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Nothing but a failure

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[ A video begins to play of Dikey back before he joined BPZ on the indies laying down on his back in the middle of the ring in a high school parking lot ] 

Even from the beginning you did nothing but fail Dikey. 

Another video plays of Dikey again on the indies as he yet again comes up short in yet another high school parking lot but this time it shows his friends in the front row look down in shame ] 

You even failed to follow through on the promises to your friends how can you hope to keep the ones to your new found supports. 

[ A third video plays but this time it’s Dikey’s first shot at a championship belt on the indies and the full match is shown which last for around 12 minutes but again Dikey falls short and loses yet again

Ah yes the ever so popular phrase “ so close yet so far “ fits this scene perfectly as you were so close to getting a fluke win for a championship yet you were and still are so far away from deserving to hold any kind of championship. 

One last video then plays of Dikey after his BPZ debut as he is sitting backstage completely exhausted and drained and looks very mortal and weak ]

Look at you Dikey now your true colors have be shown for the whole world to see yet again just like they will at PTC Finals when I destroy you. 

A camera then turns around revealing the face of Bulldozer who is revealed to be the mysterious voice and who’s been playing all of these videos ]

See you there, Dikey that’s if you’re foolish enough to show up to be exposed as the absolute weak, pathetic, and most importantly worthless fraud pretending to be a pro wrestler and more importantly a “hero” to these people because to put it simply Dikey, at the PTC Finals I will end you. 

the camera then faded to black ending this segment ]




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