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We are live here on Carnage as the cameras go backstage to see one of BPZ's many forgettable and personality lacking excuses of an interviewer approaching Buddy Ace while he is sitting in a hallway. 


"Excuse me Mr. Ace, would you mind giving the BPZ Universe some words about everything that has gone on with you these past few weeks?"


"Could you be more specific?"


"Well on the Carnage after World at War you gave a speech and showed an emotional side that we really haven't ever seen from you. You mentioned possibly quitting the company and with the way you walked out it seemed like you might really choose that option. That clearly was not the case as the next week you attacked Maasa before hugging it out in the ring with MARKER. What exactly led to that, as the two of you have had---"


"Okay, okay, I get it. First off, it wasn't just the company I was wanting to leave, it was the business as a whole. The few short years that I have had as a professional wrestler have taken both a physical and mental toll on me. I have continued to put myself through the grinder all for nothing. My hard work was ot paying off. In the months before World at War I was already doubting my place here but my performance in that ladder match felt like the last failure I could handle. When I first arrived the talent pool was a bit shallow which made it easy for me at first. Suddenly it was like the ocean's tides had risen and I was struggling to stay afloat. I was tired of all the pain and failure so when I went out there I meant every word I said. It all came straight from my broken heart. Fully intent on leaving for good I stormed off and was on my way to my car when I bumped into noneother than MARKER. After having made myself so vulnerable he was the last person I wanted to see. I was expecting him to gloat or something but that wasn't the case. While I won't give the full details of our conversation as that is personal I will tell you that he and I put aside our differences and made up. That talk made me think that maybe leaving wasn't the right choice. Sure, I went through some failure, but the ultimate failure would have been to outright quit. When I made it home I used the couple days I had to really reflect on myself and I felt like I owed it to myself not to give up on a dream. Even if I ain't got a rocket strapped to my back I'll keep moving up at my own pace. Well then I was backstage the next week and saw what was going down with Maasa so I went down there to help a friend. It meant a lot to me for MARKER to forgive me after everything so I hope to repay him."


"At the most recent event Backlash you had yet another failing effort in an attempt to win the United States Championship so what could be next for you?"


"That is always the question...what is next? To be honest I have no idea. This is a rebuilding period for Buddy Ace. I've made some very foolish mistakes that have stunted my growth here but I need to learn from them if I want to make any progress in my career. I'm willing to take things slow and simplify focus on improving my skills because there is no point in rushing right into failure again. With the current level of skill in BPZ being what it is I'm not even good enough to fill the numbers so I have a lot of work ahead of me. While recently I had lost faith in myself I think that given the right amount of time I can get back on track. Like I said, I'll move at my own pace. I'll just have to be patient is all."


"Thank you for your time Mr. Ace."



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