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The Holy Place

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The screen fades in and reveals Dikey who is kneeling down on some steps.  He is murmuring to himself with his hands together in front of his face.  He makes a cross on his chest with his hand and finally looks up.  He repositions himself on the steps so that he is sitting facing outward.

Hello there.  I hope you don't mind, but I need to keep my voice down.  Welcome to my place of atonement, or a church, as many of you may call it.  I come here often as of late, many times a week as a matter of fact.  And I come for two reasons and two reasons only.  Firstly, I come to atone for my sins.  In my past, I was a different man.  A man who simply did not make good choices.  I was a man who acted out of the good for himself and nothing else.  And where did that get me? Nowhere.  I am proud to say that today I recognize that.  I even opened up this place to others, so they can also reflect on who they are and improve themselves.

Dikey sweeps his arm around the building, and the camera shows that there are around 10 other people with their heads down, murmuring.

Ah, it's beautiful.  But the main reason I brought you all here today is to ask a question.  Do you all forgive me? I would truly hate if you all thought down upon me.  I promise that I am a new man and that I've changed drastically.  No more fighting the law, no more graveyards, no more lighting things aflame.  It is now just me, a humbled man who is asking for forgiveness.  So please, accept my apology, it would mean a lot. As for my second reason, I come here to pray to a higher figure.  I pray for good things to happen in this world, for change.  I pray that we may all live in peace and all the fighting will stop.  Well, not all the fighting.  I'd very much like to keep my job as a wrestler, but you get the point.  But I also pray for good things in my life.  I pray that I will have a long and successful career.  That I will keep this same passion I have for entertaining you all till the day I die.  That I win the NXT championship at Mayhem.  All of these things are essential to me, and I would like the best of odds of them coming true.  And before you ask, I don't need to pray to beat Bulldozer, all of that comes naturally, no luck needed.  But I'll keep that negativity to myself, this place is a holy place in which everything is positive.  Thank you all for listening, but I'm afraid I must return to my worship.

Dikey turns away from the camera and once again kneels down, closes his eyes, and begins to murmur a prayer which blends in with the monotone of the other murmurs.  The camera raises up above Dikey's head to reveal what everyone is praying to.  It is a large marble statue of Dikey holding the NXT championship over his head and him with his foot right on the chest of a fallen statue of what seems to be Bulldozer.  The camera cuts to black, but the murmur of the prayers are still heard well after.

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