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Echo Wilson

Civilization 5 - Brenden's Earth 2019 (signups wanted)

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Welcome to the BPZ CIVILIZATION 5! It's Brendens World! So basically everyone who signs up for this, gets to lead their own nation in this massive CPU Civ 5 Game. The Map will be of the Earth, so you will settle in familiar places across the globe. The map will be Huge as well so expect a lot of space. The pace of the game will be quick, so the turns will go by very fast. The game starts in the Ancient Era so you wont have any modern weapons or buildings. and lastly the game turns go sequentially so each player will take a turn one by one. 

Here are the options for Nations (choose 1, it is first come , first serve):

1. Greece

2. Songhai

3. Rome

4. Germany

5. Russia

6. Persia

7. England

8. India

9. Mongolia

10. Denmark

11. Arabia

12. The Iriquois

13. Spain

14. Polynesia

15. Aztecs

16. France

17. Babylon

18. Japan

19. Incas

20. Egypt

21. Siam

22. Ottomans

23. America

24. China



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