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Lord Yautja

Making Things Perfectly Clear

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It’s Bob Sparks! As he walks on stage with his NXT championship around his waist and a sledgehammer over his shoulder.


Let’s all just calm down for a second and remember are roles guys. You three are out here all worked up over this match. Where me I have all the confidence in the world all the momentum and nothing to lose. I can’t wait to watch the hope fade from your eyes as I stand over all three of you in our match. Cause guess what boys, daddy's back and it looks like he has to teach all of you a lesson.


[We see Bob look at his sledgehammer and laugh as he points it at Hans]


For all the respect I may have for you Hans the facts are very clear. This man right here is the definition of a bust. We’ve all seen them we have seen them in the NBA and NFL. Now we have our newest one right here in BPZ. He had all the momentum in the world coming up from NXT. What happened though no one really knows, maybe he lost he passion his drive to win, or maybe just maybe the world finally showed him that when it comes down to it a little man is nothing compared to a big man. Now that he has started to realize that he wishes he could go and hide back in NXT but now he has been put in this match and is shaking in his boots cause he knows with me in the ring he is not walking out of that arena.


[Bob then shifts his focus over to Alex Costa]


To be honest I don’t even know who the hell you are. But I can say one thing you are a lucky man you left NXT before I got there. You would have gotten your ass beat constantly and you never would have even won the NXT championship. But don’t worry I’m sure I we will have a lot of opportunity to get to know each other when I am throwing you across the ring and dragging you around like a rag doll. To bad I am not gonna remember you though cause you’re just gonna be another victim that fall to Bob Sparks in a long line of irrelevant wrestlers.


[Bob then smiles as he points the sledgehammer at Aaron North]


The perfect one himself, Aaron North. Men like you truly are some of our weakest. That eyepatch must be blocking you from seeing the almost infinite flaws that you have. I mean we can toss perfect vision out the window right. Sub par ring skills nowhere near perfect. Also you can’t seem to find a clean women for yourself.  I mean c’mon man she’s got the whole place smelling like a seafood convention. Put a cover on that thing or something jeez. But I will tell your girl one thing. Hey Jenna, you might wanna step out of the ring because I am gonna have to come down there with and beat his ass. But hey after he’s done feeling the pain of this sledgehammer. You should come over a feel the pleasure of my other hammer.


[Bob then drops his NXT Championship and makes his way down ramp with his sledgehammer]



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Aaron looks at Bob and laughs as he walks towards the ring.

"Hey Bob, i don't understand you man. First you say you're confident about this match as am i but instead of getting inside the ring you stand on the stage and cut a promo? It seems like you're too scared to stand in the ring with real men like us. Also you said that my woman isn't clean but then you try to hit on her which by the way was pretty pathetic. You're also saying many things that aren't true and you're talking about many things that happened in the past that you don't know about. First of all; I have perfect vision even with my eyepatch, and second of all; i am perfect. You're a weird guy if you think that you're gonna win this match and you're a weird guy if you think that you have a chance with Jenna Jameson. Why don't you just go hit on my other girlfriend since you two are quite similar, bad on the mic and bad at acting. Me? I'm perfect at both. If you're gonna go just go, i'm not gonna stop you from your inner coward."

Aaron turns and looks at Hans.

"Hans you say that i'm not perfect and i don't understand why. I also don't understand why you call yourself "Extraordinary" because you're not any different from the rest of the scum and garbage that's left in NXT. You also said that you're gonna "unleash" something at the Powertrip Cup event, but how are you gonna do that when you have nothing to unleash? Hans you should have just stayed out of this, but i guess i can crush another face at Powertrip Cup.

Aaron looks at Alex and spits in his face.

"You think you're really something huh? First you try to offend me by talking about my eyepatch, then you try to insult my girlfriend by bringing up her past, well you know what Alex? I don't care what you have to say and Jenna doesn't care what you have to say because you are just a C- player, besides me and Jenna are both proud of her past and proud of the career that she had and we're proud that she was able to make a name for herself even though it was through the adult film industry."

The crowd cheer and Aaron kisses Jenna on the cheek.

"Now if one of you has something else to say you better say it now."

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Alex watched this however he raised his mic to respond to Aaron as Bob stopped middle ramp to hear what Aaron said.

He comes near Aaron and raises his mic

Alex Costa: I do have something to say! You all talk way too much and quite frankly I am tired of talking so I propose we end this.

Alex then takes off the weapon he was hiding and it's revealed to be his old Baseball Bat


So if yall wanna fight, Let's do this! Why wait for the PowerTrip Cup Finals. Let's DO IT TONIGHT! SO I CAN KICK ALL OF YOUR SORRY ASSES ALL OVER SAN JOSE!

Crowd Cheers as apparently all four man get ready to fight when suddenly the Lights come out...

Crowd is puzzled and they just hear the noise of a crack but then the Lights come back in and we see Blood all over Aaron with all 3 of his fellow competitors looking on dumbfounded as the seguement fades to black.

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