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Echo Wilson

Civilization 5 - Brenden's Earth 2019 (signups wanted)

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1. England (Epic)

Unique Ability: Sun Never Sets: Naval units and Land Units that move to the water move Faster and farther

Unique Unit: LongBowman (CrossBowman) and Ship of The Line (Frigate)

Unique Building: None

2. Mongolia (Cody)

Unique Ability: Mongol Terror: Military Units recieve an attack bonus against City States and Mounted Units such as Horseman etc. recieve a movement bonus. 

Unique Units: Keshik (Knight) and Khan (Great General)

Unique Building: None

3. France (Prince)

Unique Ability: Ancien Regime: Cities provide more Culture when Steam Power is discovered

Unique Unit: Foreign Legion (Infantry) and Musketeer (Musketman)

Unique Building: Chateau

4. Polynesia (Gwyn)

Unique Ability: Way Finding: Units can immediately move to and from water on coasts and Oceans, Units that move to the water recieve a movement bonus and warriors in your nation earn a combat bonus when they are next to another warrior unit of your country

Unique Unit: Maori Warrior (Warrior)

Unique Building: Maoai

5. Denmark (Maasa)

Unique Ability: Viking Fury: Units that move to the water can see farther and moving from water to land doesn't count as a movement and Pillaging tiles costs no movements

Unique Unit: Norweigan Ski Infantry (Infantry) and Beserker (LongSwordsman)

Unique Building: None

6. Russia (Mikey)

Unique Ability: Siberian Riches: While working on Strategic Resources such as Horse, Iron etc., the nation gets a production bonus and also those resources yield double the quantity when worked on

Unique Unit:  Cossack (Cavalry)

Unique Building: Krepost

7. Egypt (Jon)

Unique Ability: Monument Builders: Cities get a bonus to Production when a World Wonder is built

Unique Unit: War Chariots (Chariot Archer)

Unique Building: Burial Tomb

8. India (Nate)

Unique Ability: Population Growth: Unhappiness from Cities is halved and so is unhappiness from the amount of citizens

Unique Unit: War Elephant (Chariot Archer) 

Unique Building: Mughal Fort

9. Spain (Smith)

Unique Ability: Seven Cities of Gold: Recieves 100 gold when a natural wonder is found (500 if you are the first to discover it), Happiness from finding Natural wonders is doubled and lastly the tile bonuses from settling next to a natural wonder are doubled. 

Unique Unit: Tercio (Musketman) and Conquistador (Knight)

10. Babylon (Marker)

Unique Ability: Ingenuinity: Birth Rate of Great Scientists Increases and When you discover Writing you get a Free Great Scientist in your Capital

Unique Unit: Bowman (CrossBowman)

Unique Building: Walls of Babylon

11. America (Hans)

Unique Ability: Manifest Destiny: Land Units Can See Farther and Cost of Buying Tiles Are Decreased

Unique Units: B17 (Fighter Jet) and Minuteman (Musketman)

Unique Building: None

12. Germany (Bailey)

Unique Ability: Furor Teutonicus: Land Units Maintence Costs are lessened and Defeating a Barbarian Encampment gives you a 67 percent chance of converting a unit to your side

Unique Unit: Landskencht (Pikeman) and Panzer (Tank)

Unique Building: Hanse 

13. Rome (Bubba)

Unique Ability: The Glory Of Rome: Cities recieve a bonus to production when working on a building that has been already built in the capital

Unique Unit: Ballista (Catapult) and Legion (Swordsman)

14. Persia (Yelich)

Unique Ability: Achaeimind Legacy: Golden Ages last almost twice as long as normal and During Golden Ages troops get a combat and movement bonus

Unique Unit: Immortal (Spearman) 

Unique Building: Satraps Court

15. Japan (Arius)

Unique Ability: Bushido: Units fight as if they were on full health even while damaged

Unique Unit: Samurai (Longswordsman) and Zero (Fighter)

Unique Building: None

16. Aztecs (Julius)

Unique Ability: Sacrifical Captives: Gains culture for the empire, with each enemy killed

Unique Unit: Jaguar Warrior (Warrior)

Unique Building: Floating Gardens

17. China (Angelo)

Unique Ability: The Art of War: Great Generals have a combat bonus and spawn more frequently

Unique Unit: Cho-Ko-Nu (CrossBowman)

Unique Building: Paper Maker

18. Ottomans (Ropati)

Unique Ability: Barbary Corsairs: A chance of turning an enemy barbarian unit into your own, and the cost of maintenance for naval ships decreases

Unique Unit: Janissary (Musketman) and Sipahi (Lancer)

Unique Building: None

19. Incas (Kansheek)

Unique Ability: Great Andean Road: There is no cost for improving hill tiles and units ignore terrain penalties when crossing hills 

Unique Unit: Slinger (Archer)

Unique Building: Terrace Farm

20. Iriquois (Bart)

Unique Ability: The Great WarPath: Units move through Jungle and Forest faster, and when the wheel is discovered, it is easier to create trade routes through these rough terrains

Unique Unit: Mohawk Warrior (Swordsman)

Unique Building: Longhouse

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