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Meko750 (Raven)

The Takeover

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Birdman is seen walking backstage, still clearly amused over SSW's recent display of power. His eye catches the camera following him, causing him to turn and look at the camera.

"Oh, man...Isn't it amazing what can change in a matter of days? At World at War, Mr. Bulldozer and I were sadly unable to capture North American championship gold...But now, we're three members stronger than before. Now SSW Club is the only thing on everyone's minds. And as I'm sure all of you have heard, Mr. Bulldozer and I are lined up for a tag title number one contender's match. Our opponents? Mr. Jonathan and...Ms. Sheridan."

Birdman holds back a chuckle before continuing.

"Ms. Sheridan, 'The Golden Girl,' who, as Mr. Jonathan so eloquently put it, is a woman renowned for her losses rather than her in-ring ability. And I'm not sure if you are aware, but Mr. Birdman, the British wrestling legend, is most well known for his in-ring ability. I've been tying men in knots my entire life, but I can safely say, facing a lovely lady like Ms. Sheridan will be a new challenge."

"Allow me to make this abundantly clear, Ms. Sheridan, for there can be no ambiguity here. People seem to have this idea that a proper gentleman should be "chivalrous." In general, that's true. But when a lovely lady like yourself chooses to mix it up with the big boys...I'll take no remorse in putting you down the exact same way. Especially one who proclaims herself a 'queen,' disgracing that term to any Brits, like myself. It would be a disservice to give you any sort of special treatment, and at Backlash, you will receive none. That is my gentleman's honor. And when you're locked in MY Gentleman's Honor, your squeals of terror will be that much sweeter to hear."

"Now for your recent meathead, Mr. Jonathan...A man who proclaims himself a god, but creates delusions in his head like a child. You truly believe that you can carry this lady on your shoulders, unaware that she only using you for the many title belts you've held there. You've been performing at such a high level for years now, but everyone has their peak. And this new union with your 'Golden Girl' has proven that you've already passed it. You paired with a perpetual loser just for some beautiful eye candy. And while that eye candy is very beautiful indeed...When it comes to getting the job done between the ropes, it'll prove nothing more than a mere distraction."

Ms. Sheridan, it is quite a genius tactic, winning over the most powerful man you can find who would cave to your... "womanly charms," since you've never been able to get the job done between the ropes. But Mr. Jonathan, I hope you realize...Your queen will only drag you down to her level. As for me, there's only one queen in my heart. And when Mr. Bulldozer and I become number one contender's for the tag team titles, my victory shall be dedicated to her."

"Now since our victory at Backlash is all but assured, allow me to turn my attention to Mr. Sameer and Mr. Brenden, two men who only hold those tag titles right now because Mr. Bailey carried them to a victory at World at War...I hope you're paying close attention to me and Mr. Bulldozer. I hope you prepare for us like no opponents before, because when we bring these titles back to SSW Club, it'll be just one more step in our takeover. Brenden, you may own this company...But right now, you fail to realize exactly who runs it. SSW Club is taking over, my good man...And I only hope you're prepared when it happens."

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