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The Facts

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{Carnage opens up with MARKER's theme, he comes out and everyone is cheering for him, the atmosphere has completely changed, he looks around him with the same expression he always has, he gets in the ring and the announcer gives him the microphone and the begins.}

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am once again back on your screens. I'm here once again to talk about my opponents because you see, since I last spoke, none of the men has responded, is it because they are afraid of me?


Is it because I simply out class them in every single way? I see that Massa little group has acquired a new member, Joshua Scott, former IC Champion, poor Josh, why would he join a bunch of nobodies when he a star himself? Well, it's simple, he is a nobody, now sure he has beaten me, but let's look at the facts here, I became one of the biggest stars of BPZ for months while Josh left, tore and bitter and now he a new man….


Wall Ace hasn't said anything either, it seems that he all bark and no bite, which is sad really, I was really looking forward to beating him up and I will at Backlash, but it seems that he isn't giving it his all.


{Suddenly, music begins to play, who could that be?


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*The Music Turns Out To Be The Royal Music of Lord Wallace*

Lord Wallace says "You really are a fool! I'm not afraid of you. I have been off doing great things, making more money then you can ever imagine. I'm just to important and to fantastic to waste my time in this Pig Slop you can the  BPZ Arena. But, seeing you want t see me so badly. Why don't he have a fight right now?"

*Lord Wallace gets up out of his throne and makes his way to the ring and gets up on the apron*

Lord Wallace then laughs and says, "You really think Lord Wallace was going to step into this ring? I'm to busy to deal with a chum like you."

*Jumps off the Apron*       "But I do have an idea of how you can deal with your angry"

(5 Servants Jump The Barricade ans Surrounds the Ring)

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The Video Plays and Red/Blue/Black lights come on as Maasa walks outs, the fans in Los Angeles look mesmerized as the look at it but that cuts off when Maasa does his pose at the entrance ramp because the arena goes completely black for a second and then goes immediately to white with smoke.


He crawls outside the ring and looks at the servants then Wallace tells them to get Maasa. But all they do is stare down Lord Wallace and they run at him a bushing him a combination of punches and kicks.

After they have dismantled Lord Wallace they turn there attention to Marker but they get called off by Maasa telling them "its my turn."

With all of this happening the fans have been excited and surprised to see what's happening.

He walks into the ring without a fighting stance and then he just walks closer and closer to him but Marker throws a few punches but Maasa dodges all of them.

All this point they are only 6 inches apart then Maasa goes to Markers ear and whispers "Actions and Louder Then Words." 

He backs up...

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Maasa and Marker stand together in the ring and the fans wait in anticipation when suddenly someone is seen running to the ring from the back which everyone quickly recognizes to be Buddy Ace. Last week it appeared Buddy had quit the company but here he is.


Buddy dives through the bottom rope and goes right after Maasa, flooring him with a clothesline which starts a chaotic scene as the servants go to attack Buddy and Marker.  The two brawl with the servants and manage to clear the ring. Maasa gets back up and starts to hammer away at Buddy but Marker attacks Maasa.


Buddy and Marker double team Maasa, stomping him into the mat. Eventually the two stop and stare at one another tensely. Just a few months ago Buddy had attacked Marker from behind but now the two are standing together in the ring after fighting the servants off.


The crowd sits in silence unsure of what to think as both men look at Maasa then each other. After a few more moments of unease Marker and Buddy hug! Despite all that went down between the two we are seeing Buddy and Marker embrace again. It appears The Frontier might be back together. What could this mean for BPZ?

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