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Dark Angel

Mave Is Relentless To Win The NXT Championship

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Welcome back to the show, and coming out now is Mave Deltzer, who is relentless to win the NXT Championship. If you didn't know, Mave is one of the participants in this multiman match for the NXT Title at Mayhem. Mave has the microphone and let's listen in on what he has to say.

"At Mayhem, I will show why I am the most demonic athlete in all of professional wrestling, and sports entertainment today!! I will destroy anything, or anyone that gets in the way of my path of destruction, and I don’t care who I offend!! Because understand that I am the most unhinged, heartless, and relentless being on the face of God’s green earth!! I am also like the Viet Cong, because that is how relentless I am, and that means I will never, EVER, give up until I get what I want, and that is NXT Championship of the World!!"

Mave walks out of the ring.


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[Mave is walking up the ramp when we hear Bob “the bomb” Sparks music hit]


[We see Bob walk out eating a cheeseburger and holding a red solo cup]

Woah hold on there a second where do you think you’re going you satanic wanna be. You really think I’m going to let you talk about the Viet Cong like that in front of all these veterans especially on a day like today. It’s memorial day. We are all just trying to have a good time eating some burgers and hot dogs while watching some BPZ wrestling and here you come along to ruin it. Now I am not gonna stand by and you run your mouth acting all tough and shit when you are really the lowest of the low in this entire company.

[Bob then laughs at Mave as he throws the rest of his burger at him]

You might think you're whole new attitude you have got going on is really cool and this people really dig it. But why don’t you go take a bath so we can see the pathetic man that lies under all the paint. So you want to disrespect America in front of all the vets here tonight. Well why don’t you let him know how this works.

[Bob holds his mic up to the crowd as they chant U.S.A]

USA the greatest country in the world. Too bad we have to share it with people like you Mave cause you're the type that drags this country down. Your also the type that makes NXT seem like a laughing stock you and your buddy Bulldozer are really hurting some of us that actually work are asses of and don’t rub on some paint and act like we pretend that we know how to wrestle like you Mave. So Mave I’ll let you try and make a comeback to defend yourself but if you try and disrespect America again I am gonna walk down there and kick your ass.

[Bob waits at the top of the stage to see Mave’s response]


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YOU hold on a minute, you fat f**k. You think that I'm the type that makes NXT seem like a laughing stock? Well, guess again. I have a new manager in Akki and with him by my side, we'll rule NXT and there's nothing that you (and everyone else) can do about it. And you say that you want to kick my ass? Well, bring in on!

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We then see Bob run at Mave looking for a clothesline, Mave ducks under though as he delivers multiple kicks to Bob’s knees and one to his face. Bob is barely affected though as the kicks just seem to have pissed him off even further. Bob then grabs Mave by the throat and chokeslams him on the ramp.


Bob laughs at Mave as he goes to walk up the stage turning around but we see Mave pop up and hits Bob with a low blow as he is high fiving a fan. Mave then begins to deliver some furious kicks including one huge kick to Bob’s head as Bob seems to be on the verge of passing out.


But the crowd starts chanting Bob and Bob hears this as he grabs Mave’s next kick. Then pushes Mave to the ground. We see Bob drag Mave up the ramp then picking up Mave as he seems to be looking for a Bob Bomb off the stage. Bob goes to deliver the move but Akki comes up from behind and hits Bob in the back off the head with a big punch. Bob then turns around to face Akki but security swarms in before Bob do anything. We see Akki grab Mave and hurry backstage as Bob is being swarmed with security.



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 Jack Bishop walks on to the stage and sits down cross-legged on the stage. He looks at the carnage happening in disgust before lifting the mic to his mouth.

” Are you kidding me? After all this division has gone through, after all the changes and the resurgences, we’re still stuck in this horrible, stupid unchecked era of attacking each other without warrant. I’m the best in this damn division, but I’ve been held back by backstage politics and corporate bullshit my entire time here. But, honestly? Maybe I should be thankful. Because now, now that I’ve been pushed down, buried, never given any opportunities it’s made me hungry. It’s made me starving. I have a stronger drive than anyone in the NXT Championship match. And you know what? I have nothing to lose. And that makes me dangerous. Very dangerous. Now, you two better figure out whatever the hell this brawling shit is, and Mave, you better figure out how to cut a damn promo before Mayhem, because if not, you both are going to get what you have coming.”

Jack walks to the back before Mave or Bob can get a word in, and the camera fades to black.


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