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More alike than you think

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Then we hear Bob’s music and sure enough here he comes. He comes out shaking his head. He almost begins to speak then closes his eyes and then re opens them and then shakes his head in disapproval again as he sees Bulldozer in the ring.


[He then laughs and begins to speak]

Really we are doing this again. But I mean if you really like being buried that much good for you man. I mean what else is there to say about you I already proved your a shit wrestler, a shit person, and have the least amount of potential than anyone in this business. Oh yeah then there was the whole thing were I smashed the hell out of your girl. But I know that is a sensitive subject for you since you were never able to go all the way so will just move on from that for now. So what which of your flaws can I point out today? Hmmm… maybe that your spotlight seems to get dimmer and dimmer every week cause they are slowly cutting it out of the budget, or maybe I could talk about how many wrestlers Alice has been rammed by this week, or maybe just maybe I can tell you how we are not even close to the same person in the ring and outside of the ring. Yeah let’s go with that last one see if I can finally put you down like the bitch you are this time.

[We then see Bob laugh as the crowd cheers him on]

Okay so you are not even a man compared to the likes of me to begin with. See I am the type of guy that can actually get the job done unlike you Bulldozer. I get it done inside of the ring which I have proven over the past weeks. But also I mean we all know I get the job done outside of the ring that's for damn sure. Isn’t that right Alice you’re clearly not out here with Bulldozer so I am guessing your backstage looking for a guy who can please you like I can but guess what you ain’t ever gonna find it sweetheart. Cause let’s just say I’m a big boy and with a big man like myself I come with a big present down under.

[Bob then winks at the camera and smiles as he turns his attention back to Bulldozer]

So bitch boy I find it real funny you call out the one guy you know will bury you when we talk like this in front of all this wonderful people. Then you want me to go into a even more savage state of mind by unleashing my inner darkness. Well just so you know my demons ain't like your Walmart version Mave in the SSW Club. Speaking of SSW Club is that even a thing anymore or did that fall apart like we all thought it would. Back to Mave though I mean the guy made his voice a bit deeper put some facepaint on and said he was a demon you think I am afraid of that. My demons are from the deepest darkest pits of hell compared to that Kiddie Show PG shit. If I were to unleash my demons on you alot more than your ACL would be torn believe that.

[Bob then looks at his watch and looks surprised]

Oh well look at the time, I have to go you know big money endorsement deal to sign on. Oh wait yeah you don’t know. See this is the stuff that happens when you are actually relevant in this business unlike yourself. So my family, I leave the rest up to you. I know y'all can handle this scrawny little boy like it’s nothing. So all of you have a good night. I am sure I will see you all soon.


[Bob then drops the mic and walks backstage as the crowd levels Bulldozer with thunderous boos]


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[ Bulldozer waits for the crowd to calm down

Oh Bob why am I not surprised you continue to be in denial however make no mistake Bob for I see the real you and recently you spoke of what you’re going to do to Bic and when you approached the casket with the statue of Bic in that church well let me make one thing clear Bob I saw the look in your eyes when you stared at that casket and Bob that was the look of satisfaction and enjoyment. 

[ the crowd then boo Bulldozer more as they don’t want to believe it’s true

You see Bob these people much like you are in denial and that’s ok because at Mayhem if Bic doesn’t expose the monster you truly are then I will and my holy light will cleanse the NXT championship and this entire division, but what happens when these people see the monster you truly are i’ll tell you what happens because it’s already happened to me they will turn on you because they are nothing but fickle. 

[ the crowd then erupt into even more and louder boos but this doesn’t phase Bulldozer

Make no mistake Bob I see the monster in you and I respect the desire that said monster has and I respect your power and you would make an elite level security or body guard but with that being said at Mayhem two sayings will be proven true yet again and those two sayings are firstly speed kills, and secondly there is a monster that lays dormant in us all and it’s up to us to let it free. 

[ the crowd continues to boo Bulldozer who is still unphased by it all

So Bob if you truly want any real chance at stealing what is rightfully mine you’ll have no choice but to set your monster free and if you don’t then i’ll just take what I should have won at BPZ Mania and that’s the NXT championship. 

[ Bulldozer then smirks as the crowd boo even more

Oh and speaking of which at BPZ Mania Hans, you got lucky I lost focus because we all know at BPZ Mania it should’ve been me that won not you do you understand me Hans?  

It should’ve been me! 

[ Bulldozer then does his signature pose in the ring before getting out of it and walking backstage as the crowd shower him in boos despite him showing it not effecting him at all as he is completely focused on the battle royal ] 



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