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Bloody Hands

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We cut from Carnage to Bob’s house as he is sleeping but we see him twitching as he wakes up suddenly sweating and heavily breathing


[He gets up panicked as he runs over to the bathroom sink and looks in the mirror washing his hands in the sink although they are clean]


Bob: Their blood is not on my hands, shut up, shut up, shut up, get out of my head! Whatever you are just leave me alone!


[We see Bob headbutt the door as we see Bob now bleeding from his head. He goes to wipe it away but as he looks down he sees the blood on his hands]


Bob: No it wasn't my fault, it was those...those thugs. Just please leave me the hell alone!


[We then see Bob headbutt the mirror. As it breaks into many pieces and we see Bob’s head even more cut up]


Bob: You can’t break me you whatever you are. I have beaten demons before and you aren't stronger than the one back in the day.


[We then hear a womens voice begin to speak]


Mysterious Voice: Bob come to the shack me and the children are waiting.


[We then hear a huge explosion of thunder outside]


Bob: Kimmy? No you’re dead. Get out of my head. I loved you but you’re gone Kim nothing will change that.


[We then hear kids voices begin to speak]


Children: Daddy we miss you. Why don’t you want to play with us? Won’t you come out to play with us? We just want you to see you again.


[Bob falls to the floor blood dripping down his face]


Bob: No, you’re dead. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! It’s all just a nightmare, right. C’mon it’s time to wake up. Go back to normal life.


[We see Bob begins to smack his head again but nothing happens]


Kimmy: It will all be over if you come to the shack Bob. We just want to see you again. Just catch up on all the missed family time.


[We see Bob begin to break down but then he looks up with a straight face]


Bob: You will not break me, not again. Kimmy you and the kids want to play huh. Well guess what daddy's coming and he is going to put an end to this.


[We see Bob storm out of the house as he picks up a sledgehammer and begins driving to the shack on his 4-wheeler]


We see it raining outside as it seems there's a storm going on. The blood is being washed off of Bob’s body as he makes his way through the forest to the shack. We see fallen trees and pieces of wood laying around. Bob then arrives at the shack and they newly installed lights are on. As Bob begins walking toward it with his sledgehammer over his shoulder.


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