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Sameer's NBA Talk Show

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I think in regards to greatest leaders since the 2000's D-Wade and Tim Duncan have to be on an even playing field. That San Antonio team led by Duncan was truly phenomenal, they had no real superstar players outside of Timmy D and they were still amazing getting some valuable minutes from guys like Tiago Splitter, Manu, Tony Parker and Bellinelli just to name a few. Other than that it's Lebron James, he made players like Dellavedova and Tristan Thompson look decent while playing in Cleveland while also conning the lakers into signing Mozgov to a stupidly large contract. These three guys are probably the best leaders from the start of the Millennium 

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Lonzo Ball has one of the best upsides in the NBA right now.


Lonzo Ball who was recently traded from the Los Angeles Lakers now plays for New Orleans Pelicans is one of my favorite players. I’m sure most of you knew that. This kid has so much upside if he grows into the player I see. His defense is great. He held top point guards to pretty bad shooting percentages even they matched up with him and held his own. He can get you a triple double a night. 

What I see in Lonzo Ball is a player like draymond Green, I know a lot of people compare him to Jason Kidd but I think to think he’s Draymond Green if Draymond  was a point guard. Sure he could probably score more than Draymond . But I see a player that can Score, be a playmaker for his team and play superior defense. Also playing with Zion and Ingram will I think be great for him and this new fresh start in New Orleans

Don't sleep on Lonzo Ball, He can be a All Star in this league. 


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Why I think Brandon Ingram will be in the running for most improved next year


  • After the All-Star Break, Brandon Ingram was hooping for real. Like an All-Star Player. Averaging around 25+ points 4 rebounds and 4 assists. I think that he’ll have a breakout year next year with the pelicans. He and Zion will be the first and second options on the team and having a guy like Lonzo running the point guard who knows the plays he likes to run will be even better.
  • I don’t think the Blood Clout was a big injury. I enjoyed watching Ingram play last year when he was balling after the all-star break. He’s bound to breakout. I think he’ll be a runner up for Most Improved Player and just like Lonzo, I think a fresh start is what Ingram needed. He's a great young player and their so much potential to be a star with him

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This is more of a RANT THEN A DISCUSSION. BUT BEN SIMMONS IS ABOUT TO GET 170 MILLION DOLLARS WITHOUT HITTING 1 3 POINTER IN HIS CAREER. FIRST OFF WHY IS HE WEARING A SHOTTING SLEAVE IN THIS PHOTO???? Look I know Ben Simmons is an All-Star Player and Could be a Superstar if HE GOT A JUMPSHOT. In games, he is too scared to attempt shots outside the paint and it's getting ridiculous. I don't know if they can win a championship without him at least attempting them at most. This is a very big contract of course and he also needs to work on his free throw. In the Playoffs, he shot 58 percent from the free throw line 

I really don't want to hate on Ben Simmons but If I am the 76ers I don't know about this move. He and Joel's games don't mesh well together in my opinion but there is still hope for him to get somewhat of a jumper, I am just hoping it is sooner than later if they want to win anything in the playoffs.   

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Who I would start a NBA franchise with 


I would start my franchise with  Giannis Antetokounmpo and here’s why. He was the MVP this year, He showed signs of getting a jumper or at least attempting shots outside the paint. He lead his team this year to the Eastern Conference Finals. Even though he got exposed in the Conferaence finals he’s got that type of motivation that would make him work on his game and craft so he doesn’t get exposed again and he’s a kind dude to the community.

Giannis is without a doubt in my mind who’d I would start an NBA franchise with maybe Anthony Davis is close but Giannis I think has proven this season that he is better than Davis and age definitely is a huge factor in this that is why I didn’t pick Stars such as Lebron, KD, Harden, Curry 

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12 minutes ago, Johnny Mailman said:

Do you have any prediction on where Kawhi will land? So far it's been a crazy few days, I hope he stays in Toronto but I will say he goes to the Clippers

My prediction is probably the Raptors or Lakers but I think the raptors have the edge on signing him back. I’ve heard that the clippers are out of the picture but I’m not so sure about it I’d probably at this moment give the raptors the edge, they gave him everything he wanted from the rest in the regular season to having his own medical staff. 

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2 Winners so far from the NBA free agency 

#1 Brooklyn Nets 


The Brooklyn Nets looked at as the little brother to the New York Knicks have now got Kevin Durant who was arguably the best player in the NBA before injury and Kyrie Irving the second best point guard in the NBA. This is a huge win for the Nets and can lead to a championship maybe not this year but after KD comes back


#2 Utah Jazz: This offseason the Utah Jazz traded for Mike Conley and got Bojan  Bogdanovich. Who is a great shooter and was the clear cut number one option when  Victor Oladipo got hurt and was out for the rest of the season. They always were able to pick up  Emmanuel Mudiay who was starting to show signs of improvement with the Knicks. I think being back up guard will be the best role for him. The Utah jazz are looking like serious threats to take the west this year.


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2 Losers of the NBA Free Agency


NUMBER HAS TO BE THE NEW YORK KNICKS. I mean this is just disgusting. First they don’t offer KEVIN DURANT THE MAX so that leads him to go to Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving and Deandre Jordan. Than they still could try and get Kawhi I mean it’s a long shot by at least it’s worth it you could get the 2nd best player in the world this season since Durant is out. But nope they decided that they won’t give the man a MEETING. They signed Julius Randle which is not bad but when u were expected to get KEVIN DURANT AND KYRIE IRVING it’s a FLOP. They instead of giving KD the money they give Taj Gibson a 2 year 20 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT. I feel sorry for New York Knick fans. Good luck in the lottery this year again. 


Number 2 is the Washington Wizards. Drafting Rui was alright I guess but there were in my opinion better players on the bored for them to draft like CAM REDDISH. They can’t even sign anyone because of John Wall’s horrible contract and in a Free agency class like this it is a huge L for the Wizards and they are going to be one of the worse teams in the nba next year 


BOUNS TEAM: THE CHARLOTTE HORNETS. They replaced Kemba Walker a All-Star with Terry Roizer. Enough Said they are going to be the worse team in the nba this year you can take my word on that one. 

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What the Charlotte Hornets have turned themselves into is an absolute embarrassment. Their best player heading into next year is Terry Rozier which is a very concerning matter. What I also saw which baffled me was that Rozier signed a contract for 3 years 58 mil which is firstly extremely expensive but it's also what Kemba earned over 8 YEARS! Michael Jordan may be the GOAT in terms of playing the game but he has to be one of the worst Owners in the league right now maybe only above Dolan and the Knicks. For Washington I think they just need to strip it all down and start again. Trade Wall and Beal and start from the ground up, no point in keeping those expensive contracts when you aren't even making the playoffs 

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Michael Jordan, greatest player of all time, one of the worst owners in the league. Why isn't he attracting big names to come play for him? He's gotta be willing to pay his players in this day and age or his team will coast forever down the bottom. Not to mention Jordan can't draft someone to save himself.

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Although yes Pat Reilly might be a great executive in the NBA, I don't think the Jimmy Butler deal was as good as everyone says it is. I just don't think Jimmy Butler is good enough to be a star of a team and carry them to be a serious threat. The Heat still look like a borderline playoff team because besides Butler there isn't much there. Dragic is getting old and is very injury prone and other than that you don't have anything. Their projected lineup for next year is Dragic, Waiters, Butler, Johsnon/Olynyk and Bam Adebayo. You either have players who are past it or are just average ballers. I'm not too keen on how Miami shape up heading into the 2019/20 season 

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Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are now apart of a Los Angeles Clippers!? Jerry West the logo does it again! He creates a another championship contender team. The Clippers now have the best odds at winning the NBA Championship now. Here is the Trade that is sending Paul George to the Clippers.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Danilo Gallinari,

Four unprotected future draft picks: Clippers' 2022, 2024 and 2026 first-round picks, the Heat's 2021 pick
Protected first-round pick: lottery-protected 2023 pick
Right to swap picks with the Clippers: in 2023 and 2025

and The Clipper get Paul George who was 3rd in MVP votings last year. I think this is a good trade for both sides but this puts the Thunder out of any kind of Championship hopes. The Clippers now have on there roster Pat Bev, Lou Wil, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard,  Maurice Harkless, Montrezl Harrell and Landry Shamet the defense on that team is crazy and I really do think that they are the favorites to win the NBA Championship this year but I think that order has been restored even though that they are the favorites there are so many other teams that can win the championship too Lakers, Jazz, Rockets, Golden State, Bucks, Philly and the Nuggets. I am really looking forward to this season. We actually don't know what team or teams are going to be in the finals this year. 

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10. Kyle Lowry 


Great Leader and play-maker. Kyle Lowry is can give u a mix of both assists and scoring in a game. This year he averaged around  14,4,7. He did kinda have a little bit of a off-season this year in terms of scoring the ball but had great percentages taking good shots and looks and in the Finals this year and Playoffs are that horrible game 1 vs the Orlando magic he really did turn it up and that’s why he gets the edge over Mike Conley in my opinion. In the finals, Game 6 where the raptors could close out Kyle Lowry had a huge game and was probably the reason they won that game and it didn’t go to a game 6.

9. Ben Simmons 


At 6 foot 10 inches Ben Simmons is a pretty big guard compared to everyone else but his one really big flaw that is holding him back from being higher on this list is his Shooting/Jump-shot. I am sorry but I don’t want a point guard that can’t shoot the ball it’s a really big liability to have. He isn’t an offensive threat besides when he is inside the paint look I think Ben Simmons has the potential to be a top 6 point guard in the league. He has a all around great game and almost averaged a triple double this season but I don’t think I can win a championship if my point guard cant shoot the ball to save his safe. Not to mention how he struggles from the free throw line. 

8. Jrue Holiday 


Great Defender, Play-maker and Scorer. Jrue Holiday really just gives you a mix of everything you want from a point guard, Jrue Holiday is one of the best defenders in the NBA in doubt about it and his accomplishments prove just that making all defense for the last 2 years this year all defense second team and last year all defense first team. His 1.6 steals per game ranked 10th in the NBA for the regular season, and his 54 total blocks led all guards in the league at the time of his last game. Holiday joined the Second Team with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green (Golden State), Joel Embiid (Philadelphia) and Kawhi Leonard (Toronto). Those are some pretty elite defenders next to him

7. Chris Paul 


I know what you all might be thinking CHRIS PAUL???? But here me out on this one. After seeing what happened to Chris Paul in the regular season it was sad to see that he might be declining but he was pretty good in the Playoffs he’s a great playmaker one of the best we have seen in the game and I’d trust him and be fine with him having the ball most of the time because of his IQ plays. Let’s not forget also that he is playing with James Harden who had one of the highest if not the highest player usage rate which means most of the time Paul didn’t have a chance to show that he was still that bad man But I still do think he is. Once Again Contracts don’t come into play with this it’s pure talents.

6. D'Angelo Russell 


He became an All-Star this season a most improved player candidate this season and led his team to the playoffs when they were ranked to be one of the worse in the NBA before the season started after this season D'LO has earned his spot on this list and is among the best point guards in the league. I think that he will fit in pretty damn well next to steph curry and will have great season(s) ahead of him.

5. Kemba Walker 


For Years Kemba was in one of the worst situations in, An NBA All-Star could be stuck on a shit team. But he always got his stats and you can tell he really tried to win and lead them to the playoffs. He was only able to do it once and maybe that is why he is number 5 on this list maybe if he had more success he’d be higher on this list but he hasn’t I am glad he is now on the Celtics a team he can actually win games and make the playoffs at least.

4. Russell Westbrook 


Westbrook is on triple double watch every time he steps on the court but this season he couldn’t shoot the ball well at all. He out completely out played by Damian Lillard in the playoffs which is why he is below him now before the playoffs he would’ve been number 3 for me but he has dropped a spot after this season. Couldn’t shoot the ball well this season and lost in the first round again it’ll be interesting what happens next for him if he gets traded or saying in OKC.

3. Damian Lillard 


From being overlooked from All NBA teams and All-Star games Damian Lillard now gets the respect he deserves after outplaying Westbrook in the playoffs and leading his 3 seeded team in the stacked west to the western conference. I feel like that he could have beat the warriors. I mean there was like 3 games where they had about a doubler dight leading heading into the halftime. But now I think there is no debut that he is better than Russ.

2. Kyrie Irving 


Now a BROOKLYN NET, Kyrie Irving is still the 2nd best point guard in the NBA. Just because Damian Lillard had more of a successful playoff run this year. Kyrie Irving is a NBA Champion and hit one of the coldest shots in NBA History. He averaged 24,5,7 and considering he didn’t want to be in boston and the team chemistry was really bad. I think he did really lead them to as far they were going to get which was the 2nd round. I am predicting that this year he does alot better though 

Stephen Curry 


The Best Shooter Ever. Stephen Curry evolved the game of basketball. All the kids want to be like him now a sharp shooter. I don’t think I really need to explain myself here. Steph Curry is a 2X MVP, 3 time NBA Champion. First ever unanimous MVP and led his team to the best record in the NBA. Arguably the 2nd best point guard in the NBA to ever live.

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I mostly agree with this list, the only changes I would make is definitely having Jrue Holiday lower than Simmons and maybe even lower than Lowry, other than that I think the list is looking pretty tight. Dame might be better than Kyrie sooner than we thought 

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23 hours ago, Julius said:

I mostly agree with this list, the only changes I would make is definitely having Jrue Holiday lower than Simmons and maybe even lower than Lowry, other than that I think the list is looking pretty tight. Dame might be better than Kyrie sooner than we thought 

Yeah now that I think about it, I may have rated Jrue a little bit higher than I should've. I would put Simmons over him now but not Lowry

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                                             TOP 10 POWER FORWARDS IN THE NBA CURRENTLY 




Kevin Love was probably one of the best Power-Forwards maybe even the best at some point in his career. Even playing with LeBron and Kyrie he was still in the Top 5 in my opinion. But this year Kevin Love took a real down hill. He got injured very early into the season and didn't play much at all. It was also the first time he missed out on being a All-Star after being an all star for a couple of years in a row and with the rise of new stars it drops Love down. 



John Collins had a very outstanding 2nd year in the league and I know some people might say putting him over Love is kind of a reach but here's the thing. Collins is going into his 3 year next season. He's young and can get better still. While Love is on the older side and is very injury prone at this point in his career.  Collins has major upside and I think he can get even higher on this list in due time.



This year Julius Randle was suppose to be a 6 man but since all the Anthony Davis drama was going on he got extra time to play and he shined in those extra minutes. Randle had a career season his first season with over 20 points per game and he bring amazing defense on the other end. He is bound to be an All-Star of the future. 



NUMBER 7 GOES TO SPICY P. Pascal was a bum last season that nobody knew about. He went from that to being one of the Power Forwards in the NBA today. I enjoy how he plays the game and his rise to stardom. I think he'll be an All-Star next season and with Kawhi gone averaging 20 plus points per game and don't forget about his amazing defense.


Number 6 goes to LA. Lamarcus Aldridge, He was the only all star for the spurs this year although I was very tempted to put Pascal over him we can't forget how good he is. Elite Mid Range scorer and bring some nice defense. He's really a boring player though not much to say about him lol.


Number 5 goes to Tobias Harris who kind of had a break out season this year and would've been an all star if he was in the east. Harris can shoot the ball and spread the court very well. He was leading the clippers to the playoffs before he got traded. I just hope he can actually stay on one team for now which would be in philly.


Number 4 goes to Kristaps Porzingas I know he didn't play this season but I am talking about before the injury. This BROTHA WAS BALLIN FOR THE NEW YORK KNICKS. he was averaging 22,6,2 before he got hurt and was traded to Dallas. The only thing I could really think of is that he needs to improve in getting rebounds for a 7 footer I don't think 6 is enough but it isn't horrible considering what he does all around for the team. 


Number 3 goes to Blake Griffin who had one of the most improved season this season in my opinion. He use to just beable to use his athletic ability to get his points but as he got older he lost some of that and it look like he was going down. But this season Blake proved the doubters wrong which even I was one of them. Although he had some injuries throughout the season he was able to add alot to his game such as he now was able to shoot the ball now and that help his game out alot and he was an all-star this season since 2015 


Number 2 goes to Draymond Green, He had a pretty bad regular season and I won't deny that but in the playoffs we saw the real Draymond Green where he almost averaged a triple double. He is probably the best defender on this list. He's an all around star and in my opinion is the heart and soul of the Golden State Dynasty.


And Number 1 with no doubt is Anthony Davis, Now this season his minutes were limited and he didn't play a lot of games because of his trade request to the lakers. But he is still the best Power Forward in the NBA, lets show his stats from last season which was the last real season he played he averaged about 28,11,2. Davis is clearly a generational player and his one of the best player in the NBA at the moment and he could be THE best at some point maybe he is only 26 and is just about to enter his prime days soon.


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