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Watch it burn

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[ Carnage returns after a commercial for Pepsi Max with Bulldozer sitting alone in a chair in the ring in a empty arena ]

You know back on the indies I used to think BPZ was the best company in the world and that only the best of the best competed here but now I see that was nothing more than the false illusion that BrendenPlayz created to allure people in and to a degree it has worked and for that i’ll give him credit however I can’t and won’t do the same for Royal Flush.

[ Bulldozer then looks around the empty arena with a smile on his face as this is normally the time he would be booed for his comment ]

For you see Jonny boy you claim to be a god while you are indeed talented and have had plenty of success here right now you are just a mere child playing dress up for there is only one god in this match and that’s me for I am the one and only true god of pro wrestling!

[ Bulldozer waits for a moment as his screams vibrate throughout the walls of this empty arena and out into the street ]

And as for the self proclaimed “ Queen “ I get it you think just because you have someone with the pedigree of Jon that it will mask your failures and your lack of skill. Well let me tell you something cupcake you couldn’t be any more wrong in that assumption. 

[ Bulldozer then chuckles to himself while looking at the rows of empty seats ]

So in closing Sheridan Jon “ Royal Flush “ or whatever you choose to call yourselves let me tell you a little something about myself and that’s some men in this world just want to see the world burn and I am one of those very men and at Backlash I will take oh such great pride in beat you both down and watching your entire worlds burn together as I then go on to become one half of the new tag team champions and repeat the process with the “ Big Ballers “ so see you at Backlash kiddos.

[ Bulldozer then starts to laugh maniacally as the camera fades to black  ]

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