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[ Carnage returns from commercial break as we see Bulldozer sitting all by himself backstage in a dark room lit only with a gathering of candles Bulldozer then looks up at the camera which he apparently grabbed from an equipment box

Destiny truly something that people never completely understand and very few even realize what their destiny is and even fewer accomplish it. 

[ Bulldozer then blows out one of the candles

However one man has learned of his destiny and that man is Bob “ the bomb “ Sparks. 

[ the fans can be heard cheering at the mention of Bob’s name

You see Bob’s destiny is simple come here suck up to management and the fans and get endless opportunities but what he doesn’t understand is that i’m the one who stands in destiny’s way i’m the one who breaks destiny into pieces and i’ll do the same thing to him. 

[ Bulldozer then blows out another candle

You see unlike Bob I wasn’t destined to be here in BPZ but I beat my so called destiny and made it bend to me now I control my own destiny and i’ll control Bob’s at Mayhem along with the other foolish challengers for the NXT championship sparing only my good friends in SSW Club. 

[ Bulldozer then chuckles to himself before blowing out yet another candle

The same thing shall also happen to the worthless loser Dikey at the PTC Finals but here isn’t like Bob he doesn’t have a big grand destiny laid out for him just like I used to be but unlike me he fails to see to that and he shall suffer for it. 

[ Bulldozer blows out yet another candle

For you see BPZ universe when it comes to Bob you may have picked him to be your new so called hero but I see the truth he’s just the shiny new toy and once I break him into pieces at Mayhem you’ll just throw him aside with all the other broken toys just like you did me on the indies. 

[ Bulldozer then smiles before blowing out a candle with a plate next to reading “ the fan’s hopes and dreams “ while Bulldozer clearly enjoys this action ] 

Now I feel I should make something clear I harbor no ill will towards Bob as he is only doing what his destiny tells him to do like the obedient mindless sheep he is and just like you all are that’s why you resonate with him but because of that connection is why I must make him suffer why I must break him into pieces and why I must win the NXT championship. 

[ Bulldozer then blows out yet another candles this time tho slower as the light from the candles shows a picture of Bob giving a fan an autograph

Yes that’s correct I am only doing this because it’s what I must do and while I do control destiny as I have since I recovered from my injury on the indies I also have a mission to complete and that mission is to tear everything you pathetic so called fans love down to the ground and watch your collective faces as you have no choice but to watch on in horror at what I do to each and every single so called hero to you and Bob is just simply the next name on that list. 

[ Bulldozer then then blows out another candle that sat next to the door

That’s right I’m not here to entertain you or be your hero i’m here to crush your hopes and dreams BPZ universe because unlike Bob my original destiny never had this for me but i’m in control of my destiny and I have made it my new destiny to destroy your heros and at Mayhem I take control of Bob’s destiny as well. 

[ Bulldozer then Blows our the last candles temporarily leaving the room in complete darkness until Bulldozer opens the door to find Alice standing there waiting for him

Alice : come on Bulldozer hurry up! 

Bulldozer : Don’t worry Alice I didn’t forget schedule to train with SSW Club, now why don’t you go find some worthless loser like Dikey to interview after all he probably doesn’t get much attention from women. 

[ Alice then laughs and nods in agreement and walks off as does Bulldozer but not before closing the door leaving the camera in darkness


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