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open challenge...

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{Days and days have gone by since MARKER last appearance on our screens, the camera begins and we see the bright lights of the circus that MARKER has redesign with his followers, we enter the circus and there we see MARKER sitting on a throne with his followers beside him, MARKER stands up and begins speaking.}




Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen TO MY SHOW!


You're probably wondering, where MARKER, that handsome devil, the man that tougher than steel?




Come on, how can you not recognize me, I mean how can you not recognize this handsome face.


I'm sure you have noticed there something different about me as you can see and you're probably wondering why?


Well, I'm not really who I say I am, you see I am MARKER's "fun" side and you are probably asking, why now?


It simple really, you see that MARKER was nothing but worthless dirt, he can't handle a loss, he breaks and loses everything, however the man you see in front of you, I'm just trying to have fun, enjoy myself and to let the BPZ Universe know that this man here is gonna be the head honcho soon enough.


Now, the reason why I am recording this is because I want a match at Judgement Day and it could be anyone, a legend, a person who has been here for years or a newcomer to the scene, it doesn't matter  who, I just want a one on one, no Triple Threat, no Fatal 4 Way, just a nice one on one, you could say it an " Open Challenge"


So Boys and Girls, get ready because MARKER is about to blow your minds.




{The camera switches off and all that is left is black.}


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A camera cuts to James Hunter who is in a suit and sat down for a guest appearance on a talk show.ypu5wv2gP6jE_tzHDwrwVvVI579HqlJh3AIguyXzYVzuyJHqgaDnIWGGaHJLFf3Mnw-Kpw7jVLR9pszSMtRDCwYdfkuoiAo_-fUXIaPEI2DYnvz5UXK2Yt7m-qxHvUWaovl1gQtV

Interviewer: Good Evening ladies and Gentleman to another episode of BPZ International. Today's episode is a very important one as New Nexus leader,James Hunter has requested to come and talk about the latest fiasco with Marker and his new “demon” side.


Hunter: Thank You Gordon for the very kind welcome and introduction. First things first, I just want to say I'm very happy to be here and I indeed do have things to say.


Interviewer: One question I do have is what are your thoughts on Markers change of behaviour? Do you think him losing the premium title caused him to snap?


Hunter: Well I think it's a question we will only truly know the answer by asking Marker himself. But I do think him losing premium finally flipped a switch in his head and to be brutally honest, I'm worried for him. This new “fun side” could get him into a lot of danger mentally and physically. I look at him and you can just tell when you look into his eyes that this isn't his true self and is hiding from the real pain.


Interviewer: Very interesting View on this James and I'm sure the viewers will understand where you're coming from.

Another question I have to ask is, do you plan on answering Markers challenge?


Hunter: Well Gordon to be honest, that is one of the main reasons I asked to come into this show. You know, I was just watching TV flicking through the channels when a friend of mine linked me the promo. At first I was confused as I have nothing to do with Marker. But as I watched the video I was startled to hear that he was requesting an open challenge.

At this I was thinking to myself, this could be a chance to prove myself but then I thought, Marker could be a great addition to The New Nexus. This is why I am offering the badge to you Marker. And if you don't choose to accept I understand but just no that I will accept that open challenge and will make you regret declining my offer.


James Hunter proceeds to hold out a nexus badge.


Hunter: This badge goes beyond just being a team no no no. This means we are a family, we stick up for each other no matter what. If you accepted this offer imagine what we could achieve and what you could achieve! So Marker. You're either with me, or against me.


Interviewer: Wow! What words From James Hunter ladies and Gentleman but I'm afraid this is all for today's Interview and if you are just tuning in make sure you watch the full episode on catchup!


The camera fades out as the show ends.



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