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Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Lacey Evans

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The Man is coming around at WWE Money in the Bank when Becky Lynch defends her Raw Women’s Championship against a very dangerous lady, Lacey Evans.

Lynch stood tall against incredible odds at WrestleMania, overcoming Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to capture both titles in a Triple Threat Winner Take All Match. Since the moment she stepped off The Grandest Stage of Them All, Becky Two Belts has been well aware of the two large targets on her back and is ready to take on all comers; she didn’t have to wait long to find her next challenge.  

After strutting up and down the entrance ramp for weeks, the bold Evans decided to make her move when she encountered the newly-crowed titleholder. During an episode of Raw, The Sassy Southern Belle turned in from her walk without warning and suddenly clocked Lynch in the jaw with the Woman’s Right, instigating a brawl all the way up the ramp that ended with The Irish Lass Kicker getting the upper hand by briefly ensnaring Evans in the Dis-arm-her.

The animosity continued the following night on SmackDown LIVE, when Evans once again stunned Becky with a sucker-punch before sauntering off while admiring her supposed lady-like work.

Armed with an ability to play politics and curry favor, Evans earned herself a Raw Women’s Title opportunity against Becky Lynch with her victory over Natalya the following week on Raw, setting the stage for an extremely intriguing matchup.

What will happen when The Man squares off against The Lady? Don’t miss WWE Money in the Bank, Sunday, May 19, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network


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  • Arius pinned this topic

A really big opportunity here for Lacey Evans to prove that she belongs in a marquee match. She has the look, she's pretty good on the mic we'll just have to wait and see how she performs on a big stage with Lynch. I think she has carried herself well since Wrestlemania and has created an interesting little feud. Hopefully she can come out of this looking better although Becky definitely should be the one to win 

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  • Global Moderator

It's been very clear that Vince likes Lacey a lot and I think this is a nice way for her to prove her worth. Like Bailey said it's early, but I think Becky should be able to help her put on a decentish match.

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I really like Laceys gimmick, and her persona she gives off, but for gods sake that finisher is horrible, and for me yo have to have a believable finisher to even have credibility. You can't be going around having a punch as your finisher unless you're a 500 LB giant, or have a boxing gimmick sort of thing. I mean, I am sure they can make it work, and lacey is great otherwise but I really want to see a finisher change.

As for the match, it should be decent and I see this one possibly opening the show. Give Becky time to rest up for her Charlotte match, hell knowing WWE, she'll beat Lacey in 50 seconds or so. But, that said, it seems Lacey has been getting pushes latley and its good we are finally seeing an actual storyline for her, I don't think she will win the title just yet, but give it another 6 months to a year and we will see Lacey walking around with her title belt. 

Becky will defiantly be winning this one, because no way she is losing both belts, and if she is losing, she is losing to Charlotte

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  • Global Moderator

Lacey Evans has been doing a lot of great work off of TV these past few weeks such as a recent video where she showed the best way to clean a toilet using Becky Lynch's shirt (funnier if you watch it). I've come to love what they're doing with the gimmick and Lacey Evans is completely committed. I wasn't sure when she came out during the Royal Rumble and final started competing, especially when she stayed in the ring for so long while struggling a bit.
It seems giving her time to get the gimmick over before she really started competing has made her transition smoother to a degree. Even if for a while it was just walking people at least started to recognise her.

My pick right now to win is Becky Lynch but if she was to lose either championship at the PPV i would honestly prefer if Lacey got the victory. It wouldn't be clean finish of course but it would be more interesting to see. But i don't think that is going to happen. Hopefully losing doesn't hurt her position too much.

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  • Global Moderator

Lacey Evans fired off dollar bills with her face on them from golden guns. Okada eat your eat out.
Lacey quickly was thrown into the biggest match of her career after finally beginging to wrestle rather than walk the ramp and i feel like she succeed tonight in showing she is where she belongs. Maybe not as champion but she is a arrogant enough presence to be a threat to the champion. She may have lost but her aiding Charlotte in the segment afterwards i imagine will only add fuel to their fire into the next PPV where women are allowed to compete.

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I've always been a Lacey Evans fan since the MYC so I'm really glad to see her in such a great position on the main roster. Not only do I love the gimmick and moveset but her background is amazing and she really is an inspiration. Hopefully she can continue to improve and reach the top because I think she has huge potential. While I would have liked it, it's too soon for Evans to be the champion just because she hasn't been built up enough as well as still being a tad rough in the ring. 

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This was a pretty good match. Lacey really showcasing that she is a future champion and probably one of Becky's best matches this year. I can't wait to see more at Stomping Grounds between these two now that Becky is exclusive to Raw and especially after what Lacey did post match.

On a side note, that attire and entrance by Lacey. Awesome.

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  • Arius unpinned this topic

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