      Starship phaser                         Phaser Rifle        

Despite advances in Federation technology, Cardassians remained formidable opponents. While their shield technology matched unfavorably against both Federation and Klingon weapons, Cardassian weapons were quite capable on their own terms. All Cardassian warships generally relied upon a single large, powerful, forward-facing phaser/disruptor-style weapon, similar to Klingon and Romulan ship design philosophy. However, the vessels also featured multiple dorsal phaser arrays to deal with attacks by swarms of smaller vessels, such as Maquis raiders and Federation attack fighters. In battle, Cardassian ships also employed missile weaponry similar to photon torpedoes.




Bio & History

The Vulcans were the first extraterrestrial species encountered by Humans in Star Trek. With Vulcan help and guidance, Humans rose to become a major player on the galactic stage and both species were founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Vulcans were once a highly emotional and volatile species until they adopted the teachings of Surak and embraced logic and stoicism. While they are highly advanced and enlightened they still carry some hold overs from their more primitive state and are not to be trifled with. Vulcans are extremely resilient mentally and physically. They also enter a state of life and death lust every seven years called the pon farr.

Weaponry and Technology

Vulcans are generally non-violent, but sometimes logic dictated that combat was necessary. Vulcans use basic weapons like phasers, phaser rifles and knives. Vulcans can also use martial arts called tal-shaya and Suus Mahna. Many Vulcans are capable of incapacitating another sentient with a single touch of a technique called the Vulcan nerve pinch.


The Bajoran


Bio & History

The Bajorans are a humanoid species with characteristic nose creases. They live on the planet Bajor. They are deeply spiritual people, who worship The Prophets. They are enemies of the Cardassians, who occupied Bajor and treated the Bajorans as slaves in the early 24th century.


The Bajoran weaponry doesn't include anything special just the usual phasers, phaser rifles and knives.



The Andorian


Bio & History

Andorians are a humanoid species with blue skin and antennae. They consider themselves a warrior race, in contrast with pacifist Aenar who also live on Andoria. They are native to the moon Andoria, which orbits the planet Andor. They were a founding member of the United Federation of Planets. Andorians were a militaristic race, exemplified in small part by weaponry without stun settings. They considered it an honor to serve in their Imperial Guard and military rank greatly influenced social reputation.


The Andorian weaponry doesn't include anything special just the usual phasers, rifles and knives.


The antennae aids the Andorians in balance, if one is lost they will become partially disabled for a short while. Losing the antenna isn't considered critical but instead it's considered humiliating.


Thot Pran, representative of the Breen Confederacy (2375)

Historically, the Klingons were among the first to discover that the Breen didn't tolerate incursions into their space. During the Klingon Second Empire, Chancellor Mow'ga ordered an entire fleet of Klingon warships to invade and conquer the Breen homeworld. The fleet never returned and was never heard from again. The Romulans' contact with the Breen led to their coining a saying: "Never turn your back on a Breen." According to the terms of alliance, the Breen Confederacy received several planets in the Cardassian Union as compensation for joining the war. Despite being welcomed by the Female Changeling and Vorta leader Weyoun, the Breen were mistrusted by the leader of the Cardassian Union, Legate Damar, who was frustrated by the details of their treaty with the Dominion. For instance, the Breen were thereafter allowed unlimited access to the Dominion's database, whereas Damar was annoyed at them being permitted to use it at all. His frustration over how the Breen were being received led Damar to begin a Cardassian rebellion against the Dominion and enable Ezri Dax and Worf to escape back to Federation space.

Weaponry & Technology

During the 2360s, the Breen were known for their development of organic technology, which they employed in the construction of their spacecraft. Some of their vessels were even believed to be fitted with cloaking devices. The Breen were known to use type 3 disruptors, in common with the Romulans and Klingons. The Breen also manufactured a portable hand-held cannon, the CRM 114, which was designed to target moving objects and surface emplacements. It was among numerous weapons dealt by Ferengi arms dealer Gaila in the mid-2370s. The Breen make use of memory-probing technology, in the form of cortical implants, and neural truncheons for subduing prisoners

The Betazoids


Bio & History

Externally, Betazoids were physically indistinguishable from Humans in every aspect but one: the irises of their eyes were completely black. They could cross-breed with Humans, along with other humanoid races like Klingons and Tavnians. Betazoid iris coloration was present in half-Betazoid individuals such as Deanna Troi, but in those with less Betazoid blood such as Devinoni Ral and Walter Pierce (who were only ¼ Betazoid), normal Human eye coloration was possible. Betazoids are natural telepaths, an ability centered in their paracortex, psilosynine being a main neurotransmitter. Most developed their telepatchic skill in adolescence, but a few were born with their telepatchic skills already active.


The Betazoid weaponry doesn't include anything special just the usual phasers, rifles and knives.


The Ferengi


Bio & History

The Ferengi and their culture are characterized by an extreme mercantile obsession with profit, trade, and exploitation for gain, in which greed, extortion and scamming are considered praiseworthy behaviors and acquisition is raised to the status of a near-religion. They are also known for their business acumen and for rampant misogyny, with wives obligated to remain naked and at home, and women sometimes forced into the sex trade.


The Ferengi use special Ferengi weapons. They have their own Ferengi phasers and rifles. The Ferengi phaser isn't too special but instead of a laser beam it shoots a plasma beam and it also looks a little different.

The Ferengi rifle is a bit bigger and a bit stronger than the Ferengi phaser and it's range is a bigger as well, the Ferengi mostly use Ferengi rifles in raids and attacks.

In close quarters the Ferengi use energy whips, when lashed,, it fired a pulse of energy that stunned the target. The energy whip can also be folded into a more sturdy weapon. They also use uncharged energy whips for slaves and other purposes


Ferengi whip 22nd centuryNon sturdy

Ferengi whip, extended Sturdy        


The Humans

Argyle, a Human male in 2364

Bio & History

The Humans also known as Terrans, are a warp-capable humanoid species from Alpha quadrant. The species originated from the planet Earth, in the sol system. Humans were the only surviving race of several sentient/intelligent species to have evolved from the Genus Homo. Humans were also of two known spacefaring intelligent species to have originated from Earth; the other one being the Voth, who had to come to live in the Delta quadrant by the 24th century.

Weaponry & Uniforms

Humans use basic phasers, phaser rifles and combat knives in battle. Their unifoms vary depending on their rank. A red uniform is worn by the captain, the lieutenants and first officer. The yellow uniform is worn by the head of defense, the chief engineer and the lieutenant commander.




Bio & History

Talarians were characterized by a distinctive hairless enlargement around the coronal area of the skull extending in two lobes to the back of the head. Talarian blood was red, and Talarians were suspectible to radiation burns and respitatory distress. Talarians followed a strict set of traditions and customs. Their society was rigidly partiarchal, where a woman could never outrank a man, and encouraged warrior-like behavior. Talarians were very competetive; games, tests and competitions were an important part of their culture, and children regularly engaged in contests and challenges. Sharing victory was an important part of the games. Furthermore, when undertaking the tests, pain was not a consideration as passing the tests was what mattered. Attacking a higher Talarian officer is punishable by death.


The weaponry carried by Talarians is inferior to Federation weaponry. They use high x-ray laser weapons, mercuille rockets and neutral particle weapons on their ships.

Talarians are more well known for their booby traps, such as sending out fake distress calls from abandoned ships that are rigged to explode. Talarians also use subspace proximity detonators which can detonate a planted bomb on their ships from anywhere around the universe, or if you walk past them they will also explode, furthermore these bombs can't be found with a tricoder. They also use self-destruct devices on their ships which are pretty self explanatory.



Ornithar, a Karemman male (2371)

Bio & History

The Karemma were tall and slender humanoids with thin skin folds around the eyes, nose and mouth, and a prominent midline ridge extending upward from the forehead. They have dark hair that's combed back. They're native to the planet Karemma in the Gamma quadrant and they're a part of the Dominion. The Karemma are an important economic power in the Dominion. They engaged in trade with non-Dominion races, which was overseen by the Karemma Commerce Ministry. Their exported products included, tulberry wine and fleece, and their Ministry of Trade sell torpedos to the Jem'Hadar.


The Karemma don't use any special weapons just basic torpedos and phasers on ships, and phasers and combat knives on foot.


Soong-type android

Lieutenant Commander Data (2379)

Bio & History

A soong-type android was a type of android first created by the cyberneticist Noonian Soong. Soong-type androids were equipped with sophisticated positronic brains. Soong-type android body frames are composed of non-conductive tripolymers.

Other Components

Axial Servo - It's located on the wrist and it can reverse the polarity of a magnetic seal.

Bioplast - The android's skin is made of 1.3 kg of bioplast sheeting.

Chemical fuel reaction unit - It stores the fuel that keeps the androids moving. It's in the primary system module (the torso) of the androids.

Cranial unit (the head) - An android's cranial unit protects it's positronic brain. It protects the android by making it invulnerable to radiation, heavy impact blows and high intensity charge of electricity.

Deactivation Switch - An android's deactivation switch can deactivate the android by pressing the switch. If pressed repeatedly it can cause the android to have seizures.

Internal chronometer - An android's internal chronometer does what a normal chronometer would do. Through this chronometer the android can check what time it is at any time.

Memory cell - The memory cells act as the android's memory.


Biomechanical maintenance program - Biomechanical maintenance program up keeps many analysis', diagnoses and coordination procedures.

Heuristic functions - An android's heuristic functions let the android fix mistakes made by humans, it can be annoying to some humans at times.

Self-diagnostic - It lets the android check itself for errors and damage.

(There are many other components that i will not include here because, than you would find out everything and some things are better kept as a secret.)


The android doesn't carry any weapons inside it but it still can use normal weapons like phasers and knives.



Ikat'ika, a Gamma Jem'Hadar in 2373

Bio & History

The Jem'Hadar were a genetically engineered humanoid-reptilian race from the Gamma Quadrant. They served as the military arm of the Dominion and were one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy during their time. Jem'Hadar were generated in "birthing chambers." Their growth cycle was accelerated such that they reached full maturity only three days after emergence. They did not procreate naturally, and their species consisted solely of males.


Jem'Hadar uniforms allowed their wearers to be almost completely unaffected by many forms of anti-personnel force field.


Jem'Hadar carried plasma weapons in both rifle and pistol variants, capable of firing lethal disruptor bursts with anti-coagulants that were designed to slowly kill their enemies if the burst itself did not. The weapons had at least two other settings: they were able to stun, and to fire a more powerful burst capable of vaporizing a humanoid target. In close quarters Jem'Hadar preferred the kar'takin or shock blade. The kar'takin is used as a polearm but when pulled apart it transforms into 2 vicious blade weapons

Kartakin, To the death Kar'takins.




USS Enterprise


The ship is has two nacelle's making it capable of at least warp 11, using the warp 11 speed is highly dangerous for the ship. The Enterprise has one of the strongest warp drives in the universe.

The ship also has a cloaking ability making it impossible to see without a quantum beacon. 

In terms of weapons the ship carries a spinal phaser lance and large phaser cannons. It also has strong antimatter mines that can quickly destroy a ship.


D'Deridex Battlecruiser

Kuvahaun tulos haulle d'deridex battlecruiser

The ship is capable of warp 6 when cloaked, warp 9 when observed and warp 9.6 which can cause irrepairable damage to the propulsion systems.

The ship has a cloaking ability and a disruptor array which is a set of weapons that vary depending on the ship. Disruptor is the designation of several types of weapons in common use among many races in the galaxy including   the Borg, Breen, Cardassians, Cravic, Dominion, Eminians, Federation, Ferengi, Gorn, Hirogen, Klingons, Lokirrim, Lysians, Pralor, Remans, Rigelians, Romulans, Son'a, and Vidiians.

The ship is also armed with a photon torpedo launcher and the ship can be defended with deflector shields.


Alpha Seven


Alpha Seven isn't capable of warping but it's still a very quick and a very agile ship.

The ship is armed with phaser banks and torpedo launchers.

The ship as most can defend itself with defector shields and quick dodging.


Jem'Hadar Battle cruiser


The ship has one or possibly two warp systems and it can go at a speed of 9.6 warp speed.

It's armed with a torpedo launcher and many energy weapons.

It defends itself with deflector shields as do most other ships.


Vulcan patrol ship


Vulcan patrol ships are armed with beam weapons.

The Vulcan patrol ships have better shields and more advanced targeting sensors than other patrol ships.

The ship is also warp capable and very fast.



Romulan Drone ship


This ship is remotely controlled by the Romulans and it has no crew.

It's armed with tri-phasic disruptors and they can simulate different types of weapons from various other races including, both disruptor and phase weapon based technologies.

The ship can warp at warp speed of 5, so it can be easily out run. The ship can also use holographic projectors to send out wave outputs that create fake ships in space to fool their enemies.

All Romulan ships use a cloaking device which allows the ship to become invisible to the naked eye.




This ship is warp capable at the max warp speed of 5.

Haakona's armed with photon torpedos, phasers and pulse disruptors.

The Haakona can defend itself with deflector shields and with it's cloaking device.

The Haakona can self-destruct at the push of a button.




Galactic quadrants

In this picture the Delta quadrant is located on the lower right.

The Delta quadrant is a home quadrant to many including

the Akritiri, Banea, Benthans, Brunali, Cravic, Drayans, Enarans, Garenor, Hanoian, Ilari, Ocampa, Sikarians and Talaxians.

There are also many planets in the Delta quadrant. The ones where all the previously mentioned species live and some planets that are according to rumors inhabited like Avery III, Rinax, Napinne and Rakosa V to name a few. The Delta quadrant also has some unnamed and not yet explored planets as do all of the other quadrants.

North of the Delta quadrant is the Gamma quadrant and west is the Beta quadrant.

The Delta quadrant isn't ruled by anyone since it's a very dangerous quadrant, because it includes species like Borgs, Hirogens, Kazons, Vidiians and many others.



The Beta quadrant is a bit smaller in terms of planets than the Delta quadrant.

The Beta quadrant only has 7 named planets whilst the Delta quadrant has over 17.

The Beta quadrant's named planets are: Acamar III, Ardana, Iconia, Krios Prime, Ramatis III, Qo'noS and Valt Minor. All these planets have species living on them. Some of these planets were thought to be lost in history but than planet Iconia was found by Captain Donald Varley and than many other planets were found as well. Some of the planets have been abandoned by their native species due to issues, disease or some other danger on the planet. Some of the planets are also in the Romulan neutral zone so it can be dangerous for starfleet ships to travel there.

The Beta quadrant is ruled by no-one because some of it's planets are in the neutral zone and with the tensions that the Federation and the Romulans have it's not easy to decide who rules the Beta quadrant and who doesn't.

The Beta quadrant is west of the Delta quadrant and south of the Alpha quadrant



The Gamma quadrant is a medium sized quadrant with over 10 planets.

Argratha, Brax, Dosi homeworld, Errikang VII, Karemma, Kurill Prime, Rakhar, Saltah'na homeworld, Teplan homeworld, Yadera Prime.

The Gamma quadrant is ruled by the Dominion's government.

The Gamma quadrant is north of the Delta quadrant and east of the Alpha Quadrant



Out of all the quadrants the Alpha quadrant is the most calmest one.

The Alpha quadrant has many planets most of which are habited by species such as the Andorians, the Ferengi, the Klingon, the Romulans and Humans.

The Alpha quadrant is ruled by the Breen Confederacy, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Tholian Assembly and the United Federation of Planets.

The Alpha quadrant is west of the Gamma quadrant and north of the Beta quadrant.




The United Federation of Planets

United Federation of Planets flag.svg

History and other stuff

The United Federation of Planets was founded in 2161 by the United Earth, Vulcans, Andorians and the planet Tellar prime.

The leader of the federation is their president who is rarely seen in public the current president is a Grazerite called Jaresh-Inyo. The vice president is a former ambassador of the federation and an andorian called Sarahd.


Intelligence Service

The Intelligence service used by the Federation is their own and it's the Starfleet Intelligence service.

Starfleet Intelligence employed agents for their field operations who were authorized to perform undercover investigations. Starfleet Intelligence agents (or "SI agents") reported to division heads who oversaw their agents' missions. The head of the organization was known as the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence, followed by the Deputy Chief of Starfleet Intelligence.


Jaresh-Inyo (Grazerite)


The Court System

The legislature of the federations is the federation council. The council members are chosen by other people who are already a part of the council, you can only leave the council by dying.

Many species have their own courts and some are more merciful than others. The Cardassian court was not known for showing mercy.

The judiciary was the branch of government responsible for resolving legal disputes. It consisted of a hierarchy of courts, with the Federation Supreme Court at its apex. Federation courts sometimes relied on panels of citizens known as juries. The Federation Grand Jury heard testimony as part of criminal investigations, while the Federation Special Jury tried war criminals

Alongside the civilian courts, Starfleet had its own system of courts martial, where an outsider not involved with the incident acted as a judge and someone was chosen to testify.

If a member of other species is killed by a member of other species than members from both species will be invited to the court.



Federation space was located approximately thirty thousand light years from the core of the galaxy. It encompassed territory in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrant.



Many planets and species are a part of the Federation including Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Deltans, Caitians and Grazerites.


The Dominion

Dominion logo.png

History & other stuff

The Dominion was a major interstellar state in the Gamma Quadrant. Technologically advanced and millennia old, the Dominion was founded under the absolute rule of a group of Changelings known as the Founders, whose will was carried out by the Vorta and the Jem'Hadar. The Dominion was dedicated to imposing the Founders' vision of "order" upon the universe, i.e. bringing all other civilizations under its control. The Dominion was organized under a strict hierarchy, with the Founders at the top, then the Vorta as administrators, and the Jem'Hadar as soldiers next. This arrangement was referred to as "the order of things" and deviation from it was punishable by death. The Founders held ultimate authority and their decisions could not be questioned under any circumstances. However, the Founders were largely apathetic towards the affairs of solids and were content to leave the administration of the Dominion to the Vorta. The home planet of the Dominion is a secret planet and it's coordinations are unknown.



The Dominion is located in the Alpha quadrant but mainly in the Gamma quadrant.


Intelligence Services

Dominion Intelligence was the branch responsible for information gathering within the Dominion. In 2372, Dominion Intelligence ascertained the location of renegade Jem'Hadar who attempted to restore an Iconian gateway for themselves. They passed the information to Weyoun and Captain Benjamin Sisko, allowing them to find and destroy the gateway. 

Dominion Intelligence remained highly active during the Dominion War. It detected the sudden disengagement of the Second, Fifth, and Ninth Fleets from their respective fronts and tracked their movement towards Starbase 375 in preparation for Operation Return. In the final months of the war, DI determined that the Federation Alliance had developed countermeasures for the Breen energy dissipator, forcing a complete withdrawal to the Cardassian core worlds. 



The members of the Dominion are Changelings, Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Karemma, Cardassians, Breen.



Maquis insignia.png

History & other stuff

The Maquis (mah-KEE), otherwise known as the Maquis Resistance, were a rebellious organization of Federation-born colonists and discontented Starfleet officers who organized against the Cardassian occupation of their homes in the Demilitarized Zone after their colonies were ceded to the Cardassian Union by Federation Cardassian Treaties in the late 2360s and early 2370s. Starfleet Command considered members of the Maquis to be traitors, while Cardassia considered the Maquis to be terrorists. The Maquis considered themselves an independent state and were going to formally declare their secession from the Federation, but these plans never materialized, because they were eventually defeated by one of Cardassia's prime allies, the Dominion and its powerful army of Jem'Hadar.



The Maquis rebellion is located in the Alpha quadrant it can't really spread anywhere since it's such a small rebellion.


Intelligence Services

The Maquis don't have an intelligence service but there could be spies in places like the Federation that are spying for the Maquis.



The members of this rebellion are quite mixed, because it's a rebellion and almost anyone can join it.






Tng capt.png

A captain is the boss on the ship that gives orders to other people in the crew and on the starship. When a captain tells you to do something you better do it.

A captain is the one that leads a mission unless there's someone higher ranked than him on the ship who can give orders to him like an admiral.



Tng cmdr.png

A commander is a rank below a captain and a commander is in control of the ship when the captain is gone.

A commander is usually sent out by the captain for high profile missions


Lieutenant Commander

Tng ltcmdr.png

Lieutenant commanders normally serve as senior department heads, executive officers on smaller vessels, and in some cases as starship commanders. Another position that could be held by a lieutenant commander was as an instructor for Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training. It is common in informal circumstances to refer to lieutenant commanders in Starfleet simply as "commander" by both those under their command and their commanding officers. A ship can have multiple lieutenant commanders.



Tng lt.png

A lieutenant is usually relied on when the lieutenant commander, commander and captain aren't on the ship.

The person chosen as lieutenant is usually someone who is an experienced fighter and whenever a new lieutenant is needed the former ensign gets promoted to lieutenant.




An ensign is usually the helmsman on the ship unless someone more capable like a lieutenant is available.




A counselor was a position aboard Starfleet vessels and installations, usually held by a senior Starfleet officer with training in psychology.

Occasionally, the role of chief medical officer and counselor were combined in the 23rd century, with medical officers also having expertise in space psychology.


Operations Officer

The operations officer, also referred to as the ops officer or operations management officer, was a Starfleet position within the operations division which was common in the 24th century. Operations officers manned the ops station on a bridge. On the starship USS Enterprise-D, Lieutenant Commander Data served as the operations management officer and doubled as Second Officer, the most senior member of the ship's crew after the Captain and First Officer.



The helmsman (or helm officer) was the Starfleet crewperson who operated the helm console on 22nd and 23rd century Federation starships. The helmsman of those vessels worked in concert with the navigator, who plotted the ship's course. On the USS Enterprise, the helmsman controlled both the speed and attitude of the ship, as well as the ship's weapon and shield systems. Other spacefaring services use the term helmsman also, the 22nd century Earth Starfleet for one, but it isn't clear if there is the same relationship with a navigation console, since vessels like Enterprise NX-01 had a single helm station. The helmsman is usually an ensign or a lieutenant on the ship.


Science Officer

The chief science officer or often more simply science officer was the senior staff member aboard starship or starbase with the broad responsibility of coordinating the science department of the post. Science officer was a standard position aboard space vessels. Starfleet, Arkonian, Klingon, Romulan, and Vulcan vessels all operate with science officers. The science officer's primary responsible was analyzing, observing and theorizing explanations for strange or seemingly unexplainable circumstances in such a way as to provide answers. Then supply the commanding officer with all reports, observations, and speculations that might have affected the safety of their vessel. Whenever something needs to be explained to another species or race the job is usually given to the science officer.


Doctor of Medicine (MD)

A doctor was one of the highest degrees that could be awarded by a university to a person in their discipline. This title may refer to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) for scientific pursuits. Doctors who serve in Starfleet are generally referred to by their title of "doctor" instead of "sir" or their rank, by both lower-ranking personnel and superior officers. There are sometimes different doctors on ships but very rarely, these different doctors are: Astrophysicist, Dentist, Engineer, PhysicianScientist, Surgeon, Veterinarian. The Doctor that this bio refers to is the Doctor of Medicine, who heals the people who are either infected or wounded.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A doctor of philosophy researches history of different species, races, planets, quadrants whatever. A doctor of philosophy 



On any space starship, engineers were responsible for maintaining and repairing all the systems on starships, space station, and other related equipment. Engineering officers were generally assigned tasks that included maintaining and/or improving the performance of the warp drive, ship's database, computer processors and circuitry, holographic emitters, tractor beams, transporter components, observational equipment (such as sensors, probes, and satellites), weaponry systems, deflector array, hull plating, life support, shields and alternative defense systems, and many other crucial parts of a ship's anatomy. They were expected to tackle all the problems that drained the ship's resources or lowered its efficiency.


Operations Officer

The operations officer, also referred to as the ops officer or operations management officer, was a Starfleet position within the operations division which was common in the 24th century. Operations officers manned the ops station on a bridge. As analytical operations relied upon knowledge of science and engineering disciplines, operations officers often performed the additional duties of a science officer, especially when a dedicated science officer was absent.


Chief Tactical Officer

Chief tactical officer was a senior position for Starfleet officers on board starships and starbases. Tactical officers were in charge of tactical operations, including weapons and shields, and ship's security. The Chief tactical officer is also the Chief of security. This position was an evolution of the armory officer position assigned to Earth Starfleet ships in the 22nd century. On board Constitution-class starships in the early to mid 23rd century, the tactical officer did not have a bridge station, as weapons control was handled by the navigator or helmsman when needed, and security was handled by the ship's security officers. However, from the 2270s the tactical station was added to the bridge, from which was controlled the photon torpedoes and deflector screens. By the 24th century, tactical officers aboard Galaxy-class starships were also typically charged with communications duties. Other systems that may be commanded by Tactical include communications, long- and short-range sensor arrays, sensor probes, message buoys, and tractor beam devices.


Security Officer

A security officer was an officer who worked for Starfleet Security, and was, as such, part of a starship or starbase's security department, under the command of a security chief. A complete study of starship security protocols was generally considered a requirement to fully qualify one to serve in the capacity of a Starfleet security officer. A security officer's duties include the protection of Starfleet and Federation assets, the prevention and investigation of crimes, and personal protection of Starfleet officers and Federation or foreign dignitaries. The security officer is can also be the Tactical officer and mans the Tactical station and Security station on the Bridge. In the 23rd century, it was customary for landing parties to include a number of security officers as guards.




- Please have a proper name and be creative.

- If you want to find out more about some of the classes, different species and ships, please search the Star Trek: Memory Alpha Fandom Wiki page.

- You don't have to know anything about Star Trek that's why i put all the info there. You can enjoy the experience and the journey even if you don't know anything about Star Trek.

- All roles will be randomized you can pick your race/species yourself. You can pick a race you find on the wiki as well if you'd like, the races i've listed are just a few examples.

- You can be a mix of human and something else if you want.

- I'm hoping to have a big mix of different races and genders in this diary, but pick what you want.

- You also get to pick your gender, the options are Female, Male and Non-Binary.

- You will all start out with basic weapons (A phaser and a combat knife) unless you pick a Ferengi or a Klingon which means your weapons might be different

- You can still sign up after the diary has started.

- The participant limit as big as space in space, unlimited.

- One final rule, obey the rules or the Q will cause chaos.


Sign Up




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Race: El Aurian

Name: Cody Race

Gender: Male

Aaron, this is an amazing diary with a job well done, you have put hard effort and work into this and it is with my honour to thank you for the time and dedication, I don't watch Star Trek but I know that you must've put hours into this and I'm hoping that you will achieve a result that you wished for.

Edited by CodyCage

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Star Trek: The Future of Our World

Episode 1: The Pilot

Alpha Quadrant - Space time 18.30.00


Cpt. North: Space... the final frontier, these are the voyages of the starship USS Enterprise, and it's continuing mission of exploring new strange worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where no-one man has gone before.

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Captain North, we are getting closer to our destination, planet Hanon IV.

Cpt. North: Doctor of Philosophy... what's his name?

Commander Paul: Mad Ricks, sir.

Cpt. North: Mad Ricks huh? Never heard of him before. Dal'Ton give me info on DOP Mad Rick.

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Mad Ricks is a Doctor of Philosophy who used to work in the Laboratory of Philosophists on Earth in the 23rd century  under the name Maddrix.

Cpt. North: Thank you, Commander Dal'Ton. Mr. Ricks, meet me and rest of the party in the transporter room.

DoP Ricks: Copy that, sir.


The Captain, MD, PhD and Commander meet at the transporter room.


Captain North: Beam us down Lieutenant.

Lt. Zell: Aye, sir.


The Captain, MD, PhD and Commander beam down near a village. They look around and Captain North spots a volcano in the distance.


DOP Ricks: Tricoder reads multiple lifeforms in that village.

Cpt. North: Let's steer clear for now and look around a bit before, we start snooping around the lives of these people. Mr. Ricks investigate the cave where this river starts, Commander Paul go with Mr. Ricks there could be anything in that cave.

Ricks & Paul: Yes, captain.

Cpt. North: Doctor Montogmery you investigate these plants to see if they're good for medical use.

Dr. Montogmery: Yes, captain.

Cpt. North: I'll just take it easy, i'm a little dizzy after getting beamed down here.


Dr. Montogmery scans Cpt. North. He doesn't find anything wrong and lets the captain stay on the planet.


Dr. Montogmery: Looks good captain, you can stay on the planet.


Montogmery, Ricks and Paul go exploring. Cpt. North sits on a rock and looks at the beautiful scenery with 2 small volcanoes and a lot of rocks ending with a beautiful snowy mountain.


Ricks and Paul enter the cave and they notice a local villager, he's collecting rocks for some reason. He doesn't look well equipped, Ricks and Paul approach him slowly, the villager notices Ricks and he screams at Ricks.


Ricks: Calm down... we're not going to hurt you.


The Villager keeps screaming. He drops the rocks he was collecting and takes out an axe and is prepared for a fight.


Ricks: He looks Hanonian, i think he's going to attack.

Commander Paul: Setting phaser on stun.


The Hanonian villager charges at Ricks with an axe. Paul pushes Ricks aside and the villager falls on the ground. Paul quickly turns around and tries to stun the Hanonian villager with a phaser, however the villager doesn't get stunned but, instead he just gets up and attacks Paul. Ricks gets up and sets his phaser on stun level 2 he stuns the Hanonian with the phaser but, notices that Paul was hit with the axe.


Ricks: Enterprise we have a medical emergency, one to beam up to sickbay. 


Paul is quickly beamed back up to the Enterprise. Ricks starts inspecting the Hanonian and he realizes that the villager is wearing Jem'Hadar armor. He is shocked by the discovery he has made. Ricks beams back up to the Enterprise with the Hanonian. Meanwhile Dr. Montogmery is scanning plants, he doesn't find many plants can be useful.

Dr. Montogmery returns to where he left Cpt. North but he isn't there anymore. Montogmery looks around for a while and then asks for help.


Dr. Montogmery: Lt. Haas has the captain beamed back up yet?

Lt. Zell: No doctor, but Paul was attacked and i beamed him, a Hanonian villager and Ricks back up.

Dr. Montogmery: Looks like the captain might be in big trouble then, beam me up sickbay.

Lt. Haas: Yes doctor.


Dr. Montogmery is beamed back up to sickbay, he quickly starts assisting Commander Paul.

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton enters the sickbay.


Dal'Ton: Doctor, what happened to the captain? 

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

Dr. Montogmery: I have no idea but, my suggestion is taking a landing party and searching for him. I'm sorry i can't help you but i have to take care of Commander Paul. Speaking of Commander Paul looks like he's coming to.

Commander Paul: Where's the captain?

Dr. Montogmery: He's still down there. I don't know what happened to him or where he is.

Commander Paul: Well we have to find him. I'm gonna go down there.

Dr. Montogmery: You can't you've fractured your arm, you can barely move it.

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Don't worry Commander i'll go get him. Engineer Zige report to transporter room quickly.

Engineer Zige: Yes sire.

Dr. Montogmery: There's something weird i discovered about the Hanonian. He's wearing Jem'Hadar armor, any clue where he may have gotten it?

Commander Paul: Maybe a crashed Jem'Hadar ship or a Jem'Hadar who died on the planet? Well whatever it is we're gonna have to find out if there's more villagers with that armor and we're gonna have to find out where it all came from.


Lt. Commander Dal'Ton and Engineer Zige beam down onto the planet. They beam down to where the captain was left. It's night time so they should be harder to see if they decide to enter the village.


Engineer Zige: Any ideas on where we should start?

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Let's start by investigating this area and if we don't find anything let's head to the village and search around.

Engineer Zige: Okay, let's start then.


Meanwhile on the Starship Enterprise, Dr. Montogmery and Commander Paul are talking and inspecting the Jem'Hadar armor that the Hanonian villager is wearing.


Dr. Montogmery: So, Julius do you know a way to remove Jem'Hadar armor? Any surgical ways to remove it or do you have to use a phaser?

Commander Paul: Well, doctor it looks like it's attached with spikes into the Hanonian's skin so you can remove it through surgery or by simply and quickly cutting the spikes with a phaser, and please call me by my last name.


Commander Paul takes out his phaser and attempts to cut the spikes of the armor, he can't cut through them so Dr. Montogmery is gonna have to remove the armor surgically.


Commander Paul: Well looks like i can't cut through them the phaser doesn't have enough power.

Dr. Montogmery: I guess it's my time to try then wish me luck


Dr. Montogmery puts the Hanonian to sleep and starts the surgery. Meanwhile down on the planet Zige and Dal'Ton have just finished the area where they beamed in and they've gotten closer to the village and they're prepared to initiate the rescue mission.


Engineer Zige: So, where shall we start?

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: You should go and investigate the village center since by the looks of it there's no-one there right now and they could be preparing to execute him and that's where people were executed back in the medieval ages. I will investigate the courthouse since that's where prisoners are usually kept.

Engineer Zige: Alright, where do we meet after we're done?

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Let's meet back here when we're done. Good luck Zige and, try not to get seen.

Engineer Zige: Good luck to you too Lieutenant Commander.


Zige starts sneaking over to the village center, and Dal'Ton sneaks over to the side of the courthouse. Dal'Ton looks through the window and sees the chief of the village sleeping in a queen sized bed with a woman. Dal'Ton takes a big risk and knocks on the window, the chief doesn't wake up and nor does his woman. Dal'Ton sneaks up to the front door and he sees if it's locked, it's not and Dal'Ton sneaks inside the courthouse. Dal'Ton ignores everything else and walks straight to the dungeons of the courthouse.


Meanwhile Zige is in the center of the village he finds a torture device but no-one is strapped onto it. Zige finds a crate he opens it and finds a couple of phasers and knives. The town center is very empty and there's no-one around. The town seems very quiet but, multiple lights can be seen from the windows of many houses. These Hanonians have a surprising amount of current day technology like phasers, Jem'Hadar armor and combat knives right now suspicions are that someone is giving them these supplies and they're not creating all this technology themselves, because no discovery has been made of a highly technological weapon or armor smith.


Meanwhile on the ship Dr. Montogmery is done with the surgery and the armor is being inspected by him and Doctor of Philosophy Mad Ricks.


Mad Ricks: This is very fascinating, and very horrible. Giving armor like this to a not so highly developed species could cause some serious damage to their culture and if they find out how to create armor like this it could cause some serious trouble to other people who want to research their planet or their race. Our main task right now should be to find the captain and after that we should try and find the rest of this armor and whatever other technology this race might have. I must contact the ground team. Mad Ricks to ground team how's the search going?

Engineer Zige: I haven't found the captain yet but, i found a crate with phasers and combat knives, this sort of technology shouldn't be carried by a culture like this. Lieutenant Zell beam up this crate next to me please.

Lt. Zell: Aye.


The crate is beamed up but, Engineer Zige stays on the planet and investigates a little more. He notices the smith's workplace and he decides to investigate a little more, Zige doesn't find anything special except for a hammer that looks very very weird, it has blue neon lights and it's definitely not a normal smith's hammer. He takes the hammer with him for later investigations on the ship.

Meanwhile in the courthouse Lieutenant Commander Dal'Ton has found the captain in a cell but, before he could free the captain a guard came in and took the captain out of the cell. The guard put a hood on the captain's head and started dragging him away with another guard. Dal'Ton wasn't seen because, he was hiding behind a pile of crates. Dal'Ton opens one of the crates and notices a pile of Jem'Hadar armor. Dal'Ton grabs one of the crates and heads outside he notices that Zige is at their rendezvous point he goes to Zige.


Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Hey, Zige will you take this crate and beam back up with it? I saw the captain and he's getting dragged away by two guards.

Engineer Zige: But we have to save the captain, we'll take care of this crate business later.

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Right, finding the captain is our main task right now and, i could really use your help so maybe we just take care of this later and, go save the captain for whatever he has gotten himself into.




Alpha Quadrant - Space time 0.00.00


Lt. Commander Dal'Ton and Engineer Zige are sneaking after Cpt. North who is being dragged away by the two Hanonian guards. Dal'Ton and Zige notice that they're getting dangerously close to one of the volcanoes.


Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: What are they doing?

Engineer Zige: I have no idea but, we need to run if we wanna save the captain in time.


Suddenly a call from Commander Paul comes from aboard the Enterprise. 


Commander Paul: Lt. Commander get the captain back quickly we need him here we've spotted a Jem'Hadar war bird and by the looks of it they're going to beam down there.

Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Thank you for the info Commander Paul. We'll be as quick as possible, Dal'Ton out. We have to get moving Commander Paul has spotted a Jem'Hadar war bird.


Lt. Commander Dal'Ton and Engineer Zige notice that the guards have already reached the volcano with the captain. The guards tie a rope around Captain North and they tie the other end on a heavy stone near the volcano and Captain North starts hanging above the hot, melting lava that's inside the volcano. Captain North's other shoe starts burning and the lava bursts almost reach him but, before they can Dal'Ton and Zige reach him and pull him up. The guards see Dal'Ton and Zige but they're quickly stunned by the phasers. In the distance Lt. Commander, Engineer Zige and Captain North see 3 people beam down from the Jem'Hadar war bird.


Lt. Commander Dal'Ton: Calling for Lt. Zell we have the captain, beam us up now!


Cpt. North, Lt. Commander Dal'Ton and Engineer Zige are all beamed back up just as the 3 members of the Jem'Hadar war bird reach the volcano.


Aiheeseen liittyvä kuvaKuvahaun tulos haulle klingonKuvahaun tulos haulle breen star trek

Captain Arius: Son of a bitch.... they got away just in time. I'll get you next time Captain North i swear to all The Founders and The Shapeshifter that i will get you.

Commander Wigral Mor: Don't worry sir, he won't escape next time.

Lt. Commander Tetren: Smartest thing right now is to get out of here before, more savages arrive. Lieutenant Vaal beam us up.

Captain Arius: Cancel order Lieutenant Vaal... we have some unfinished business with these savages. They couldn't take care of the armor we provided, we won't take care of them but, instead we'll kill them.


Captain Arius, Lt. Commander Tetren and Commander Wigral Mor make their way through the Hanonias who are trying to charge at them.

From the Starship Enterprise the bridge crew are looking at the carnage below. They're saddened that they can't research this race and planet more. They quickly take off leaving the Hanonians to their demise.


Leave feedback if you don't understand what something means.

Edited by Aaron North

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