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The Road to Wrestlemania kicks off with the Royal Rumble PPV, LIVE on the WWE Network!
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  • Every Roster is required to have a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 40 workers at all times.
  • You are NOT allowed to edit any of the database unless approved by Aaron North.
  • If you cheat you will be penalized.
  • You are NOT allowed to add any new workers.
  • All rosters must be kept up to date on the forums page and on the spreadsheet.
  • Sometimes owner goals will be allocated to your company. If you fail to complete them you will be penalized.
  • There will be rewards for being the best company of the month and penalties for being the worst.
  • There will be end of year awards chosen out by Aaron North and the winners will be rewarded.
  • You may sign a worker for a one night appearance they must have less than 20 POP in the region your show is in.
  • You MUST post your monthly results on the forums in a separate post for each month. Please use screenshots to show your results, this includes the show rating for every show you had in the month, your monthly finance result and your monthly popularity gain (if applicable). Anybody who fails to do this will be penalised.
  • If you fall below cult sized you must stay there and earn your way back up.
  • If you quit the game, your roster will be drafted out.
  • You must remain active in the game, if you cannot play for certain reasons please do your shows in advance and inform Aaron North about this.
  • You must finish and post your shows in time or you will be penalised.
  • You cannot loan to another player and there is no working agreements allowed. You must stay as a solo based company.
  • You must enter your OWN product settings when starting the game. You must post your product settings in the spreadsheet.
  • You may drop a worker you no longer want at any time. You just have to tell Aaron North about it.
  • You cannot sign any broadcasting deals, only the allocated deal with your home broadcasting network for example "TEW Wars USA".
  • You cannot sign workers/personalities/managers, you must use the waivers, they are considered to be exclusive only.
  • Announcers, Colour Commentators, Referees and Road Agents can be signed whenever and are not exclusive.
  • You CANNOT use your user characters EVER. Not on shows, not for road agents, they must be set as a personality and do nothing.
  • You MUST post your product settings on the forum or the product setting channel on the discord.
  • You cannot create a minor show in the first year of play.
  • You can only sign TWO Road Agents, TWO REFEREES, 1 Announcer and 1 Colour Commentator
  • Road Agents, Referees, Announcers and Colour Commentators cannot be used in matches, angles or anything outside of their role.
  • You may use your own wrestlers to commentate.
  • You can only do one PPV per month.

Submission Rules:

  • Players are required to book one month of shows during Monday - Friday.
  • Players are required to book one month of shows during Saturday/Sunday.
  • You may book both months of shows and post them if you cannot do it during the allocated time slot for whatever reason. Please inform Aaron North if this is the case.
  • You're allowed to play 2 weeks ahead, and if you play more you will be penalized.
  • You must submit all your shows, finance, popularity progress and medical in one post.

Waiver Rules:

  • Post all claims on the forums
  • The waiver wire is available to view on the spreadsheet, any persons above you can claim that worker before you.
  • After claiming you must wait 24-48 hours and for Aaron's approval before you can sign the worker you claimed
  • Tag Teams or stables cannot be claimed with one claim, only single individuals can be claimed.
  • The person on top of the waiver gets his claim immediately and then after that he can claim another person.
  • You can change your claims by editing your claim post.
  • After you sign the person you've claimed you can immediately claim another person after that.

Trading Rules:

  • All trades must be recorded and approved by both parties in the Discord and on the spreadsheet or you cannot add that worker to your roster.
  • You may trade with another person at any time, however you must release the traded worker once the trade is approved. You CANNOT keep your worker and have him lose to help your roster. Once the trade is made you must immediately fire them or shorten their contract to 1 day. Even if they have a title.
  • You cannot sign another worker whose contract is ending you can only get them by trading.
  • Aaron North reserves the right to veto any trade.
  • Giving away workers to other players isn't allowed and, they must be traded for another worker.
  • When trading you must send the pop and skills of the worker that you traded away to the player who got the worker.

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