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Summer Of Punk: The Rise Of The Voice

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WWE in 2011 has birthed one of the greatest and most organic runs in WWE history. After a failed run with the New Nexus, CM Punk became Number One Contender for the WWE Championship as he faces John Cena at Money In The Bank in Chicago, his home town. This, was the slow steps to a new era of wrestling. Weeks of telling the crowd that he was leaving Chicago and the WWE with the WWE Championship, as his contract ended midnight after Money In The Bank, and then dropped the Infamous Pipebomb, CM Punk was slowly transitioning from the evil villain to the beloved hero. Next up, was Money In The Bank. 


CM Punk defeated Cena in a amazing classic five star match up to win his first WWE Championship. A few weeks later, John Cena became WWE Champion after defeating Rey Mysterio for the title, which prompted the return on the Straight Edge Champion. Now the stage is set. SummerSlam. John Cena vs CM Punk. WWE Champion vs WWE Champion. Who's walking away with the Gold?


[This diary is how I would of booked the Summer Of Punk and his entire World Championship reign, including doing some of the things that Punk should of done in his title reign. Thank you for reading if you have and let's have fun with this!]

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SummerSlam 2011: John Cena (c) vs CM Punk (c): Undisputed WWE Championship  


The match was amazing, not as good as their Money In The Bank match, but amazing non the less. CM Punk would win the match at 27:49 via a GTS, but had controversy as Cena's foot was on the rope and the special guest referee, Triple H, didn't see it. After the match, Triple H goes to raise the hand of the winner, but CM Punk brushes it off and celebrates. Then, when Punk gets off the middle rope, he is met by a Pedigree, by Triple H. Hunter, stares down at the fallen WWE Champion before Cena runs back in and chases off Triple H. Suddenly, when things look all good...


CENA PUT PUNK IN THE STF!!!! CENA IS CHOKING OUT THE WWE CHAMPION!! WHY JOHN?!? WHY?!? Cena let's go, looking down at the defenseless CM Punk before exiting the ring. 

Here comes the Raw Money In The Bank winner, Alberto Del Rio! He's cashing in! The ref rings the Bell and Del Rio covers but Punk kicks out at two with a thunderous pop, shocking Del Rio. Del Rio waits in the corner then BAM! A superkick dropping Punk long enough for the three count! Punk then was helped to the back, as the fans in the arena chanted "CM PUNK!" as loud as they could. The Straight Edge Superstar became the Straight Edge Hero tonight. 

The next night on Raw, he challenged Cena and Triple H to come out and explain their actions, which both men come out and do. They say that all the work they put in, the blood, sweat and tears and some Indy darling comes in, makes ridiculous demands and act like he owns the place. Then, Triple H announced a match tonight, Cena vs Punk and winner faces Del Rio at Night Of Champions.


Another good match, with Cena brutally throwing Punk into steel steps and the ring siding, but Punk fought back and fought hard. Punk hit the GTS, sending Cena out of the ring, and the ref went to check on him, giving Triple H time to sneak in and hit a Pedigree on CM Punk before sneaking out. Cena recovered and entered the ring, hitting a Attitude Adjustment on Punk for the win. 

The following week, Punk stated he was sick of the crap and wanted Triple H to come out to the ring, which he does. CM Punk then threw a challenge for Night Of Champions at Triple H, with his stipulation that if Punk wins, he faces the winner of Cena vs Del Rio at the next payperview event. Triple H says he'll accept if Punk puts his WWE career on the line, which he accepted. Night Of Champions will have it's main event, CM Punk, Voice Of The Voiceless against Triple H, The King Of Kings, WWE Championship Shot vs Career.  


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Night Of Champions 2011: Triple H vs CM Punk: Championship Match vs Career


Chairs, tables, chains, sledgehammer, and ladders. Oh my! The match goes for 22:30 before CM Punk made a bloodied COO tap out with the Anaconda Vice, not only saving his job, but also receives a WWE Championship match at Hell In A Cell against the winner, John Cena. The next night on Raw, Cena was bragging about his win against Del Rio when Punk's theme song played, but CM Punk came from the crowd and entered the ring and hit a GTS on Cena. 


Later that night, Triple H made a match for next week on All Star night. Non title John Cena vs CM Punk. 


Decent match up with both men hitting big moves early on in this ten minute match up before Del Rio runs down and takes out both men and raised up the WWE Championship. The next week Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo on Cena and Punk and demands to in the title match at Hell In A Cell. Following that is John Cena, then CM Punk which had both guys not only destroy Del Rio but then take shots at each other till The COO comes out and adds Del Rio to the match, making it a triple threat match for the WWE Championship inside the dangerous Hell In A Cell structure. 

Punk's second time inside Hell In A Cell. While he be able to regain the WWE Championship he was robbed of? Will Cena retain? Or will Del Rio cement his destiny and become a two time WWE Champion?  

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Hell In A Cell: John Cena (c) vs Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk: Triple Threat Hell In A Cell WWE Championship


While the two heels team up on the Straight Edge Hero, he uses a equalizer known as a steel chair to take down both men. In this 23:10 cell match, Punk was going for the kill on Del Rio with a GTS when the lights out in the arena. After a few minutes of pitch blackness, the lights come on as a masked man is in the ring behind Punk, who pulls Del Rio down then spins Punk around and- A RKO?!?! CAN IT BE?!? NO WAY!!! 


IT'S RANDY ORTON!!! The Man who lost the World Heavyweight Championship earlier that night to Mark Henry inside the Cell match! He then sees Del Rio before lifting him up and tossing him out of the ring. He went outside the ring and threw Cena into the ring before... Helping him up? Cena and Orton look down at Punk before Cena lift the Straight Edge Superstar up and whips him into the ropes and catches him in a fallway slam position before tossing him up in the air and Orton catching him with a RKO. 


Cena then covered Punk and retained Championship before both men hold each other's arms up. The next night on Raw, Cena and Orton gave a quick promo explaining how both are associated with Hunter after all their history, which involves being treated like garbage by these WWE fans, and they are sick of emo freaks getting over for no reason. Orton then said that if Punk wants a number one contender match for Cena's title, he'll have to beat Orton tonight. 

The match goes for fifteen minutes in the second to last match up of the night as CM Punk gets beaten down. Thrown in steps, spammed on the padding on the outside, back suplex on the announcers table, and so on. But Punk manages to reserve Orton trying to throw him in the ring post by throwing Orton skull first into the post and got inside the ring as the referee hits ten as Punk laid down in the ring tired and sore. No time for waste as Triple H announced the next match is the Number One Contender match for the WWE Championship at Vengeance. Del Rio runs down and hits a superkick on Punk and secures a easy win. At Vengeance, Punk and Orton were set to face again, this time in a No Disqualification match. 


Both men start beating the hell out of each other for the next 20 minutes until Punk hit a GTS on Orton, getting the win via pinfall. The next night, new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio brags until Punk comes out and says he never gotten his one on one rematch. Weeks and weeks of having to beat superstars, Punk got tired of it and confronted Del Rio, kicking him in the skull then locking in the Anaconda Vice, forcing Del Rio to agree to the match. Now it's set. CM Punk against WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series. Can CM Punk finally regain the WWE Championship he was screwed of? Or will Triple H have another trick up his sleeve and help Del Rio retain the WWE Championship?

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Survivor Series 2011: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio (c): WWE Championship


After 15:30 minutes of a good pace match, Punk regains the WWE Championship after forcing Del Rio to tap out, becoming a two time WWE Champion and five time World Champion in WWE. He runs and jumps into the crowd to celebrate.


The next night on Raw, Punk is out and thanks the fans for their support, before Triple H comes and says that Punk defends against Del Rio in his rematch. That night Punk successfully retains the Championship via a GTS. John Cena runs out and beats him down, before Triple H announced that Punk must defend the WWE Championship against Mark Henry next week. The next week, Punk retained after getting counted out via Mark Henry hitting a World Strongest Slam on the floor. Earlier Miz and Del Rio won two Number One Contender matches to become contenders at TLC.

The next week, it's a contract signing as after, Miz throws Del Rio over the top rope through a table and Punk kicked Miz onto a table and hit a elbow off the top through the table. It's now set. Triple Threat TLC match. Who will walk out WWE Champion?

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TLC 2011: CM Punk (c) vs The Mix vs Alberto Del Rio: Triple Threat TLC match for the WWE Championship


The 21:10 minute TLC match up saw many great moments, like Punk going for a Suicide Dive with Miz whacking a steel chair at his head, Miz getting superkicked off the top rope by Del Rio through a table, and all three men climbing the ladder before the ladder fell to the side and all men tumbled to the outside. Punk wins after pushing Miz off the ladder causing him to fall into Del Rio sending them through the table and Punk grabbed the title and retained. 

The next night, Triple H announced the next four weeks that well have two triple threats and the final one to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Ziggler, Miz, and Del Rio win their matches before facing off in a last triple threat match, with Ziggler winning and goes to challenge Punk at the Rumble. The last week before the Rumble, Punk teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on their challengers, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry. Ziggler won the match by pinning Punk after a Zig Zag. 


Royal Rumble 2012: CM Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler: WWE Championship

Great match between the two before CM Punk wins via pinfall after a GTS at 16:50 before celebrating. The winner of the Royal Rumble match, Chris Jericho the next night told CM Punk that he was added to the Elimination Chamber match because of Triple H, and that if Chris wins the WWE Championship in the Chamber match up, Punk gets Jericho's title shot at WrestleMania, to show no unfairness. Over the next few weeks we had men enter the Chamber, and the match was set, Punk, Jericho, Ziggler, Kingston, Miz, Truth. 


Elimination Chamber 2012: CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth: Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship

Great chamber matches, one of the best ever. During the match, Punk kicked Jericho against the head and sent him flying out the Chamber and was cleared unable to finish the match. At 35 minutes, Punk forced Kofi to tap out with the Anaconda Vice and retain the Championship. The next night, after Punk defeated Ziggler in a non title match, Jericho came out and attacked Punk, hitting him with a Codebreaker before talking about Punk's sister how she is a druggie and would "do anything" for another hit. The following week Jericho then mentioned Punk's dad as a drunk, who was very violent as a drunk, and lastly mentioning his mother, who had Punk before she got married, making him a bastard. This sends Punk over the age and he beats down Christian, which injures him and takes him our till late 2013. 

Punk and Jericho, or The Rock and Cena? Punk faced Cena in a one on one match where their match was the main event. Punk rolled Cena up at 25:10 to gain the main event spot for Maina, but will he manage to retain his title against Jericho? Will he be the Best In The World then? 

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WrestleMania 28: CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho: WWE Championship


The main event of WWE WrestleMania 28. Trying to compare to Triple H vs Undertaker in Hell In A Cell End Of A Era then John Cena vs The Rock in Once In A Life Time Will be difficult, but these two end up putting on the best wrestling match of the night. After 28:10, CM Punk hit the GTS into Anaconda Vice combination to make Punk tap out. 

After their match up, Chris Jericho made this even more personal. He invited Punk to the ring and he apologized to Punk. The two then shake hands but Jericho hit Pink with a Codebreaker. He then pulls handcuffs from his pocket and handcuffs Punk to the ropes. Chris looks on the outside and exits the ring before dragging Punk's father over the barricade and locking in the Walls Of Jericho as Punk watches on screaming at Jericho. 

Over the next few weeks, CM Punk has called out Chris Jericho but Jericho only showed up on the titantron, angering Punk more. The stages were set for a rematch. Extreme Rules. Chicago Street Fight. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. 

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