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Smackdown LIVE Discussion: June 11th 2019

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They’re back!

The New Day are back at full strength, and they’re wasting no time getting back into action. Big E, after a stint on the shelf with a knee injury, is ready to get back to action. He’ll join WWE Champion Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods for a huge Six-Man Tag Team Match, where The New Day will square off with Kingston’s WWE Stomping Grounds opponent, Dolph Ziggler, and Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, with whom the pancake-loving trio have no love lost. Who will emerge victorious from this 

  • The New Day return to clash with Ziggler, Owens and Zayn
  • Will Roman Reigns respond to Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre?
  • Will R-Truth hang on to the 24/7 Championship?
  • Can Bayley bounce back from tag team defeat on RAW?


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Well for how cool it is to see Big E back I hope tonight is the beginning of a potential New Day Split. I feel the time is right to see it happening and having Big E turn heel on Kofi would be cool to see in my opinion.

Not that much interested in Shane's continued presence on this feud but hopefully it means Drew will be tonight on Smackdown. Always happy to see him on my TV.

No ideia, the Elevator Seguements were funny but maybe we see some title changes tonight. Hopefully envolving our favorite Modern Day Maharaja.

Likely yes with the 50/50 booking WWE has. Maybe we get Bayley vs Nikki Cross tonight hopefully.

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The only thing on this show that looks remotely interesting is Big E's return. Which is a pretty big plus, the R-truth stuff has lost its luster, The Reigns/Drew stuff feels like its the same segment on every show and I think it's dumb that a RAW women's wrestler is challenging for the SD womens title. Hopefully they get an interesting IC segment on the show but if not honestly looks to one of the more boring Smackdowns in a while. 

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Bruh isn't Sami Zayn supposed to be in a feud with Seth Rollins rn. Why the hell is on SD apart of a New Day feud as well. This stuff is mad confusing. Once again probably wont watch the show. The wild card rule has just killed WWE. Theres nothing interesting to look forward on these shows anymore 

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When Big E was injured i thought he was going to be gone for a lot longer than he has been but of course i'm not complaining. It's great to see the gang back together on Smackdown, you know that during that six-man tag team match that Big E is going to get the hottest of hot tags. This return is also good news for Xavier Woods who has really been slotted into the role of “Kofi’s Buddy". The dynamic works when all three of them are together. 
Not sure what to expect from Bayley on Smackdown tonight. I hope Nikki Cross appears though with Alexa if she is on the show herself. If you're going to try and do two stories at once may as well cross them over when it makes sense.

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"The way things are going, if i had a title run for every return, i'd be Charlotte Flair"
It's great seeing BIg E back on my television. The three man dynamic is where they all thrive though Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods have been doing well. It feels whole again.

They're putting way too much time into Shane McMahon. Tonight and on RAW. He can be entertaining during his brief runs, even this small heel feud wouldn't be too bad if it didn't take over so much time. First half an hour of the show was all McMahon. Sweet relief please. Though i do like seeing Elias so there is some good to it at least. Time that could've been used for Ali & Balor. Even a Buddy Murphy appearance.

Heavy Machinery beat the YOLO County Tag Team Champions. I want to see WWE.com upload renders tomorrow thank you to celebrate this historic occasion. Hearing Tucker take control of most of the microphone work for the tag team has made me realise he is pretty good. Shows some hope for the NXT exports recently with them being in the championship picture, Aliestar Black seems to be in for a big push and Ricochet is in the midcard picture. EC3 is turning to cannibalism though so..not all bright.
I'm not sure why but Deville vs Carmella was one of my favourite matches of the night. Carmella has improved a lot since she debuted for Smackdown and i feel her being involved in two stories right now, one being aiding R-Truth in keeping his 24/7 Championship, has made me like her a lot more. The chemistry of Mandy Rose and Sonya duing a match is unmatched though. Even when it is just outside interference.

IIconics had a quick segment tonight to get their appearance in, hell they are on TV every week.I love the humour they bring to TV but at the same time if you're going to feature the champions so frequently why not involve a women's tag team to make some sort of feud. I wonder if Paige is busy with outside projects and that's why Asuka & Kairi haven't been back?  Going nowhere fast but at least the commentary team are acknowledging that. Like Renee said on Raw "This is getting ridiculous" 

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I like Smackdown, it's my preferred brand out of the two. It normally puts on good shows and is genuinely entertaining. I can't say that about this Smackdown. Firstly the Wild Card rule is crippling the product, everything feels random and rushed and just completely pointless which makes it very boring to watch. Shane McMahon taking up majority of the first hour was hard to watch, I like his character but seeing him do the exact same thing twice a week just gets repetitive and boring every single time. The Aleister Black promos are good but I swear he has been doing the same thing for the last two months with nothing coming out of it and again its starting to get repetitive. The WWE product is hard to watch right now, they have incredible talent but they just cant seem to find the right stories and angles to put them in to create an engaging product. Also where the fuck is Buddy Murphy 

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