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Alberto El Patron & Chavo Guerrero Jr. launch Nacion Lucha Libre

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Nacion Lucha Libre


Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio has teamed with former WWE Tag Team Champion Chavo Guerrero to launch a new promotion, Nacion Lucha Libre.

Alberto del Rio and Chavo Guerrero Jr. have thrown their hat (or scarf and poncho) in the lucha libre ring as frontmen of a new promotion named Nacion Lucha Libre. They already have a television deal lined up in Mexico and some major talent signed, both Mexican and international.

Alberto and Chavo were the main voices at the Nacion Lucha Libre press conference on June 11 to usher in a new era of lucha libre. Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno), Mesias (aka Mil Muertes), La Mascara, and Sexy Star were some of the bigger names in attendance. They also played video promos from MVP, Carlito, Dr. Wagner Jr., and Ricardo Rodriguez. Other major names on the roster include Fenix, Pentagon, LAX, Taurus, Laredo Kid, Daga, Flamita, Puma King, Rey Horus (aka El Dragon Azteca Jr.), Bram, and Thunder Rosa (aka Kobra Moon).

Alberto teased that some current WWE wrestlers will be on board soon. He didn’t name names since they are still employed by WWE.

Nacion Lucha Libre’s first event will be La Batalla Inicial on July 11 in Mexico City. The show will honor the legendary luchadores Tinieblas and Dos Caras.




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I saw something about this the other day and I didn't think too much of it and I still don't. I think this will be just like a cool little independent show that Del Rio and Chavo run, not going to be anything special but just chilling there in the corner sort of similar to what Lucha Underground is/was. What I find funny though is that Del Rio states that some WWE talent could be on board which is just hilarious to think because of AEW's creation. If you're a frustrated wrestler and want out of WWE I don't think you will be going here, I think AEW is your best bet. Anyway's Del Rio is known to be a bit of a dick head so we will see how this all pans out 

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At first glance I thought it was called Nacho Lucha Libre and it got a good laugh. But it's surprising to see Alberto el Patron & Chavo working together on a company like this. I imagine both their name power combined might of interested the backer possibly but it will be interesting to see if this actually lasts a year or is just a few mega shows before it fizzles out.

I'm also happy for Ricardo Rodriguez. You could see he visibly wasn't doing okay on Twitter not long ago so it's good to see him finding a place on a big show like this. At least this is a step in the right direction for him

My knowledge of Mexican wrestling is limited, as much as i've tried to dive into this corner of wrestling i've never been consistent. I know that Canek and 666 are legends but are up there in age. The rest of the announced talent looks great though with LAX, Rey Horus among others. I hope it streams or at some point goes up on Youtube.

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Like Jules, i didn't think much of it when i saw this thread but damn they have got some talents in there. And with El Patron and Chavo being the driving force they surely would get at least some attention to this promotion. Mexican Wrestling scenes have been meh at best in the past few years but maybe this will kickstart something for the scenes over there.

But I just can't help but think that this is an attempt to do what AEW's tryna do and I'm sure many of us do. They prob wouldnt get that major international exposure but at least they're spicing things up and im all up for it.

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16 hours ago, Alex Costa said:

I am sure they could be an interesting player in the Mexican market but other than that I don't see them making much of an impact states-side. Still that is a pretty neat roster not gonna lie. Also man ADR's dad still wrestles? And Tinieblas?! How old are those two jeez!

A lot of the time it feels like the superstars of Mexican wrestling never truly retire they just slow down and make very rare appearances. I think they only plan on honouring Tinieblas and Dos Caras rather than have them actually participate in a match. That being said he was in the ring 2 years ago so for 80 years old if he throws two hits in a multi-man match it will be interesting. At least Dos Caras is only 68.

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The roster looks good (aside from one particular female wrestler who I have a large amount of distain for) I'm surprised Pentagon and Fenix were announced to be working there perhaps the promotion is affiliated with AAA or AEW in someway shape or form. I think signing a large amount of Ex-WWE stars is a good decision for the roster in its early stages in order to help build it up and make it seem important. In terms of In Ring Quality I've seen a good chunk of the roster and it looks like they've set themselves up for an at least somewhat decent run and having a national TV deal certainly doesn't hurt. 

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