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Echo Wilson

Everybody Loves Echo

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"I'm sick and tired of it."

A angry voice can be heard, as Echo Wilson steps into view of the camera, behind him is FDS. FD takes a table that Echo is about to sit on and throws it, knocking it over. Echo Wilson takes a nearby chair and kicks it. 

"The Blacklist, is the best thing in the proffessional wrestling and this is the treatment we get. You guys still have the gall to tell to the both of us, that we are shit? Just know, I don't ask for handouts, I didn't ask for your stupid opinions you little numbskulls. I know the truth, and that's simple and factual. I'm being shut down here, I'm being restricted and it's time that I step out of my comfort zone and face the facts. I lost, twice for that matter. But trust me, me and FD are not quitters. We are champions, and we will have belts on our waists when Backlash comes around, no matter what you degenerates have to say about it. Look, I see what's happening here. Jon and Bart, think that they can just step on our heads and use us, to elevate them. It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, it's about how many times you have the head space, the strength to pick yourself back up. And I promise you this, I will pick myself up plenty of times until I give the final blow. What am I even talking about? You guys know nothing about pro wrestling. You guys know nothing about working hard for anything. Bunch of plastic marks."

Loud boos can be heard from backstage as FDS takes a hammer from the fire drill box and sends it through a second table multiple times. The boos keep roaring on as Echo just stands and smirks.

"Shut up, don't get carried away with yourself. Don't get too riled up then. I have no need for your opinions on me, on FDS on Blacklist as a whole. We make our own rules and no matter how loud you guys try to be, we will always be louder.  In fact, I hope each and every one of you that applauded Bart and Jonathan on their victory, I hope you all walk off a tall building."

That final statement emits a loud reaction from the crowd, and Echo hears it again. He takes his second chair and throws it off camera. 

"OR WHAT! You'll attack me? You'll attack FDS? Are you dumb? Are you really that dense? The two of us would kill every one of you bastards. And FDS would come up with an original death for each and every one of you. Ha, but you wouldn't do it, would you? You wouldn't attack me, because I'm your hero, and one scratch on me, could land all of you in jail for harming a bystanding citizen. Let's make this clear for all of you cretins and imbeciles in attendance tonight. At Backlash, I get my wish, one on one. I will show you that....The Blacklist are the true Undisputed Champions."

Echo Wilson kicks a foreign object off to the side, leaving FDS to make some final comments. FD looks furious, he has a broken chain in his hand and spins it menacingly around. 

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FDS is looking at the chain, swinging it around before whipping it across the room in a frantic rage. He puts his fists on the table and looks down.

Do you know how many matches I’ve won this year? ONE! IT IS APRIL AND I HAVE WON ONE MATCH!

FDS flips the table to the side and throws it away

So you Need to rely on a bitch to beat me, do you? Can’t win it by yourself so you have to bring in you’re little yoga buddy because you can’t beat me by yourself or even with the help of the Undisputed champion. You didn’t win here tonight Jon, all you proved here tonight is one simple thing: You. Can’t. Beat. Me. It’s just a matter of fact. And I hope that your little girlfriend or “business associate” or whatever the hell you wanna call her, I hope that the two of you challenge for the tag team championships at backlash because I am certainly looking forward to getting my hands on the two of you and tearing your heads off.

As for a certain Mr Villain, I’m sure he’s just as frustrated as the two of us. He didn’t want to win that way, he’d rather do the cheating himself and tap out the challenger he has at backlash making it undeniable who the undisputed champion us but since he didn’t that shadow of doubt still hangs over the Villain and I’ll be at ringside to emphasise that at Backlash but don’t worry I won’t interfere just going to watch to make sure you don’t have any dirty tactics.
Anyway, moving on to more important matters: The Saviours, Big Baller Brand, The new happy couple or any other tag team I don’t care, Echo and I will be taking those tag team titles and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Now I’m gonna go prepare for backlash, maybe I’ll find something to occupy myself with while Echo focuses on His championship match.

FDS walks out on his own, still aggravated beyond belief.

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