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Manchester’s Number One

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The crowd looked confused as a new theme hits the arena before their confusion tums to boos as JoshsNow’s face appears on the titantron during the theme. Out step 4 masked members of SSW Club, as the leader stands in front of the other 3 and takes off his mask to reveal himself to be JoshsNow. The intensity of boos increase as Josh screams “Turn off the music.” The music cuts and Josh and the rest of SSW Club make their way to the ring


Josh gets to the ring and calls for a mic. He puts the mic to his mouth and starts to speak but cannot be heard for all the chants of “Stand Up if You Hate Josh Scott”


The crowd get louder as Josh puts a smirk on his face. He nods at the 3 men behind him who all sit down to the “Stand Up” Chants. The crowd all sit down and start singing “Sit Down if you hate Josh Scott.” Josh stands up angrily as the crowd get louder. Eventually they quiet down and Josh begins to speak 

I AM MANCHESTER’S NUMBER ONE JOSH SCOTT. And ever since last week the Internet has exploded with the same questions “Why has Josh joined SSW Club.” “Why has our hero turned our backs on us.” I’ll tell you why. When I was sat on the sidelines injured I was flooded with messages from you. And the week after I retired you all sent me messages and flowers saying how much you’ll miss me. For a week. After that the messages stopped. Wrestling is a fickle business. People move on very quickly 

For a year I fought for you people. I often wondered how different my career would’ve been had I used underhand tactics against Julius in the KOTR Semi Final. If I’d have focused on myself rather than you, maybe things could’ve been different. But every time I had these thoughts I vanquished them. Because I believed you cared about me, that I was your hero

No. I was just your hero when it was suitable for you. You never cared about me so why should I care about you. Even now the other day I read an article on SSW Club where I was labelled a jobber. You never respected me. You don’t respect us. We’re the ones who put our bodies on the line fighting whilst you sing Stupid chants and punch around beach balls. You have no respect. So we are going to push respect down your throats. Josh is at the wheel. There is a new era coming and it’s the era of SSW Club. My friends do you have anything to add?

Josh puts his mask back on and hands the mic to the rest of the Club

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[ Bulldozer then unmasks himself and grabs the mic ]

Why thank you my good friend. Now as for all these ignorant fans you can call us “ jobbers “ all you want but the fact of the matter is we are highly talented and professionally trained athletes that have worked our whole lives for this one profession so that means we can beat any of you any day of the week at any time and any place!

[ Bulldozer then stops for a moment as the boos return for around 3 minutes then slowly come to a stop ]

Now as for our so called competition I have just this to say you can underestimate us all you want because at the end of the day when we beat and destroy you it will make our victory all that much sweeter.

Now once again for all of you fans I want you all to take a good long look at Josh he is the guy that fought and fought for each and every one of you and want did you do to repay him?

Nothing that’s what you just sat there and pretended like you cared at all about him but now he sees the truth now he sees that you people aren’t worth fighting for and now you can boo him you can boo me you can boo each and every one of us but we won’t care and we won’t stop until we hold all the gold in this entire company and there’s nothing you people or anyone in the back can do about it!!!

[ Bulldozer then holds out the mic for anyone else in SSW Club that wishes to make a speech ]

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"All members of the SSW Club are in the ring and suddenly the music of Aaron North hits"

{North comes out with a masked man who stands next to him as North starts talking to the SSW Club.}


"Well, well look at this it's the babies and dad. How's the takeover going? Doesn't look like it's going too well since you haven't really done shit yet. I think you could use some tips since clearly none of you are perfect."


{The crowd cheer after North says "perfect".}


"If you wanna takeover you have to do something big like, attacking the head honchos, destroying the ring, attacking backstage personnel, referees or legends. Clearly you have no idea what you're doing since i just had to explain all of that to you. I'm not even trying to takeover BPZ Wrestling but at least i know how to do it. You know why? Because i'm perfect."


{The crowd get even rowdier, and North hands over the microphone to the masked man.}


"Babies, if you try and come after us you're gonna regret it, and you'll be crawling even more, and even slower than before. "

"Dad if you even think about starting a fight you'll be leaving the babies all alone because, you're not gonna be able to go back after the beating that you're gonna suffer. The babies are all gonna get lost in the shuffle without you they're never gonna grow up, and fulfill your expectations. You're gonna be very very disappointed in them all because none of them can or will achieve anything. Then one glorious day you'll have that sweet feeling of release when you finally leave them and you're free to go, and you can finally start focusing on yourself instead of the babies, you will finally get what you want and not what the babies want. Why do we know this? Because we're perfect."


{North and the masked man leave the stage and go back to the backstage area.}

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