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"The Crippler" Jay


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After the commercial break, right on cue, the opening notes to "Ten Thousand Fists" by Disturbed ring throughout the arena and the lights dance around the crowd. When the drums hit, the arena lights flash alternating colors of red and blue and the crowd gets pumped as they haven't heard this entrance music in a long time and recognize who it belongs to.


Everyone stares at the entrance awaiting the arrival of Kirk "The Fist" Kelly.

The music continues to play but no one appears. The feeling that this may be a false alarm starts to set in when suddenly ...

The music cuts and the music video is replaced with a closeup of someone's hands wrapped tightly in tape. One hand makes a fist and slams into the opposite palm. The camera pans up to the face that the fists belong to ... Kirk Kelly.

"I was listening to you run your mouth, Crippler, and I just couldn't sit back and listen anymore. You know, it seems you and I have a few things in common: we both come from a boxing background and we both have had a knee injury that has sidelined us from wrestling for some time."

The camera quickly pans through the audience, capturing an audience who is hanging onto every word of The Fist.

"But, that's about where our similarities end. The difference between you and me is much more abundantly clear. You're a jobber. One of the problems in BPZ that I've been talking about the last few weeks. You come out here and act all entitled ... like you're owed a title shot. Like folks are just supposed to bow down to you and give you what you want. Well, I've got something for you, Crippler. But, it's not an NXT title ... it's a size 12 boot that's going to go straight up your sorry ass!"

The remarks get a big pop from the crowd.

"You talk about how dangerous you are. You talk about how you don't care what lengths you have to go to, and you don't even care if you get injured? That just proves how stupid you really are, Crippler. But don't you worry one bit! The Fist can help you with all of those things and give you exactly what you're asking for. It would be my pleasure to take that injured knee of yours and put it out of commission for good. Then, maybe, the rest of these people and I won't have to hear you run your pathetic little mouth."

The camera pans back and we notice a leather speed bag hanging next to Kirk. Kirk takes aim and delivers a devastating punch to the bag, causing it to fly off of the swivel holding it in place.

"Or maybe I should just break your face and truly make you crippled. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone that runs their mouth, saying dumb shit such as 'it will take somebody prying that belt off my cold, dead hands to take it from me' when they don't even have a f***ing belt to defend. You're pathetic Crippler. And you need to be put ... in your place."

Kirk walks off frame and his theme music begins to play again, inciting the crowd to cheer loudly.


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