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Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 3th 2019

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Brock Lesnar's actions last week led to a formal review by WWE management, but The Beast and Paul Heyman aren't waiting for the sword to fall, announcing they will cash in the Money in the Bank contract against Universal Champion Seth Rollins this coming week. Tune in to Raw this Monday at 8/7 C, live on USA Network.

  • Heyman announces Lesnar will cash in on Rollins this Monday
  • Not dead yet (Undertaker  for those wondering)
  • Roman Reigns to team with The Usos to battle Drew McIntyre & The Revival
  • These colors don’t run
  • Ladies first


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This RAW looks pretty good actually. The theoretic crowning of a new US Champion should be great hopefully Joe doesn't predictably win it and they give it to someone fresh that so Joe can make his transition back into the main event scene like he should be in personally I would like Cesaro to win the US title since he hasn't a singles title run since 2013 but I would also not mind them giving it someone like Ricochet who's brand new to the RAW and could use a title reign to legitimise him a bit more.

Taker showing obviously is going to draw and at least their doing a little bit more build up for Taker VS Goldberg besides just "its a dream match".

The six man tag honestly seems like one of the best matches WWE has put on in a while (in terms of weekly shows) hopefully they don't ruin it with a DQ Finish or an interference or some dumb comedy angle to ruin it, I'm gonna guess Revival and Drew win and then Reigns wins at super showdown.

The MITB segment will be interesting but something tells me that this cash in won't actually happen. Whatever guess we'll get another tease maybe Brock defends the briefcase in the 50 man battle royal but i'd rather they do something else with that tbh. 

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I am like Brenden on this, I don't think Brock will really cahs-in, in fact I even doubt he will be appearing on the show. We will probably only get Paul Heyman which again is not a bad thing as he and Rollins have very good chemistry in Promo Battling.

As for the United States Championship I like FDS wanna see someone new get that title that isn't Joe. Someone like Cesaro or even Ricochet would be pretty good as Champion. Joe absolutely needs to move up to the Main Event as I really wanna see him versus Rollins which would be a pretty fantastic feud for the Summer.

This Six Man Tag should be pretty good. The Bloodline reuniting for one night only is pretty lit and the Revival and Drew are also pretty great so it's a good way to continue both feuds. OFC expect Shane to make an appearance probably screwing the Samoans and helping the Heels win.

As for Taker while nowadays I do cringe a bit when he wrestles, he is still one of the most captivating wrestlers on the mic so I can't wait for his promo on Goldberg, a match that honestly I am now pretty hyped for, contrary to my first reaction when it was announced.

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I really could see Brock actually cashing in and winning this week but I doubt it. Should be an interesting segment tho to see what happens.  Definitely excited to see the return of the Undertaker and what hes gotta say about his upcoming match with Goldberg. Hopefully its not a quick 2 minute segment or something. Hopefully its actually good and it has time. Other than that RAW will be meh probably but I'm hoping they prove me wrong 

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