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Kieron Black

1,220 Days. 174 Weeks. 40 Months. 3 Years.

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Carnage returns from commercial to a black screen.

Kieron Black: Three years.Three years since I walked out in front of all of the people and announced, that I am here. Kieron Black. The brother a psycho and the son of a wife beater, destined to follow down the same dark path. Destined to be nothing more then a failure. Spending my whole life either in a jail cell or stuck in a premature grave. Following in the footsteps of Jason I found my way to the light. I found my way here. Scared, initially to show what was my true self. Gave myself the nickname Vioxx and walked out in front of you all with a message.

Image result for kevin owens 2015

I tried to light the flame to set off the pipe bomb and floundered until the fatal day when I was fired. My one chance to make something of myself gone up in flames because of one bad decision, one wrong turn. I still think of what could of been to this day, what if that never happened. What if my live was NEVER sent tumbling down the spiral and into the depths of hell to rot away like the rest of my family. I spent my time recording messages and posting them on the internet to bring attention to myself, a "fake" murder/rape. Burning people alive. Until I finally ended up getting my job back, right here in this company.

Image result for bray wyatt

I spent two months building myself up all the way until I could make my intentions known in March of 2016 when I threw Nate through a flaming table and challenged both him and my own brother Jason Black to a match on the first ever BPZMANIA for the United States Championship.


The three of us went at it in what was probably the toughest match of my career to date but I eventually came out on top after hitting Nate with the Sister Sophie. 1...2....3! New United States Champion. Yaaaaaaaay. Unfortunately for me this was the beginning of the end for anything good in my entire career. From then all the way to now. I lost the United States Championship in 20 seconds to my own brother Jason the next month at Backlash then fell off. I fought Jason for almost a year after that, when I finally rid the earth of that scum and buried him down six feet under where cunts like him belong!

Related image

My contract came to an end and I decided to go on a hiatus with my stagnated career in the company. I went soul searching in Japan, became the IWGP Intercontinental Champion. Won the G1. Won the IWGP title right there in the Tokyo Dome and came back to the west after losing my title at Dominion the next summer. Returning as as The Enigma, Kieron Black and beating Echo Wilson for the Premium Championship at Summerslam, before floundering. AGAIN. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND FUCKING AGAIN! Yet I always came back, until I eventually decided that I couldn't do it anymore. I took my ball and went home. I took my ball and went to my wife, went to my kids and tried to just have a NICE CHRISTMAS. But I couldn't have that could I because some twat called Diego Garcia decided that it was his job to come in and ruin it all. leading to a Hell In A Cell match where I threw him from the top of the cell, all the way down to the ground. Broke his skull in with a chair and put him to sleep with Sister Sophie to register just my fourth win in this company in THREE YEARS! Then I left, again. This time, due to injury.

Related image

I left once again to focus on my health as I suffered yet another concussion in my match against Garcia. leading me to this moment. I begin my retirement tour next weekend. Against my hand picked opponent. Against FDS. Against my psycho. He is not an unfamiliar enemy but he is an enemy that I am scared of, deep down. He is not much different to my brother and he always had one up on me. He was always the one who could beat me. He beat me multiple times. I never had an answer for him and I'm not sure I have an answer for FDS. However, this time I have absolutely NOTHING to lose. If he ends my career next sunday then good for him, he was the one who sped up the inevitable. Kill me and I wouldn't care. Because without this. Without wrestling I have nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Watch your back Because you never know which side of me you will get and at the end of the day. They are all just different shades of the same colour. They are all the man who is capable of rape. Capable of murder. Because at the end of the day, whatever shade, I am still Kieron Black. 1,220 Days. 174 Weeks. 40 Months. 3 Years. All of it leads to Backlash. All of it leads to FDS. Falls Count Anywhere. All of it leads to war.


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