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The Good Guy

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Jack Bishop walks to the ring more pissed off than ever.

” I’m done. This is the last time I let this corporate bullshit hold me down. I’m not going to let anyone tell me what to do, who to take eliminations from,” the crowd goes silent, realizing that this is serious.

” You’re kidding me. This nobody hick goes over the people who actually deserve a f*cking title? And I got eliminated by a fucking kid who can’t make up his mind on what his last name is. I should be the NXT champion. Not this cousin-loving idiot who calls himself “the bomb”. Sorry, he’s not literate enough to spell or say “the” right, so he calls himself “da” bomb.”

” It’s time you people, and the entire roster open your eyes. You’ve been blind from the beginning, thinking the people who you adore, who you cheer for every week, are doing this for you. Make no mistake, they’re doing it because they need to feed their massive egos, and also for the massive paycheck they get as champion. You people can save yourselves. But you choose not to. You choose to believe that I’m painting a false portrait, that I’m trying to coerce you into going against your heroes. You don’t understand that I’m the good guy. I’m the one trying to save you from this nightmare that you’ve been fooled into believing is a fantasy. But, for Bob... it’s too late. You’ve awoken a new side of me. You’re going to be destroyed by something you created. I hope you’re happy.”

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