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2011 Chicago Bulls Diary

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2011 Chicago Bulls Diary

The year is 2011 in the NBA and the league has been flipped upside down as the Magic have somehow won the nba championship. The super teams Miami heat and Oklahoma Thunder were no match as the the Orlando Magic hold the Larry O’brien Championship Trophy has as they are the reigning NBA champions.


Teams around the league are reshaping their teams resulting in lots of firings and new unknown coaches and general managers taking over as teams feel they have a chance now. As they saw a single player in Dwight Howard carry his entire team beating two super teams and winning the NBA Finals. One of these changing teams is the Chicago Bulls.


The Bulls have fired their general manager Gar Forman even though he won NBA executive of the year. Gar he is now seeking revenge as he has joined the Atlanta Hawks. He stated “That organization (Bulls) have no idea what they are doing. They are a dysfunctional mess that I am glad I have gotten out of. They brought in some guy that was a mailroom clerk for the Orlando Magic this year. So yeah good luck Chicago as you are never going to win another title as long as I am alive and managing the Atlanta Hawks. We are going to be winning titles year in and year out as the Bulls crumble back into irrelevance.”


That mailroom clerk was Bob Sparks. The Bulls were looking for any magic they could take out of Orlando and bring it to their team. So how will Bob Sparks fair as he tries to return the Bulls to its former glory days when they were lead by Michael Jordan back in the 90’s. So without further a do let’s get this story started at the 2011 NBA draft.


We see Bob and his staff in the Bulls draft room watching on as the NBA Draft is about to commence as the Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick.


Bob: Okay guys here we go. Cavs are on the clock. It’s gotta be Kyrie Irving right he’s the best player in this draft. I don’t see how you don’t take him at one.


We then see a woman begin to speak it’s Alice Jones, Bob’s financial advisor who helps him manage the salary of players and make sure he has enough money to keep things running.


Alice: Yeah ever since Derrick Williams dropped out of the draft last second yesterday Kyrie has been the clear number one option.


We then see the commissioner David Stern come to podium to announce the first pick on the 2011 NBA Draft.


David Stern: With the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Kawhi Leonard.


The room is in shock as everyone though Kyrie was going to be the clear pick.


Bob: Well then that changes things up a bit. I mean Leonard is good but Kyrie is clearly the better option there.


We then see the Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau look at the screen shaking his head.


Tom: Well it looks like Kyrie is going to end up teaming up in Minnesota with Kevin Love. That will be fun to deal with it. At least Kyrie will be in the west though.


We then see David Stern come back up to podium as he announces the next pick.


David Stern: With the second pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select Tristan Thompson.


We see the Head Scout Hal Olson look at his notes then the screen.


Hal: What is happening I didn't even have him going top 5 yet he is being taken at two. I mean the only thing I can think of is they think he is going to be the next Dwight Howard. I can’t see the Jazz up next taking Kyrie they already have Deron Williams and he has proven to be a high tier point guard in this league. So maybe the Cavs get Kyrie after all.


The room waits in anticipation as David Stern announces the next pick.


David Stern: With the third pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Utah Jazz select Klay Thompson.


Bob sits up there as he nods in approval of the pick.


Bob: That’s a good pick he’s good and they need a shooting guard badly. Kyrie is still on the board though can’t believe that.


We then see David Stern walk up to the podium again.


David Stern: With the 4th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Jonas Valanciunas.


Bob and his staff stand in the room just laughing.


Bob: They had two chances to get Kyrie Irving and they passed on him wow what is going on over there in Cleveland.


We then see David Stern come to the podium again as the Toronto Raptors are on the clock.


David Stern: With the 5th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select Kyrie Irving.


Bob claps his hands as we see Hal cross Kyrie off the list.


Hal: Well there he goes, a bit of a slide but still top five where he belongs.


We then see the next 5 picks announced. As the draft has calmed down a bit.


Pick 6 Wizards: Kemba Walker PG

Pick 7 Kings: Jimmy Butler SG

Pick 8 Pistons: Reggie Jackson PG

Pick 9 Hornets: Bismack Biyombo C

Pick 10 Pacers: Enes Kanter C


Then we hear the phone ring as Bob answers it, it’s Luol Deng.


Bob: What’s up Luol, why are you calling me in the middle of the draft.


Luol: Listen Bob I have given this a lot of thought but I just don’t want to be here anymore. I can’t sit in the shadow of Derrick anymore. I just need to go somewhere and be my own man.


Bob: Well Luol I can respect that thanks for letting me know just sit tight I’ll see if I can work something out. Just keep this own the down low until we get a deal to go through.


Luol: Thanks man I’m sorry it had to come to this I will talk with you soon.  


Luol hangs up the phone as Bob is in shock.


Bob: Well Luol just called me and requested a trade. So let’s see if we can work something out. Whos coming up in the draft?


Tom: The Nets are up next and they need a small forward badly they were looking for one last year but never got one.


Hal: Also there really is not any good small forwards for them to take in this position.


Bob: So let’s call New Jersey.


We see Bob call the New Jersey Nets phone line as we hear their coach Avery Johnson pick up the phone up.


Avery: This is the New Jersey Nets what’s up Chicago?


Bob: I heard you might be in need of a small forward.


Avery: Maybe, what do you have in mind.


Bob: We want your 12th pick and in exchange we will give you Luol Deng.


Avery: That's a good start but I am going to need your first this year and next year if you want this number 12 pick.


Bob: I can give you this years but not next years.


Avery: Well then I am going to need a bit more.


Bob: Okay ummm I can give you one our young guys you clearly need forwards so how about Omer Asik he’s young  and still has lots of potential. Plus he is on a cheap deal.


Avery: Okay just to confirm thats Luol Deng the 24th pick and Omer Asik for our 12th pick?


Bob: Yes Avery that’s what I am offering.


Avery: You know what screw you got yourself a deal. Pleasure doing business with you. I'll talk with you later hopefully.


Avery hangs up the phone as we see David Stern walk to the podium to announce the Knicks 11th pick.


David Stern: With the 11th pick the New York Knicks select Brandon Knight.


We see all of Bob’s staff look at him as they are on the clock.


Tom: I’m leaving this up to you, I am going to trust you on this one.


Alice and Hal all shake their heads in agreement.


Bob: I am going to take a walk I will make they call as I am walking.


Bob then leaves the room and begin to take a walk. He looks out a window as he sees kids playing a pickup game on a court outside. He looks at one kid he is just shooting threes. He is making them he's not as big as the others but he keeps fighting. He is wearing a Karl Malone jersey number 32.


Bob then makes the call as he walks back to the draft room just as David Stern is walking to the podium to make the pick.


David Stern: The New Jersey Nets have traded the 12th pick to the Chicago Bulls and with the 12th pick the Chicago Bulls select Jimmer Fredette.


The room is in shock as they did not except that pick. Eventually Tom breaks the silence.


Tom: You believe in this kid Bob?


Bob: 100 percent. He is going to be the future.


Tom: Then so do I let’s go win us a title. Jimmer range baby!


The group celebrates as Jimmer Fredette is the newest member of the Chicago Bulls!


The group then watches the rest of the draft as they don’t have a second round pick and aren't looking to make any trades.


Pick 13 Pelicans: Alec Burks SG

Pick 14 Clippers: Nikola Vucevic C

Pick 15 Rockets: Jeb Vernie SF

Pick 16 Warriors: Julian Moss PF

Pick 17 Suns: Isaiah Thomas PG

Pick 18 Nuggets: Tobias Harris PF

Pick 19 Celtics: Kris Longley C

Pick 20 76ers: Jake Wise PG

Pick 21 Grizzlies: Marshon Brooks SG

Pick 22 Spurs: Albert Sherman C

Pick 23 Trail Blazers: Marcus Morris SF

Pick 24 Nets: Nikola Mirotic PF

Pick 25 Hawks: E’twaun Moore SG

Pick 26 Thunder: Kenneth Faried PF

Pick 27 Heat: Iman Shumpert SG

Pick 28 Lakers: Cory Joseph PG

Pick 29 Mavericks: Jake Holt SG

Pick 30 Magic: Markieff Morris PF

[2nd Round Picks were mostly irrelevant]


We see the draft end as the Chicago Bulls now look toward free agency


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2011 Chicago Bulls Diary


Free Agency has just kicked off as there are some big names on the market. We see names such as Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Rajon Rondo looking for new teams.


The Bulls have had their eyes on a few big names will they land one though we will see.



We see Bob and his team in the office as they are deciding what free agents to pursue right away.


Bob: Well looking at our roster right now when we traded away Luol we don’t have a single small forward on the roster. Looking at it there's really only one name that is sticking out to me and that’s Melo.


Tom: I mean that would really help us out a lot why not give him a call.


Bob goes to call Carmelo Anthony and his agent but they don't pick up.


Bob: Why won’t he answer my call someone must’ve already got to him right.


Alice: I don't know but we don’t have time to waste what else do we need.


Hal: I mean we could use a backup point guard. Sure they might not get many minutes but we need a guy that is gonna give his best effort every game.


Bob then looks through his list of free agents an he finds a name.


Bob: What about Nate Robinson. I mean the man is a bit short but he plays with so much heart and never gives up on a play. He would be a good spark coming off the bench.


Tom: God knows we could have used that last year. Sounds like a great idea to me.


Alice: He should not cost up that much cap too which will be good. Let us spend some money in other places. Like small forward this year and center when Noah's contract comes up.


We then see Bob call Nate Robinson’s agent Aaron Goodwin. This time the phone is picked up.


Aaron: Hello, this is Aaron Goodwin. Who am I speaking with?


Bob: Hey Aaron this is the Chicago Bulls and we are calling about Nate Robinson.


Aaron: Oh well lucky for you I am actually with Nate right now we are just eating lunch, Nate has told me Chicago would be a team he would be willing to go. So what are you offering?


Bob: We are offering Nate a 3 year deal worth 6 million, 2 million a season for 3 years.


Aaron: Nate is willing to 2 years not 3 though. We are also going to need a bit more money than 2 million a year we are looking to double that.


Bob: Okay we can agree on 2 years but we can only offer 7 million over those 2 years, so 3.5 million a each of the two seasons.


Aaron: We are willing to met you in the middle and do a 2 year, 7.5 million dollar deal.


Bob looks at Alice as she gives him a thumbs up.


Bob: Okay we can agree to that. Tell Nate welcome to the Chicago Bulls. We will be seeing you soon.


Bob then hangs up the phone as Bob and his team celebrate making their first signing.  The celebration is short lived as reports are coming out that Carmelo Anthony has signed with the Atlanta Hawks on a 3 year/108.26 million dollar deal.


Tom: Well that’s not good. Gar is going to be talking about that till the season starts. Still don’t know why he did not answer our call though.


Bob: As much as that sucks we just have to focus on ourselves what else do we need.


Tom: Well we need some more veteran presence on this team we are a really young team. They wouldn't even have to play we just need a guy that help our younger guys out and keep things in check.


Bob: Well we can bring in Brian Scalabrine he’s been doing this for a while. He could definitely help mature our young guys.


Alice: Plus it will cost pretty much nothing to sign him so let’s do it.


Bob calls Brian Scalabrine. Sure enough he picks up.


Brian Scalabrine: Hello, this is Brian Scalabrine who is this?


Bob: Hey Brian, this is Bob Sparks from the Chicago Bulls and I will cut right to the chase. We want to offer you a 1 yr/ 1.57 million dollar come play for the Chicago Bulls.


Brian Scalabrine: Well one else has given me a call so sure why not can’t wait.


Bob then hangs up as Brian Scalabrine is now signed with the Chicago Bulls.


The bulls did not make any other moves for the rest of the day but the league sure did. Some of the biggest signings across the league were.


Tyson Chandler to Thunder on 4 year/118.28M Deal

Carlos Boozer to Wizards on 4 Year/121.78M Deal

Danny Granger to Suns on 4/112.02M Deal

Allen Iverson to Mavericks on 1 year/5.84M Deal


Day 2

We are back at the office as we see Bob on the phone making a signing with his staff also in the room going through lists and crossing out names as they are signed. They are also circling names they think the team should go after. We then see Bob hang up the phone.


Bob: Well it’s not Melo but he should be a solid band aid at small forward for the year. Stephen Jackson agreed to a 1 year 20 million dollar deal. A bit more than we wanted to pay but a player we needed so it

was okay to pay a little bit extra.


Tom: Well at least we have a small forward now.


The team is happy with signing although they would have liked Melo more.


They would go on to sign some more players including another veteran on day 2.


SG Tracy Mcgrady 1yr/ 4.0M Deal


SF Brandon Rush 1yr/$1.57M Deal


C Kendrick Perkins 1yr/4.20M Deal


We would also see the league make some big signings on day 2.


PG Rajon Rondo to Nuggets on 4 year/102.48M Deal

C Andrew Bogut to Pelicans on 3 year/ 72.10M Deal

C Yao Ming to 76ers on 3 year/52.98M Deal


Day 3

Bob is walking into the office as his staff has arrived a bit earlier than he had. We see coach Tom Thibodeau furious as the Carmelo Anthony Hawks press conference is on TV.


Bob: What's going on Tom? What’s the matter?


Tom: It’s just Gar running his mouth about Carmelo and how bad he thinks we are as an organization.


Bob: Well let’s see what Melo has to say.


They watch as Melo begins answering questions.


Reporter: Melo there are reports that the Bulls gave you a call but you never picked up the phone. Is this true and if so why?


Carmelo Anthony: Yeah that’s true, 100 percent. I saw the area code pop up and I could tell it was Chicago. I don’t want to go to that mess over there. I’m not going to let some mail clerk and some under average coach have control over my career. I want to work for a organization that actually knows what they are doing. Not one that is not even going to make the playoffs. Also Chicago as a city ---


We see Bob mute the TV as he can’t listen to anymore. Tom Thibodeau storms out of the room furious as he heads down to the practice court.


Bob: I am going to go check on Tom. You two see if you can work on signing those last 3 guys we had in mind. I trust you two can get it done.


Bob walks down to the practice court as he sees Tom shooting some hoops. Most of them missing as he is just chucking them up there in anger.


Bob: Hey Tom, I get your upset. Trust me I am too. How about we go talk about this over breakfast?


Tom: I could eat. Let’s do it. Just none up that cheap stuff.


We see Bob and Tom drive to a local diner. They sit down at a both and order.


Bob: Don’t worry Tom we will show them. They will shut up when we sweep them next year in the regular season then go on to win the title.


Tom: You know I ain’t letting men let like push me around. I can’t wait till we face off against them this year and dominate them for years to come.


We then see a group of highschoolers walk they sit down at a nearby table but one of them walks over to Bob and Tom.


Bob: What’s up kid? What's your name?


Jabari Parker: My name is Jabari sir I am a ball player. I heard what Melo had to say about the Bulls and Chicago. Can’t wait till he sees what Chicago is really like. D-Rose about to drop 40 on Melo when they come to town.


Tom: Like the attitude kid, maybe one day we will see you in the league.


Jabari: That's the plan sir. Enjoy the food though.


We then see Bob and Tom smile as the kid walks away. Then they finish and pay. After they head back to the office. As they are met with some good news.


Alice: Bob, Tom we made those signings you wanted.


Hal: All three of them too. Plus we saved a bit of money cause Alice was able to sway them toward a more team friendly deal.


Hal then hands Bob a sheet of paper with the details of the deals on it.


C Darko Milicic 1yr/1.75M Deal


SG Daniel Gibson 1yr/5.0M Deal


PF Shane Battier 1yr/6.0M


Bob then gives them both high fives as they have filled out there roster despite the setbacks.


Bob: Well let’s get the players together so we can start getting ready for the regular season.


The league also made signings on that day the notable ones were.


Josh Smith to Pacers on 3 year/79.05M deal

Elton Brand to Hornets on 3 year/74.87M deal


The rest of free agency went by slow as it was mostly resignings and role players being signed.


Here is the Bulls full roster heading into the 2012 NBA Season.


Point Guards: Derrick Rose, Nate Robinson


Shooting Guards: Jimmer Fredette, Daniel Gibson, Tracy Mcgrady


Small Forwards: Stephen Jackson, Brandon Rush


Power Forwards: Taj Gibson, Shane Battier, Brian Scalabrine


Centers: Joakim Noah, Darko Milicic, Kendrick Perkins


The Bulls now look forward to the regular season and the home opener against the Indiana Pacers.


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Rose and Jimmer shine as Bulls fall to Pacers 108 to 93 in Home Opener.


We saw the Bulls and the Pacers face off last night in Chicago’s home opener.


The starting lineups were as follows.



Although the score in the end was not close through the fist half the two teams were neck and neck we saw Derrick Rose carrying the team on his back as he put up 22 points in the first half. Even with his shooting the Pacers keep firing back as they shot 71% from three in the first half. Pacers rising star Paul George was not helping in this though as he shot 3-10 in the first half. The Bulls 1st round pick Jimmer Fredette though also got off to a slow start shooting just 1-6. Although the teams awkward shooting numbers the teams both played well defensively through the first half. The Bulls recorded 7 steals. The Pacers though recorded 6 blocks. The game went into halftime with the score being Bulls 44 Pacers 47.


The second half was more of a landslide although the Bulls did come out of the half hot. Jimmer began making shots eventually leading the Bulls going into the 4th quarter with the lead. The 4th quarter though we saw the Bulls fall apart as the Pacers began to take over. Stephen Jackson could not keep up with the young legs of Paul George as he began to take the game over. Rose and Fredette did what they could but they found themselves down by 10 in no time. The Pacers though won in a team effort their leading scorer being Wesley Matthews with 17.  For the Bulls we saw Rose finish with 32 and Fredette with 22 the only other player getting over 10 points was Taj Gibson with 12. Joakim Noah played good though almost getting a triple double with 9 points and 10 rebounds. He also recorded 3 blocks. Although both teams were great defensively with the Bulls recording 12 steals and the Pacers recording 12 blocks. Stephen Jackson was the real disappointment of the game only scoring 2 points. Jackson needs to perform better on his 20 million dollar contract or he may end up on the trade block. All in all, the Pacers were able to run away with this one winning it 108 to 93.


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2011 Chicago Bulls Diary

December 3rd, 2011


Bob is walking past the locker room when there's something going on. He stands by the door and listens in on the conversation.


Stephen Jackson: You think you’re actually good kid. Nah bro you absolute trash. This is why you’re gonna carry my bags and do whatever I need whenever I want from now on.



We see Joakim Noah come up behind Bob.


Joakim Noah: Mr. Sparks what is going on? You looked worried. You good?


Bob: Hey, Joakim I might need you in a second just listen in and be quiet.


We see Joakim then listen in on the conversation immediately seeming upset yet shocked.


Jimmer Fredette: Just leave me alone bro. I am trying to text my girl.


We then hear something scatter across the floor and shouting.


Stephen Jackson: C’mon rook what are you gonna do? Should have gotten a better phone.


We then hear someone throw a punch as the two start fighting. Bob and Joakim storm in the room as we see Joakim drop Stephen with a haymaker.


Bob: Stephen you better start packing your bag cause this is your last day as a Chicago Bull. Jimmer I want you to come up to my office with me. Joakim keep an eye on him, I don’t want this getting out till I trade you away at full value.


We see Bob and Jimmer walk up to his office as Alice and Tom are sitting there.


Alice: Oh my god what happened? Jimmer are you okay let me get you some ice.


Alice then runs out of the room to get some ice.


Bob: Tom I need you down to the locker room. Stephen just threw a punch at Jimmer and I think this goes a lot deeper than just a scrap.


Tom: Right on it Bob. I am gonna give this asshole a piece of my mind.


We then see Tom storm out of the room as he makes his way to the locker room.


Bob: Ok Jimmer you good? You know we are not gonna tolerate this stuff here. He will be gone very shortly believe me.


Jimmer: Yeah I will be fine. I’m glad he is gonna be gone though.


Bob: How long has this been going on?


Jimmer: I mean it has been going on all season but only when it was just us two. He acted nice when the rest of the team was around other than the few dirty looks.


Bob: Well I am going to make sure this doesn't happen again at least in our organization. Alice should be back with some ice for that eye soon. Meanwhile sit tight cause I am going to work on a trade to get rid of this guy.


Jimmer: Ok Sir. I am going to go sit down on that couch over there.


We then see Jimmer go over and sit down on the couch as Bob looks for somewhere to trade Stephen Jackson to. Then he finds a team the San Antonio Spurs. RIght now there best small forward is Kyle Singler. Plus they need a center and we have two decent backups. He then see one name Danny Green. The team has been desperate for a good perimeter defender with the lack of defense between Nate Robinson and Jimmer Fredette.



Bob then calls the Spurs.


Gregg Popovich: What’s going on Chicago? Surprised hearing from you so early on this morning. What can I do you for?


Bob: Well it’s been keeping me up all night but I have been looking to make a trade with you.


Gregg Popovich: Okay what are you thinking?


Bob: Well it’s no secret you guys need a small forward. What do you think about Stephen Jackson would you be interested in him?


Gregg Popovich: I mean he would definitely help our team out. That question is what do you want for him cause I don’t plan on getting rid of much.


Bob: In exchange I want Danny Green and your first round pick this year.


Gregg Popovich: I like the idea but I am going to need a bit more if you want our first round pick.


Bob: We will also send you Kendrick Perkins.


Gregg Popovich: I don’t know it’s pretty risky. I mean if my team goes down with injury I am out of my first round pick. I don't know if I can do that.


Bob: Okay I will tell you what make it lottery protected. So if you somehow have an injury bug and miss the playoffs you still have your pick.


Gregg Popovich: Okay so Stephen Jackson and Kendrick Perkins for Danny Green and our 1st round pick lottery protected. You know what deal, let’s do it.


Bob: Great Pop, talk to you soon bye.


We then see Bob look over to see Alice checking on Jimmer as he now has a bag of ice up to his eye as we see it begin to swell and darken. Alice looks over to Bob as she walks over.


Alice: How did it go?


Bob: You know I think I did pretty good. Got Danny Green and their first round pick although it’s lottery protected. Sadly I had to send them Kendrick. But it’s a business.


Alice: You want me to tell them?


Bob: No I have got it, just stay up here with Jimmer and make sure he is okay.


We then see Bob go down back to the locker room as we see the whole team in the locker room as Tom is catching them up on the situation. We then see Bob grab Kendrick and take him into the hallway to break the news to him.


Bob: Kendrick I am sorry but I had to trade you away to the San Antonio Spurs today in the Stephen trade. I wanted to tell you this face to face like a man, I know it’s not the best news in the world but I hope you can respect that.


Kendrick: I am a bit upset not gonna lie but I can respect that you told me face to face instead of hiding up in your office and calling me. Hopefully I can come back someday.


Bob and Kendrick shake hands as Bob heads back up to his office. The day begins to go by normally as we see Bob eating lunch as Derrick Rose walks into his office. Derrick comes and sits down at Bob’s desk as they shake hands.


Derrick: Okay Bob, I know it has been a hectic day but I have some good news for you I want to extend my contract with the team.


Bob: Great let’s work on that right now.


Bob and Derrick negotiate for over an 3 hours before agreeing on a deal.

The deal is a 3 year addition on to his contract worth 100.47 Million.


Bob: Derrick I just want you to promise me one thing. I want you to lead this team. Bring everyone together stronger and better than we were before today.


Derrick: Deal. I promise you I will lead this team and give it my best effort to make everyone welcome on the Chicago Bulls.


The two shake hands as Alice walks in as Derrick walks out.


Alice: Been a long day you going home soon?


Bob: Actually I am heading out now.


Alice: Oh okay well I will wait for you. Need someone to talk to anyways.


Bob and Alice then walk out together as they head home for today.


The Bulls are now looking ahead to a road game against the Atlanta Hawks


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Bulls 2011 Diary



It’s gameday. Today is the first meeting of the season between the Bulls and Hawks. The two teams have been feuding all the way from the off season with players and executives taking shots at each other online and in real life. Who will win the game and shut the other team up for a bit till their next meeting. We are in Atlanta as the Bulls are on the road.



[We see Bob Sparks walking into the arena as fans are booing him he eventually makes it to were the bulls locker room is]


Tom: Hey Bob, whats up just getting the boys ready for the game tonight got to win this one. Don’t want to have to hear them trash talking us for a week straight.


Bob: That’s for sure. Well I have to go to the executives box so let’s get this win and I will talk to you at half time. Hopefully good news.


[Bob and Tom then fist pump as Bob goes up to the executive box as we see Gar and his financial advisor Janice sitting up there]



Gar: Well look who it is mail boy come have a seat. Game is just about to start.


Bob: Nice to finally meet you in person Gar and this must be Janice nice to meet you too.


Janice: Wish I could say the same where is your advisor. Late it seems. Seems you two haven't found out how to be professional yet.


Bob: I don’t know about that but she should be here soon she is usually on time. Must have got caught up in traffic or something.


Gar: Anyways the game is starting. Can’t wait to see the Hawks beat your Bulls no problem.


We see the 1st quarter go by as the Bulls are up as the score is 35-20.


Bob: How we feeling now Gar? Derrick Rose already has dropped 12 on your boys and Darko got 2 blocks on your boy Melo.


Gar: Yeah okay you all got off to a hot start but we still have 3 quarters to go so don’t get to excited yet. Melo is about to go off next quarter.


[We then see Alice finally arrive as she comes and sits next to Bob]


Gar: This must be Alice your financial advisor. Must not be very good if she can’t even show up to a game on time.


Alice: Actually I would say are team is doing better than your team money wise. We still have cap space available if needed unlike you who are 30 Million under.


[We then see Gar and Janice shut up for a bit it seems Alice has shut them down]


We then see the second quarter go by as the Bulls continue their dominance going into halftime as the score is Bulls 66 to the Hawks 50.


Bob: Where are you going Gar? Team ain’t looking to hot now huh.


Alice: Yeah our boys definitely came to play tonight.


Bob: For sure. But on another note where were you earlier? I wasn't fun hanging out with Gar and Janice all by myself here.


Alice: Sorry I had to skype call Marty. You know he hates it when I go on road trips. Thinks I should just be a stay at home mom.


Bob: Yep good ole Marty. Why are you two still dating again?


Alice: I mean he can be stubborn at times, but I still love him. We’ve dated for 2 years now. I know he will change. I mean he has to right?


Bob: We can always hope. But let’s go talk to the boys see how they are doing.


[We see Bob and Alice enter the Bulls locker room as they are all happy yet still focused]


Derrick Rose: Ayyy Bob you shut that old man upstairs up yet?


Bob: You boys definitely did but Alice got a nice shot in their too that shut him up.


Jimmer Fredette: You see me make that half court shot Bob?


Bob: Of course I did. Jimmer range baby.


Tom: Well let’s all settle down we still have a second half to get through here guys. We are gonna roll out with a small tweak. Darko you’ve been playing great tonight. So we are gonna put you in for Taj to start the second half. Jimmer keep shooting those threes. Derrick keeping dominating like you are and we should be good. Ok boys let’s roll out.


[We see the team and coach Tom go back to the court as Bob and Alice head back up to the box]


Bob: So Gar how we feeling now?


Gar: Well I had a talk with the boys and we are gonna turn it around now so get ready. Here comes Melo. He’s about to destroy your whole team.


Bob: Yeah we will see about that.


We see the 3rd quarter go by as the Bulls continue to dominate as the score is 93-75.


Gar: Well It’s always fun to have a 4th quarter comeback.


Bob: C’mon Gar we both know it’s over Rose has got 34 going it to the 4th quarter you can’t stop him. Sure Melo was heating up a bit but other than that you’ve got nothing going for you.


Gar: Listen mailboy let’s just see what happens.


The game comes to an end as the Bulls beat the Hawks 131 - 106.


Bob: Where are you going Gar we were just about to have some fun.


[We see Gar and Janice storm out of the room furious over the loss]


Bob: Wow did we put together a good team Rose dropped 51 on these boys. Jimmer shot 73% tonight. Darko scored 13 of the bench. Joakim had 12 boards. There team was good though Melo dropped 30 and they had that Jason Smith guy who had 7 blocks but other than that we dominated. It’s time we celebrate.


[We see Bob and Alice head down to the locker room to celebrate and after they begin to look forward to facing the Hawks at home next week]


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2011 Bulls Diary


NBA Trade News

The Toronto Raptors and the Utah Jazz have made a trade. The details are:


Raptors receive: SF Gordon Hayward


Jazz receive: Raptors 2012 1st round pick lottery protected and 2013 2nd round pick


According to league sources Hayward was unhappy with his minutes coming off the bench and splitting minutes with Chandler Parsons. Many teams were interested in trading for Hayward as there phone was buzzing when the news broke. The Raptors were the ones to get the deal one though as they are developing a great young core up in Toronto built around; Kyrie Irving, Demar Derozan, and now Gordon Hayward.


For the Jazz it gains them more draft capital although they are in a weird position with a star such as Deron Williams and a developing Klay Thompson the team needs to decide soon if they are going to contend for a championship now or build around Klay Thompson and look toward the future. But we are sure to find out soon what they decide to do.


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2011 Bulls Diary



It’s time for the rematch between one of the league's hottest rivalries at the moment. The Bulls and Hawks are about to go at it again. This time in Chicago though. We saw in the Bulls dominate in their first game will the story be the same or will Atlanta even the odds we are about to find out as the game is about to begin between the Bulls and Hawks.


[We see Bob and Alice already sitting in the executive suite along with Gar and Janice]


Bob: You ready to get squashed again Gar.


Gar: We’ll see mailboy we got a new strategy that should shut down your team and your mouth.


Bob: Well here we go the game is starting up.


We see the first quarter go by as the Bulls once again dominate. As the Bulls lead 33-18. We saw Danny Green lock down Melo holding him to just 4 points. Were on the offensive side we saw Jimmer score 10 and Rose score 14 both exposing the weak guard play of the Hawks.


Bob: So Gar that game plan doesn't seem to be working out for you does it.


Gar: Well we have not started using it yet, so you'll see when it happens.


We then see the second quarter go by as the Bulls continue the dominance going into half with the score being 62-43. We saw the scoring spread out a bit more on the Bulls side with Rose only scoring 8 and Joakim Noah scoring 6. Melo started to heat up also scoring 7. As the bench was in a bit longer than usual for the Bulls do to the large lead.


[We see Bob and Alice head down and enter yet again a happy Bulls locker room]


Derrick Rose: We got the boys locked up for you Bob.


Bob: Let’s not get too confident yet Derrick we still have another half to go.


Tom: Nice to see you Bob. The boys came to play today for sure.


Bob: Sure seems like it. Tom just to let you know Gar has some strategy coming in the second half so just be on the lookout for that.


Tom: For sure. Good thing Gar was never one to keep his mouth shut.


[We see Bob and Alice then head back up to the suite as the second half kicks off]


We see the Hawks strategy implemented although they are unable to cut into the Bulls lead. The Hawks decided to double Derrick Rose in the 3rd quarter holding him to just 3 points. But we saw the rookie Jimmer Fredette step up scoring 12 points keeping the Bulls lead large heading into the third quarter as they lead 88-67.


Gar: Still got one more quarter to go just need a bit of luck at this point.


Bob: You guys need more than luck you guys need a miracle.


As the 4th quarter went by we saw the Bulls crumble. The Hawks went on a 23-4 run. As they were only down by 2 with a 2 minutes in the game. This was lead by Al Horford who scored 16 points in the 4th. The Bulls though woke up as the would hold on eventually winning 108-99 thanks to Derrick Rose’s 10 points in the quarter.


[We then see Gar and Alice storm off but Gar looks happy as he may have something up his sleeve in the near future]


The leading stat lines were:


Derrick Rose: 35 points, 12 assists, 2 steals



Jimmer Fredette: 24 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds



Al Horford: 24 points, 17 rebounds, 3 blocks



Carmelo Anthony: 21 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists



The Bulls victory will be short lived as the Bulls go onto face the Hawks in just 2 weeks once again. The question though is what does Gar have planned?


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2011 Bulls Diary

NBA Trade News

The Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves have made a trade:


Lakers receive: Kevin Love


Timberwolves receive: Andrew Bynum, Ron Artest, Davis Bertans, and the Los Angeles Lakers next 3 first round picks


According to league sources Kevin Love had no intention of resigning with the Timberwolves and wanted to play in a big market and Minnesota just was not getting it done for him. This is shocking news as the Timberwolves were able to keep this Kevin Love’s unhappiness from the media. Yet it seems some teams around the league found out as the Timberwolves phones blew up. We saw the Lakers get the job done though as they may have given up alot but they realize Kobe is not getting any younger and they need more talent to compete for a title as they felt there current roster was not getting the job done. Now they are serious contenders in the West with a big three of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, and Pau Gasol.


For the Timberwolves, they knew that they were not going to be able to keep Love as he had no intent to stay and wanted badly to go. They now look to the future though picking up 3 future first round picks along with two young rising stars in Andrew Bynum and Davis Bertans. They were also able to pick up a high end starting small forward in Ron Artest. As for now we can’t really say who won this trade but I am sure 5 years down the line we will have a very clear idea depending on what the young players and picks turn into for the Timberwolves.

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2011 Bulls Diary

NBA Trade News

The New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks have made a trade:


Knicks receive: Joe Johnson, Marvin WIlliams, Jason Smith, Hawks 2012 First Round Pick


Hawks receive: Amar’e Stoudemire


According to league sources this deal has been in talks over the past week as the Hawks knew they needed to help out Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks are going through a youth movement and Stoudemire just did not fit into their future plans. We have seen already some big moves this season around the league and we still have a while to go before we get to the trade deadline. For the Hawks clearly got the best player in the trade Amar’e but had to give up a lot of their depth and a solid starter in Joe Johnson. Johnson though has been dealing with injuries a lot this season so hopefully this will give him some time to rest as the Knicks are not looking to win this season. For the Hawks this is a good step in the direction for winning a title.


For the Knicks this trade sets a clear commitment toward rebuilding. They pick up Joe Johnson who is getting paid around 20 million the next two seasons which he will be a lock in starter a small forward and help increase ticket sales till their young talent develops. They also bring in Marvin Williams who has shown flashes this season with the Hawks coming off the bench hopefully for the Knicks we can see more consistent play from Williams going forward. Then they also received Jason Smith. Who is having a very exciting year so far averaging 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 blocks a game. If he can build off of what he is putting together this year he can be a future star for this young Knicks team. Also they picked up the Hawks first round pick this year which will help them build up this young core even more.

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Bulls 2011 Diary


Hawks Game 3


We see the usual group of Bob, Alice, Gar, and Janice sitting in the suite as we are about to kick off the third meeting between the two teams. This time around though things are a bit different as the Hawks have recently acquired Amar’e Stoudemire from the Knicks. We are in Chicago this time so will the Bulls be able to stand strong against a revamped opponent.


Bob: Well Gar just to let you know this pick up is not going to do much for you. You’re still gonna get squashed just like you did the first two times.


Gar: Yeah cause you got someone who can stop Amar’e. All you got is a role player in Taj Gibson at the power forward position.


Bob: Yeah you might not think a lot of him but we actually just extended his contract 2 more years yesterday around 7 million a season.


We then see the first quarter go by as the Hawks are leading 30-21. This is thanks to Melo playing the entire quarter and scoring 18 points. We also saw Stoudemire drop 4. While on the Bulls side they got off to a slow start with their leading scorers being Taj Gibson and Derrick Rose both scoring 6 a piece. We also saw Daniel Gibson get the start as the Bulls are trying to improve the scoring from the bench moving Jimmer Fredette down to sixth man in hope to fix that issue.


Gar: One quarter down and look at that the Hawks have the lead.


Bob: Yeah and to do so your best player had to play the entire quarter Gar.


Gar: It’s all a part of the plan Bob.


We then see the second quarter go by as we head into halftime with the Hawks leading 52-47. We saw Melo rest most of the quarter only scoring 5 points bringing him to a total of 23 going into half. We also saw Stoudemire head into halftime with 13. On the Bulls side we saw them heat up a bit but the Hawks were able to keep up with them. We saw Rose end the half with 15 and Jimmer coming in, in the second quarter and scoring 12.


[Bob and Alice head down to the locker room but it is a bit more quiet than usual]


Derrick Rose: It will be alright Bob we got this we just wanted to keep the fans on the edge of their seats is all.


Bob: As long as you guys get the win, I don’t care how you do it.


We see Bob and Alice head up to the box a bit faster than usual as the second half starts.


We see the third quarter go by as the Bulls just can’t seem to put a dent in the Hawks lead as they lead 70-64. We saw both Melo and Horford lead the way for the Hawks both scoring 6 a piece. For the Bulls it was a team effort as we saw their leading scorers for the quarter being Jimmer with 5 and Rose with 4.


Gar: You give up yet Bob?


Bob: We are still in the Gar don’t get too excited yet.


We then saw the fourth quarter go by as the Hawks were able to hold on as they won the game 116-107. In the end, Melo just could not miss as he dropped 52 points and added on 8 rebounds. We also saw Amar’e Stouemire do his part as he scored 17 points and had 10 rebounds. For the Bulls it was Derrick Rose leading the way with 40 points and tacked on 10 assists. We also saw Jimmer Fredette do his part dropping 30 points and added 5 assists. In the end though it was not enough as the Hawks were able to win their first game against the Bulls this season.


Bob: Well Gar you finally won a game congrats man.


Gar: Yep and don’t worry you are going to get used to this.


Bob: Just remember Gar we have beat you twice and you have only beat us once.


[We then see Gar and Janice leave with smiles on their faces picking up the win]


We know look forward to All-Star Weekend and all of the expected trades to come with it.


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Bulls 2011 Diary


NBA Trade News


We have seen the NBA season pass by the trade deadline and with it some last minute deals were made as teams looked to switch things up.


The Pelicans and Suns made a trade:


Pelicans receive: Robin Lopez


Suns receive: Ish Smith and Bonzi Wells


This move is good for both teams as it adds more depth to a Suns team that badly needed it throughout the season. For the Pelicans with Andrew Bougut out till the playoffs at the least they needed a center that could serve the role helping them secure a playoff spot till Andrew Bogut is able to return from injury


The Mavericks and Grizzlies have made a trade:


Mavericks receive: Corey Maggette


Grizzlies receive: Shawn Marion


This move is just a swap of players that just have not worked out for their teams as both teams hope that the new player will serve their team and style better.


The Pistons and Hornets have made a trade:


Pistons receive: Kwame Brown


Hornets receive: Richard Hamilton and Hornets 2014 second round pick


This is a salary dump trade for the Pistons as they take in a small contract in Brown and dump the 8 million a season Hamilton was making in exchange for a second round pick.


The Lakers and Jazz have made a trade:


Lakers receive: Shaun Livingston


Jazz receive: O.J Mayo


This trade is a good move for both teams as the Lakers have been slim at PG all season with rookie Cory Joseph being their only notable PG. This adds more depth to that position strengthening their standing in the West. While for the Jazz it allows them to have a backup shooting guard as they had not had one all season.


The Trailblazers and Magic have made a trade:


Trailblazers receive: Marcin Gortat, JJ Reddick, and the Magics 2012 first round pick


Magic receive: Brandon Roy and Zaza Pachuilla


This was the big trade at the deadline. We saw the Trailblazers move on from Brandon Roy as they knew they would not be able to win a championship with him alone. So they brought in 2 solid young players in JJ Reddick and Marcin Gortat and another pick for this year. For the Magic they add another all star caliber player in Brandon Roy and a solid backup center in Zaza at the price of some of their depth creating a big three of Dwight Howard, Brandon Roy, and Vince Carter.


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Bulls 2011 Diary


All-Star Weekend


Dunk Contest


Blake Griffin ( Clippers )


Nate Robinson ( Bulls )


Gerald Mayo ( Warriors )


Clint Marsh ( Suns )




Winner: Blake Griffin


3 Point Contest


James Harden ( Thunder )


Klay Thompson ( Jazz )


Kyle Korver ( Cavaliers )


Kobe Bryant ( Lakers )


Jimmer Fredette ( Bulls )


Stephen Curry ( Warriors )




Winner: James Harden


All Star Game


All Star Teams


Team James


SF Lebron James,  SG Kobe Bryant, PF Dirk Nowitzki,  PG Derrick Rose, PF Kevin Love, PG Stephen Curry,  C Pau Gasol, PF Amar’e Stoudemire, SG Manu Ginobili,  C Al Horford, SF Kawhi Leonard, SG Kevin Martin


Team Durant


SF Kevin Durant,  C Dwight Howard, SF Carmelo Anthony,  SG Dwayne Wade, PG Russell Westbrook, PF Tim Duncan,  PF Blake Griffin, PF Josh Smith, PF Kevin Garnett, PG Kyrie Irving,  SG Kemba Walker


Winner: Team Durant




Kevin Durant: 25 points


Russell Westbrook: 20 points


Dwight Howard: 19 points


Dirk Nowitzki: 19 points


Stephen Curry: 15 points


Kobe Bryant: 14 points


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Bulls 2011 Diary


Bulls Hawks Game 4


In their final match up of the regular season last night we saw the Bulls completely dismantle the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta. The Bulls could not miss a shot they 79% heading into the half. We saw rising star Jimmer Fredette hit a half court shot as they game went into half time. The real star of this game was the Bulls heart and soul though Derrick Rose. He dropped 20 points in just the first quarter. While on the defensive end Danny Green was a beast when he was on the court. He held Melo to just 4 points when they matched up. Although Melo would get his points when the Bulls sent in the reserves halfway through the third quarter. We would see Melo heat up against them but Jimmer kept up with him as they both scored 17 in the 3rd quarter. In the end the Bulls ended up winning by 40 points, 139-99. This is not a good sign for a Hawks team that is trying to compete for a top playoff seed. We saw Derrick Rose end up with 51 points in the end. Not to overshine Jimmer Fredette though who scored 36. On the Hawks side of things Melo eventually was able to get himself to 28 points while Amar’e Stoudemire was able to get himself to 17. This is a good win for the Bulls giving them the edge in this seasons series between the two teams as the win it 3-1. Will we see this teams meet in the playoffs it all depends on the seeding but as of right now it is looking likely they will be meeting in the first round. As the rivalry continues on.

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Bulls 2011 Diary

2011-2012 NBA Power Rankings


1. Oklahoma City Thunder 73-9


This team recorded the best record of all time at 73-9 this year it seems like no one is going to stop them anytime soon. If they manage to lock down James Harden this year. We will be seeing them dominate the league for years to come.


Top 5 Players: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Tyson Chandler, Serge Ibaka


2. Orlando Magic 64-18


This team again dominated the East as no one has found an answer for Dwight Howard with Vince Carter and Brandon Roy along side of him this team seems to favorite to come out of the East this year in the playoffs.


Top 5 Players: Dwight Howard, Brandon Roy, Vince Carter, Jameer Nelson, Markieff Morris


3. Miami Heat 55-27


This team is still an elite team no doubt they have the best player in the NBA in Lebron James, and we can’t forget about how great Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are as the second and third options. This team is still contenders and we will see if they can go all the way this year.


Top 5 Players: Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Mario Chambers, Rashard Lewis


4. Indiana Pacers 55- 27


This team has surprised a lot of people this season with how young they are and how far they have already come. With Josh Smith and Paul George leading the way maybe this team can upset a team like the heat or magic and go on to the NBA Finals. If not they are still young and are full of potential and will only get better as time goes by.


Top 5 Players: Josh Smith, Paul George, Wesley Matthews, Enes Kanter, Jerryd Bayless


5. Los Angeles Lakers 53-29


The Lakers are easily the second best team in the West behind the Thunder. With the addition of Kevin Love this team could easily make a run to the finals. With a big three of Kobe, Love, and Gasol this team could easily upset to Thunder if Kobe hits some big shots and Love and Gasol dominate the boards. Don’t be surprised if this team goes to the conference finals.


Top 5 Players: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Shaun Livingston


6. Chicago Bulls 53-29


The Chicago Bulls were the best three pointing team this year leading the league in 3 point percentage. Rookie Jimmer Fredette has quickly become one of the league's top three point shooters. The soul and heart of this team though is Derrick Rose he has tore up the league this year almost seeming unstoppable.


Top 5 Players: Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Danny Green, Jimmer Fredette, Taj Gibson


7. San Antonio Spurs 52-30


As the oldest team in the league these veterans are still getting things done. With the best coach in the league Greg Popovich at the helm. This team is always in contention for a title. They brought in Stephen Jackson from the Bulls to solidify the starting line up as they look to make another attempt at a title as there team ages.


Top 5 Players: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili. Stephen Jackson, George Hill


8. Minnesota Timberwolves 52-30


This team really surprised people this year as everyone thought they were going into rebuild mode after they traded away Kevin Love. But these players proved everyone wrong earning a playoff spot as they look to make a run. Many say this team has the best team chemistry in the entire league which makes up for their lack of talent.


Top 5 Players: Andrew Bynum, Jodie Meeks, Ron Artest, Tristain Thompson, Deandre Liggins


9. Memphis Grizzlies 50-32


This is one of the least talked about teams in the NBA but they probably have the most depth in the league with Shawn Marion and Tony Allen coming off the bench. This team is going to finally get the attention it deserves in the playoffs as they should win some games.


Top 5 Players: Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Rudy Gay, Tony Allen


10. Denver Nuggets 48-34


Again another deep team from the western conference. This team though has Chauncey Billups and Tobias Harris coming off the bench. This team likes to mix its line up a lot though so you never really expect who will start. A team very much in the same boat as the Grizzlies should be fun to see them in the playoffs.


Top 5 Players: Rajon Rondo, Nene, J.R Smith, Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington


11. Atlanta Hawks 45-37


The Hawks a team with 3 big players and they have some solid depth players. We have seen Melo have yet another great year as he has Amar’e Stoudemire and Al Horford by his side. The team definitely has the opportunity to go far but they take on another good team in the Bulls in the first round which should bring us some good matchups.


Top 5 Players: Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, Al Horford, Raymond Felton. Jeff Teague


12. Los Angeles Clippers 44-38


The Clippers are one of the rare teams that were able to balance out youth and veteran experience. Led by rising star Blake Griffin this team could easily upset a team like the Lakers or Thunder and make a run. This team is also one of the few teams with great depth they have three starting caliber players coming off their bench in Jeff Green, Darren Collison, and there first round pick Nikola Vucevic. WIth this depth a balance this team could be a dark horse to come out of the western conference.


Top 5 Players: Blake Griffin. Eric Gordon, Deandre Jordan, Baron Davis, Richard Jefferson


13. Washington Wizards 44-38


The Wizards are a young team being led by veteran Carlos Boozer. The teams has a dangerous and rising guard duo in John Wall and Kemba Walker. This team is building a nice foundation for itself making the playoffs this year with a great and promising future ahead of it.


Top 5 Players: Carlos Boozer, Kemba Walker, John Wall, Nick Young, Ed Davis


14. Portland Trail Blazers 43-39


The Trailblazers are an interesting team after trading away Brandon Roy but the move seems to have worked out as they have snuck into the playoffs as the 8th seed kicking out the Dallas Mavericks. Led by Lamarcus Aldrige they have a challenge ahead of them in the Thunder but if they are able to upset the Thunder this team is going to have huge momentum going forward.


Top 5 Players: Lamarcus Aldrige, Nicolas Batum, Marcin Gortat, J.J Reddick, Marcus Morris


15. Dallas Mavericks 42- 30


This team was disappointing this year as they missed out of the playoffs. DIrk tried his hardest to carry this team to the playoffs but his supporting cast couldn't get the job done. With no real rising young players this team could be at the bottom of the league soon if moves are not made to help out a 34 year old Dirk make a run at the title.


Top 5 Players: Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, J.J Barea, Corey Maggette, Allen Iverson


16. New Orleans Pelicans 38-44


As good as this team is on paper they were riddled with injuries all season as they never could seem to get healthy. We saw CP3 go down for part of the season to a broken left ankle. We also saw Bogut and David West go down at points. This team is good when healthy we just need to see it stay healthy next year to really judge it.


Top 5 Players: Chris Paul, David West, Andrew Bougut, Trevor Ariza, Alec Burks


17. Cleveland Cavaliers 38-44


Able to sneak into the playoffs this young team is not expecting to go far but due to the Eastern Conference they are still in it. Lead by rookies Kawhi Leonard and Jonas Valanciunas they have a promising future ahead of them and are going to get some playoff experience early in many of their young careers. Which is going to help this team down the line.


Top 5 Players: Kawhi Leonard, Jonas Valanciunas, Kyle Korver, Ramon Sessions, Avery Bradley


18. Philadelphia 76ers 38-44


This team is an interesting team sneaking into the playoffs as the 8th seed in the East they may be able to win a game or two against the Magic. They team is not old but they are definitely not young either they are in a weird as they have some youth but not a whole lot it will be interesting to see how they do against the Magic in the First Round.


Top 5 Players: Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday, Yao Ming, Louis Williams, Evan Turner


19. Sacramento Kings 37-45


The Kings are a developing team in the West and it would not be surprising to see them as a top team in the coming years as we see them with loads of potential going forward. Led by Tyreke Evans and Demarcus Cousins they should be a big player in a few years competing for many years to come in the west.


Top 5 Players: Tyreke Evans, Demarcus Cousins, Brandon Jennings, Jimmy Butler, Luc Mbah A Moute


21. Utah Jazz 35-47


It surprised many people to see this team perform poorly. Most thought at a minimum they would earn a playoff spot but that did not happen. This team may look very different next year as Deron Williams contract is expiring. Will we see Williams resign or will we see them rebuild around Paul Millsap and Klay Thompson for the future as they look to revamp their team for next year as they look to make a run next year.


Top 5 Players: Deron Williams, Paul Millsap, Klay Thompson, Al Jefferson, Thabo Sefolosha


20. Charlotte Hornets 36-46


This Hornets teams best two players are both aging and seem to have lost a step in Gerald Wallace and Elton Brand. They do have some bright spots in D.J Augustin and Bismack Biyombo but even then Biyombo had a disappointing rookie year. This team should look to rebuild this year and look toward the future.


Top 5 Players: Gerald Wallace, Elton Brand, D.J Augustin, Bismack Biyombo, Jamal Crawford


22. Toronto Raptors 33-49


The Raptors have the best young core in the league and have a bright future. Although they were not great this year they have lots to look forward to. Kyrie Irving is the frontrunner to win rookie of the year averaging over 30 points a game. Kyrie tore up the league in his first year and with all this young talent around him things should be great going forward.


Top 5 Players: Kyrie Irving, Demar Derozan, Thaddeus Young, Gordon Hayward, Amir Johnson


23. New York Knicks 33- 49


The Knicks are another young team with loads of potential. All these young guys are learning from their top player Joe Johnson. This team has one of the most promising centers in the league in Jason Smith after a breakout seasons leading the league in blocks. Their first round pick Brandon Knight also had a good rookie season as their future looks bright.


Top 5 Players: Joe Johnson, Jason Smith, Ty Lawson, Marvin Williams, Brandon Knight


24. Milwaukee Bucks 34-48


The Bucks are a slightly less developing team led by Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe. They also have a solid veteran in Caron Butler. They should be a solid team going forward if their young talent develops the way that they should and they bring in some young talent in the coming years to round the team out.


Top 5 Players: Greg Monroe, Caron Butler, Ersan Ilyasova, Jarrett Jack, Eric Bledsoe


25. Boston Celtics 29-53


By far the most disappointing team this season as it clear that their aging big three are not the same as they used to be. The team does not have much to look forward to either as their only decent young prospect is Jermey Lin. I would not be shocked to see their big three split up this off season as the Celtics look for a fresh start.


Top 5 Players: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Jermey Lin, James Posey


26. Houston Rockets 27-55


Another exciting team to watch going forward led by Kevin Martin. They were another team riddled with injuries although it may have helped them as they will have a better pick as they were not going to win it all this year. They will be bringing in a player in Jeb Vernie that they had play in Europe last year from Australia who is looking like a future star. But as soon as next year this team could be another contender in the Western Conference.


Top 5 Players: Kevin Martin, Micheal Beasley, Kyle Lowry, Jeb Vernie, Ekpe Udoh


27. Golden State Warriors 24-58


This is a team with a bright future as it seems as they already have a rising star is Stephen Curry and a breakout player in Hassan Whiteside. This team could be good with a few more pieces down the line and with a high pick in the draft this year this should be another rising team in the Western Conference going forward.


Top 5 Players: Stephen Curry, Hassan Whiteside, Josh McRoberts, Kelenna Azbuike, Gerald Mayo


28. Phoenix Suns 26-56


The Suns are a team full of depth but only have one above average player in Danny Granger. This team could be good if they had a bit more star power to help Granger out a bit. They have 3 young point guards in Goran Dragic, Isiah Thomas, and Ish Smith. It is expected one of these players will be traded as they all can’t play on the same team and make it work. But the Suns could be a good team with a few smart moves.


Top 5 Players: Danny Granger, Goran Dragic, Jason Richardson, Jared Dudley, Isiah Thomas


29. Brooklyn Nets 17-85


The Nets have some great pieces in Brook Lopez and Luol Deng but need to add some more talent to compete. They have a good young talent in Nikola Mirotic. But they have a lot of cap space to work with this year so we should seem them add some pieces this offseason to help out for next year along with a top pick in the draft.


Top 5 Players: Brook Lopez, Luol Deng, Devin Harris, Nikola Mirotic, Omer Asik


30. Detroit Pistons 12-70


By far the worst team in basketball at the moment. They have no players that real stand out or that many people recognize at this point. They are in full rebuild mode as they really only have one player on the roster that may serve a role in the future in Reggie Jackson. The majority of the team should not stay on this team or in the league for that matter much longer.


Top 5 Players: Tayshaun Prince, Reggie Jackson, Kwame Brown, Jon Leuer, Ben Wallace



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Welcome to the 2011-2012 NBA Season Awards 



[We see the host Bill Cosby walk on stage as he begins to talk]



Bill: Well sorry I am a bit late had a few drinks with some of the Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleaders backstage. Now I don’t hang with those Detroit ones cause I only hang with the best and why not hang with the cheerleaders for the greatest team of all time the Oklahoma City Thunder.


[The camera cuts to Kevin Durant smiling in the crowd]


Bill: But we have already missed enough time so let’s just get into our first award, Rookie of the Year. It has been narrowed down to 3 men. So Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and Jimmer Fredette would you come up on stage so we can see who the winner is.


[We see the 3 players walk on stage as Bill is handed an envelope with the winners name inside]


Bill: Now, our NBA Rookie of the Year is… Kyrie Irving. Congrats son, maybe we can get a drink later.


[We then see Kyrie walk to the podium as he begins to talk]


Kyrie: You know I have had my doubters this year I slid in the draft, and no one thought I was gonna make it up in the cold city of Toronto. I look at you all know and laugh cause guess what it looks like I proved you wrong. So I will continue to dominate this league my whole career as you all continue to doubt me.


[We then see Kyrie walk off stage as Bill Cosby comes back on the stage]


Bill: Well the closed the bar backstage, they said there was a bunch of people sleeping in there now so I guess no more drinks for the rest of the show. But let’s just keep this rolling the next award is the Sixth man of the year and apparently there is only one man for this one.


[Bill is handed another envelope]


Bill: And the winner of the Sixth Man of the Year is Chauncey Billups.


We fast forward through the rest of the awards till we get to the MVP award. We saw Dwight Howard take home Defensive Player of the Year, Hassan Whiteside win the Most Improved Player award and Coach of the Year goes to Scott Brooks who led the Thunder to a 73-9 Record.


Bill: Well it has been a long night and I am about to pass out from all the drinks I have been having backstage so let’s get this MVP Award announced. So Lebron. Durant, and Dwight get on up here.


[Bill is handed the last Envelope of the night as he opens it]


Bill: And your 2011-2012 season MVP is Lebron James. Congrats brother definitely got to grab a drink with you one Very Valuable Person to another.


[Bill walks off stage as Lebron gives his speech]


Lebron: You know after last season everybody is calling us overhyped and overrated. Well I think I proved to everyone I am the best in the league still. So now we are heading into the playoffs and no one is going to stop us. As the MVP, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh run through the entire league.


The NBA Awards go off air as we head into the NBA Playoffs


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Bulls 2011 Diary


Thriller in Chicago: Hawks Bulls Playoffs Round 1 Game 1


Last night we saw the Chicago Bulls battle the Atlanta Hawks in the first game of their round 1 playoff matchup. Both teams got off to hot starts as we saw the Bulls lead 37-33 going into the 2nd quarter. For the Bulls it was the start of a career night for Jimmer Fredette who scored 26 in the first quarter. He stepped up for Derrick Rose who got into foul trouble early as he only scored 5 in the first quarter. The Hawks stayed right with them though as we saw Melo score 12 and Amar’e Stoudemire drop 8.


In the second quarter we saw the Bulls start to pull away as the bench really stepped up for them. They went into halftime with a 76-60 lead. Although they were able to go into half with a large lead we saw Rose go down with an elbow injury. Jimmer was able to finish the half with 33 points. For the Hawks we saw Melo lea the way with 16 and Horford and Stoudemire both score 10 going into halftime.


In the third quarter we saw the Hawks chip away at the Bulls lead as the Bulls went into the third quarter leading 105-95. Surprisingly Rose still played through the elbow injury although it was clearly bothering him. But the Hawks center Al Horford fouled out mid way through the 3rd quarter. Jimmer continued to dominate bringing his total points to 44. For the Hawks we saw E’twaun Moore step up scoring 19 points.


We saw the Hawks finally bring the game even as they ended up both scoring 135 as we now head to overtime. Jimmer lead 51 and Rose helped out scoring 28. Melo for the Hawks scored 36 while E’twaun Moore helped out with 21.


We saw the Hawks come out the victors against a banged up Bulls team winning this one 1566-152. Jimmer did what he could scoring 59. Rose still scored 31 and added on 7 assists with a banged up elbow. WE also saw Joakim Noah score 17 with 22 boards. For the Hawks it was Melo coring 46. Stoudemire helped out scoring 22 with 20 boards. Al Horford was able to score 18 points before fouling out in the 3rd Quarter. With the Bulls down in this series who will we see step up in the place of an bangedd up Derrick Rose.



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Bulls 2011 Diary


Bulls vs Hawks: Playoffs Round 1 Game 2




We saw the little man for the Bulls Nate Robinson step up greatly for the Bulls with Derrick Rose being banged up. Game 2 was a more defensive game as we saw the Bulls lead 20-15 going into the 2nd quarter. For the Hawks Stoudemire had 6 points and Raymond Felton stepped up with 4. For the Bulls we saw the step in starter Nate Robinson with 5 and backup center Darko Milicic also score 5. As both teams had unlikely players step up.




The second quarter was another grit and grind quarter. We saw the Bulls go into half with a slim lead leading 46-41. Nate Robinson kept up his scoring going into half with 10. We also saw Jimmer go into half with 9. For the Hawks it was Al Horford leading the way with 14 while Stoudemire had 8 points going into halftime.




In quarter three the Bulls began to hit their shots. Nate Robinson continued to dominate as he had 20 points through the 3rd quarter. Jimmer was right behind him with 19. For the Hawks we saw Horford once again lead the way as he had 20 points going into the fourth while Jeff Teague was their next leading scorer with 9. The Bulls would go into the 4th quarter leading 85-60.




We saw the Bulls run away with this one in the 4th quarter winning it 118-90. Jimmer lead the way with 24 while to step in starter Nate Robinson scored 21 and added 10 assists. For the Hawks we saw Al Horford do what he could finishing the game with 22 points and 14 rebounds. We would also see Melo finally wake up in the 4th quarter scoring 17 points. Although it was too late as we saw the Bulls win this game. The Bulls have now evened up the series at 1 a piece.




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Bulls 2011 Diary

NBA Playoffs: Bulls vs Hawks Round 1 Game 3



Derrick Rose was able to return in another close game tonight. Although he split minutes with Nate Robinson who stepped up big for the Bulls in Game 2. Nate Robinson started the game as Rose was still being nagged by the injury. Both teams came out hot scoring over thirty but it was the Hawks who hit the last shot of the quarter leading 33-30 going into the second quarter. We saw Nate Robinson with 9 and Joakim Noah with 6 lead the way for the Bulls where for the Hawks it was Melo with 7 and Felton with 6 through the first quarter.


As the second quarter started we saw Rose begin to play more. Rose looked better out there as he began to hit some shots but the Hawks also kept hitting shots. The Hawks would go into the half up 13 leading 63-50 lead by Melo with 16 and Frye with 12. For the Hawks it was Nate Robinson leading the way with 11 while Rose added on 10.


In the third quarter we saw the Hawks continue to dominate. As they were able to shut down Jimmer most of the game. So they only really had to cover a banged up Derrick Rose. They went into the fourth quarter with a 95-82 lead. We saw both Melo and Felton with 18 for the Hawks going into the fourth. For the Bulls Rose lead with 17 and Nate Robinson added on 16.


In the fourth quarter it seemed like the Bulls were hitting on everything. They were able to tie the game up and win it thanks to a last second buzzer beater by Derrick Rose. With the final score being 125-122. For the Bulls we saw Jimmer catch fire this quarter finishing with 35. As we saw Rose score 33 with 12 assists. For the Hawks it was Horford and Felton doing what they could scoring 20 a piece. After losing game 1 the Bulls have now taken the lead leading the series 2-1.



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