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Meko750 (Raven)

WWE: The New Era

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Hi, guys, this is my New Era diary. Little backstory for this, this was my original plan for a WWE 2K19 Universe Mode, but I could never find the will to get a series for that started up. Because of that, I'm transitioning my booking plans over here. Couple of quick notes:

- This is taking place immediately after WrestleMania 33.

- Because this is being repurposed from 2K19, the same roster in that game will be used in this. I may decide to add DLC characters in later down the line. 

- This diary will attempt to be as realistic as possible, so don't expect to see Steve Austin coming back and becoming WWE champion or something.

- Continuing on that, guys like Okada and Omega won't be showing up in this unless WWE actually does sign them. The roster will generally stay in line with the active 2K rosters, though some exceptions may be made due to unexpected releases and exclusions.

- I'll be keeping this running as long as I'm still interested in it, and will attempt to upload installments daily. At the very least, this will hopefully run until at least WrestleMania 34.

- RAW, SmackDown and NXT will all be used.

- Rosters will be updated after the draft, which will take place after the first episode of RAW.


I think that covers everything. I hope you enjoy the New Era as it goes, and I'm always happy to hear feedback. This is my first diary, so I'm sure it will be very rough. Any and all criticism is appreciated. 

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The show begins with the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon in the middle of the ring. Mr. McMahon begins by expressing his satisfaction with the success of WrestleMania 33, but follows up by saying that he has been listening to the fans. He's heard their complaints about the quality of RAW, and how SmackDown and NXT have been far better. With this in mind, Mr. McMahon makes the following announcements:

1. The superstar shake-up will take place after RAW.

2. Triple H has retired from in-ring competition and will take over as commissioner of NXT, and he'll have announcements of his own on NXT.

3. All championships on RAW and SmackDown have been vacated to accommodate the draft.

4. The concept of rematch clauses for titles has now been retired. 

5. The Universal championship has not only been vacated, but it has been retired. The World Heavyweight Championship will replace it, and the first World Heavyweight Champion of the New Era will be decided in tonight's main event between all former Universal champions, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Kevin Owens, and the returning Finn Balor!

Mr. McMahon leaves the area after these announcements, and is replaced by...


The Hardy's VS The Good Brothers

After making their long awaited return to WWE, The Hardy's won the RAW tag team titles at WrestleMania from Gallows and Anderson. The Good Brothers are looking to get their revenge on The Hardy's, as they feel The Hardy's didn't actually beat them and shouldn't have been able to compete for the titles in the first place. As both teams compete, they're clearly slowed down by their grueling match the night before, but on this night, nobody was going to stand in the way of The Hardy's, as they topple the Good Brothers following an Extreme Combination.


Kevin Owens is being interviewed backstage, and he announces that Mr. McMahon has told him that whoever is pinned in tonight's main event will be forced to leave the WWE forever. Owens says that he has his fair share of issues with Finn Balor, but he's just as tired as everyone else is with part-timers taking spots on this roster. Owens says that tonight will end with him being Universal champion and Lesnar or Goldberg being out of WWE forever.


10 Women Battle Royal

RAW continues with the 10 women who were involved in women's championship matches competing in a battle royal for a future title opportunity on whichever brand they land on after the shake-up. Those women are the former RAW women's champion Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Nia Jax, Carmella, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Mickie James, Alexa Bliss and the former SmackDown women's champion, Naomi. At the end of the match, it is Charlotte who redeems her loss at WrestleMania by last eliminating Bayley to win the women's battle royal and secure a future title opportunity. 



Before the WHC fatal 4-way, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins meet up backstage and discuss them retiring the Undertaker and Triple H respectively. Roman displays a bit of arrogance, claiming that whoever the World Heavyweight Champion is, he's the only person who's in line to face them.


World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way

First, Brock Lesnar makes his entrance. The crowd goes crazy for the newest Universal champion, but his demeanor remains serious and unchanging. Then after him, his rival and WrestleMania opponent Goldberg makes his entrance. The two men lock eyes, but keep their distance from one another. Then, as Kevin Owens' music hits and he begins walking down the ramp, they both turn their eyes to the man who promised to retire one of them tonight. Owens walks up to the ring, but refrains from entering as the two behemoths inside eyeball him. Kevin seems unsure of how to proceed, when suddenly, the lights go out entirely.

As the lights come back, the crowd is met with...


The demon. The audience is awestruck at the return of Balor, and the crowd goes electric for the inaugural Universal champion. Balor walks up next to Kevin Owens, and the two men nod as they both rush the ring and start brawling with Lesnar and Goldberg. The bell rings as these four men lay into each other. Although Owens and Balor start off getting an upper hand over their larger adversaries, Goldberg and Lesnar fight them off, tossing them to the outside of the ring. Rather than following Balor and Owens, however, Goldberg and Lesnar lock eyes again. The crowd goes wild for these two beasts and begs for them to start fighting, which they happily oblige.

Lesnar starts by pushing Goldberg into turnbuckle, but Goldberg pushes him off again. Goldberg tries to follow with a spear, but Lesnar sidesteps and counters into a Kimura. Goldberg tries to escape the Kimura, but can't find the strength to power out. Just as it seems he's going to have no choice but to tap out...


In comes Balor out of nowhere with a Coup de Gras on both competitors! He goes for the pin on Lesnar, but Kevin Owens rushes in and throws Balor out of the ring. He tries to pin Lesnar.




As Owens argues with the referee about the kickout, Balor comes back into the ring and starts arguing with Owens. Before they start fighting, though, Owens convinces Balor that they need to take out Lesnar or Goldberg. Balor lets Owens' attempt to steal the match slide, and they begin to roll Lesnar out of the ring. However, Balor turns to Goldberg, and when he does, he's immediately met with...


A spear! Balor rolls out of the ring to recuperate, and Owens is still focusing on removing Lesnar. Owens then turns around, and when he does, Goldberg charges into Owens for the spear. However, this time, Owens counters into...


Pop-Up Powerbomb! Goldberg is laid out, but before Owens capitalizes, Brock Lesnar lifts him onto his shoulders for an F5. Before Lesnar can get the move off, however, Balor hits Lesnar with a missile dropkick, causing Lesnar and Owens to both tumble out of the ring. Balor sees his opportunity, noticing Goldberg prone on the mat from Owens' powerbomb, and quickly scales the turnbuckle, following up with...


Coup de Gras! Balor makes the cover and the referee counts...




Finn Balor has become your new World Heavyweight champion, and Goldberg is now forced to resign from WWE forever.


Balor celebrates with his newly won World Heavyweight championship, the first World Heavyweight Champion of the New Era, as RAW goes off the air.

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SmackDown Episode 1

The show opens with SmackDown commissioner, Shane McMahon, in the middle of the ring. He starts off the night by announcing that Daniel Bryan has a major announcement to make at the end of the program. Shane McMahon also announces that the shake-up has been completed, and the official rosters for RAW and SmackDown, as well as NXT, will be revealed after this episode of SmackDown. All superstars who appear on SmackDown tonight are official members of the SmackDown roster. Shane finishes his promo by announcing that the SmackDown PPV, Backlash, will take place in 5 weeks. 


Aiden English VS ???

Aiden English comes out to the ring to make the official announcement that his partner, Simon Gotch, has chosen to leave the company. Now that he has been rid of the dead weight of his former tag team partner, he is making an open challenge, which is then answered by...


Former NXT superstar, Tye Dillinger! Aiden is surprised by Dillinger and tries to talk his way out of the match, but Tye is having none of it. After a quick Tye Breaker, Tye Dillinger successfully beats Aiden English in his SmackDown debut.


The Miz and Maryse are found backstage, where Miz announces that he wants to be first in line for an Intercontinental championship opportunity now that the title is vacant. However, he follows this announcement up by saying his and Maryse's WrestleMania match rekindled her love for active competition, and she is now competing as an active member of the women's roster, and will make her full-time in-ring return next week. The Miz is them interrupted by Rusev and Lana, who tell The Miz that Lana wishes to do the same.  Lana asks Maryse if she can be her opponent next week, and Maryse agrees.


Baron Corbin VS Mojo Rawley

SmackDown returns with Mojo Rawley in the ring, celebrating his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory. Last year's winner, Baron Corbin, comes out and challenges him to a match, which Rawley accepts. As soon as the bell rings, Rawley runs at Corbin, but is caught by...


End of Days! Three seconds later, and Corbin picks up a decisive victory over Rawley.


The former RAW tag team champions, the Hardy's, are seen backstage. Jeff Hardy says that although them losing the titles immediately after winning them was disappointing, them being on SmackDown means they have a chance to win another set of tag team titles they've never held before. He is interrupted by Matt Hardy, who declares them being on SmackDown as a WONDERFUL opportunity. He follows up by saying their EXPEDEETION of gold can only be completed by PROCURING the SmackDown tag team titles.


John Cena VS Dolph Ziggler

Finally, in tonight's main event, John Cena meets Dolph Ziggler, with both men hoping to put their name in WWE championship contention. Although Dolph Ziggler does get a decent showing against Cena, at the end of the day, Cena's momentum from his WrestleMania victory was too much for the show-off to overcome, who succumbs to an Attitude Adjustment from the 16-time world champion.


Before the show ends, SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan comes out to the middle of the ring. He announces that WrestleMania week was a major week for him, as not only did his wife, Brie Bella, finally give birth to their new daughter, Birdie, but he was also finally given the all-clear from the doctors that he can compete as an active WWE superstar. He wastes no time by announcing the first person he wants to compete against is a former NXT champion and Japanese wrestling legend who has been drafted to SmackDown, but before he can name the superstar, he is interrupted by...


The theme of the UK champion, Pete Dunne, blasts through the arena. However, Pete Dunne doesn't appear on the entrance ramp. Bryan watches the ramp in confusion, and while he isn't looking, he's attacked from behind by Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher! Bate and Gallagher lay out Daniel Bryan as Pete Dunne slowly saunters down the entrance ramp. Once Dunne reaches the ring, he orders Bate to finish Bryan, which Bate does with...


A Tyler Driver! Dunne, Gallagher and Bate look over Bryan's unconscious body, before Dunne turns his attention to Gallagher. Dunne and Bate lift up Daniel Bryan's body, and Gallagher follows up with...


A vicious headbutt! As Bryan's head begins bleeding from the headbutt, Dunne and Bate drop his body. The three British competitors then leave the ring, satisfied with their work, as SmackDown closes on Daniel Bryan's bloody, lifeless body. 

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Alexa Bliss

Alicia Fox

American Alpha

The Bar


Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar


Chris Jericho

The Colons

Dean Ambrose

Drew McIntyre


Erick Rowan

Finn Balor

The Golden Truth

The Good Brothers

Heath Slater and Rhyno

Jinder Mahal

Kevin Owens

Luke Harper

Mickie James


Nia Jax

No Way Jose


The Revival

Roman Reigns

Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe


Sasha Banks

Seth Rollins

Shelton Benjamin




Aiden English

AJ Styles

Apollo Crews

The Ascension

Baron Corbin

Becky Lynch

The Bella Twins

Big Show

Bo Dallas

Bray Wyatt



Curt Hawkins

Curtis Axel

Dana Brooke

Daniel Bryan

Dolph Ziggler

Gentleman Jack Gallagher

The Hardys

Hype Bros

The IIconics

John Cena




The Miz


New Day

Pete Dunne

Randy Orton


Shinsuke Nakamura

Titus O'Neil

Tye Dillinger

Tyler Bate

The Usos



Adam Cole

Akira Tozawa

Aleister Black

Andrade "Cien" Almas

Ariya Daivari


Authors of Pain

Bianca Belair

Bobby Roode

Cedric Alexander

Drew Gulak

Ember Moon

Gran Metalik

Heavy Machinery

Hideo Itami

Johnny Gargano

Kairi Sane


Kassius Ohno

Lars Sullivan

Lince Dorado

Liv Morgan

Mandy Rose

The Mighty

Mustafa Ali

Noam Dar

Oney Lorcan

Roderick Strong

Ruby Riott

Sarah Logan

Shayna Baszler

Sin Cara

Sonya Deville

The Street Profits


Tony Nese

The Velveteen Dream

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NXT Episode 1

This episode of NXT opens with Triple H in the ring with a microphone. He first apologizes, as he knows NXT doesn't normally start with lengthy in-ring promos, but he has big news to announce. First off, although the titles on the main roster have been vacated, that principle will not apply to NXT, as he feels the champions of NXT have more than earned their gold and shouldn't have it taken away from them. Second of all, the NXT roster is about to be flooded by new talent, including the entire Cruiserweight division, which will be moving to NXT. The Cruiserweight championship has been vacated, as Neville has chosen to leave the company, but the first NXT Cruiserweight champion will be crowned at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in three months. Other than that, due to the increase of opportunities for women on the main roster, Triple H and William Regal have made the decision that the NXT women's division will be ending in five months at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. All women currently on NXT will be gradually moved up to RAW or SmackDown. Every time from now until Brooklyn III that there is an NXT women's title match, the loser will be moved up to the main roster, with the final NXT women's title match happening at Brooklyn III. Triple H ends his promo by announcing that we will see an eight woman battle royal to find Asuka's next challenger, and that we will see the return of two injured superstars tonight.


Eight woman battle royal for number one contendership to NXT women's title

The eight women comprising this match are the former challenger to Asuka's title, Ember Moon, the newly debuting Kairi Sane, Bianca Belair, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott. As the match nears conclusion, the only two women remaining are Ember Moon and Sonya Deville. However, in a bit of a shock, it is Sonya Deville who eliminates Ember Moon as she attempted an Eclipse. After the match, Sonya Deville celebrates, which is interrupted by Asuka, who faces off with Sonya in the middle of the ring as the show goes to commercial.


Authors of Pain VS ???

The NXT tag team champions, the Authors of Pain make their entrance, fresh off of a victory against The Revival and DIY. Paul Ellering announces that although they don't know who their opponents are tonight, it doesn't make any difference, as they have no chance of defeating his Authors of Pain. Their opponents are then revealed to be the returning TM-61! Before they enter the ring, they announce that they are now choosing to under the moniker, "The Mighty," and their might will roll over the Authors of Pain as revenge for their loss in the Dusty Rhodes Classic last year. However, redemption would not be found by The Mighty, as the Authors of Pain are able to overcome them in impressive fashion.

After the match, Paul Ellering brags about the fact that the Authors of Pain injured Tommaso Ciampa, putting him on the shelf indefinitely. Johnny Gargano interrupts Ellering, and, with the blessing of Tommaso Ciampa, he warns the Authors of Pain that he will be back to reclaim the NXT tag team titles with a new tag team partner. The Authors of Pain laugh off this threat as the show goes to commercial.


Andrade "Cien" Almas VS ???

Almas comes down to the ring, looking to redeem himself for his loss to Aleister Black at TakeOver: Orlando. As it turns out, Almas would end up facing a very similar opponent to Aleister Black in...


The returning Hideo Itami! Almas seemed cool and composed, as he just faced an opponent very similar to Itami, but nothing was going to stop Itami on his big return. Although Almas put up a good fight against the Japanese wrestling legend, the returning Itami would be too much for Almas to overcome, who succumbs to a GTS. NXT ends with a shot of Hideo Itami celebrating, and making the motion of a championship around his waist, an obvious message to NXT champion, Bobby Roode.

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RAW Episode 2

RAW opens with Stephanie McMahon announcing that starting tonight, RAW will hold a 16 team tournament, culminating at RAW's next PPV, Extreme Rules. The first round of this tournament will begin right now, with these two teams beginning the tournament off.


Jinder Mahal/??? VS The Golden Truth

The Golden Truth make their entrance first, getting the crowd pumped up, clearly excited to finally have an opportunity at the tag team titles. After their entrance, Jinder Mahal comes out with a microphone in hand. He says that his return to WWE has been a disappointment so far, aside from his impressive showing in the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal, but now that the shake-up has caused Rusev to go to SmackDown, he will have no distractions, and he has found a massive upgrade as his new tag team partner. That man is...


Drew McIntyre! The man who made his return in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Orlando has been drafted to Monday Night RAW, and he has joined old stablemate Jinder Mahal in this tag team tournament. Unfortunately for the Golden Truth, they would prove no match for the returning Drew McIntyre, as Drew and Jinder steamroll their way to a decisive victory, moving on in this tag team tournament.


After RAW returns from commercial, Paul Heyman comes out, notably without Brock Lesnar at his side. Heyman announces that Brock Lesnar is dissatisfied with WWE's recent direction, first taking the Universal championship from him without his consent, then having his World Heavyweight title match take place in a fatal 4-way. Heyman announces that his client will be taking a sabbatical from WWE until they show him the proper respect he deserves, and that until then, you can see Brock Lesnar fighting in the octagon.


Carmella VS Alicia Fox VS Nia Jax

This match was made as Stephanie McMahon wishes to re-evaluate the state of the RAW women's division. She wants to give all active women on RAW the chance to prove themselves, and this triple threat match is just the first of these opportunities. Of these three women, the one who capitalizes on the opportunity is the unstoppable force, Nia Jax, who crushes her opponents on her way to a destructive victory.


As RAW returns, the audience is greeted by Roman Reigns, who brags about the fact that he retired the Undertaker at WrestleMania. The audience is nuclear, booing him at their every opportunity, but Roman brushes them off. Roman then makes a challenge to World Heavyweight champion Finn Balor, claiming that him ending the legendary career of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time is as good of a reason as any for him to be number one contender. However, instead of Balor coming out to answer Roman, he's instead answered by his friend, Seth Rollins. Rollins tells Roman that he's not the only person to retire a legend at WrestleMania, citing his victory over Triple H as proof. Rollins says that he has just as much of a claim to number one contendership as Roman does. Before Roman can respond, Finn Balor finally makes his presence known. Balor starts by reminding the two men that they're not the only men to retire legends in recent memory, as Balor retired Goldberg just last week. However, Balor states that he is a fighting champion and will happily defend his World Heavyweight championship against both of them next week.


Sami Zayn/Chris Jericho VS ???

After Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho make their respective entrances, they announce that they have come together for this tag team tournament as they both know what it's like to be turned on by Kevin Owens, a man who made them both believe he was their friend. They claim this new union will prove beneficial as they plan to become the new RAW tag team champions. After their promo is done, they are greeted by...


The Revival! The only two-time NXT tag team champions come out to a raucous reception from the WWE audience, clearly surprising Zayn and Jericho. Although Zayn and Jericho put forth a respectable showing and give The Revival a tough fight, The Revival's tag team continuity proves to just be too much for the makeshift tandem. The Revival pick up the win in their RAW debut, moving on to the next round of the tag team tournament. The show closes with The Revival celebrating their victory.

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SmackDown Episode 2

SmackDown opens with Shane McMahon, clearly saddened and visually shaken up, addressing the WWE Universe and making a couple of announcements. He announces that due to the attack from Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher last week, Daniel Bryan's concussion issues have been re-aggravated. As of right now, he's still in the hospital, and it seems he's as far from being cleared to compete as ever. Shane attempts to recompose himself and begins announcing important business regarding the rest of the roster. First, he announces that there will be a women's #1 contender's match next week including the entire active roster of women. The woman who wins this match will face Charlotte, who already earned a title show on RAW last week, for the SmackDown women's title. Finally, there will be a mini-tournament between all of SmackDown's tag teams beginning tonight, and it will culminate in a four way tag team ladder match at Backlash. Shane ends off by announcing that tournament will begin right now.


Breezango VS The Usos

Breezango enters first, handing out fashion violations to crowd members as they make their way to the ring. However, during their entrance, The Usos attack them from behind and throw Breeze into the ring. Breeze recovers just enough to let the referee ring the bell, but he's quickly taken out by a superkick and a pin. The Usos move on to Backlash in dominant fashion. After the match, The Usos grab a microphone and announce that they're livid about having their tag titles taken away from them unfairly, but it doesn't matter, because nobody will stop them from reclaiming their gold at Backlash. They follow this up by laying out Fandango again with a double superkick.


When SmackDown returns, Shane McMahon is seen backstage talking to Randy Orton, who asks him what the plan is for the WWE championship. Shane reassures him, telling Orton that he'll have a chance to reclaim his WWE title at Backlash, and he will announce what the plan is for the title next week.


Lana VS Maryse

Maryse makes her entrance first to a loud pop from the audience. Notably, she enters without her husband, The Miz. Following her is Lana, who has opted to do the same, leaving Rusev in the back. Lana and Maryse have a face-off in the ring before shaking hands, with the referee ringing the bell soon after. Lana puts up a valiant effort in only her second wrestling match ever in WWE, but the more experienced Maryse is just too much for the Ravishing Russian. Maryse picks up a massive victory in her official in-ring return.


Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Jack Gallagher are seen backstage. They warn everyone that what happened to Daniel Bryan was just a warning. They feel that Daniel Bryan choosing to return to in-ring competition was his biggest mistake, as he was actively choosing to take away spots from younger talent. They conclude their promo by stating that SmackDown is their brand now, and anyone who decides to try and take their spot away from them will meet a similar fate to the one that befell Daniel Bryan.


AJ Styles VS The Miz

The Miz enters first, clearly overjoyed by his wife's successful victory earlier tonight. However, his opponent, AJ Styles, enters with nothing but focus, despite his impressive victory at WrestleMania a week ago. As these two former WWE champions battle, AJ Styles takes control for most of the match, but The Miz shows impressive fire and refusal to submit to the Phenomenal One. It seems The Miz might have this match won, as he readies a Skull Crushing Finale for AJ, but AJ counters it into a Calf Crusher, which The Miz is forced to submit to.

After the match, AJ announces that he's been held down by SmackDown management for too long, and his impressive victories over The Miz and Shane McMahon should be more than enough proof that he deserves a WWE championship opportunity. SmackDown closes with AJ celebrating his victory.

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Defiantly a good diary you got here Birdman, some good booking as well. If you don't already, I recommend booking up a few weeks ahead and being able to look at what you have planned out and then posting episodes. I also enjoy the quick, easy to read summaries you have on the diary and feel like you should defiantly keep this going! 

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NXT Episode 2

NXT opens with General Manager William Regal in the middle of the ring. Regal apologizes to the audience, as he prefers for NXT to get right into the action, but he has an extremely important announcement to make. Starting tonight, there will be a number one contender's tournament to determine the man that will face Bobby Roode for his NXT championship. This tournament will comprise the entire active roster of superstars, with the only exclusion obviously being Bobby Roode himself. Regal then follows up by stating the first match of this tournament will begin right now, with a match showcasing two of the most talented Cruiserweights on the roster.


Lince Dorado VS Kalisto

In this match between these two luchadors, Lince and Kalisto go move for move throughout most of this match. However, the tide of this match would turn when Kalisto attempted a Salida del Sol, with Lince grabbing the ropes and holding himself up at the last second. As Kalisto writhed on the ground, Lince followed up with a Shooting Star Press, getting the shock win over his luchador contemporary.


Ariya Daivari VS Kassius Ohno

In another match to showcase a star of NXT's cruiserweight division, Ariya Daivari looks to take on the Knock-Out artist, Kassius Ohno. However, this match doesn't go very well for the Iranian, as Ohno takes him out with a rolling elbow in only a few minutes. After the match, Kassius Ohno gives a promo on Aleister Black, claiming that he respects the Dutch Destroyer, but in NXT, there is only one true Knock-Out Artist.


Oney Lorcan VS ???

The final match of tonight's first round matches for the NXT number one contender's tournament begins with Oney Lorcan making his entrance. After Oney has made his entrance, he is met by...


Bobby Fish! The debuting Fish enters to a raucous ovation, and he and Oney Lorcan shake hands as their match begins. In an extremely surprising upset, Oney Lorcan manages to eke out the victory over the debuting star with a quick roll-up. Although Fish is shocked, he and Oney shake hands again after the match, as Oney looks forward to the next round of the NXT number one contender's tournament.


Ember Moon is seen backstage, stating that she's disappointed by her loss last week. However, she makes it clear that her opportunity for the NXT women's championship will come soon enough, and when it does, there's no way she's going to waste it again, regardless of who she's facing for the title.


Sonya Deville VS Asuka (NXT women's title)

In tonight's main event, Sonya Deville takes on Asuka in an NXT women's championship match, a match that stipulates the loser must leave NXT and go to the main roster. In a match with excellent submission and striking mastery from both competitors, Sonya would end up caught in the Asuka Lock and would be forced to tap-out to the unstoppable NXT women's champion. After the match, Asuka and Sonya shake hands, and Asuka leaves the ring, letting Sonya say goodbye to the NXT universe. However, after Asuka leaves, Sonya is attacked from behind by...


Shayna Baszler! Shayna quickly locks Sonya Deville in a Kirafuda Clutch, and Sonya would end up passing out quickly, weakened from her earlier loss to Asuka. After Shayna forces Sonya to pass out, NXT closes on an image of Shayna, holding up her iconic "Queen of Spades" pose.

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RAW Episode 3

The Good Brothers VS No Way Jose/Elias

RAW opens with another match in the RAW tag team title tournament. The Good Brothers come out first, focused as ever on their goal of reclaiming the titles they believe they never lost. Their opponents are revealed to be a set of former NXT superstars making their RAW debut, the team of No Way Jose and Elias. Although they seem to be a dysfunctional pair, they both share the same goal of main roster success and will do whatever it takes to become champions. However, the debuting duo runs right into a brick wall in the form of the Good Brothers, who run through their opponents in impressive fashion.


Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal are seen backstage, and they state that the reason they've reunited is that they understand each other. Both men were fired in 2014, both reinvented themselves and made a name outside of WWE, both getting in the best shape of their lives, and both earning their way back into the company. However, they hint that there is a piece of the puzzle missing for them, and they hope to fill it as soon as possible.


Alexa Bliss VS Mickie James VS Bayley

In the second women's triple threat designed to give RAW women a chance to prove themselves, a set of former women's champions collide. In this match, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are particularly intent on getting their hands on one another, due to their recent feud on SmackDown, and Bayley is able to take advantage of this, pinning Mickie James off of a Sparkle Splash from Alexa Bliss.

After her victory, Bayley is attacked by Nia Jax. However, before Nia can do any lasting damage, Sasha Banks runs out with a steel chair in hand to chase off the unstoppable force. Bayley and Sasha stand united together in the ring as the segment closes.


Harper/Rowan VS ???

This match features the return of Erick Rowan, who has been out of action with an injury. He and Harper are reunited on RAW, this time without Bray Wyatt, and have renamed themselves "The Bludgeon Brothers." However, as strange as this union may be, their opponents might be yet stranger...

Their opponents enter, and they are revealed to be former NXT stable, SAnitY. Although Nikki Cross is absent due to injury, Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain remain focused and their attention doesn't waver. Eric Young chooses to stay on the outside for this match, leaving the heavy lifting for Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. In a battle between two monstrous teams, both who seem unwavering, it is ultimately the Bludgeon Brothers who waver, with SAnitY picking up the huge win in their RAW debut.


Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins VS Finn Balor (World Heavyweight Title)

This massive triple threat that was made last week acts as tonight's main event, giving two of the brightest young stars in WWE a chance to dethrone the champion, Finn Balor. Roman Reigns enters first, appearing to a chorus of boos and "Undertaker" chants. On the flipside, Seth Rollins comes out to a raucous reaction. However, both men are eclipsed by the entrance of Finn Balor...

Balor enters in his full demon garb, stealing the attention away from his two competitors. The crowd comes to a fever pitch as the demon makes his now iconic entrance, and the threat of Rollins and Reigns is even more palpable if Balor felt the need to don the makeup. All three men give it their all in this match, and near the end, it looks like Roman Reigns might have it won, to the chagrin of the crowd. As Balor is down on the outside, Roman is preparing to spear Seth Rollins, but suddenly, Braun Strowman appears and picks him out of the air, turning it into a running powerslam! Braun continues the assault, taking Roman Reigns to the back as he continues pummeling, leaving only Rollins and Balor left. However, before Balor can get back into the ring, Seth Rollins is met by his old foe, Samoa Joe! Joe runs into the ring and locks Rollins in a coquina clutch, making the Kingslayer pass out in a pool of his own sweat and spit. Joe then leaves the ring after the deed is done, with Balor none the wiser. As Balor comes back in, he sees a downed Seth Rollins and takes advantage of the opportunity, pinning him and retaining his World Heavyweight championship.

Before Balor is able to celebrate, though, he faces penance of his own from an old foe, as Kevin Owens superkicks him from behind and then levels him with a pop-up powerbomb! RAW closes with Kevin Owens holding the World Heavyweight championship high above Balor's downed body.


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SmackDown Episode 3

Naomi VS Becky Lynch VS Lana VS Maryse VS Dana Brooke VS Niki Bella

SmackDown opens with a women's six pack challenge to decide who will face Charlotte at Backlash for the vacant SmackDown women's championship. Nikki Bella enters first, coming off of a big win at WrestleMania alongside John Cena. Then comes Becky Lynch, the inaugural SmackDown women's champion who is looking to reclaim her throne. Then follows Lana, who made her in-ring debut last week in a valiant, but losing, effort to Maryse. Next is Dana Brooke, who looks to win this match and get an opportunity for revenge against her former friend, Charlotte. Out next is Maryse, who is looking to carry on the momentum from her victory last week. Finally, out comes Naomi, who is looking to reclaim the SmackDown women's championship that she never truly lost. In a surprising result, the winner of this match would end up being Maryse, who wins with her second consecutive pin over Lana in as many weeks. 

As Maryse celebrates what must be considered something of an upset, Charlotte comes out and tells her that she's happy Maryse won tonight, as it will give Charlotte an easy night in two weeks at Backlash.


As SmackDown comes back from commercial, Rusev is seen talking to Shane McMahon. Rusev asks Shane again about the Intercontinental championship, which Shane says he will have news about soon, but he doesn't want to reveal it quite yet.


New Day VS Big Show/Kane

In the second match of the SmackDown tag titles tournament, the New Day faces the newly reunited duo of the Big Show and Kane. Although Big Show and Kane show great chemistry again in teaming together, they are unable to stop the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history, with the New Day putting away Big Show with an UpUpDownDown. The two teams who have qualified for the SmackDown tag team title match at Backlash are the New Day and the Usos.


Shane McMahon is once again seen backstage, and he announces that all the women who failed to win a chance at the SmackDown women's title will have another chance at championship gold in the coming weeks, as SmackDown will be introducing their own set of women's tag team titles. Shane then follows up by announcing the WWE championship will be contested for at Backlash in a fatal four way match between the four former WWE champions, as none of them were ever given a proper rematch clause for the WWE title. Those four men are Randy Orton, John Cena, AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt, the latter of which is competing in tonight's main event.


Bray Wyatt VS Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger takes on former WWE champion Bray Wyatt in only his second match on SmackDown. Despite being the clear underdog, Dillinger refuses to back down, taking the fight to the Eater of Worlds. However, Wyatt shows impressive vigor of his own, no doubt fueled by the news of his WWE championship opportunity. Although Tye gives an impressive effort, he is no match for Bray Wyatt, who puts him away with a Sister Abigail.

After Bray Wyatt's victory, he quickly leaves the scene, leaving Tye Dillinger prone in the middle of the ring. Suddenly, Tyler Bate, Jack Gallagher and Pete Dunne arrive and make a beeline for the ring, before picking apart the Perfect 10. Dillinger is no match for these three men, especially after such a grueling match, and ends up suffering a vicious Bitter End from Pete Dunne. SmackDown closes with British Strong Style standing tall in the middle of the ring.

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NXT Episode 3

Asuka VS ???

NXT opens with NXT women's champion coming out and making an open challenge to anyone on the NXT women's roster. Her challenge is answered by none other than Mandy Rose. Mandy vows to be the woman to finally end Asuka's undefeated streak and title reign. The bell rings, and she's immediately knocked out with a roundhouse kick from Asuka, with the elementary pin following.


After Asuka's destructive victory over Mandy, Sonya Deville is seen backstage talking to William Regal. She begs him for one final match in NXT before she goes to the main roster against Shayna Baszler. Regal agrees to it, only because Asuka's title defense was faster than expected, and he makes Shayna Baszler VS Sonya Deville for later tonight.


Rezar VS Tucker Knight

One half of the NXT tag team champions, Rezar, comes out for the next match in the NXT title number one contender's tournament. His opponent, the debuting Tucker Knight, is high-energy and jovial, pleasing the NXT faithful. However, when he steps into the ring with Rezar, he shifts to being all-business. Although Tucker Knight is the closest thing to an even match with Rezar as we'll likely see on NXT, even he can't stand up to the NXT tag team champion, with Rezar putting him away handily.


After the match, Johnny Gargano reminds the fans that his pursuit for the NXT tag titles is far from over, but his focus right now is on becoming NXT champion and honoring the memory of his injured partner, Tommaso Ciampa. He hypes up his match in the tournament next week, but also states that he is unaware of who his opponent will be.


Aleister Black VS Angelo Dawkins

Angelo Dawkins comes out, visibly shaken by who his opponent is scheduled to be, but trying to keep his composure. Following him is the Dutch Destroyer of NXT, Aleister Black. Black is as cool and composed as you'll ever see a person, not wavering even slightly against his bigger opponent. As the bell rings, Dawkins charges inro Black and tries to take him off guard, but after a quick flurry, he is caught by a Black Mass. Aleister Black moves on to the next round of the tournament, and sits in the ring silently after his victory.

Angelo Dawkins leaves the ring, but is consoled by a surprising person in the recently signed Montez Ford. Dawkins is confused, but Ford reassures him and leads him to the back, speaking in him ear about something.


Shayna Baszler VS Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville makes her entrance first, visibly angry at what happened last week. Shayna Baszler then follows, making her NXT debut, and she chuckles at Sonya as she enters the ring. The bell rings, and Sonya hops on Shayna, laying into her hard with strikes. However, Shayna Baszler is able to turn the tides and begins to wear Sonya down, showing off her own MMA expertise. Although Sonya manages another flurry of offense, it is quickly snuffed out as Shayna locks in a Kirafuda Clutch on Sonya, forcing her to tap out.

After the bout, Sonya Deville sits dejected in the ring, but a surprising person comes out to meet her in the form of former NXT women's champion, Paige. Paige ushers her to the back as the NXT faithful chant their goodbyes to Sonya Deville.


Drew Gulak VS Roderick Strong

In tonight's main event, Drew Gulak meets Roderick Strong in a battle between cruiserweight's to determine who will move forward in the NXT title number one contender's tournament. Gulak comes out first, notably without any of his signs or humorous antics. He's all business tonight, as he prepares for the biggest opportunity of his WWE career so far. Roderick Strong enters next, looking to insert himself into the NXT title scene after his former tag team partner, Austin Aries, suffered an injury and subsequently left the company. Roderick and Gulak both show impressive fire, knowing that this is their opportunity to prove themselves here on NXT, but Gulak is the first to slip up, getting caught by a Sick Kick and then an End of Heartache from the Messiah of the Backbreaker, resulting in the pinfall. Roderick Strong joins Aleister Black and Rezar in the people who qualify for the next round tonight, and NXT closes on Roderick Strong celebrating his victory.

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RAW Episode 4

Heath Slater/Rhyno VS The Colons

RAW kicks off with the next match in the RAW tag title tournament, as former tag team champions clash. Heath Slater and Rhyno enter first, looking to replicate their success from their time on SmackDown. Their opponents are the newly rebranded Colons, who come out with pure focus, hoping to capitalize on this opportunity. However, only one former set of tag team champions can move on in this match, and unfortunately for The Colons, this victory would be won by the inaugural SmackDown tag team champions, Heath Slater and Rhyno.


Dean Ambrose VS ??? (United States championship)

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring as RAW returns from commercial, and he announces that due to the fact that he was Intercontinental champion when he was drafted to RAW, he is being given a chance to become United States champion tonight. Ambrose invites his opponent to come out, and he is met by...


Shelton Benjamin! The former United States and Intercontinental champion makes his return to WWE, and immediately sets his sights on the United States championship. Ambrose is surprised, but when Benjamin comes to the ring, Ambrose offers to shake his hand in respect for the returning superstar, which Benjamin accepts. The two men have an even match, with Benjamin proving that he hasn't lost a step since his time away from WWE, but he just can't keep up with the younger Ambrose, who picks up the victory and reclaims the Untied States championship.


Tamina VS Sasha Banks VS Natalya

In yet another women's triple threat match, we see three extremely different women who wrestle vastly different styles clash. First out is Sasha Banks, who saved her friend, Bayley, from Nia Jax last week. Then is Tamina, making her in-ring return and looking to pick up a victory in her return. Finally, out comes Natalya, the veteran of the women's division. Although she's been here for years, she's never been the focal point of the division, which she hopes to start changing with a win here. As the dust settles, the submission specialist, Natalya, is caught in a Bank's Statement from Sasha Banks, who forces her to submit.


After Sasha Bank's victory, Stephanie McMahon appears and announces that due to their victories in the past few weeks, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Nia Jax will compete for the RAW women's title in next week's main event.


Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins VS Braun Strowman/Samoa Joe

In tonight's main event, the RAW tag title tournament has another first round match between two sets of rivals. First comes Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, seeking revenge for their opponent's actions in last week's World Heavyweight title match. Then comes Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe, both vicious monsters with their eyes placed squarely on destroying Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins respectively. On this night, it would be two/thirds of The Shield who pick up the win, with Roman Reigns pinning Samoa Joe after a Blackout from Seth Rollins, which draws a massive reception from the audience at the popular finisher's return. RAW closes with both men celebrating, the audience booing every time Roman Reigns taunts and cheering every time Seth Rollins does.

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SmackDown Episode 4

The Hardys VS The Ascension

SmackDown begins with another match in the SmackDown tag title tournament. So far, The Usos and the New Day have already qualified for the finals, which will take place at Backlash, and tonight, The Hardys and The Ascension both look to join that field. The Hardy's enter first, looking to complete their expedeetion of gold and procure the final tag team championship they have left to claim. The Ascension are next, looking to finally win championship gold in their main roster career. The Ascension put forth their most impressive performance they've had in a long time, but they just can't put The Hardy's away, who pick up the victory, joining the New Day and the Usos at Backlash.


Charlotte is seen backstage, and she brushes off her Backlash opponent, Maryse, claiming that Maryse was only ever successful in an era of divas, while Charlotte IS the women's revolution. She claims Maryse isn't anywhere near her level and that her victory at Backlash will be academic.


Apollo Crews is seen backstage with Shane McMahon, who tells Shane his interest in becoming Intercontinental champion. Shane promises that he will have an announcement ready for Backlash, and he will consider Apollo Crews' name in whatever he decides to do.


Becky Lynch/Naomi VS ???

Becky Lynch and Naomi team together in hopes to become the inaugural SmackDown women's tag team champions. As both women are former SmackDown women's champions, they have to be considered the favorites to win the titles. However, they're surprised by who their opponents turn out to be...


The IIconic's! The debuting IIconic's are immediately looking to claim tag team title gold, but their task will not be an easy one, as they face two of the best women's wrestlers in the world today. When it seems that Becky Lynch might have the match won, as she's preparing to lock in a Dis-Arm-Her on Peyton Royce, she's suddenly attacked by Naomi! Peyton rolls up the Lass Kicker and claims a spot in the SmackDown women's tag title match at Backlash for the IIconic's. After the match, Naomi continues the assault on the inaugural women's champion, laying her out with a Rear View, then putting her in a Stretch Muffler until officials force her to release the hold. Naomi leaves, satisfied with the punishment she's placed on Becky Lynch.


Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Jack Gallagher are seen backstage, and they tell Tye Dillinger the reason they went after him last week was that he made the same mistake Daniel Bryan did in trying to take the shine away from their debut. They believe that there are only so many spots on the SmackDown roster, and they will happily destroy anyone who chooses to come in and try to take theirs. Pete Dunne follows up by announcing that Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher will try to qualify for the SmackDown tag title match next week, but he has no current plans for Backlash, and he challenges Tye Dillinger to a grudge match in 12 days at the PPV.


Randy Orton VS Kofi Kingston

In tonight's main event, former WWE champion Randy Orton looks to rekindle a rivalry with a former foe in Kofi Kingston. Although Kofi was unable to get past the viper in their previous encounters nearly a decade ago, Kofi is stronger and more focused now, and he believes that this is his time to break in to the main event scene. Although Kofi puts up an incredibly valiant effort, Randy Orton is just too much for him on this night, as Kofi ends up being caught by an RKO and a subsequent pin.

After the match, Orton is attacked by former Wyatt Family member, Bray Wyatt. John Cena comes out to chase off Bray, but he is attacked by former rival, AJ Styles. SmackDown closes with a massive brawl between the four men who will compete for the WWE championship at Backlash.

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NXT Episode 4

Tony Nese VS Gran Metalik

NXT opens with another match in the NXT title number one contender's tournament, and this match is between two of the original Cruiserweights of 205 Live, Tony Nese and Gran Metalik. Nese comes out first, looking to redeem his relative lack of success both in the Cruiserweight Classic and in his 205 Live tenure. "The King of the Ropes," Gran Metalik follows. The semi-finalist of the Cruiserweight Classic looks to live up to the impressive promise he showed in that tournament, and this is his best chance yet. Unfortunately for The Premier Athlete, his in-ring woes continue, as Gran Metalik finishes off Nese with a Metalik Driver and moves on to the next round.


Shayna Baszler VS ???

Shayna Baszler comes out next, and much like Asuka did last week, she makes an open challenge to anyone who wishes to take on the Queen of Spades. Her challenge is answered by none other than...


Mandy Rose! Looking to avenge her quick loss last week to Asuka, Mandy comes out to answer Shayna Baszler's open challenge. Before the match starts, though, Shayna gives Mandy a stipulation: Loser leaves NXT forever. Mandy is shocked by this, but she accepts the new rule anyway, confident that she can take down the Queen of Spades. The bell rings, and Mandy goes right after Shayna, but Shayna sees it coming, nailing Mandy straight in the face with a stiff knee strike. Shayna goes for the pinfall, and three seconds later, she scores an incredibly decisive victory.

After the short match, Shayna gets back on the microphone, announcing that now Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose have been eliminated from the NXT women's division, and soon, there won't be any other pretenders who Asuka can hide behind before the Queen of Spades comes to collect the NXT women's championship.


TJP VS Nick Miller

Earlier in the night, we saw the Cruiserweight Classic semi-finalist move on to the next round of the NXT title number one contender's tournament. Now, the man who defeated him on that fateful night looks to do the same thing, as TJP, the original Cruiserweight champion, looks to get his hands on NXT gold. His opponent, Nick Miller, looks to redeem a disappointing return alongside Shane Thorne. However, Nick Miller's woes only continue as the Cruiser-Great makes him submit to a TJ-Kneebar.


Mandy Rose is seen backstage in the nurse's office with an ice pack on her jaw. William Regal enters the office and tells Mandy that although her NXT career is over, he has one final surprise for her before she goes up to the main roster. William Regal then leaves the office, and is replaced by Paige. Before anything notable can be said, Paige tells the cameraman to leave while she talks to Mandy, which he does.


A pre-recorded promo from Kassius Ohno is then aired, which shows him talking about Aleister Black. He reminisces on their time on the indie scene, as well as the fact that Ohno was a key trainer for Black when he was starting out. He states that he knows how dangerous and capable Aleister is, more than anyone else, but he also knows that Aleister has a lot left to learn, and he isn't quite on the level of the true Knockout Artist of NXT. Ohno concludes by saying he hopes to face his protégé very soon and teach him another set of lessons.


Johnny Gargano VS ???

Although Johnny Gargano's mind has been focused on regaining NXT tag team title gold and getting revenge on the Authors of Pain, Gargano has all his focus on the NXT championship tonight. However, Gargano is surprised by his opponent, who turns out to be...The debuting Kyle O'Reilly! O'Reilly enters to a massive reception, and as he enters the ring, he and Gargano share a respectful handshake. Despite O'Reilly's debut hype, though, he would not be able to overcome the Rebel Heart of NXT, as Johnny Gargano picks up a hard-fought victory, joining Gran Metalik and TJP in qualifying for the next round of the NXT title number one contender's tournament. NXT closes with Gargano celebrating his victory.

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RAW Episode 5

The Bar VS Finn Balor/Dean Ambrose

The final two matches of the first round of the RAW tag title tournament happen tonight, with former RAW tag team champions, The Bar, taking on current United States and World Heavyweight champions, Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor. Although Balor and Ambrose put forth an effort worthy of the titles of champions, they lack the synergy and chemistry of the former tag team champions, and The Bar put away the current champions in a hard fought contest.


Backstage, The Golden Truth express their disappointment at losing their match in the RAW tag title tournament, but they vow to get back on track. However, just after saying this, they are both rammed into by Braun Strowman! Braun absolutely annihilates both men with no trouble, and he vows that this is exactly what's in store for Roman Reigns.


Samoa Joe VS No Way Jose

No Way Jose is already in the ring as Samoa Joe makes his entrance. Joe comes out with pure determination, but chuckles a bit when he sees Jose. Jose charges at him as the bell rings, but suffers a Yurinagi for his troubles. One Coquina Clutch later, and Jose taps to the Samoan Submission Machine.

After the match, Joe challenges Seth Rollins to a match at the next RAW PPV, claiming that they have unfinished business and that Joe will avenge his former boss, Triple H.


American Alpha VS Kevin Owens/Shelton Benjamin

In the final match of the first round of this RAW tag title tournament, American Alpha makes their RAW debut. Kevin Owens comes out with Shelton Benjamin, but he seems displeased to even be in the tournament. After some grappling and wrestling with the younger American Alpha, Benjamin goes to tag Owens, but Owens chooses to leave the match. Benjamin ends up having to face the former SmackDown and NXT tag team champions by himself. However, Jordan decides to leave the match to Gable, opting not to force Benjamin into a handicap match scenario. After a fantastic match with expert technical and amateur wrestling, Gable is able to put Benjamin away with a moonsault. 

After the match, Benjamin shakes hands with both members of American Alpha and tells them he's impressed by their talent. After that match, the teams who qualified for the next round are displayed on the titantron, those being Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal, The Revival, The Good Brothers, SAnitY, Heath Slater and Rhyno, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, The Bar, and American Alpha.


Stephanie McMahon hypes up tonight's main event to determine the RAW women's champion, but also that RAW women's tag team titles will be coming soon. She states that she will announce more details in two weeks, but for now, she urges us to enjoy the match between these three women.


Nia Jax VS Bayley VS Sasha Banks (RAW women's championship)

Nia Jax comes out first, fresh off her destructive victory over Alicia Fox and Carmella. Next comes Bayley, looking to reclaim the RAW women's title she never truly lost. Finally, out comes Sasha Banks, the three time RAW women's champion who looks to craft a respectable reign with said title. Although Bayley and Sasha attempt to work together against the larger Nia, eventually things break down between them, and the match becomes every woman for herself. It seems like the match might be won, as Sasha Banks has a Bank's Statement locked on to Bayley, but is interrupted by a leg drop from Nia Jax. As Nia goes for the pin on Sasha, she's suddenly attacked by Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose! Although Nia tries to fight back, she's too tired from the grueling match to fight off two women. Mandy and Sonya throw Nia Jax into and through the barricade, but while this is happening, Sasha Banks attempts to pin Bayley as they're distracted. However, this time, the pin is broken up by Paige! After this Paige hits Sasha with a Ram-Paige, then locks in a PTO on Bayley until officials force her to break it up. The match is ruled a no contest, and Paige celebrates with Mandy and Sonya in the middle of the ring as RAW comes to a close.

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SmackDown Episode 5

Lana/Dana Brooke VS ???

Last week, the IIconic's qualified for the SmackDown women's championship match. Tonight, we will discover who their opponents at Backlash will be. Lana and Dana Brooke enter first, both women looking to turn around their recent string of bad luck. However. they'll have their work cut out for them, as their opponents are...


The Bella Twins! Brie Bella will be having her first match as a mother, and the crowd couldn't be more excited to see these two back. Lana and Dana attempt to spoil the comeback party for the new mother, but The Bella's can't be stopped on this night, picking up the crowd-pleasing victory. At Backlash, it will be the Bella Twins VS The IIconics for the honor of being the first ever SmackDown women's tag team champions.


SmackDown then cuts to Shane McMahon, who officially announces that at Backlash, there will be an eight man battle royal for the Intercontinental championship. The eight men chosen for the match have been decided based on their recent forms, as well as their overall resumes in the WWE. Shane announces the eight men competing for the Intercontinental championship as The Big Show, Kane, The Miz, Apollo Crews, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin and Kofi Kingston. Shane wishes all eight men luck in their match at Backlash and is confident that any of these eight men would be a fine choice to hold the Intercontinental championship.


As SmackDown returns from commercial, we see The Miz and Maryse, both clearly happy about the news of The Miz competing for the Intercontinental title at Backlash. The Miz vows to once again hold the championship he's worked so hard to bring prestige back to, and Maryse vows to win a proper women's championship for the first time in her career. They both end by saying that at Backlash, they will prove why they are the true "It Couple" of WWE.


The Hype Bros VS British Strong Style

In the final qualifying match for the SmackDown tag team titles, we see Mojo Rawley and the returning Zack Ryder take on the recently impressive and destructive Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher. Although Zack Ryder is making his official return from injury here tonight, British Strong Style shows him no sympathy, and Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher pick up the victory in their official SmackDown debut. The four teams that will compete for the SmackDown tag team titles at Backlash are now The Uso's, the New Day, the Hardy's and British Strong Style.


After the match, SmackDown cuts backstage to Naomi. Naomi starts off by saying that this year was fantastic for her at first, as she managed to become SmackDown women's champion twice. However, both times, the title was taken from her outside of her control. The first time was an injury, which couldn't be helped, but the second was completely unfair to her. She never received a chance to become SmackDown women's champion again, instead having to compete in a battle royal for the opportunity to reclaim a title she never actually lost. When she was paired up with Becky Lynch in the SmackDown women's title tournament, that's when she realized that she couldn't just stand around and wait for her opportunities, as being the nice girl clearly wasn't getting her anywhere. She states that the reason she turned on her friend, Becky Lynch, was because she can only count on herself to get further in this industry, and Becky Lynch would only offer more distractions in her quest to become SmackDown women's champion for a record third time. She then announces that she's talked to Shane McMahon, and he's made it official. Naomi and Becky Lynch will have a match at Backlash. Naomi concludes that she knows Becky will be looking for revenge, but she's ready to unleash her newfound aggression on the Lass Kicker.


Right before our main event of the evening, John Cena comes out to announce that he has something he wants to get off of his chest. After WrestleMania, he announces that he's been getting a lot of movie offers, such as being in the upcoming Transformer's movie, Bumblebee. Cena states that he would be insane to turn down these offers, but he also doesn't want to become the Hollywood obsessed part-timer he's criticized The Rock for being. Cena then states that he's made a decision. His final match as a WWE superstar will take place at WrestleMania 34. After next year's WrestleMania, he will officially ride off into the sunset and leave WWE to the younger, hungrier talent, while he carves out a career for himself in Hollywood. He ends off by saying that before he leaves WWE, he has three things on his bucket list he wants to cross off, the first of which being breaking Ric Flair's record and becoming a 17-time world champion, which he promises to accomplish at Backlash. He finishes off by thanking the fans and telling them he looks forward to his final year as a WWE superstar with them.


John Cena/Randy Orton VS AJ Styles/Bray Wyatt

After Cena's promo, Randy Orton comes out for their tag team match. Orton looks him down, making it clear that he and Cena are not friends and that he doesn't care about Cena's plans. AJ Styles enters next, being his typical boisterous self. Then Bray Wyatt makes his iconic entrance, and as he enters the ring, AJ looks at him very confused. Although these two teams of competitors will try to be on the same page tonight, it's clear that none of them have any issues running through one another to become WWE champion again. As the dust settles on this match, it will be AJ Styles hitting Randy Orton with a Phenomenal Forearm to pick up the victory. After winning the match, though, AJ turns around right into a Sister Abigail from Bray Wyatt. SmackDown closes with Bray Wyatt yelling "Follow the Buzzards" over a downed AJ Styles.

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NXT Episode 5

Noam Dar VS ???

In this episode of NXT, there will be four matches in the NXT title number one contender's tournament. Immediately kicking off the show, the NXT audience is introduced to a new superstar in the form of...


Adam Cole, bay bay! The NXT faithful erupts into cheers at the sight of Adam Cole. Dar comes out next, but the crowd is entirely focused on Cole. Although Dar tries to put up a good showing against Cole, he's outmatched by the Panama Playboy, who decisively wins with a Florida Keys.


NXT cuts to Asuka backstage talking to William Regal, demanding a match with Shayna Baszler. However, Regal tells her that Shayna Baszler has it written into her contract that she can challenge for the NXT women's championship whenever she chooses, and she's already decided to compete for it at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. Regal tells her that if she wants to face Shayna, she's gonna have to hold on to her title until SummerSlam weekend. Asuka storms off in a rage.


Montez Ford VS ???

NXT returns with the man who we saw talking to Angelo Dawkins a few weeks ago having his match in this NXT title number one contender's tournament. His opponent, however, is a different, but strangely familiar face...


Patrick Clark, or the newly christened "Velveteen Dream." The crowd is surprised by both these men and isn't quite sure how to react. In this match between two debuting stars, Montez Ford impresses with his athleticism, but is unable to score the victory over the strangely alluring Velveteen Dream, winning with a Purple Rainmaker.


Akam VS Otis Dozovic

Tonight, Otis looks to succeed where his partner, Tucker Knight, failed, in knocking out a member of the Authors of Pain in this tournament. Unfortunately for Otis, though, he is toppled much the same way as his partner, and Akam moves on to the next round. However, after the match, Akam and Rezar maul Otis Dozovic. Although Tucker Knight attempts to make the save, he is met with the same fate, and the Authors of Pain dissect Heavy Machinery in the ring. After the destruction, Paul Ellering gets on the microphone and tells Johnny Gargano that if he chooses to go for these titles, he will meet the same fate as these two men and will join Tommaso Ciampa in the hospital.


Andrade "Cien" Almas VS Mustafa Ali

In tonight's main event, Andrade looks to turn around his recent string of bad luck by topping the always exciting Cruiserweight, Mustafa Ali. Throughout the match, Ali wows the crowd with incredible displays of athleticism and high-flying ability, but Almas also impresses by matching him nearly move for move. Just as Ali goes for the 054, though, Almas is able to capitalize, knocking him off of the turnbuckle and following with a Hammerlock DDT. Almas moves on to the next round, alongside Akam, Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole tonight, and NXT closes with Almas celebrating his impressive victory.

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Backlash Match Card

The Usos VS New Day VS The Hardy's VS British Strong Style (SmackDown tag team championships)

These four teams qualified for the right to be in this match by beating all the other teams SmackDown had to offer. The Usos are looking to reclaim the titles they never lost, New Day is looking to extend their dominance over the tag division to SmackDown, the Hardy's are looking to complete their expedeetion of gold, and Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher are looking to follow up an impressive and destructive debut at the expense of Daniel Bryan by immediately winning championship gold. Which of these four impressive teams will become the fifth ever SmackDown tag team champions?

Tye Dillinger VS Pete Dunne

When Pete Dunne hit the scene alongside Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher, they vowed to take out anyone who decided to come into SmackDown and try to take their spots. That same night hosted the debut of the Perfect Ten, Tye Dillinger, who British Strong Style targeted next after their vicious assault on Daniel Bryan. Both men are newly debuting superstars, looking to make a name for themselves at the top of SmackDown. Who will come out on top and send a powerful message this early in their career?

The Bella Twins VS The IIconics (SmackDown women's tag team championships)

A few weeks ago, the SmackDown women's tag team titles were introduced, with a mini-tournament held to determine who would compete for them. In this tournament, the IIconics made their debut and picked up the surprising win. A week after, Brie Bella made her return in her first match as a mother, picking up the win alongside her sister, Nikki. Which of these two teams will earn the honor of being the first ever SmackDown women's tag team champions?

Charlotte VS Maryse (SmackDown women's championship)

On the RAW after WrestleMania, Charlotte won a battle royal against the top women of WWE to earn a chance at the women's title of her brand. Not long after, Maryse won a similar battle royal in only her second match as an official active competitor. Charlotte laughed off the threat of Maryse, claiming that she was only ever worthy of being a champion when the Diva's title existed. Maryse looks to prove her wrong and win a women's championship she can be proud of holding. Which of these women will bounce back from disappointing losses at WrestleMania?

The Miz VS Baron Corbin VS Dolph Ziggler VS Rusev VS Apollo Crews VS Big Show VS Kane VS Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental championship battle royal)

Shane McMahon created this match on the go-home episode of SmackDown, wishing to give all eight of these men, who are either recently impressive or have a resume deserving of such an opportunity, a chance to become Intercontinental champion. Which of these eight superstars will capitalize on this opportunity and walk away with the Intercontinental championship?

Becky Lynch VS Naomi

Becky Lynch was the very first SmackDown women's champion, losing the title a few months later to Alexa Bliss. As she became distracted by Mickie James, Naomi would return from injury and set her sights on the title, winning it from Alexa Bliss at Elimination Chamber, dropping it due to injury, then winning it again at WrestleMania 33, with Becky Lynch supporting her every step of the way. However, due to Mr. McMahon's orders of all champions vacating their titles, Naomi would once again drop the championship, and would be unable to earn another shot at it in a battle royal. When Naomi and Becky Lynch were paired together for the SmackDown women's tag team title match, Naomi snapped and turned on her friend. Now, Becky seeks revenge on her former friend and one time partner. Will Becky Lynch gain the revenge she desperately seeks, or will Naomi prove that she deserves to be in the SmackDown women's championship picture?

AJ Styles VS John Cena VS Bray Wyatt VS Randy Orton (WWE championship)

In the main event of Backlash, the four men who previously held the WWE championship will all seek to reclaim their gold. At SummerSlam last year, AJ Styles picked up a career defining victory over John Cena, and won the WWE championship at the next PPV, Backlash. Cena would win the WWE title from AJ Styles at next year's Royal Rumble. Two weeks later, he fell victim to Bray Wyatt in the elimination chamber, and Bray would then end up losing the WWE title to Royal Rumble winner and former tag team partner, Randy Orton. All four of these men were never given a proper chance to reclaim the WWE championship, but John Cena added an extra caveat, claiming that this would be his final year as an active competitor. Will Cena's quest to break Ric Flair's record hit a roadblock? Will AJ Styles become the champ that runs the camp yet again? Will Randy Orton reclaim the WWE title he never truly lost? Will the WWE title end up in the hands of the bizarre Bray Wyatt once more? Which of these four former champions will reclaim the WWE championship?

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