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Carnage returns from commercial break to Buddy Ace sitting in a steel chair in the middle of the ring. Buddy was a participant in the ladder match this past Sunday for the North American Championship and the evidence of his involvement is there as has bandages wrapped around him after injuries sustained from the grueling match. Buddy sits in silence with a blank expression on his face making for an uncomfortable feeling. The crowd waits quietly for a full minute before Buddy breaks the uncomfortable silence.


"What does a man do when he gives it his all and still fails? When his best just isn’t enough?"


"Well then he is forced to push himself beyond his limits to reach a new level. But then what happens when he goes out there and gives a hundred and ten percent, a hundred and twenty percent yet even being better than his best leads to another failure? Surely that is when he gives it up. That should be the eye opener that he just can’t get it done."


"At World at War I was in peak condition for that ladder match. I gave it my all and then some but what did it get me? Absolutely nothing but pain. I went into the match feeling better than ever before and even that wasn’t enough, not even close. As I lay on the floor battered, bruised, and broken I could not believe it. I lost. There was nothing I could do, not even move, so I just laid there listening to Arius’ music. Arius was once again in my spotlight, shining as he made history. Before the match I said I was more motivated at this point in my career than ever. The new competition was exciting...now I’m not sure that was competition. I simply couldn’t match against anyone else. The flames of my passion for the business were burning brighter than ever but that match extinguished them."


"Lately I’ve been thinking about my start in this company. Specifically my debut match. I had my first ever match against Flynn in the first round of the Power Trip Cup so my loss was essentially inevitable or so I was told. When I lost everyone was patting me on the back saying ‘it’s ok, Flynn is an all time great, don’t feel bad’. Those lines of reassurance gave me some sort of delusion that my loss was acceptable. The same thing happened with my King of the Ring match versus FDS, ‘oh he’s a world title contender, you did good’ and I once again accepted that. Then that damn ladder match. I felt honored, privileged even, to be hand picked to compete against seven other of the best that BPZ had to offer with a chance to become North American Champion. Thing is, that was a lie. I wasn’t hand picked as one of the best, I was just there to fill the numbers, same as with the Cup, King of the Ring, and even Global Series."



"People used to gas me up by telling me how big of a star I would be and that-that I was the next Slim. I really believed that I had all the potential in the world though truth is the only reason people thought I was any good was that there were only three guys in NXT so no real talent was around to expose me. Problem is that now I have been exposed by an influx of people that seem to have been big indy stars which I certainly was not. I’ve spoken on it before but I grew out of being a wrestling fan until a wrestling show came to town which is what led me go to wrestling school and start my career but during my two year indy run I had little success until towards the end when I got noticed by this company. When I signed my contract with BPZ I tried to convince myself that I was good enough or I wouldn’t be signed. I’ve used excuse after excuse since then and now it's time I face the facts. I am not cut out for this. Everything I have done has amounted to nothing but pain and sorrow. I walked into World at War at my frickin peak only to be outclassed in every way by everyone. So when a man’s absolute best isn't good enough what should he do? Quit? Should I quit? I think the answer is obvious here."


Buddy doesn't reveal the answer and drops the microphone before rolling out of the ring and walking to the back.

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