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The camera cuts backstage to an interview with BrendenPlayz who responds to the comments made from Royal Flush.

Well here we go again, more people complaining about things around here. This time it's the classic line that we've been hearing for months; "ran by old people". You know why that is Sheridan? It's because people like you have never had what it takes to step up and take their spot. You've been here for a full year. You've done........ Uhhh.... Yeah. Nothing. So don't complain about "old" people dominating the scene when the young and upcomers can't get it done. You're meant to take our spots, we've earned them. If you want the brass ring, go and take it. All you do is sit a home twiddling your thumbs and crying to anyone who will listen to your garbage about how unfairly treated you are. But aren't you getting a tag team title shot after what? One win? You're getting pushed into a high profile match with a partner that probably can't even remember your name most days. I would say you're being pretty well looked after.

But you know what's even funnier? You're complaining about old guys hogging the spot light when your partner is exactly that. A guy that hasn't been relevant for 2 years whose trying to hang onto any sort of respect that the three people that care about him have. He got into the hall of fame finally, it only took him 4 years longer than most. I've got respect for Jonathan, because at least he has earned his way to the top. He won his championships and main evented shows because he deserved to. He's a star for this company. I admire him and will forever respect him as a competitor. But I can't respect the fact that you two parade about wanting change in this company when you're no better than the people in the current position. 

I may be in and out of the office, I may not be able to be here as much as I want. But honey, let me tell you this. I still got plenty of ass kickings to give. I still got plenty in the tank. You see, I'm well rested. I'm not in this ring taking bumps for $100. I'm writing your cheques and while you continue to try and beg for a reaction every night. I'm healing my body, I'm training behind the scenes and I'm getting ready to defend these championships with one of the greatest competitors this company has and will ever have in Sameer.

We're old, but we're wise. We've seen this trick before. If you think for a second that we're intimidated, scared or worried about this well think again. Because as far as I'm concerned, you're better off cashing all your chips because this is a fight you can't win. Get out while you can, or feel free to fold in the heat of the battle and lose it all. The choice is yours. We're ready.

The screen fades to black and cuts to a commercial.

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