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[ Right here right now covers the whole arena as Bulldozer comes out and makes his way towards the ring while being covered in boos and is also carrying a fold out chair with him  ] 

[ Bulldozer then unfolds the chair and sit down in it and raises the mic that he had in his other hand to his lips and begins to speak

Now at Backlash I was unsuccessful in my quest to winning the number one contenders match for the tag team championships alongside my partner Birdman however that’s not why i’m out here tonight.  

[ The crowd then continue to boo Bulldozer as he speaks yet this time there is no sign of emotion or care on his face at this reaction which confuses the crowd enough to make them stop

No feel free to express your opinions all you wish but they will no longer effect me because i’ve realized that’s been my whole problem i’ve done nothing but care about your opinions so I could crush them but fooled myself into believing that I didn’t care for them but now I have purged that from within myself.  

[ the arena is stuck in dead silence as the weight of what Bulldozer has just said is too much and brings along a massive impact that causes the crowd to remain silent as Bulldozer continues his speech ]  

Well if you won’t speak then I will you see it’s time you all realize just how much say and control I have over this show so for the lightning crew backstage when I snap my fingers I want all the lights to go out and the spotlight shown on just myself and if you don’t do that then we all know exactly what will happen. 

[ Bulldozer then raises his free hand and gets his fingers into position for a snap and then follows through with it and the lights immediately go out leaving only a spotlight on Bulldozer

Good job now as you all can see I am like Thanos from Marvel in a way all I have to do is snap my fingers and I instantly win however my opponents at Mayhem will not escape with just a mere snap of my fingers no quite the opposite I will beat them into the ground and win what is rightfully mine and that being the NXT championship. 

For you see this spotlight is very accurate to myself for I am the cleansing light of BPZ I am the light in the darkness and at Mayhem I will cleanse the NXT championship of the darkness that has plagued it for far too long.  

[ Bulldozer then stands up out of the chair  and continues to speak

Now I know what your all thinking how can I win a belt I have already failed to win at BPZ mania well it’s quite simple really because I am now more focused than I ever have been in my life and I won’t stop until I raise that championship high into the air and bring it safely home to SSW Club and believe me when I say that I will accomplish this feat because I am exactly what I say I am and that’s the one and only true god of pro wrestling!  

[ Bulldozer then stands in the ring in his spotlight with his message delivered ]





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