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The crowd look to the ramp in anticipation before the ring announcer utters the words…

“Ladies and gentlemen, Prince”

A chorus of boos follows as Prince makes his way out, guitar in hand as he struts to the ring with a massive cocky grin beaming across his face. Many fans try to get into his face as he does so which he simply ignores.

Gill is panned to looking on keenly as Prince gets into the ring, to which he simply shakes his head and begins to gloat the crowd which further causes for the sound of boos to be heard. Prince is seen laughing them off as he backs into the corner.

“Sorry that it took me so damn long to come out here Gill. You see, we haven’t see you in so long I forgot that you even worked here anymore so I just had to make sure I wasn’t going to get charged for assaulting a fan.”

Prince begins to laugh in an obnoxious manner, with Gill showing little signs of frustration at the comment.

“It’s funny what you say about the how the so called “veterans” as though it’s our fault that most of you guys simply don’t have what it takes. Is it my fault that you couldn’t keep your name relevant for more than five minutes? No, it isn’t, it’s yours Gill. Yet you come out here barking around like we own something to you. That’s where you’re wrong. Nobody does.”

The crowd can sense the tension between the two men within the ring.

“So, you want us to be excited that you are back? Give one legitimate reason why on earth we should. What this looks like to me is a guy grasping on to one last beam of hope by being a big man by calling people out. Well Gill, that’s where you have messed up. Since you ended up calling out a man that is hungrier for a win than ever before.”

The intensity goes up even more, you could cut it with a knife.

“That’s the difference though. While I like to annoy the crap out of these people I will never directly tell them to respect me or not because I know that it’s an unspoken agreement. However, with you I will make the message loud and clear that you are nothing special and nothing worth having a second thought about and that’s why I don’t wanna perform tonight. Get ready for Backlash.”

Prince proceeds to drop the microphone, looking as though he is going to leave the ring. He sees that Gill has turned around however and swings the guitar at him, but Gill reacts in time and kicks him in the gut. Gill seems to have the upper hand now as he punches around at Prince in the corner, feeding off the crowd’s energy. Gill looks for a final knee to the face of Prince but he gets poked in the eyes! Before Gill can react, he is met with the sudden crash of wood against his face as Prince smashes the guitar over his face.

Related image

A happy Prince then goes to leave the ring, not looking back for a second – the stage is now set for the battle at Backlash.

Image result for elias wwe

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