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“Ace”: A BPZ Exclusive Interview

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The camera focuses on Josh Trenton, shooting over the shoulder of the subject of this interview, “The Ace” Jonathan Kerse. Josh welcomes us to another exclusive BPZ Interview with the man slotted to face off against the Intercontinental Champion, Julius, in the Power Trip Cup Semifinals as well as take on the Tag Team Champions, The Big Ballers, alongside Royal Flush partner, Sheridan.

The camera cuts to a relaxed Jonathan, who thanks Josh with a gracious smile, extending courtesy before the interview officially gets underway. Trenton poses the first question. 


Josh Trenton: You’ve noted a fair amount of history between you and Julius set to culminate in this match, and this match is as personal as any match you’ve ever participated in. How has preparation for your match against Julius been different than any other match?

“I’ve never gone into a match expecting to fail, I train every time to win plain and simple and allow myself to get into the cliched “Kill Mode”. I’ve pushed past that, the unique motivation I’ve been presented with has forced me to work more, wanting to not just be satisfied with victory, but continue to be a dominant force, I’m here to exact vengeance, just winning won’t be enough. I’m as focused as possible, I know what I have to do tonight.” 

Josh Trenton: With other matches in mind, how do you plan to participate in two matches this evening, with your impending tag title match?

“Luckily for me, I’ve been gifted the most capable partner I could ever desire, I know that I can lean on her when it comes to this tag match, but I won’t hesitate to put everything on the line to realize the dreams that the two of us share. Brenden and Sameer are capable, but I know that the pairing of Sheridan and myself are more than willing and able to take the titles they have around their waist.”

Jonathan finishes with a smile, reassured in his words. He leans back in his chair, getting comfortable as the interview continues, Josh looking through his journal before finding another question to ask.

Josh Trenton: This confidence you exude, it’s a far cry from the heroic Jonathan that you were formerly. How has this new attitude affected your resurgence?

“It’s allowed me to recognize exactly how good I am. I desired recognition from everybody I shared air with. I allowed other people to influence what I believed I could accomplish. It was an idiotic mindset, I rectified it. I’m the one of the best person to step into this company and don’t give a damn whether people feel like agreeing to that statement.”

A pause ensues after the answer, Jonathan still remaining the almost arrogant superstar he’s began to portray himself as, him and Trenton lock eyes, one can almost see the wheels turning for the renowned interviewer, the pause breaks as Trenton asks his next question.

Josh Trenton: What does this match mean to you?

“It’d be an exaggeration to say everything, this match is more desired than almost any other matchup, it’s something I have to do to continue. I can’t keep my self destructing on repeat, I have to beat him.”

Josh Trenton: So what happens if you don’t?

Jonathan neglects to speak, keep his gaze on Trenton after the question. He finally drops his eyes, allowing more time to pass before he defiantly lifts his head.

“Next question.”

He says nothing further, leaving Trenton perplexed. He continues forth, breaking eye contact with a belligerent Jonathan to flip through his journal of prepared questions, he looks up, ready to speak when Jonathan stops him, looking down as he starts speaking again.

“You want yo know what happens if I lose? I didn’t plan for that. Can’t be anything good, what positive spin could there be for failing to redeem myself? There’s no option but victory for me, it has to be impossible for me. Julius is one of the most dangerous men in this industry and if I even had an inkling of a fall back plan it’d be all she wrote. I won’t be content to claim some sort of moral victory, to resign myself to a lesser competitor, I’ve said it every week, I’m here to win.”

“I need to know that this is everything here, that the approach I’ve taken got me here and failing to make good on this opportunity would be tragic. I need to know that I have to do as promised, I have to rip his heart out. I have to avenge myself, and if I can’t do that...”

Jonathan trails off, his uplifted head eventuated by the fire blazing in his pupils. The frenzy “The Ace” is in is rather apparent, fail now and the road ahead becomes bleak. He doesn’t seem to be shying away from his fate, his chin protruding, prepared for a battle ahead, it’s all or nothing now.


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