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Favourite NJPW Theme Songs?

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There are a Plethora of NJPW Themes that are amazing;

Los Ingobernables de Japon Theme
Naito's Theme, Hiromu's Theme, SANADA's Theme (my absolute favourite at the moment), EVIL's Theme, Shingo's Theme, BUSHI' Theme.

Minoru Suzuki's Theme (Kazi Ni Nare is maybe the best of all time)
El Desperado's Theme, TAKA Michinoku's Theme, Zack Sabre Jr.'s Theme, Lance Archer's Theme, Taichi's god like theme.

Both of Tanahashi's themes are classics, Okada has the ultimate final boss theme, Switchblade Jay White's theme has quickly become one of the best going in the company right now.

I'm a big fan of Tomohiro Ishii's theme, it truly embodies the stoic badass character of the Stone Pitbull. Same with Goto, I really enjoy his theme as it suits the honourable warrior gimmick.

Both of GOD's themes are bangers, Jushin Liger has an all time classic theme too, KUSHIDA's NJPW Theme always gets me excited and hyped for his match, Juice has a great babyface theme song, same with Ibushi's....

.....There is too many good themes to mention......

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