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Red Dead Redemption III: The Rise Of Dutch Van Der Linde

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The year was 1878, the setting was deep in the mid west of what was America at this point, outlaws roaming the fields, gangs fighting for what they believe in, but also a small town called Blackwater. A small organization called the "Pinkertons" were the law in that town, but some people didn't care. People are walking around, middle class civilizans and even the homeless people too. Then suddenly, a young boy is seen running through the streets, followed by a group of men, yelling at the boy.

"Stop boy!"

The young boy continues to run before dipping into a alley way. He runs down the alley only to see it's a dead end. He turns to leave but sees the men surrounding him. They all pull out their revolvers and aims at the boy.

Male 1: "End of the line boy. Also end of your life."

Boy: "No… please."

Suddenly a bang comes from a gun and the boy closes his eyes. He then open them and sees he wasn't hit. He looks up and sees the person in the middle bleeding and falls to the ground. The two men remaining turn around and catches two bullets themselves. The savior puts his gun back into his holster and approaches the boy.

?: "What's your name son?"

Arthur: "Arthur…. Arthur Morgan."

?: "My name is Dutch Van Der Linde. How about you come with me son?"

Dutch then offered his hand to Arthur, who looked on terrified. Normally he doesn't trust people, but since Dutch just saved him, he decided to give it a try and he grabbed his hand. Dutch helped Arthur out of the alley way and placed him on his horse. Dutch got on and rode away from the crime scene.

Dutch: "Don't worry son. Everything will be alright."

[So I decided to give a try at a Red Dead Redemption diary. Hopefully y'all enjoy and thanks for reading.]

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