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The holy interview

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[ Carnage returns from commercial break hyping up the upcoming Power Trip Cup tournament as a new interviewer name Alice is running after Bulldozer who is seen walking to his car

Alice : Bulldozer!

[ Bulldozer Then turns around thinking it’s a fan who snuck backstage

Bulldozer : sorry kid I don’t do autographs anymore. 

Alice : No i’m not a rouge fan i’m Alice the new interviewer. 

Bulldozer : I see well I guess I can spare time for an interview. 

[ Bulldozer then closes the door to his car and leans against it

Alice : Well firstly thanks for your time Bulldozer and I have a few questions for you first of which what are your thoughts on Alex Costa’s recent remarks on you?

Bulldozer : Ah yes those remarks well you see I only called him out on what he was doing because unlike other people in this industry I care for the championships, so my problem was never his attitude with me it was his attitude with the nxt championship. 

Alice : I see well onto my second question you recently spoke of your time on the indies with Bob do you care to follow up on that story? 

Bulldozer : Actually yes thanks for asking you see Alice even tho they betrayed me I had every intention to return still their hero but on the drive there I realized the reason they never showed up to the hospital or sent get well soon cards, it’s because they loved my style and not me, they loved watching me risk my body and life for them and supporting their actions so that day on my return I stopped and sure when my music played they all cheered and chanted my name but they stopped real fast when I completely ignored them and proceeded to destroy another one of their heros. 

Alice : I see but surely they at least. 

[ Bulldozer then places his hand on Alice’s shoulder which surprises her enough to stop talking  ] 

Bulldozer : Alice look don’t worry i’m not gonna hurt you after all you are just doing your job and I respect that but those fans they don’t care about me, they don’t truly care for Bob, heck they probably don’t care for you either because they have no respect not for any of us or even for themselves. 

Alice : I don’t get it what makes you say that? 

Bulldozer : You see Alice while they have the right to voice their opinions about us because they pay for that right I also have the right to not care about their opinions, and to answer your question more directly name one time you’ve seen or heard of wrestling fans helping people. 

Alice : well come to think of it I haven’t. 

Bulldozer : Exactly that’s because they just don’t care. 

Alice : Oh my god you’re right, t-thank you for showing me the truth and for your time. 

Bulldozer : You’re welcome. 

[ Bulldozer Then opens the car door and gets in ] 

Alice : Um this is embarrassing but I actually had to take a taxi here do you mind driving me to the hotel? 

Bulldozer : I don’t mind hop in. 

[ Alice then opens the other door and gets in and closes the door and Bulldozer closes his and then proceeds to drive off ending this segment

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