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Sameer's NBA Talk Show

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My current Top 10 

10. Damian Lillard 

9. Joel Embiid

8. Kyrie Irving

7. Paul George 

6. Anthony Davis

5. James Harden

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo

3. Lebron James

2. Steph Curry 

1. Kawhi Leonard 

Also since your a mad Nets fan, if you were the GM for this offseason what signings/trades would you make in order to have Brooklyn a strong contender in the East?


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What The Blockbuster Anothny Davis Trade has done



The Lakers just traded away Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and 3 first round picks. ( 1 of them being the 4th pick that they lucked out on getting) This is honestly a win, win situation in my opinion. The Lakers were offering way more mid-season and that's when the pelicans should've taken the offer. So The Lakers got away with not giving up as much. They got a Superstar and in my last post, I put him at number 5 in the NBA right now. Sure their Bench isn't looking great right now but let's not forget they have about 30 million in cap space right now. Not only keeping Kuzma was great not just because he can hoop, but It's also because his contract is pretty small since he was drafted late in the first round. You could get Kemba and some sort of defensive shooting guard that can hit the 3 ball. In my opinion, What I would see as a perfect fit here is getting Patrick Beverley and Jimmy Butler. Get 2 great defensive players you wouldn't need a lot from Pat Bev expect from having that grit on defense and hitting the 3 ball which he can do. 


Now what this does for the Pelicans is it creates a new era in their franchise with them possible running a lineup of Lonzo, Holiday, Ingram, Zion, (A center). This puts them in for a good spot for the future I honestly think it was a win-win trade for both sides. The Players they have on their roster now have huge upside/potential. I dunno if they will make the playoffs in the upcoming season with this team but surely they are gonna have a bright future.  

Overall I think that this was going to happen from the start of the whole AD requesting a trade. He clearly wasn't interested in the Celtics at all and then they backed off which I can tell means Kyrie isn't resigning 100 percent.

7 hours ago, Julius said:

Also since your a mad Nets fan, if you were the GM for this offseason what signings/trades would you make in order to have Brooklyn a strong contender in the East?

To answer your question I think it would be cool to get Irving. But what I would do if I was the GM I would have made the Allen Crabbe trade which they did do. Also, I would try to get a good wing player (SF) or (PF) we really need a good defensive wing player but the can also avg 15 plus. Which is why I would try to sign Jimmy Butler but since Klay and KD are out now, Which means that Jimmy's free agency value has risen and I doubt we would get him but that would be the dream.   

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Great job!

My predictions:

KD and Klay stay in Oakland with 1 year deals has they hope when they comeback the team will still be in the playoffs picture

Kawhi stays in Toronto, at this point I can't see him leave. Wouldn't be surprise tho he signed like a 2+1 player option

Kyrie will go to the Knicks , Russell stays in Brooklyn

Kemba stay put in Charlotte, Lakers are two guys and they miss the playoff and AD leaves lol

Butler I feel like he is going to the Clippers

MIddleton and Tobias Harris with KD and Klay injuries just saw their value go up by a mile. Middelton probably stay with the Bucks, Tobias I'd love to see him go to Dallas

Horford and Cousins tbh I don't know, Horford looks like he wants out of Boston. Boogie will probably be looking for the big contract after the cheaper one this year. 

Horford goes to New Orleans and Cousins goes to Brooklyn

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NOLA: Zion Williamson 

Grizzlies: Ja Morant 

Knicks: RJ Barret 

NOLA:  Darius Garland 

Cavs: Jarret Culver 

Suns: Coby White

Bulls: De’Andre Hunter

Hawks:  Cam Reddish

Wizards: Jaxson Hayes

Hawks: Nassir Little

Timberwolves: Doumbouya

Hornets: Rui  Hachimura

Heat: Kevin Porter Jr

Celtics: Bol Bol

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With the MVP award, the NBA needs to bring in some consistency with the award as in 2015 harden had better stats than curry but curry won MVP due to his teams better record but in 2017 Westbrook had better stats than Harden but Harden had a better record however this time the NBA sided with the better stats and gave MVP to Westbrook and then now harden has better stats but the NBA has gone with the better record and given the MVP to Giannis. So I just think the NBA needs to get some consistency with the award weather that means siding with the better stats or record is for the NBA to decide but they do need to decide.

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I agree with you Sameer on the MIP and the DPOY but with the MVP discussion I tend to disagree. I won't argue that James Harden wasn't the best offensive player this year but looking at MVP it's about the all-round game and Giannis was just more of a complete player than Harden throughout the season with him being top 5 in defence and offence this season. I won't go into the stats with the PER and stuff but I think Giannis deserves the MVP, he may not have put up the excess points that Harden did but scoring is only one facet of the game 

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I liked the way they did it when they would release an award every couple of days during the playoffs and didn't make it one big show like it has been the last 3 years. Watching the show this year was horrible, it took them nearly 3 hours to present 5 awards and not even all the candidates were there. Like Harden and PG didn't show up which sort of revealed that Giannis was winning from the beginning. I guess this way the NBA makes more money but it's just boring and by that stage no one really cares about MIP, COTY or all these other awards, we just want Free Agency to start 

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