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NBA2K19 My League Diary: Chicago Bulls

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NBA Header .png

Official: Bradley Beal has been traded to the Celtics


Its official Bradley Beal has finally been traded and to the Celtics no less. The Wizards currently sit at the bottom of the eastern conference with a record of 14-40 and while they were trying to hold on to beal for as long as they could but they realised that they might as well get rid of him now while he still has value. The Boston Celtics currently sit 4th in the conference thanks to there young core including Jayson Tatum and Zion Willamson but they realise they need that extra piece to really challenge for a championship.

The trade reads that the Washington Wizards are sending Bradley Beal and Ian Mahinmi to the Boston Celtics for Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart and 2 second round picks. For the Wizards they not only get a great defender in Smart they also get a solid player in Hayward who after this one last season will drop to a 15 million dollar contract which is much nicer than that 30 million dollar contract he is on currently. They also get rid of Mahinimi's god awful contract which can only be seen as a win and those 2 second round picks could have value to be traded or could turn into some solid players. This is seen as a win for both teams but what is really does is make the Celtics the scariest team in the East. 

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NBA Header .png

2019 NBA Awards Complete List of Winners:


Kia NBA Most Valuable Player

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder, 28.7/9.5/8.8

Kia NBA Rookie of the Year

Zion Williamson, Boston Celtics, 22.4/9.4/4.5

Kia NBA Sixth Man Award

Serge Ibaka, Toronto Raptors, 11,7/7.7/1.2

Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, 27.7/11.5/5.8/1.6/2

Kia NBA Most Improved Player

Marvin Bagley lll, Sacramento Kings, 16.2/8.3/1  

NBA Coach of the Year

Mike D'Antoni, Houston Rockets, 55-27 Record 

All NBA 1st Team 

Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Lebron James, Nikola Jokic 

All NBA 2nd Team 

Ben Simmons, Damien Lillard, Paul George, Kevin Durant, Karl-Anthony Towns 

All NBA 3rd Team 

James Harden, Trae Young, Zion Willamson, Kawhi Leonard, Joel Embid 

Official NBA 2019-2020 Season Playoff Bracket 


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Bulls Header.png

Playoffs Game 1: Boston Celtics VS Chicago Bulls

Celtics Starting 5

PG: Terry Rozier III, SG: Bradley Beal, SF: Jayson Tatum, PF: Zion Willamson,C: Al Horford

Bulls Starting 5

PG: Ja Morant, SG: Zach Lavine, SF: Otto Porter, PF: Lauri Markkanen,C: Cristiano Felício

Due to an injury to Wendel Carter Jr Cristiano Felício would be the starting centre for the game. The Celtics would win the tip and it looked like they were set to dominate the game however some great player from the Bulls backcourt but after Morant got into foul trouble early it seemed over for the Bulls and the Celtics took the lead back and lead 27-23. The Bulls looked to Zach Lavine to save them again. 


AND HE WOULD START BY ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING AL HORFORD WITH A MONSTER DUNK! Following this, the tide would turn and at the end of first, the Bulls would have an unlikely lead. 

38-35 to Bulls 

It was a slow start in the second half for both teams but following Ja Morant coming back from foul trouble he started to destroy the Celtics hitting shot after shot after shot. Zion did do some work at the other end but an injured Terry Rozier was no match for Ja on defence and Ja ran through him easily before finishing for easy points. Thanks to Ja's incredible performance the Bulls had quite the lead at the end of the 1st half. 


Following the Bulls surprising lead after the first half the Celtics knew they had to bounce back and fast and Terry Rozier and Zion Willamson were the 2 men to do it and Rozier would lay dime after dime for Zion and the rest of the Celtics including Bradley Beal slowly began to play better after a poor 1st half. Despite the Celtics beginning to heat up the Bulls did not slow down as Aminu gave the Bulls some big points of the bench along with the great play from the Bulls backcourt as usual. Following all of this the score at the end of the third read.

122-112 to Bulls

The Celtics would begin a slight comeback in the 4th and would catch before the neither of the two teams would be able to break away from each other. The score would remain close all the way until the end and with only 1:30 left to go the Celtics would lead 152-149. Terry Rozier would then get past Morant and go for what he thought would be an easy lay-up but MORANT BLOCKS IT FROM BEHIND however Horford would get the rebound and go up for an easy bucket BUT FELICIO BLOCKS IT FROM BEHIND Huge defensive play from the Bulls. Now Lavine brings the ball up hits a step-back and DRAINS A HUGE 3 TO TIE IT 152-152. Rozier would now hand the ball to Tatum who would call for an iso and then DRAIN A SHOT WITH PORTER IN HIS FACE! Lavine would then sprint up the court and attempt a tough shot AND MISS IT. Now the power was in the Celtics hand as they would give the ball to Tatum who then ran down the clock so the Bulls would have little time to do anything, Tatum would then call for the same shot as last time but this time HE MISSES. The Bulls don't call a time out thinking they have more time than they do and chuck the ball up to Lavine to force up a 3 at the buzzer...



Final Score: 

Bulls win 155-154 

Top Performers:

Ja Morant 56 points 3 rebounds 13 assists

Zach Lavine 49 points 2 rebounds 10 assists 

Al-Farouq Aminu 12 points 4 rebounds 5 assists

Lauri Markkanen 11 points 14 rebounds 6 assists 2 steals 4 blocks 

Cristiano Felicio 5 points 13 rebounds 2 assists 7 blocks

Zion Willamson 33 Points 9 Rebounds 6 Assists

Terry Rozier III 20 Points 4 Rebounds 18 Assists






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First of all I think the ridiculous scoring numbers need to be addressed. Morant exploding for 56 points and Lavine having 49 himself and the Game Winner I have never seen anything like it, I guess this is what it will be like when people just stop playing defence. Anyway a bloody good win for the Bulls beating a very solid Celtics team got some good minutes from the Chief Al-Farouq Aminu off the bench which is a huge bonus when it comes to Playoff basketball. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the series plays out. Good work Ropati keep it up 

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Bulls Header.png

Boston Celtics VS Chicago Bulls: Fulls playoff series recap 

Not including game 1 however as there's post on that game. 

Game 2 (last one with massive scores): 

Many basketball fans around the world were saying that the Bulls winning game 1 vs this Celtics team was fluke and now the Celtics would go on to win this series in 5 but the Bulls quickly proved the haters wrong as they lead 38-32 at the end of the first quarter and then 76-60 at the end of the first as Lauri went off in the first half dropping 25 points, In the 2nd half the Bulls would continue to dominate in the third lead 107-84 to end it. However in the 4th the Celtics took over out of nowhere and with 30 second to go the Bulls only lead 139-137 and the Celtics trusted the rookie Zion with the ball and he missed his shot and Felico ending up getting sent to the line, where he would brick both of the free throws giving the Celtics one more chance to tie the game or win it. Yet again the Celts would go to Zion and yet again he'd miss his shot giving the Bulls the win 139-137.

Bulls win 139-137: Lead series 2-0 

Game 3:

The Bulls were motivated in this game to sweep the 1 seed and it showed as they lead 21-20 at the end of first and 47-43 at the end of the half with Ja Morant dropping 19 points and 5 assists. Kris Dunn also hyped the crowd hitting a 360 lay-up. In the third the Bulls would hold onto there lead 69-67 but it was clear this game was going down to the wire. At the end of the 4th it would be the Celtics who lead 98-96 and they put the ball in the hands of the main who failed to tie it for them in game 2, Zion Williamson. However this time Zion would hit his hook shot in the paint putting the Celtics up 100-96 with 5 seconds to go. The Bulls would inbound the ball to Lavine who was forced to take a tough shot which missed giving the Celtics the win 100-96. 

Celtics win 100-96: Down in series 2-1 

Game 4: 

Going into game 4 it was being called the game that decides the series as if the Bulls won it then they would most likely then go on and win the series but if the Celtics won then the series would be tied and many thought then they'd make the comeback. With both teams throwing everything they had at this game it was expected to be another close affair and to begin the game it was. As at the end of the first quarter the Celtics lead 30-24 and at the half the Bulls lead 62-55 with Ja having 22 points and Zipn having 16. But in the second half the Bulls tore the Celtics apart going up 96-77 and the domination continued in the 4th as the Bulls ending up winning the game 122-104 and going up 3-1 in the series. 

Bulls win 122-104: Lead series 3-1 

Game 5: 

Both teams came into game 5 ready for war and they both brought it on both ends and at the end of the first the scores were tied 25-25 and the end of 2nd the Bulls would establish a small lead of 5 points with the score reading 58-53 to the Bulls. In the third the Celtics would catch up tying up the scores 78-78 going into the 4th. The Celtics would give it everything they had in the 4th as they knew they had to keep there season alive and without 3 seconds to go they lead 109-107 with Rozier at the line. Rozier would in-fact go 1/2 at the line meaning the Bulls had a chance to send the game to overtime with a 3. It would have to be a catch and shoot 3 and the Bulls only had 1.5 seconds to get the shot off. They would inbound the ball to Lavine who managed to find some space off a screen and he fired the 3 at the buzzer...


AND HE HITS IT AND WE'RE GOING TO OVERTIME BABY. In overtime Lavine would keep his hot streak going as he would rack up 9 of the Bulls's 13 overtime points going into the last 40 seconds of overtime. Following Jaylen Brown missing a free throw at the line and only putting the Celtics up by 2 Lavine would come down and drive past Brown before finishing at the rim tying the score up 125-125. With only 4.7 seconds to go the Celtics knew they had to shoot something quick.so Rozier would quickly fire up a long 2 which missed but Jaylen Brown then fouled Lavine causing the Bulls to inbound the ball higher up the court and for the clock to stop with 1.7 seconds to go. The Ball would be thrown long to Lavine who would throw up a deep 3 at the buzzer... 


AND HE HITS IT! BULLS WIN, BULLS WIN THE SERIES THANKS TO ZACH LAVINE. In a absolute Miracle the young bulls who beat the 1 seed Boston Celtics in 5 games shocking the whole NBA. 

Bulls win 128-125: Bulls win the series 4-1 

Up next we will recap all of the first round match-ups to hype up the second round match-ups



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just posting results for this round next round as they'll be less matches i'll post full recaps like i did for the Bulls first round match-up 


#8 San Antonio Spurs beat #1 LA Lakers 4-1 


#5 Portland TrailBlazers beat #4 Oklahoma City Thunder 4-3 


#6 Golden State Warriors beat #3 LA Clippers 4-2 


#7 Memphis Grizzlies beat #2 Houston Rockets 4-3 


#4 Atlanta Hawks beat #5 Brooklyn Nets 4-3 


#3 Toronto Raptors beat #6 Milwaukee Bucks 4-2


#2 Philadelphia 76ers beat #7 Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0

Predictions for next round (winner of playoff predictions will help me with some offseason decisions).

#4 Atlanta Hawks vs #8 Chicago Bulls: How many games? 

#2 Philadelphia 76ers vs #3 Toronto Raptors: How many games?

#5 Portland Trailblazers vs #8 San Antonio Spurs: How many games? 

#6 Golden State Warriors vs #7 Memphis Grizzlies: How many games?



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