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Kieron's Beginning

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Carnage returns from commercial break as the fallout of Backlash is still being felt. The Power Trip Cup Bracket has just been released and with it comes some promising matches: Blade vs BiC, FDS vs Aaron North, Kieron Black vs Yelich, and Marker vs Hans being some of the more marquee first round bouts announced. Everybody is claiming that they will win the Power Trip Cup and I'm sure we'll see more of that throughout the night.

Speaking of the Power Trip Cup, here comes Yelich. Yelich's newest persona debuting at Backlash in the United States Championship match was not very successful, losing to Arius. But Yelich looks to move on as he looks forward to the Power Trip Cup and his opponent, Kieron Black. Yelich walks down the ramp and into the ring, the only thing lighting his path is his lantern as he steps into the ring and sits on the rocking chair set up there. Yelich does not blow out his lantern but he just places it next to his rocking chair as a spotlight is shone on Yelich allowing him to be seen better by the audience. He picks up his microphone he was carrying in his other hand and he begins to speak and he rocks back and forth in his chair.

At Backlash a stubborn man refused to attain glory. A stubborn man refused to join me so I could help him. But I don't blame Arius for denying his ascension. I blame myself. I let myself be distracted by making him the best he can be that I lost sight. I lost sight of making myself the best I can be. If I'm going to lead others to paradise, I need to be able to lead myself to paradise. I am the prophet that society needs so they can rebel against the liars, the cheats, the ones who spout false promises to get you to obey to their wills. But they can come and become a member of a improved society, one that will be smiled upon by the deities and be graced with paradise on and off this Earth. But I need to be great so i fulfill that role of prophet and I can't do that if I can't lead myself to that paradise.

The Power Trip Cup has reached us. And with it comes people who can be saved from society by me. BiC, Necce, Julius, all folk that can be saved by me. But one man, one man stands out against the rest as someone who can become the future. He thinks his life is coming to an end but it is just beginning. And I know I just said I need to focus on myself, but this one's special. He knows how society can wrong him. He saw his own brother leave him to rot and for him to become greater than him, only for him to become an atrocity. Kieron Black thinks he is over but if he would just take some stock in himself for once he can finally burst out of his cocoon and burst out at a butterfly. All he has to do is find someone to guide him to do that, a leader. You need me Kieron, and I am willing to give you my knowledge so you can too ascend. Lay down for me in the Power Trip Cup, and you will never lay down ever again except on the bed of which you sleep.

Yelich gets up from the rocking chair, walks over to the ropes and kneels down onto his knees, facing the ramp.

This is just your beginning Kieron, come out here and accept it.

Yelich stretches his arms out, staring down the ramp, almost pleading for Kieron to walk out and join him, he stays like this until a familiar theme tune plays and the lighting does too.

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Kieron Black walks out onto the stage with a gigantic smile on his face however, bandaged heavily after his falls count anywhere match with FDS just a few nights ago. 

Yelich, Yelich, Yelich. I've got to say, I'm really looking forward to our match. I may be beaten, I may be broken, but at Backlash I WON! I stand out here on this stage a winner, something I haven't been able to say for a long, long time. My retirement tour must continue however and it continues very quickly after the last stop because the second stop is as part of the Powertrip Cup. It is this weekend. It is against you. Against Yelich.

The crowd boo's as Kieron mentions his name, bringing a smile to his face yet again. 

As I said earlier I am very much looking forward to our match this weekend because even though we haven't met in the ring too many times before, I feel like I know you inside and out. I feel like I know you because I was you. You are NOTHING but a bargain bin version of me and there is no denying that. Look at yourself, "Creepy" rocking chair, check. Lantern to make you look "scary". Check. It's all from me. The only difference is I realised that living in that way, is the wrong choice. I realised that living like that is a losing strategy and I found the real me. I buried the old me with poor little Sophie and burned my chair using my precious lantern. You may not of realised it yet, but even as a BROKEN, bruised, bandaged, injured old timer, there is no way that you can beat me because you are exactly what I was. I stupid, little wannabe. A LOSER! There is nothing that you can to about it until you learn the lesson that I wrote. Until you change.

Kieron begins to walk down to the ring and enters, standing in front of Yelich.

You speak of being my saviour, you speak of being MY leader. I look at you and I don't feel fear, I pity you, because you haven't yet seen, that YOU are a loser. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a loser and while that may be a good spot for you, while you may think that trying to gain followers may make it better for you, trust me. It won't. So. This weekend, half of me is going to walk into this ring against the unscathed version of you and it is your biggest chance to ever beat me. Because the only time that you wil ever get a chance to hurt me is this weekend, your only chance to progress in this tournament is because of the work of a better opponent. Because of what FDS did to me. So enjoy your time in the limelight while you can, because by Mayhem you will just be back to losing your United States Title matches to Arius.

Kieron throws his mic into the face of Yelich and stands in the ring waiting for his response.

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