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Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 10th 2019

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Brock Lesnar’s Money in the Bank cash-in attempt at WWE Super ShowDown was repelled by Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who laid into The Beast with a steel chair barrage. Now that he’s fought off The Beast Incarnate (for now), how is the battle-weary Rollins preparing for his Universal Championship rematch against Baron Corbin at WWE Stomping Grounds?

  • “Brock Party” postponed
  • Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre to celebrate “The Best in the World’s” triumph over Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown
  • Becky Lynch gets “Nasty” before WWE Stomping Grounds
  • Miz TV will welcome The Samoan Submission Machine
  • Ryder & Hawkins to battle The Revival and The Usos in a Triple Threat Raw Tag Team Title Match
  • Lucha House Party takes on Lars Sullivan in a 3-on-1 Elimination Handicap Match
  • Braun Strowman stands tall in Jeddah
  • Truth on the run


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All the talk about the RAW Tag Team Championships this last week or so after people were catching on it had been a month since they last were seen on RAW, i guess WWE realised as well and we got this match., I'm actually really looking forward to the RAW Tag Championship match since i know the talent involved can pull it off. Usos off their SSD victory and The Revival getting a favour from Shane McMahon probably. 

It won't happen but a minor feud between Baron Corbin and John Cone after John Cone stood up to Baron Corbin would be a fun. Also gives a chance for a face wrestler to work up the card since Corbin is permanently seated there.

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I’m not surprised that Ryder and Hawkins lost the belts and I’m kinda glad it happened. They served their purpose and it was a fun moment when Ryder got Hawkins to end his losing streak but it’s back to being jobbers for them. The Usos vs The Revival should be good and be a lot better than what we’ve been seeing of the titles lately, which is nothing.

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From the clips I saw on youtube and what not these looked like just another boring episode of RAW. There were a lot of Tag-Team matches on the show which suggests WWE has really run out of Ideas for its talent so they are just sticking them together in tag-teams. In saying that though, I did catch the Revival vs Usos vs Major Bros match and it was pretty good. Revival winning is good but they've been booked like losers since Mania and I think that trend is going to continue even though they do have the titles. Loved the firefly fun house segment once again, he just gets more and more creepy every single time which is great. Looking forward to him getting in the ring with this new character though 

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Coming out of this weeks Raw honestly i'm kind of interested in Stomping Grounds now, it's very possible we get a 6 man match for the US title which could be something really enjoyable especially considering the 6 men in the match each have their own benefits to being in the match. The Power spots from Lashley and Strowman combined with the athleticism of Cesaro and Ricochet plus the Charisma of Miz and the all around package of Joe as the US Champion makes for a great match and a bunch of potential tag team and singles combinations to build up the storyline and make the US title seem important 5 guys trying to capture it. 

Revival winning the tag titles made sense, Hawkins and Ryder won so they can make Hawkins' one win a big deal by saying he won the raw tag titles with it but after Wrestlemania that definitely faded in interest but it also seems pretty obvious that Revival will probably lose the titles to the Usos pretty soon. 

Glad WWE actually did something with the Womens Tag titles this week and hopefully they continue to do so. The womens matches are a good way to build up the Womens Championship matches at stomping ground. 

The 24/7 segments are funny and if nothing it means I get to see some underused guys doing something and a lovely view in the form of Carmella. 

Finally i'm honestly glad they added the stipulation to the Universal title match personally I think it's a great addition and I think it'll be a good storyline if nothing else.

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It wasn't that bad of a Raw this week but it wasn't good as well. Some highlights for me were the Tag Title Match. Pretty hyped the Revival won the belts as Hawkins and Ryder had long overstayed there run.

Bray Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse seguement was fun too as always.

Finally I enjoyed the whole US Title Division seguement. That title is now really wide open for contention with Strowman, Lashley, Ricochet, Cesaro and Miz all gunning for Joe's belt.

The rest of the show was a very typical episode of Raw. The Women's Seguements and Matches were okish although they need people to chellange the IIconics.

The Rollins/Corbin/Sami/Owens angles were meh to be fair although Owens vs Rollins was a good match.

And Heyman's promo was good for what it was but it sounded like your typical Heyman promo for Lesnar.

Edited by Alex Costa

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Drake has such great comedic timing. The pay off when he finally is able to sneak the 24/7 Championship victory is going to be fantastic. Cedric, EC3 and Carmella couldn't hold themselves together when he was speaking. This championship has been a godsend for the lower card talent. This was genuinely funny and endearing. Hopefully this sort of thing helps folks get over with a larger part of the audience. You can argue that some of the talent involved should be featured on the actual show but get what you can i guess. It shows their personality which will help them connect.  Also, how long has Eric Young had that back tattoo?

Name a better rivalry than Samoa Joe and wrestlers with a family. I'll wait.
Seriously though the Miz TV segment was some chaotic goodness. Stomping Grounds desperately needs something like a potential multi-man match added to the event to break the cycle of rematches currently on the card and they can easily build off that to further storylines and combinations going forward. The Rey Mysterio storyline had to end shortly sadly but it's good to see that the division is alive and well seemingly after a bit of a slow period. If Joe does lose the championship and move on to face Rollins later i'd be okay with that.
Small note but i enjoy Cesaro putting in his mouth guard before continuing to beat up Ricochet on the stage.

I can't blame Renee for asking Corey if she heard "hooker" because that is exactly what i heard as well during that backstage segment. Guessing by the loud crowd gasp most people did 😂

Firefly Funhouse continues to be some of the most fun each week on RAW and makes it worth tuning in. Part of me has been worried they might become stale overtime without him making his debut but not yet. Hitting Ramblin' Rabbit with a mallet with cartoon sounds, licking his blood and turning him into a jar of jam. Just another Monday night for Wyatt. Though Ramblin' Rabbit is immortal and shall outlive us all.

I’m loving Seth’s current character of “babyface who is pissed off at a lot of heels for beating him up that he attacks everyone with a steel chair”. A a babyface is finally getting to give the heels a taste of their own medicine. He looked badass to end RAW and Baron Corbin's expressions looking down from the ramp really helped sell it.

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I've only been watching WWE Weekly from the 1.5 hour vid they release the day after and i cant believe they cut the Miz TV segment from that vid. US Scene looking real cool now and would be awesome to see a 6 pack challenge at stomping ground.

I enjoyed the women's tag match a lot tbh. Lacey seems to know her role in the main roster now and she looks like a legit contender to me now. And it's always entertaining to see Alexa in the ring and also Bayley with the belt now. Got me pretty hyped up about the women's matches at stomping ground.

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Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting the latest in his Observer Newsletter that Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn were not at the RAW or SmackDown tapings this past week.

According to Meltzer, Vince McMahon had some corporate obligations that he had to attend to which in turn causes Kevin Dunn to not work the show when Vince isn’t there. Triple H had eight hours of NXT tapings that he had to prepare for so he went down to Florida and Stephanie is reportedly not a regular at TV anymore, but shows up on special occasions. Meltzer reports that Ed Koskey took the reigns of RAW for the week.

In addition to that, Meltzer is reporting that Dana Warrior has been working “hands-on” with Lacey Evans, particularly on her promo work.


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It has been said in the past that when Cole doesn't have Vince in his ear he shines, Beast in the East being a prime example. Now without Vince around this would've been a good opportunity to have the commentary shine but the commentary was mostly still the same. I guess there is something to say about doing the same job even with the boss not around.

The more interesting part of this is Dana Warrior working closely with Lacey. Putting aside why she is on the creative team in the first place, considering how well Lacey has been doing with her character i'd be curious to see what ideas and aid she has given Lacey during her time on Raw. Maybe, as illogical as it first seemed Dana might have found a place for herself within the company.

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I'll start off with The Tag Team Championships, let me say that I completely forgot The Major Bros were the Tag Team Champions and now I'm glad that The Revival won it, but I know I'll end up with The Usos winning it at Summerslam. 


The 24/7 is surprisingly one of the best things on RAW and you it bad when a bunch of jobbers is completely carrying the show, I loved the elevator part of the segment with them talking about stuff like How Drake is Hornswoggle or that EC3 could be a cannabis, which is weird but OK, hopefully they continue with it. 


The Miz vs Joe should be an interesting feud for the US title, hopefully both men can prove and make the US title relevant again. 

Is it me or I'm getting a little bit annoyed at Shane with his 20 mins segment every night, like why do I have the feeling that Shane is getting this massive push for no reason, it not like he could a beat a certain WWE Champion anyways. 

Seth hitting Brock with the chairs is getting pretty stale for me at this point, I know you are trying to look cool and stuff, but I feel you need to change a bit, like use more weapons. 



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