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The BPZ Gladiator Arena

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The BPZ Gladiator Arena

King Brenden has ordered that all gladiators will be competing in a fight to the death! They will be placed in a large arena consisting of woods, buildings, and broken down cars and the only way to win the grand prize, is to survive! Weapons will be scattered around the arena, and millions will be watching. This is the BPZ GLADIATOR ARENA

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Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) :

Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Sheild, Etc.) :

Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky) :




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Name: H.R. Pufnstuf

Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) : Strong

Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Sheild, Etc.) : Mace and Net with a Flute carried on his belt

Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky): Friendly

Strengths:  From a foreign island brought in and sold for combat. Pufnstuf  spectators have called his strength similar to large creatures such as the feared grizzly. Is able to gain the trust of others through his persistent friendly demeanor 

Weakness: Not a fast runner 

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Name: Gwyn Gannish

Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) : Smart

Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Shield, Etc.) : Trident, Sickle and Rope

Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky) : Friendly

Strengths: Is very crafty and Unorthodox. Cut his teeth in No Holds Barred underground fighting pits, using any method to win at any cost, with little sentiment for fighter's honour.

Weakness: Isn't Physically Strong

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Name: Bob of Bomberton

Fighting Style : Hard Hitting Tank

Weapon Choice : Kanabo and Small Dagger

Personality : Patient most of the time. But is quick to take advantage of mistakes.

Strengths: Very hard hittin and can absorb many hits

Weakness: Lower mobility and low stamina

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Name:Jose Dela Cruz

Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) :Fast

Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Sheild, Etc.) :Sword

Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky) :Cocky

Strengths: Very fast,crafty,willing to do whatever it takes,and very athletic

Weakness:too cocky for his own good

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Name: Maasa

Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) :  Strategic and Smart

Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Sheild, Etc.) :  Rope and a Bow and Arrows

Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky) : Aggressively Friendly

Strengths: Strategies and Ability To Read A Situation 

Weakness:  Committing To Something and Strength


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Name: Maximus Creed

Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) Strong

Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Sheild, Etc.) Spear

Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky) Aggressive

Strengths: Strength, intimidating, Quick

Weakness: Not very smart, bad at hiding

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The games have begun. 

The 9 competitors are set and are ready for war, the arena has been built, and everyone has been waiting for this moment. 

The arena is built for war, into 4 sections. A small city with abandoned buildings, cars, shops, and more. This is where the majority of weapons have been placed as well as food, there is the forest which has been planted with Bears, Wolves, and other dangerous factors, the west side of the map is filled with a hot, grueling desert, and finally, the open wasteland of the north. Filled with landmines, and pure destruction. 

The 9 competitors are dropped in from a pod in a random location, and each are given a random bag, inside that bag are various and random items. A filled water bottle, one peanut butter sandwhich, a small knife, and a random item. 

Maximus Creed was the first to land, walking out and looking at the city with a large smile on his face, he reaches into his bag and pulls out his random item, which is a small hand grenade. Creed nods before quickly running into a building, beginning to look for items as more pods begin to fall from the sky. 

Dikey and Maasa land next to each other and when they come out, they agree to work together, but when Dikey pulls out his secret item, which is a Magic 8 Ball, and shakes it, asking it if he should trust Maasa, it says "No", and Dikey runs away in fear as Maasa looks on confused, his secret item being a ziplock bag of Mashed Potatoes 

Bob Of Bomberton lands and his pod door gets stuck, so he punches the door off, Maasa, who sees this from the distance, instantly soils himself as Bob walks over to a tree in the forest, pushing it over with a grunt before sitting on it, looking in his bad and quickly eating the Peanut Butter Sandwhich before looking at his random item, a mirror, which breaks when Bob looks at it. Bob hears Maasa laugh and instantly begins to chase him. 

Jose Dela Cruz, Sir K.C.I.D, Aaron North, would all land in the desert area and spread out, not seeing eachother. Aaron North quickly gets sun burned and finds cover in a sand cave, not knowing that a family of King Cobras lives in the same cave. Sir K.C.I.D runs as fast as he can through the desert for some reason, there is no one around him, but it turns out his random item was Cocaine. 

Gwyn Gannish falls asleep in his pod as it opens, and doesn't move from the wasteland, he snores away as a Giant Cockroach begins to make its way towards his pod, him not knowing. 

Everyone has landed, except one, as H.R Pufnstuf pod got stuck in mid air, H.R looks down, a smile on his face, as he can see everyone in the arena, and he got a random iteam that he loves, a mace, but how will he get down?

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Hopefully someone didn't accidentally forgot to mention Peanuts as their weakness or we could be seeing an early elimination when dinner comes around. Some interesting random items popping up during the landing, i feel the organisers might of emptied their fridge before this competition began 🤔 
Maasa can't catch a break out of the gate but at least he has potatoes.

Maximus Creed during this gladiatorial battle
Image result for hand grenade gif anchorman

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