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"The Crippler" Jay

SmackDown vs. Raw - The Modern Day Brand Split

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After the Super Showdown event, a plethora of WWE talent went on a work strike that was planned for months, unsatisfied with the company and its runnings. The strike kept up until Vince McMahon was forced to respond. After a few days of negotiating, Vince finally conceded to a compromise: the Wild Card rule was to be abolished, SmackDown’s running was left solely in the hands of Triple H, as 
Control of Raw was retained by Vince. The next piece of the agreement was that a redraft of the roster would occur, with each show drafting 25 male and 10 female competitors, as well as drafting announcers. All titles would be vacated, and the draft would occur on July 1st, with the brand split being fully reinstated. These are the results.





If you haven't noticed, this is a dual project between @Realtoxik431 and myself, and we're both incredibly excited to start up this diary. The first shows will likely be out soon, so stay on the lookout!

More to come soon...

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Raw July 1st, 2019 

Raw opens with Vince McMahon in the ring holding a mic. 

Vince: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw!!! Now as i’m sure you’ve all heard by now there has been a complete and total redraft of the WWE roster and my son in law Triple H is now in charge of SmackDown while I remain in charge of Raw. So with that out of the way let’s introduce you all to the brad new Raw roster. 

A graphic is then shown on the titantron of the new Raw roster. 



Vince: So now that you all are familiar with the roster let’s get to busin. 

Vince is then interrupted by a superstar’s theme song. 

Tyler Breeze then makes his way out to the ring. 

Tyler: Now please excuse my interruption Mr.McMahon however as you know before all this happened I was performing in NXT and I think my performances down there prove that i’m worthy of a title opportunity. 

Vince: Is that so well let me tell you something you got guts coming out here and interrupting me of all people who need I remind you is your boss. However since you feel you deserve a title opportunity let’s discuss that because quite frankly Tyler I disagree so no you won’t be getting a title opportunity tonight but what you will be getting tonight is a beating from this man as punishment for interrupting your boss. 


Elias makes his way out to the ring and the match begins. 

The match starts off Elias beating down Tyler Breeze and out powering him for a few minutes in with Tyler getting barely any offense in until Elias goes for his finishing move drift away but Tyler pushes him away and hits the super model kick! 


Tyler then goes for the pin and gets a count of 2 before Elias kicks out.

Elias then shoves Tyler back into the ref knocking the ref down causing Elias to hit a low blow followed by a drift away however Elias is unable to pin Tyler due to the ref being out cold which Elias realizes after a few seconds and goes to revive the ref followed by him picking Tyler back up for a second drift away however Tyler reverses it into the beauty shot! 


Tyler then pins Elias 1 2 3. 

It is then we are properly introduced to the raw announce team Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton. 

Cole: that was great match and a fantastic way to kick Raw off. 

Corey: I completely agree Michael however I can’t believe i’m stuck with Byron again or that Tyler Breeze had the audacity to interrupt our boss. 

Byron: Trust me Corey i’d rather do commentary with anyone but you however I think Tyler is completely justified in his belief of deserving a title opportunity especially after that performance. 

Next up is a fatal 4 way match to determine the new United States champion and out comes Dolph Ziggler, Cedric Alexander, Tommaso Ciampa, and last but certainly not least Johnny Gargano. 

The match starts with with Gargano and Ciampa going right after each other no surprise there given their history with each other meanwhile Cedric and Dolph have an extremely impressive battle of grapple holds and counters however Dolph eventually takes control due to his amateur wrestling background and begins wearing Cedric down with a sleeper hold before Gargano comes and kicks Dolph right in the back making Dolph crawl to the corner however it seems Gargano forgot about Ciampa who comes at him from behind with a steel chair but Gargano ducks and the chair hits Cedric instead who immediately collapses to the mat and Gargano then kicks out Ciampa’s knees which Ciampa then falls to his side and rolls away to avoid anymore harm and Gargano sees his moment and locks in the Gargano escape on Cedric! 


However mere seconds before Cedric taps out Ciampa hits Gargano with the chair from earlier and throws out of the ring however before Ciampa can capitalize on the situation he gets knocked to outside as well as Dolph super kicks him in the back of the head then immediately picks Cedric back up and hits the zig zag!

Dolph then puns Cedric 1 2 3 and Dolph is your new United States champion.

Cole: another fantastic match here on Raw and congratulations to Dolph Ziggler on becoming the new United States champion. 

Corey: Absolutely Michael however you gotta imagine Gargano was mere seconds away from one of the best Raw debuts ever but I guess him being a terrible friend to Ciampa down in NXT came back to bite him tonight. 

Byron: Corey what are you talking about Ciampa is the one that betrayed Gargano! And if anyone deserves the United States Championship it’s Gargano.

Cole: well regardless next up is the Raw women’s championship match between Asuka and Shayna Bazler. 

Mans after both women make their entrances the match begins and Asuka starts off going for a roundhouse kick but Shayna ducks then grabs Asuka in a sleeper hold and pulls Asuka down to the mat and locks in the Kirifuda Clutch! And despite her best effort Asuka is unable to escape and passes out and Shayna is your new Raw women’s champion 

Cole: Oh my god!!! Did we just see that what an incredible Raw debut by Shayna Bazler not only did she win the Raw women’s championship but she did it in dominating fashion against Asuka of all people. 

Corey: Absolutely amazing by Shayna Bazler here tonight she was completely laser focused on her goal as she accomplished it in the best way possible. 

Byron: Very true guys i’m very impressed with Shayna Bazler here tonight and I think i’m not the only one anticipating a rematch in the future. 

Suddenly the titantron cuts to backstage as there is a massive brawl that has broken out however it’s unclear who is brawling due to a swarm of security attempting to break it up and before it’s resolved the next match starts between Kyle O’Riley and Bobby Fish of the Undisputed Era vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson The Club for the Raw tag team championships and after around 15 minutes of back and forth and plenty of tags Karl and Luke have Bobby Fish up for the Magic Killer however before they can execute it Kyle slides into the ring and Karl into Luke and catches Bobby bringing him down safely then Kyle tosses Karl out of the ring while Bobby locks in a knee bar on Luke but Luke manages to fight out through sheer will power then kicks Bobby back down before grabbing Kyle and picking up and does a double handed choke bomb to the outside however he should’ve paid more attention to Bobby who then rolls him up for a 3 count.

Cole: Yet another astounding match.

And before the commentary team can Continue Adam Cole comes out to the ring and attacks Luke Gallows this causes his opponent for tonight and good friend of Luke Gallows AJ Styles to come running out to attempt to save Luke however it appears to have been a trap as the new Raw tag champs ambush AJ along with Cole and with an order from Vince himself the match begins as AJ is slowly rising to his knees only to be hit with the Last Shot!!!

1 2 3 and Adam Cole is your new Universal champion. 

Then as Raw goes off air all 3 members of the Undisputed Era are holding up their newly won championships. 




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July 2nd, SmackDown Live

Mauro Ranallo: Hello everybody, and welcome to the revamped SmackDown Live! We are live from Austin, Texas, and in case you haven’t heard the news that rattled the entire WWE structure, the entire company has been redrafted!

Nigel McGuinness: That’s right Mauro, WWE has been completely shaken up, no pun intended. In case you’ve been living without internet connection for the past month, Vince McMahon was forced to relinquish sole authority of SmackDown Live to Triple H, and the pair drafted new rosters, including announcers. Mauro and I were lucky enough to still be on the same announce team when the dust settled, but we do have a new third.

Mauro: That’s correct, Nigel, as Triple H drafted Renee Young to do commentary for the SmackDown brand as well.

Renee Young: A completely new WWE has been crafted of the draft, and I’m extremely grateful we’re getting to be a part of such a revolution!

Nigel: Hold on, I think that’s the boss’s music!


The crowd pops in response to Triple H.

Renee: Nigel’s right, Triple H is coming out with a microphone in hand. If I had to guess, he has an announcement to make!

Triple H: Hello WWE Universe! I’m sure you’re glad to see me, but I felt that I owed it to you all to come out here myself and set things straight. Since the WWE Universe, you all, is what matters, you are what makes this company continue running, I decided that this special SmackDown would be about YOU!

The crowd pops loudly for Triple H.

HHH: I ran polls on WWE.com that were decided by you, the fans, and those polls will decide the fate of tonight’s show. A very Cyber Sunday way, for those of you who remember that pay-per-view. Now, the polls that were run would decide who would participate in tonight’s title matches, and the results are in! The two highest voted options for each poll will be competing against each other, tonight! First, the results of the next match, the Intercontinental Championship Match! Display the results on the titantron, if you would!

The crowd cheers before turning towards the titantron, awaiting the voting results.

HHH: The options were The Miz, Aleister Black, Cesaro, and Tyler Bate! Of these four choices, the results were… 4%, 12%, 19%, and 65% respectively! That means Cesaro vs. Tyler Bate for the Intercontinental Championship will happen tonight, next on SmackDown Live!

Triple H leaves with a crowd properly excited and ready for action cheering for the match they are about to see.

Renee: Woah, what a bombshell Triple H has just dropped!

Mauro: What an understatement, Renee! The entire show being decided by the crowd? This is bound to be an amazing show! Don’t go anywhere, Cesaro vs. Tyler Bate is next!

After the commercial break, the camera cuts to the titantron, where the poll votes disappear in favour of the titantron of Cesaro.


Nigel: Recently, Cesaro had moved to Raw as a part of the Superstar Shakeup, but that was reversed by this most recent draft.

Renee: Something interesting to note is that Cesaro is back on SmackDown, but so is his former tag partner Sheamus. Could we see a Bar Reunion in the future?

Mauro: I don’t know, but what I do know is that we’re about to witness the main roster debut of one Tyler Bate, the inaugural United Kingdom Champion!



Nigel: And there he is! One half of Moustache Mountain, with fellow British Strong Style member Trent Seven, as well as Pete Dunne. It’s certainly interesting that Triple H decided to draft Bate but not his fellow British Strong Style members, however knowing the boss, there is always a thought process for every action.

Mauro: I can certainly agree, Triple H has never been one to make rash decisions, but it will be interesting to see if Bate can make the transition to singles action without the backup of Seven or Dunne.

Renee: Of course he can Mauro! He was the first ever United Kingdom Champion and was extremely accomplished at such a young age.

Nigel: Well, we’ll test that theory with this match, the bigger Cesaro taking on Tyler Bate, next!

After a match with some good back and forth technical action for several minutes, Cesaro takes the upper hand with an eye poke that went unseen by the referee.

Renee: Hey! That was uncalled for!

Nigel: Come on Renee, if you’re not cheating, you certainly aren’t trying!

After the eye poke, Bate is standing in the corner, clutching his face as Cesaro taunts in the other corner. Cesaro runs from corner to corner, striking Bate with a stiff uppercut before whipping him into the other corner and following up with another uppercut. Bate falls over, rolling into the center of the ring. Cesaro sees this and starts signaling for the swing. The King of Swing grabs Bate’s legs and begins his swinging. The swinging continues for about 15 seconds until Bate crunches up and grasps Cesaro’s head, getting it under his arm quickly before dropping himself down for a Cradle DDT.

Mauro: Bate with excellent core strength, pulling himself up and dropping Cesaro with a Cradle DDT!

Renee: Amazing athleticism from Bate, although he has to be dazed after that swing!

Nigel: But Cesaro isn’t? He had to spin the deadweight of Tyler Bate!

Renee: You haven’t been watching him as long as I have, Nigel, there’s a reason he’s called the Swiss Superman!

Bate and Cesaro attempt to get to their feet as the dizziness sets in, Bate pulling himself up with the referee’s count to 8. Cesaro soon follows, but it is too late for the Swiss native, as Tyler Bate turns Cesaro around and kicks the gut, hooks the arms and hits the Tyler Driver ‘97!




The crowd pops for Bate, who barely looks like he can believe he beat Cesaro.

Mauro: And that is that! Your new Intercontinental Champion, Tyler Bate!

Renee: Cesaro put up a valiant effort, but Bate’s incredible athleticism and craftiness overcame the Swiss Superman.

Nigel: Of course, Bate puts on an incredible match, but what about Cesaro? He had put on such a match, he would have won against any other opponent, but Bate just outsmar- hey wait a second!

Sheamus charges the ring, unknown to Bate until a Brogue Kick connects with Bate, who falls limp to the ground.

Mauro: That’s Sheamus! Cesaro’s fellow Bar member is assaulting Tyler Bate!

Renee: What a disgusting tactic, attacking a man who is practically defenseless!

Nigel: What’s your problem, Renee? You’re complaining about a fight in a wrestling show!

Sheamus lifts up a lifeless Bate into the White Noise, as Cesaro groggily climbs to the second rope. He leaps off and they hit Bate with the Assisted White Noise. Sheamus motions for two microphones, which quickly are handed to one. He hands one to Cesaro, and they yell in sync.


Mauro: A bold statement from The Bar, but looking forward, next we’ll be seeing the women in action, as the SmackDown Women’s Championship will be contested for, up next!

After the commercial break, the results flashed over the titantron, Bayley in the lead with 28%, Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm tied with 26% each, and Nikki Cross with 20%. The crowd cheers, but the uncertainty of a tie is echoed by the commentators.

Renee: Woah, I didn’t expect a tie!

Mauro: Well, anything is possible, but I imagine this possibility had to have been considered by Triple H.

Nigel: I’m glad the results were a bit more even this time, but it seems like they’re a bit too even!

Mauro: Hold on for just one second, I’m receiving word that we’ll be going to Triple H backstage, who will be giving word on the fate of the tie between Ripley and Storm.

The camera cuts to Triple H, sitting at his desk. He clears his throat.

HHH: It appears Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley, two amazing competitors, have tied. Now, we have two options, but I already know what you all want. The first option is that we have a triple threat for the title tonight.

Some of the crowd cheers at this choice.

HHH: But the option we all want, a much-awaited rematch between Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley, here tonight! The winner will go on to face Bayley next week on SmackDown Live!

The crowd goes nuts, chanting “Let them fight! Let them fight!”

HHH: So Austin, are you ready? Austin, I said, ARE, YOU, READY?

The crowd pops as Toni Storm’s theme blasts through the arena.


Nigel: We have our answer! We’re about to see a bloodbath, for anybody who had kept up with NXT UK, you’d know the history of the vicious rivalry waged between Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley over the NXT UK Women’s title. I myself had the pleasure to watch that feud draw out live.

Mauro: The underdog kiwi, Toni Storm, is an extremely talented competitor, and so is her opponent, Rhea Ripley!


Renee: Rhea, a vicious competitor from the land down under, ready to bring another women’s title home with her to Australia.

Nigel: You’re leaning on her nationality a bit Renee, never understate the fact Rhea Ripley is a person who will, pun intended, rip your head off.

The match begins with a staredown between Toni and Rhea before a wild brawl begins breaking out. Shots trade between Ripley and Storm for several minutes before Rhea begins to slow the match down, locking in a side headlock before tossing her to the ropes and hitting a dropkick on the rebounding Storm. Rhea taunts before getting rolled up by Toni.




Rhea kicks out and gets to her feet before hitting Storm with a hard right hand, knocking the kiwi to the ground.

Mauro: A huge right hand from Ripley knocks Storm nearly out cold!

Renee: Storm is laid out by that right, but Rhea needs to capitalize on this opportunity.

Nigel: I’m not so sure she will, she might see settling this blood feud as a bigger priority.

Rhea Ripley goes back to the prone Storm and goes to pick her up. Toni was pulled to her feet before being turned around and pulled into the full nelson position, before being slammed by Rhea. Ripley, instead of going for the pin, picks Toni back up and puts her back on the mat with a Riptide. She decides against the pin and tries to pull Toni to her feet again, however, Storm just falls back down, pretty much unconscious. Rhea ignores the referee’s command to back off and drags Toni to the bottom rope, perching her before running to the other ropes and connecting with a vicious basement dropkick. Not done dismantling Storm, Ripley picks up Storm again and drops her with another Riptide, and then picks Storm back up and picking up Storm’s dead weight into a northern lights suplex. A final Riptide is what it takes for Rhea to be satisfied, but instead of pinning her foe, Rhea picks up Toni Storm once more and throwing Storm over the top rope. She begins posing on the ropes as the referee begins to count out Toni Storm.

Renee: This is a disgrace, what would Rhea have to gain from attacking a lifeless Storm?

Nigel: That’s simple Renee, if you take somebody out of action, there is one less challenger to dethrone you.

Renee: But is it worth putting somebody’s job in danger?

Nigel: It’s kill or be killed in this business, there’s nothing that can change that. You need to win by any cost, and if the opponent is brutalized, that is just a cost of the match.

Mauro: I don’t think it matters anyways, the referee’s count is at 7 and Toni Storm has not moved. It’s safe to say Ripley has far and away taken this matchup.

The referee’s count reaches ten, and the bell is called for. Rhea has won the match, but instead of posing, Ripley heads to the outside of the ring and lifts the ring apron.

Mauro: What’s Rhea doing? Searching under the ring and it appears she found what she was looking for, a bat.

Nigel: It looks like Rhea isn’t going to play nice with that bat, either.

Rhea grabs Storm by the hair and pulls her up, pushing her against the ring post. She takes a swing at the ribs of Toni Storm, letting off a crack with the connection. The crowd boos Rhea, but she just doesn’t seem to care, as she whips the bat into Toni’s side yet again. Toni slides down the post, and Ripley tosses the bat aside before leaving with her head held high, a broken Toni Storm laid out. Paramedics began treating Storm.

Renee: How disgusting. Attacking somebody barbarically, who cannot defend themselves. All we can do is hope Toni Storm is ok.

Mauro: After the break, we’ll be seeing who will be facing off for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, next.

After the break, the camera pans to the announce team.

Mauro: We have received word that Toni Storm will need to have her ribs screened for any damage that Rhea may have inflicted.

Nigel: Let’s stop worrying about the past and look to the future, the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! Let’s see the results already!

The results have come in, with The Revival at 42%, the team of Shinsuke Nakamura and KUSHIDA at 22%, The New Day at 20%, and The Usos at 16%. The crowd pops once again for the poll.

Mauro: It looks like the fans are interested to see how well Nakamura and KUSHIDA can work together, as the pair will take on The Revival to determine the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Nigel: I love The Revival, they’re such a talented tag team, and soon the Japanese sensations will understand the motto “No Flips Just Kicks”.

Renee: Certainly successful in NXT, The Revival have yet to prove much among the main roster, we’ll have to see if tonight changes that.

The Revival’s music blasts through the arena, receiving loud boos from the crowd.


Renee: It seems they aren’t the crowd favourites tonight.

Nigel: That’s one of the things I love about them. They never pander to the fans. They do what they need to, to win wrestling matches.

KUSHIDA’s theme begins playing to the delight of the crowd, who popped pretty loud for the Japanese superstar.


Mauro: KUSHIDA is still new to WWE, barely having made his NXT debut weeks ago, and is now making his main roster debut.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme begins once KUSHIDA is in the ring. The theme is his old one, however, signaling a potential change in Shinsuke’s character.


Nigel: Two masters of the Japanese strong style, but with contrasting skill sets. While Shinsuke would look to slow a match down or slug it out, KUSHIDA is far more of an aerial attacker,

Mauro: That could benefit them even more, many great teams had different styles from each member.

Nigel: Right you are, my friend.

The bell rings, with Shinsuke and Scott Dawson starting the match. The Revival dominate Shinsuke for a while, but he is able to get in a hot tag when Wilder takes too long to make the tag out. KUSHIDA leapfrogs off the apron once Scott Dawson is in the ring, hitting him with a springboard crossbody, before hitting a Buzzsaw Kick that knocks Dawson to the mat.

Mauro: KUSHIDA with the Buzzsaw Kick to Dawson!

Renee: Lethal blow, let’s see if KUSHIDA can capitalize on this opportunity!

KUSHIDA proceeds to head to the top rope, but Wilder grabs his leg and yanks, causing KUSHIDA to fall groin first on the turnbuckle. Dawson takes advantage and hits a superplex on KUSHIDA, and then tags in Wilder. They hit a devastating Shatter Machine, and the end is spelled out for KUSHIDA and Nakamura.




Mauro: The Revival have won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships!

Nigel: It was a well-fought match, but ultimately KUSHIDA and Shinsuke were not experienced enough to pull out a victory.

Renee: The Revival definitely deserve this win, even if they had to go to somewhat unsavoury means to acquire said victory.

Nigel: Oh please, will you quit whining? It’s like working with Percy all over again!

Mauro: Well, it looks like it’s time for our main event. But first, we take you to Charlotte Flair, who is backstage.

The audience boos Charlotte as the camera pans to her.

Charlotte Flair: When a queen wants something from one of their subjects, they don’t ask, they just take what they want. I am no different. I want the SmackDown Women’s title, and even though you people won’t give me a shot, I’m going to be taking that title, and not letting go.

After the commercial break, the announcers are shown quickly before the titantron is shown by the cameras.

Mauro: It’s finally time to see who will have the chance to join this business’s elite, who will win the WWE Championship.

Nigel: The title every wrestler dreamed of holding as a child, but now one special man will earn the right to achieve that dream.

Renee: Things are about to get hot!

Mauro: Wait a second, it seems we have a bit of an issue. The four competitors who were to be voted on were McIntyre, Rollins, Samoa Joe, and Finn Balor, but I’m afraid they’re all tied with 25% a piece!

Nigel: Afraid? Are you crazy? This is excellent, if I know the boss, and I know him pretty well, there’s only one solution for when four people want one belt.

Mauro: Yes, it does seem you’re right, I am receiving word that the four-way will start, right now, as tonight’s main event!

Renee: Two ties in one night, what are the odds?

The crowd cheers as Seth Rollins’ theme hits, nearly an entire crowd united by the chant of “BURN IT DOWN!”


Renee: The arena is filled with cheers, it seems like there is a crowd favourite among us!

Nigel: You aren’t kidding, this place is comparable to Full Sail!

Mauro: Speaking of Full Sail, every person in this match has held the NXT Championship, including the man standing in that ring, NXT’s inaugural champion, Seth Rollins. And the man coming out is the most recent of the NXT Champions in this match, Drew McIntyre!


The crowd begins to boo McIntyre, his actions in the recent past not going forgotten.

Nigel: McIntyre, somebody who made it to WWE at a young age and became Intercontinental Champion, but he never seemed to hit that highest level. After a long time spent on the indies, he came to WWE with a mission, a warpath being cleared by a completely different McIntyre than the one handpicked by Vince McMahon himself.

McIntyre stares down Seth Rollins, who responds in kind.

Mauro: We might see a fight right now, these two are certainly not friendly!

Renee: How could they be? McIntyre has had plenty of issues with Rollins’ SHIELD brother Roman Reigns, they even had a WrestleMania match!

Nigel: But is it in the best interest of Seth Rollins to target a man as dangerous as Drew McIntyre, in a match where anything is legal?

Mauro: We’ll have to see, but what, or who, we are about to see is a monster from Samoa!


As Samoa Joe’s theme hits, the boos that the crowd had given to McIntyre intensify, and Joe soaks in the hate before heading to the ring.

Renee: Samoa Joe, a man who has obliterated opponents, one such opponent being Rey Mysterio.

Mauro: That isn’t to say he isn’t on a downward slope, though, he certainly has gotten a bit unlucky as of late.


The arena goes dark as the theme begins to play, the heartbeats sounding off like gunshots in the arena. The crowd pops when Balor comes out, however, it is indeed Balor and not the Demon King.

Mauro: And it’s Finn Balor, the final competitor in this match, making his way to the ring! He isn’t decked out in his typical Demon King garb, however.

Nigel: Maybe he doesn’t deem assistance from the Demon necessary to win tonight, but time will tell if that costs him his WWE Championship opportunity.

The four men stand in a corner of the ring, staring at the prestigious championship being held up by the referee for all to see. The belt is handed to the timekeeper, and the bell rings. McIntyre and Rollins begin to brawl as former partners Balor and Joe begin a war of chops. McIntyre and Joe push Rollins and Balor into the corner, Joe chopping at Balor’s chest, McIntyre punching Rollins in the face. Joe grabs Balor’s arm, and McIntyre grabs Seth’s arm, the two larger men whipping Rollins and Balor into each other. The smaller men roll to the outside, leaving McIntyre and Joe to brawl.  A battle of punches and chops ensues, with welts forming on both men’s chests from the sheer force behind their strikes. This slugfest continues until McIntyre catches Joe’s chop and smashes their heads together with a vicious Glasgow Kiss.

Mauro: A brutal Glasgow Kiss from McIntyre, putting Joe on the mat. McIntyre going for the pin.



Mauro: Still just a one count, McIntyre has to do a bit more to get the win, it seems.

Nigel: That Glasgow Kiss had to have rattled Drew, headbutting somebody is never a great idea and I know from experience how hard headed Joe is.

Drew McIntyre stands up and picks up Samoa Joe before dropping him with a snap suplex. The Scotsman taunts before looking back at Joe, who has gotten to his feet and stares at McIntyre. The two begin brawling again, but the slugfest is broken up by Seth Rollins, a steel chair connecting with Samoa Joe’s back, leaving him lying on the mat. Rollins hits McIntyre over the head with the chair, but the Scottish Psychopath is not phased, and remains in place, staring bullets into Rollins.

Mauro: WOW! Rollins struck McIntyre over the head with that steel chair, but McIntyre didn’t feel a thing!

Renee: Good god, that man is a monster!

Nigel: That’s incredible, those steel chairs aren’t the most fun things to be hit in the face with, and Drew just brushed it off!

Rollins, in disbelief, goes to hit McIntyre with the chair again, but he blocks the shot by grabbing the chair and kicks Rollins in the gut, taking the chair from the Architect. He raises the chair and lays into Rollins’ back with two thunderous blows before tossing the chair aside. He looks like he’s about to pin Rollins, but before he can, Balor springboards and gets caught by McIntyre, who lays down the Irishman with a spinebuster onto Rollins. Drew pushes Balor away and hooks the inside leg of Rollins.




Mauro: A kickout at two by the Architect! A savage display from McIntyre, using Balor as a weapon!

Renee: Drew’s got all the momentum in the world tonight, he’s been on top for most of the match.

McIntyre picks the chair back up, but it is snatched away by Balor, who puts all of his weight into the swing, striking McIntyre square on the face and putting him on the mat.

Mauro: A chair shot by Balor striking McIntyre on the nose, and I think his nose might have broken!

Nigel: You’re not kidding, but it still amazes me it took two chair shots to the head to put down McIntyre.

Balor tosses the chair to the side before walking over to Rollins. He grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet before unleashing a barrage of knees, attacking Rollins’ midsection. Rollins grabs the right knee of Balor, who goes for a dragon screw kick but gets ducked, with Seth quickly transitioning into an ankle lock, locking his legs around Balor’s while wrenching.

Mauro: Rollins locking in the ankle lock, something I don’t think we’ve ever seen from him.

Nigel: A more technical side of Rollins certainly exists behind his layer of flash and aerials.

Renee: The ankle lock cinched in deep, I think Balor may be forced to tap!

Balor desperately attempts to crawl to the bottom rope but doesn’t have the strength to pull Rollins with him, and is left in the middle of the ring writhing in agony. Right as he is about to tap, however, the large force of Samoa Joe releases the hold with a senton onto the legs of both Balor and Seth.

Mauro: Joe dropping a running senton onto the hold, forcing Rollins to break the ankle lock. Finn was likely about to tap, but I personally think he won’t be able to walk after that!

Renee: Finn’s going to be at a huge disadvantage with his knee taken out, but don’t forget he won the Universal title with a torn labrum, he can do incredible things.

Nigel: His finisher is a double foot stomp, Renee, he won’t be able to muster enough strength to put an opponent away, and even if he can he won’t be able to make a pin!

Samoa Joe gets up and pulls Seth to the corner. He puts the Architect on the top rope, before picking him up in Muscle Buster position, however, he turns into a Shotgun Dropkick from Finn Balor, who falls to the mat, unable to capitalize on this opportunity with his knee aching. Suddenly, a Drew McIntyre bleeding like crazy enters the ring and sits in the corner opposite of Balor. Once Finn finally musters the energy to stand, the Scottish Psychopath delivers a Claymore Kick to the back of Finn Balor’s head that sends him crashing. Drew, seeing that Joe and Rollins are both taken out of the equation, and picks up Balor, dropping him with a Future Shock DDT, before hooking both legs of Finn Balor.




The crowd pops the highest of the night and continues to cheer for McIntyre.

Mauro: Drew McIntyre has won the WWE Championship, and the sound in this arena is deafening! I can’t even hear myself, that’s how loud this crowd is!

Nigel: With all the odds against him, this monster of a man has found a way to achieve the goal he was destined to!

Renee: Beaten, battered, and bloody, Drew McIntyre has finally climbed the top of the mountain. Drew McIntyre stands tall to end off this SmackDown!

Drew motions for a microphone, which is handed to him by the timekeeper, as well as his WWE Championship.

Drew McIntyre: It’s been a long journey! After everything I’ve gone through in my career, everybody saying I couldn’t do it, every doubter has been officially proved wrong, and I’m going to be holding this title, MY title, for a long time.

McIntyre drops the mic before celebrating his well-deserved championship victory as SmackDown Live goes off the air.

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NXT, July 3

Vic Joseph: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a special edition of NXT, LIVE from Full Sail University!

Tom Phillips: Yes, Vic, the entire landscape of the WWE has changed, and no brand may have been more affected than NXT, 205 Live being merged into the black and gold brand.

Aiden English: Gotta say, you two, it feels good to be here again.

Vic Joseph: Well, Aiden, maybe if you can find a tag team partner quick, you can try to reclaim the NXT tag titles in our next match, a 15-team battle royal to crown the new NXT tag team champions!

Tom Phillips: Our general manager, William Regal, wasting no time in trying to restore order here on NXT. At least that hasn't changed.


Aichner/Barthel VS Heavy Machinery VS The Street Profits VS Brit-Am Brawlers VS Dunne/Seven VS The Forgotten Sons VS The Coffey's VS Ryder/Hawkins VS Rowan/Harper VS Viking Raiders VS Carrillo/Mendoza VS Tozawa/Kendrick VS B-Team VS Grizzled Young Veterans VS Lucha House Party (15-team battle royal, NXT tag team titles)

The action starts fast and furious, with a huge mess of carnage in the ring from the opening bell. Gibson and Drake immediately exit the ring, looking to avoid a fight as much as possible. After a minute, the B-Team begins their B-Team chant in the middle of the ring before being promptly run over by Ivar and Erik. They toss Bo Dallas over the top rope and down to the floor.

The B-Team has been eliminated.

Vic Joseph: Since a match like this hasn't happened in a while, we should reiterate that when one member of a team is eliminated, the entire team is eliminated.

Aiden English: Thankfully, we don't have to worry about those two dweebs holding the tag titles...

After the B-Team's elimination, members of the rest of the field targets the Raiders, seeing them as the obvious threat. Unfortunately, this ends poorly for them, as Kendrick, Mendoza and Metalik are all promptly eliminated.

Lucha House Party, Kendrick/Tozawa and Mendoza/Carrillo have been eliminated.

The Raiders them turn their attention to Gibson and Drake on the outside. However, while the Raiders are distracted by the Grizzled Young Veterans, the rest of the teams eliminate them from behind.

The Viking Raiders have been eliminated.

Aiden English: Wow! The former NXT tag team champions have been eliminated!

Tom Phillips: And they are not happy...

As Phillips says this, the Raiders chase Banks and Gibson, forcing them back into the ring. However, the rest of the teams all rush the ropes, looking to keep the Viking Raiders away from the ring. The Raiders finally leave in a fit of anger, while the remaining 10 teams regroup. Suddenly, Curt Hawkins charges Harper, causing the rest of the teams to follow suit, clearly seeing the Bludgeon Brothers as the biggest threat of the match. Though Harper and Rowan try to fight back, they are unable to overpower 18 men.

The Bludgeon Brothers have been eliminated.

Hawkins then celebrates in the middle of the ring, happy that his strategy worked. However, he then draws the attention of the other eight teams, and though Ryder attempts to save him, Hawkins is quickly dispatched of.

Hawkins/Ryder have been eliminated.

Tom Phillips: Would it be an upset that the former RAW tag team champions are gone?

Aiden English: I mean, it would be if it weren't Hawkins and Ryder...

The remaining eight teams then pair off, with Dunne/Seven charging old rivals, the Coffey's, the Grizzled Young Veterans yet again slipping away to the outside of the ring, Aichner/Barthel going right after Heavy Machinery, and the Street Profits, the Forgotten Sons and the Brit-Am Brawlers renewing hostilities from TakeOver XXV. Gibson and Drake focus on this final set of teams, eliminating Danny Burch when he's distracted, then slipping away again.

The Brit-Am Brawlers have been eliminated.

Heavy Machinery and Aichner/Barthel are the next notable pairing, as Otis and Tucker use their strength and size against their opponents. Aichner impresses with his strength, though, lifting up Otis for a powerbomb. However, Tucker helps his partner out and throws Aichner out, eliminating them. After Aichner's elimination, though, Aichner and Barthel work together to eliminate Tucker, taking out Heavy Machinery as well despite them already being eliminated.

Aichner/Barthel and Heavy Machinery have been eliminated.

These two teams brawl to the back, clearly livid at one another, leaving only five left. Dunne and Seven and The Coffey's then take center stage, throwing massive shots at one another. Dunne tees off with Mark Coffey, while Joe and Seven trade massive lariats. This battle would end with Joe Coffey eliminating Seven and himself with All the Best for the Bells.

The Coffey's and British Strong Style have been eliminated.

Finally, it is just the Street Profits and the Forgotten Sons, two teams with a long, notable history of disdain for one another. Montez and Dawkins look to reclaim the tag titles they never truly lost, while the Forgotten Sons look to etch their names in the history books. Unfortunately, the Sons would come up short on this occasion, with Cutler being eliminated by Angelo Dawkins.

The Forgotten Sons have been eliminated.

The Street Profits celebrate their victory, but the celebration is short-lived, as the Grizzled Young Veterans pull a hat trick and eliminate the Profits from under their noses.

Your winners, and the NEW NXT tag team champions, Zack Gibson and James Drake, the Grizzled Young Veterans!

Vic Joseph: This is ridiculous, Gibson and Drake stole that victory right from under the Street Profits!

Tom Phillips: This crowd is clearly not happy about this...

Aiden English: I mean, a win is a win, and what matters is that Gibson and Drake are walking away with the NXT tag team titles.


NXT returns from commercial to see William Regal backstage, congratulating the Grizzled Young Veterans. He then announces that tonight will see a huge main event, as two high-profile main roster superstars return to NXT.


Vic Joseph: I'm sure Regal has a fantastic bout for us to see when we reach the main event, but for now, the women's division takes center stage!

Aiden English: This match looks to conclude a long-standing feud between Bianca Belair and Mia Yim, and you know they won't hold anything back.

English would be correct, as Yim and Bianca put on an incredible athletic contest, with Bianca showcasing her incredible strength. However, on this night, the EST of NXT would be no match for the HBIC, with Mia Yim picking up a victory.


Tom Phillips: Finally, it is time for the main event of the evening, which Regal has hyped up as a massive clash between former main roster talent.

As Phillips says this, a familiar theme blasts through the arena...


Vic Joseph: Ali is here on NXT! One of the standout Cruiserweights in WWE is now finding his home on the black and gold brand!

Aiden English: If this is the first surprise, I'm very interested to see who the second is...

Then as he says this, another familiar theme plays...


Tom Phillips: Baron Corbin! What an incredible main event for NXT tonight!

Aiden English: Poor Ali...

After an incredible back and forth match with Ali showcasing immense fire and heart, he is unfortunately put down by a vicious End of Days by the Lone Wolf. Baron Corbin is back on NXT, and he looks to make it his lair once more.

However, as it seems NXT will be going off the air with Corbin celebrating, there's one more surprise in store, as one more recognizable theme plays to the shock of the NXT crowd...



Tom Phillips: JOHN CENA IS ON NXT!

NXT closes with John Cena entering to a thunderous reaction, and Corbin staring down the Face that Runs the Place from the ring.

Edited by Meko750 (Sir Raven)

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NXT UK, Thursday July 4th
Hereford, England

Related image

Paige: "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the Inaugural Episode of NXT UK, brought to you live from Hereford in the heartland of the UK! With so much elite talent under the WWE Umbrella, NXT has been expanded into this UK branch, where we hope to bring you the very best of British and European wrestling! I am Paige your play-by-play commentator joined by Drake Maverick here at the booth. Drake, what sort of action can we expect from tonight?"

Maverick: "We've got a fantastic trifecta of matches here for the rabid fans here in attendance and your everyone watching at home. Firstly we have a tag team bout between the impulsive tandem of Wild Boar, and Primate, a team called the Hunt versus Gallus, a trio of Scottish brawlers that wish to make their mark on the wrestling scene by any mean necessary. This match is going to be a slugfest. We'll also be featuring our women's division as Xia Brookside takes on the Mysterious Isla Dawn in singles action. And, in tonight's main event, as the first round in our 8-man tourney to crown the first United Kingdom Champion, the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar, will have to contend with the Bruiserweight himself, Pete Dunne! And speaking of, let's take you right to the action".

Tag Team Match
The Hunt (Wild Boar and Primate) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang)

Image result for NXT UK The HuntImage result for NXT UK Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

Primate and Wild Boar make their entrance, gnashing and snarling their way to the ring, but oddly enough receiving cheers from the crowd. They're certainly strange, but let's see how they fair in the ring. The foreboding music of Gallus hits the arena as the crowd boos these vindictive Scots. Wolfgang mouths off to the crowd as Mark Coffey stares menacingly at their opposition, wary to turn his back on the Wild Boar as the bell rings to start the match.

Much to Coffey's expense, Wild Boar immediately charges and levels Coffey with a shoulder block, sending him clattering down to the mat. Boar roars and shakes the ropes as he lays in a series of headbutts to the chest of Mark Coffey, who quickly rolls out of the ring to regain his bearings. Wild Boar rolls out of the ring and whips Coffey into the barricade to the crowd's delight. Coffey splutters and blindsides Boar with a straight punch to the face, before bodyslamming Boar on the mats at ringside! Primate tries to save his partner, but Coffey runs Primate into the steel steps, returning to the legal man and shoving Boar into the barricade himself. Coffey rolls his opponent into the ring and goes for a pin, but only gets a 1 count. He lays in some ground and pound onto Wild Boar, dragging him over to the Gallus corner and tagging to Wolfgang, who continues the beatdown. Wolfgang hoists Wild Boar up into a gorilla press, before slamming him back down to the mat with an unforgiving thud. He goes for the pin, but only gets a 2. 

Image result for NXT UK Wolfgang The Howling gif

Primate is getting restless on the apron, pacing along it frantically and pounding the turnbuckle pad with his hand to fire up both the crowd and his tag partner. Wolfgang suplexes Boar, followed by a whip into the ropes, but he gets caught with a huge clothesline! Both men are down, their tag partners calling for the tag! and they both get it! Coffey and Primate are in! Coffey lands some punches, but Primate fights through and shoulder charges Coffey into the corner, landing a train of meaty clotheslines, followed by a ring-shaking falcons arrow for a 2 count. Primate fires up, calling for his spear finisher! But no!

Wolfgang is back in the ring, he's just levelled Primate with a chop block from behind! And it looks like Wolfgang has beatdown Wild Boar at ringside, what dastardly tactics are these! Wolfgang goes back to his corner as Coffey tags him in. Gallus then proceed to double team the downed Primate. Mark Coffey rebounds off the ropes and hits the Crowning Glory! His huge sliding Forearm Smash! Primate is out and prone on the mat. Wolfgang scales the turnbuckle and lands his High-Angle Senton Bomb, he calls it The Howling! Wolfgang goes for the cover!...1....2...3! Gallus are victorious, despite their devious ways.

Image result for Wolfgang Swanton Bomb gif

Gallus (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) def. The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) in 8:42 via pinfall with The Howling to Primate

Paige: "A strong victory for Gallus on the first episode of NXT UK. I may not agree with their tactics, but it's netted them results".

Maverick: "Exactly! When you have such a spotlight, you need to use all the tricks in the book to ensure you get the win. With this victory, Gallus could very well be in line to compete for the Inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Championships. I don't see why they wouldn't after a victory like that".

After the teams leave the ring, the arena goes dark as the titantron displays a hype package for a large and imposing wrestler from Austria. He wears a long black trench coat with white trim, the words "Ring General" embroidered on the back. His face is obscured in shadow, with the thunderous images of devastating chops and powerbombs being delivered by this behemoth flashing on the screen. This man is then flanked by two other men, one tall and leaner, the other shorter, bald, and stockier. As the video package comes to an end, the camera focuses on the three men as two simple sentences is uttered.

"Our Ring. The Mat is Sacred"

The screen goes black as the words "BARTHEL. WALTER. AICHNER. IMPERIUM. COMING SOON" appear on the titantron before the lights return, the crowd murmuring in a mixture of excitement and confusion.


Maverick: "Hahaha yes! It looks like we're finally going to get some authority around here! Imperium cut such an imposing visage, I can't wait to see WALTER in action! And you can see him in his in-ring debut next week in the UK Championship tournament as he takes on Mr. Charisma himself, Trent Seven".

Paige: "Yes, that's certainly a match you won't want to miss. Meanwhile let's check in with Radzi backstage as he has some words from the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin".

Image result for Radzi NXT UKImage result for Jordan Devlin

We cut to NXT UK's backstage interviewer Radzi as he approaches Jordan Devlin while he is exiting the arena.

Radzi: "Jordan! If you please! Just a moment! Do you have any comments about your upcoming match in the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. You will be going head to head with the Beast of Belfast, Killian Dain, in two weeks time. Surely going up against a man of such size is going to be a challenge".

Devlin: "That's really the question you ask me? Taking up the precious and valuable time of the Irish Ace with boring, robot questions like that? Dain isn't going to be a problem, do you know why? Because I am the very best on this brand, I am the future of this industry. Dain is big, well done, does he want a medal? I'll beat him by any means because he is a dumb, hairy blob of a man who thinks he's a bigshot around here. I'm only one who can say that they're the real deal in NXT UK. Killian Dain is in my way to the UK Title. Got that, Radzi? Once I'm champion, have some stronger questions for me, otherwise I'll have you shipped off to day time TV".

Devlin scowls at Radzi before strolling through the door, exiting the arena, leaving Radzi high and dry as we cut back to the ring.

Singles Match
Xia Brookside vs. Isla Dawn

Image result for Xia BrooksideImage result for Isla Dawn

The crowd get to their feet for the bubbly music of Xia Brookside, one of the youngest members of the roster, and with some huge potential behind her. Followed by the ominous Isla Dawn, sauntering her way to the ring.

Paige: "Here we go with the first women's division match of NXT UK up next. Drake, did you know that Xia Brookside is only 19! She has come so far in her fledging career. To think, she's already at this level now, just wait to see where she will be in 5 to 10 years".

Maverick: "Absolutely, Paige, Brookside is one of the future stars of women's wrestling, she is a second-generation wrestler as well, being the daughter to british wrestling legend, Robbie Brookside. However, I take umbrage with her attitude, you can't scoot by on this bubbly, family-friendly thing. She needs to take some pointers from Isla Dawn, look at her. She has an air of mystery and flair about her, but in the ring, she is no nonsense, none of this 'clap hands with the fans' malarkey". 

Oddly enough, as the match starts and the bell rings, Brookside and Dawn shake hands before locking up. Some camaraderie and honour on display.

Isla Dawn gains the advantage of the chain wrestling exchange and takes a side headlock, spinning into a takeover to ground Brookside, whose moveset is quite a mobile one, so Dawn taking the match to her pace is beneficial for her. Brookside tries to escape by applying a headscissors but Dawn slips out of it. Brookside is eventually able to escape by rolling Dawn over onto her shoulders for a quick pin attempt! 1...2...no, Dawn kicks out. Both women get to their feet and exchange strikes; Brookside landing knife edge chops and kicks, while Dawn lands an uppercut followed by a series of forearms.

Brookside may be diminutive, but her strikes appear to be doing the trick as Dawn stumbles slightly, with Brookside's assault sending her into the corner. Brookside lands a flurry of chops to the Scot before performing a snapmare, followed by a neck snap, jumping over the seated Dawn. Brookside goes for the pin, but again, only a 2 count. As Dawn is getting to her feet, Brookside steps back to hit a big running attack, but no! Dawn gets her knee up and it connects flush on the chin of Brookside! Xia is down!

Image result for Isla Dawn Wrestling gifs

Dawn smiles as she quickly capitalises by lifting up the smaller Brookside with ease, landing a snap suplex. She floats over for the cover....1....2...Brookside kicks out. Dawn lays in some painful kicks to the back of Brookside as she grimaces in pain. Dawn then lifts Brookside up over her shoulders, and connects with a big air raid crash!

Image result for Wrestling Air Raid Crash gif

That has to be it! Dawn goes for the pin! 1.....2....no! Brookside kicks out again, the resiliency and perseverance of the Young Brookside on full display here. Dawn begins to look frustrated as she hits a ground and pound of forearms to a downed Brookside. She grabs Xia's arms and applies a Half Nelson hold, she's looking to hit "Call of the Quarters" her Half Nelson Suplex finisher. Xia fights and wriggles to fight against it, eventually breaking the hold and landing a spinning back kick to the gut of Isla Dawn. 

Xia Brookside fires up as she connects with a strong boot to the face, rebounding off the ropes and hitting another boot! Brookside runs the ropes again hopes jumps, landing a slick tilt-a-whirl headscissors on her opponent! With Dawn out on the mat, Brookside scales to the top rope, rallying support from the NXT UK Universe. She jumps in the hopes of landing a Crossbody, but Dawn suddenly hops up to her feet and catching Xia in mid air! 

Dawn transitions to a wheelbarrow hold, trying to apply her Half Nelson again, but no! Brookside rolls though into a victory roll!

Image result for Wrestling Victory Roll gif

1.....2.....3! Xia Brookside wins! Dawn is wide-eyed in disbelieve, thumping the mat in frustration, as Xia Brookside is equally surprised that she pulled out the victory tonight! But none the less, she celebrates by running around the ring, clapping hands with the fans at the barricade. As both women reach the ramp, they slowly shake hands again, with Isla Dawn raising Xia Brookside's hand, respect still intact. 

Xia Brookside def. Isla Dawn in 11:04 via pinfall with a Victory Roll

Paige: "What a victory for Brookside! That is definitely a push in the right direction! She may not look it, but is going to be big things someday".

Maverick: "Well, let's not take away from Isla Dawn, she was bested by a quick pinfall, can happen to anyone. Brookside had lady luck on her side tonight, let's see what happens on a rematch. I don't think it would end so well for Brookside. But none the less, a win is a win".

Paige: "Yes it is. And in the last few minutes we've had word from NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint that next week, we will have a battle royal to decide who will face Brookside for the Inaugural NXT UK Women's Championship!" But right now, it's time, for tonight's main event".

Main Event: United Kingdom Championship Tournament 1st Round Match: Pete Dunne vs. Noam Dar

Image result for Pete Dunne wwe renderImage result for Noam Dar wwe render

The crowd pop loudly and raucously as the Bruiserweight makes his entrance, walking to the ring with his rugged swagger. Even for a man of 25, he has seen enough battles and scraps for a man double his age, a battle hardened student of the game. The Scottish Supernova comes out next to a mix of boos and cheers, and looking to be in the best shape of his career. His usual actions in the ring are deplorable, but his innate charisma seems to win some fans over despite it.

Maverick: "This is it, I've been waiting for this match for a long time. Two immensely talented men with years ahead of them in the ring, and both of them love to break bones! What's not to love?! haha"

The bell rings and both men lock up with a collar and elbow tie up, the crowd already at a fewer pitch. Dunne gets the slight power advantage, pushing Dar to the corner. The ref calls for the break as Dunne slowly backs away. But suddenly, Dar tries to blindside Dunne with a rake to the eyes, but no! Dunne is keen to Noam's tricks, grabbing Dar's hand before it connects. The crowd cheer as Dunne motions to break his opponent's fingers!


Dar just manages to escape by kicking the brawler from Birmingham in the knee, sending him down to the mat. Dar lays in a spirited and vicious chain of stomps to Dunne's leg, quickly grabbing a hold of it, stretching and contorting the knee. Bending the knee and ankle like a sick surgeon, Dunne scowls and groans at the pain, making his way to the ropes, finding respite on the apron....or so he thinks. Because the Scottish Supernova smirks and forcefully lands a shoot kick to Dunne's leg, sending him rolling down to the mats a ringside. Noam chuckles to himself and taunts the crowd, gesturing for them to be quiet as he dismantles his opponent.


Dar rolls out to join his opponent, whipping the dazed Dunne into the announce table, before sadistically grinding the Bruiserweight's face long the surface. He kicks and stomps away at Dunne's leg some more, moving them over to the ring steps. Dar, the twisted individual that he is tries to wedge Dunne's leg between the ring and the steps, that could break his leg! Thankfully, Dunne manages to escape as Dar flies to dropkick the steps, taking himself out in the process. 

The audience cheer and chant "Bruiser-weight! Bruiser-weight!" as  Pete Dunne rallies. The Bruiserweight whips Dar into the steps, into the barricade and the ring post. Then he grabs Noam Dar by the nose!!


Dar squirms as his nasal groans are heard while Dunne hit him with slaps and forearms, all with his vice-like grip on the Scotsman's nose. Dunne exhales in his usual calm demeanour as he rolls his opponent back into the ring, laying in a brutal stomp to Dar's hand, this time able to break the fingers with an audible crack, and gasp from the audience. Favouring his knee, Dunne doesn't let up as he continues to stomp down onto Dar with his other foot, targeting his head and arm. As Dar scrambles to the corner, the barrage continues as Dunne stomps a mudhole.


Pete Dunne pulls up Dar by the hands into a greco-roman knuckle lock and lifts him over with a wrist-clutch suplex, with the bridge! 1...2...no, Noam Dar kicks out, but the knuckle lock is maintained. Both men battle in this test of strength while still on their backs. Dunne's shoulders hit the mat...1...2...shoulder up. Now Dar's shoulder's are down! 1...2...shoulder up. Now both men are holding each other down for a double pinfall! 1....2....both men kick up by balancing on their heads, all while maintaining the knuckle lock.

Dar rolls over to his knees and gains the advantage because Dunne is still favouring his leg. Noam breaks the knuckle lock by using his legs for leverage, morphing the hold like a snake to Dunne's leg, he's working to apply the Champagne SuperKneeBar, one of his finishing holds! Dunne tries to fight towards the ropes, but Dar gets the better of it, the Kneebar is locked in! Will the Bruiserweight tap!


Dunne is straining and crawling and wailing in pain, trying to make his way to the ropes, but Dar drags him back into the middle of the ring. However, in the transition, Dunne is just able to escape the hold, trying to lift up Dar for the X-Plex, but Dar counters into a small package!


1....2....No! Dunne kicks out! Both men jump to their feet on instinct, Dunne is limping on his one good leg, throwing a vicious right hook to the Scottish Supernova, but Dar kicks Dunne's leg again, getting the advantage once again. Dar hooks the bad leg of the Bruiserweight and connects with a huge Fisherman's Suplex! But know, fighting through the pain, Dunne suddenly locks in a Kimura Lock!! He seems a little groggy from the suplex, but isn't releasing the hold! Dar is screaming in pain!


Dar tries to stand, gaining a vertical base, but Dunne quickly hooks the other arm and lands a massive Butterfly Suplex!! The crowd go wild as both men are down. Dar clutching at his damaged arm, while Dunne tries to get some feeling back into his leg.


Dunne goes for a pinfall! 1...2...Dar kicks out! The Bruiserweight swiftly moves and locks in another Kimura Lock, refusing to relent against Dar. As Noam tries to escape, Dunne quickly transitions into a Triangle choke!!! 


Dar is fading! But how long can Dunne keep the hold on! Wrenching away at Dar's injured arm while applying the dangerous blood choke, Dar's eyes begin to roll into his skull! Aaaanndd that's it, Noam Dar has no choice but to tap! Pete Dunne wins!

Pete Dunne shakily gets to his feet and celebrates with the referee raising his hand in victory. Dunne favours his leg in a hard fought victory, advancing in the tournament.


Pete Dunne def. Noam Dar in 16:21 via submission with a Triangle Choke

Paige: "What an impressive submission victory for the Bruiserweight tonight, a real showcase of classic british wrestling. Noam Dar put up a strong showing, but Pete Dunne prevails. With a submission victory like that, Pete Dunne could be a strong contender against a lot of the larger competitors in the tournament".

Maverick: "It was indeed a decisive win for Dunne tonight, but that match with Dar seems to have made it's mark, Dunne is favouring his left leg, I wonder how that will affect him as he runs deeper into this tournament".

Paige: "Anyway that's all we have time for tonight, thank you so much for watching this inaugural episode of NXT UK! Be sure to join us next week as we see a women's battle royal with championship contention implications, as well as the much-anticipated in-ring debut of the Ring General, WALTER as he takes on Trent Seven in the United Kingdom Championship tournament. We'll see you next week".

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