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Dark Angel

The SSW Club Destroys Everything In Their Path

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Carnage returns from commercial break and jumps to the ring and sees Mave Deltzer coming out and looking at someone. And here comes The SSW Club coming to the ring and attacking a ring announcer, a few commentators, and the timekeeper. They're also destroying the ring and the stage at the same time.

After they're finished, Mave has the microphone and has a few words.

"BPZ Wrestling, this is just a sample of what’s going to happen to anyone who gets in our way. If you don't get what we want, this destruction isn't the only thing we'll destroy. We'll destroy this company one thing at a time."

Mave and The SSW Club do their taunt and walks out of the ring.


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The SSW Club are walking towards the ramp but suddenly they are stopped as Alex Costa's music hits


Alex is not looking too amused at what he sees and as the music dies down, he stands on top of the ramp and addresses the members of the SSW Club

Alex Costa: You five idiots must be very pleased with yourselves, heh? Attacking people unnoticed, thinking you are all hotshots when the reality is, you all are a bunch of nobodies.

Crowd cheers

Now, I couldn't stand in the back and watch you idiots make a mockery of this company and this business any longer.

Crowd cheers again

So here is what I propose, you five idiots against me and four partners of my choosing in a match at the upcoming PTC Finals.

Crowd cheers

Do you accept or not is the question?

Alex waits for an answer from whoever is in charge of SSW Club

Edited by Alex Costa

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[ Bulldozer steps up Alex Costa

Let me make one thing perfectly clear while I may not be in charge of SSW Club I believe I can safely say you and your career are better off picking a different fight because this was just a message to management. 

[ the crowd then boos heavily

Another thing don’t go around holding yourself on this big high pedestal because it wasn’t too long ago that you scooped to much worse lengths than what we just did to prove a point so you may have these people fooled but not me. 

[ Bulldozer then smirks and and dares Alex Costa to take a swing at him

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11 minutes ago, CodyCage said:

Yo can I have a cheeseburger and a mcflurry, oh yeah and also a small strawberry milkshake

I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.

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