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Sameer's NBA Talk Show

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Top Posters In This Topic

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This is where I will be talking about topics about the NBA currently and stating my input on them. You can also state your opinions on the topics I talk about. You could ask me to talk about a topic a

MEMPHIS TRADES MIKE CONLEY  Memphis trades there All Star Point Guard Mike Conley for Jae Crowder, Kyle Kover and draft picks. For Utah it is a great trade as they needed a better point gua

Where I think Some of the Top Free Agents are going in the NBA 2019 Free Agency  I think Kevin Durant is going to Sign a 1+1 Player option with the Warriors now if he didn't get injured and

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1 overrated basketball player in the NBA and 1 underrated player in the NBA currently 


  I swear it's nothing personal @Ropati4


You know about all of Russell Westbrook’s numbers by now. He’s led the league in assists the last two years and just averaged a triple-double a third season in a row. Westbrook is the worst shooter in the NBA right now and the worst volume three point shooter in league history, making under 31%. He's never been able to win without KD and since Kevin Durant has left he never won with the Thunder in the playoffs. He never advanced from the first round even with Paul George. He is labeled a ball hog and he proves why stats don't mean everything and you need to have a look with your eyes. I am not a Westbrook hater at all, I hope he finds success in houston but you can't deny the facts.


Blake Griffin 


This season Blake Griffin was going in as nothing much really. He wasn't talked about at all after missing so many games his first season with the pistons everyone thought that Blake was on the decline and he even said himself that after using all his athleticism in the regular season he'd be tired come playoff time which maybe is one of the reason it never really worked out on the Clippers with him. But this season he reinvented himself and shot more three's and made more than he had in his whole career which was crazy although they got swept they were able to make it to the playoffs with him leading them there unfortunately he wasn't really able to play due to injuries but he got a standing ovation from the Piston fans in Detroit the night they left. I think this dude could be scary if he is healthy. He's got the playmaking ability, he's able to go to the rim and slam in down over almost everyone and now he's got the three point shot to spread the floor. 

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Early NBA Award Predictions and why 

Most Valuable Player

Stephen Curry, Warriors 


Stephen Curry will be tested this year in my opinion with no Kevin Durant after he left for the nets and no Klay Thompson who is one part of the Splash Bros. I think this dude will have crazy scoring games and prove to everyone that he can carry the load and prove a lot of people wrong. I think Steph Curry is looking at season where he could average 30 this season if he wanted too and with Klay and Durant not there he is going to have to take way more shots this season. He normally averaged around 25 shots but without Durant and Thompson he averages around 30 shots per game and it's not like the warriors are going to be bad this season. He still has Draymond and a young All-Star in D'Angelo Russell which we will see how the fit goes for him in golden state.

Rookie of the Year:

Zion Williamson, Pelicans


Former Duke superstar Zion Williamson has freakish athleticism that’s basically never been seen before on a basketball court at his size, he basically looks like a monstrous defensive end that happens to possess superb basketball skills to go along with his athletic gifts. With a solid team around him including former all-star guard Jrue Holiday likely to take pressure off the rookie by remaining the leader until he is ready to take over the team. I think you could make a case for Ja Morant just because he's already established in Memphis that he is the man now while Zion hasn't taken that step for his team at least yet but Zion has the better team compared to the two and will likely have a better record.

Most Improved Player:

Jaren Jackson Jr., Grizzlies


Number 2 overall pick Ja Morant (who I was just talking about being the 2nd favourite to win NXT) should also have an immediate impact on the Memphis Grizzlies franchise, and that’ll help 2018 number 4 overall pick Jaren Jackson Jr. get better after a promising rookie season. Jackson already averaged 13.8 points and 4.7 rebounds in 26.1 minutes in his first NBA season, but Morant’s outstanding passing ability should put him in more favorable positions to score. 20+ points per game might not be a stretch for Jackson next season. However if it doesn't happen this season. I could maybe Caris LeVert winning it.

Sixth Man Of The Year: 

Domantas Sabonis, Indiana Pacers


I know going with Lou Willams would probably be the simplier choice but I am going to go with a guy who was in the running last year and plays for the pacers. I think that Domantas is a really good talent and could one day become a borderline all-star time. I think he's a pretty underrated player.

Defensive Player of the Year: Joel Embiid, Sixers


I think the missed games must be affecting Joel Embiid’s standing when to comes to being named First Team All-Defense and Defensive Player of the Year, Hitting 70+ games played will probably put Embiid in stronger consideration for the defensive player of the year and maybe even MVP?

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3 Players That I Think Will Have A Breakout Season.

Brandon Ingram


Brandon Ingram was having a breakout season before the blood clots post all star game. He was averaging 28.4 PTS | 7.6 REB | 2.8 AST with shooting splits 58% FG | 46.7% 3PT | 75% Free Throw. He was on a roll but unfortunately the blood clots made him sit out for the rest of the season. His trade value was really good after that and the Pelicans would not trade AD without Ingram in the trade for them he was the main young player they wanted in that trade that included Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and him. I think he could be a borderline all-star in the league and well he was playing like an all-star after the all-star break hopefully he can play like that for the Pelicans. 

Jaren Jackson Jr


Jaren Jackson Jr had a pretty good rookie season last year and the sky's the limit for him in my opinion. I am really high on his game, I think he has all-star potential. Last year he averaged 14 points, 5 rebounds. I think with the addition of Ja Morant to the Grizzlies from the NBA Draft who is probably the best playmaker in his draft class, I think Jaren will have a better season this year and show growth in his game. Unfortunately Memphis will most likely be one of the worst teams in the league next year but Ja and Jaren will be two young stars they will grow with for the future. 

Dejounte Murray


Last Season Dejounte was not able to play due to a injury in the preseason and had to sit out the whole season which sucked since a lot of people thought he was going to breakout as a star last season. Dejounte is the whole package in my opinion. He can defend, be a great playmaker and hit shots. Just an all around player that you want to have and with Greg Popovich's success in making young player amazing and getting the best out of them I truly think that he will be a great player and will break out this season. He fits the Spurs system so well.

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Rudy Gay remains as one of the best in his position right now,he played good and has established himself as one of the best players on the San Antonio Spurs roster. Last season, Gay averaged 13.7 points, 6.8 rebounds


The Jazz, who landed Mike Conley in a trade and signed Bogdanovic, who is coming off the best season of his career. Already expected to be one of the better defensive teams in the league with Rudy Gobert, now Utah will have more offensive firepower with Bogdanovic added to the mix. The about-to-be six-year NBA veteran shot a scorching hot 42.5 percent from the three point Bogdanovic led the Pacers to the playoffs after Victor went down and averaged 18 points per game last season. 


Brandon Ingram was expected to become a big figure for the Los Angeles Lakers, but the Lakers shipped Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart to the New Orleans Pelicans in a trade that sent Anthony Davis to L.A. Even though he won’t be part of the Lakers, Ingram is set to prove his value in the league with his new team and Ingram was breaking out as a star after the all-star break and could 100 percent get higher on this list


Danilo Gallinari has been one of the most reliable small forwards in the league for a long time. He was good with the Denver Nuggets, continued his good displays with the Los Angeles Clippers and now is set to be one of the best players of the Oklahoma City Thunder full of young players. Last season He recorded 19.8 points, 6.1 rebounds with the Clippers, who traded him to the Thunder in the Paul George trade.


Jayson Tatum is seen as one of the future stars in the NBA after all the good things he’s done with the Boston Celtics over the last 2 season leading them to the eastern conference finals and pushing LeBron James to 7 games in the eastern conference finals.


We have entered the heavyweights territory now with the proven all-stars/superstars, and we start with none other than Paul George, one of the best two-way players in the NBA. PG-13 has been great with both the Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, and now is ready to join forces with Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles he is third in the mvp race last year and is now looking to win a championship with the clippers.


We have the 2019 NBA MVP with the fourth spot on the list. Giannis Antetokounmpo has improved his game season after season, becoming one of the biggest stars in the league with all the good things he’s displayed with his Milwaukee Bucks. He lead them to the eastern conference finals this year and lost to Kawhi Leonard who is on this list and they went on to win the championship. Giannis could be the best small forward in a 2-3 season which is crazy.


One of the deadliest scorers in the world at this very moment. Although he won’t play a single game this upcoming season, Durant is still regarded as one of the best NBA Players on earth or even the best when healthy. Kevin Durant has proven especially this year in the playoffs where he was averaging over 30 points per game before getting injured is that he deserves this rating. 


Kawhi Leonard after being traded to the raptors this year he won them a championship and had one of the best playoff runs ever in the nba. He is now with the Los Angeles Clippers looking to win another championship and if he does this season he could possibly be the best in the league.


Lebron James is still the best Small Forward in the NBA and the best player in the NBA. He didn't have the best season last year due to being out with injuries but you can't doubt him after one season where he was averaging 27,7,7 before getting injured. This Season we will see if he is still the best in the league and if he will have a bounce back season with his new star in AD he is looking to win his 4th NBA Championship 

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Top 3 Players in the MVP race this year

1. LeBron James 


LeBron James is set to have a huge comeback season. After not making the playoffs this season the last time he missed the playoffs was when it was his second year in the league. LeBron now has Anthony Davis and more shooters around him this season the only thing that people are really questioning is his health. I do think the Lakers will have a top seed in the playoffs which would make him more likely to be the Most Valuable Player this year. I could see a 25 points, 9 assists, 6  rebound year from The King  

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo 


Going into this season Giannis Antetokunmpo will be the reigning MVP of the league and I think he can do it again. Giannis and The Bucks will be the first seed in the east in my opinion and will have the best record in the league again. It'll be hard for Giannis to win back to back MVP Awards we have seen it happen but the league normally doesn't do them. I think he has a really good chance though with the Bucks continuing to be good and him continuing to dominate the league. I could see a 27,10,5 stat line for the Greek Freak

3. Stephen Curry 


I think Stephen Curry is bound to have a really good season this year if he doesn't have any injury problems. The Warriors don't have Klay Thompson for most of this season and Kevin Durant just left in free agency. They added D'Angelo Russell to the squad and are looking to make 4-6th ish seed in my opinion. I think Steph is going to be a monster this season and average 28-30 points this season. I had him as my MVP for this season because I think he'll have such a good season that you can't ignore it. But I have him at 3 because the other 2 on this list, their teams will have better records. I could see 30 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists for Curry this year. But I think this will be the top 3 in the convo this season for MVP 

What's Your Top 3 for MVP in the 2019-2020 season? 

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Who I think the Top 5 players will be from the NBA 2019 Draft 


Honorable Mention 

Tyler Herro (Heat)


Now going into the draft and seeing the heat pick Tyler Herro, I thought it wasn't the greatest pick but after he played in the summer league, I was impressed alot. I think this guy could be really good in the NBA. He's got the 3 point shot, He's able to create his own shot and is decent at making plays for his team. I think Him and Butler could really be something nice if he's able to take that next step in the NBA. 

5. Cam Reddish (Hawks)


Cam Reddish has the potential to be really good in the NBA. I think he wasn't really given the role he would've liked on duke but what do you expect when your on a team with Zion and RJ who went 1 and 3 in the draft. He's got the potential to be a all around player in the NBA in my opinion. If he puts in the work. I think he's got the ability to defend, shoot and be a playmaker in the NBA. 

4. RJ Barrett (Knicks)


I think RJ can be a All-Star in the league maybe putting him at 4 as some people shocked and who I put at 3 will, but I'm honestly not too in love with his game. I think he can be a great scorer in the league but everything else I'm not so sure about right now. I guess we will have to wait and see, he will have a tough time on the knicks for maybe the first 1-2 years I feel like with him not having the best team around him and maybe some teams focusing on him more when defending.

3. Darius Garland (Cavs)


I know some people will be shocked at the fact of me putting Garland over Barrett but I really think he works well in this age of the NBA. He can shoot the lights out and be a playmaker now defense might be something he has to work on but he gives me Damian Lillard vibes but of course i'm not saying I think he'll be as good as Damian Lillard though. I think he'll be a big time player in the league though 

2. Ja Morant (Grizzlies)


Now I think most people know that Ja is my guy and I really do wish I could put him number 1 on this list. I think Ja is will a top 6 point guard in the league at one point in his career. He's got everything to his game. Maybe he could work on his shooting but that's honestly it. He's a athletic guard and is compared to Russell Westbrook but I think he's more like John Wall if I am being honest. This kid is going to be something special in the NBA.

1. Zion Williamson (Pelicans)


I think everyone knew who was going to be number one on my list. Zion Williamson, the most hyped rookie since LeBron James. Now I don't think he'll ever be as good as LeBron, I don't think there will ever be another kind of player like LeBron. I think Zion will be the best in his draft class career wise. He's a 6 foot 7, 285 pound beast. This Kid can fly like superman down the court to block a shot and we saw it in college. I think he'll need to lighten down a little though because his knees could be a problem with him being to heavy but that's it. 

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Stop Overreacting.


The Warriors are off to a bad start to the 2019/2020 season but people are really overreacting with some of these comments. First off I'd like to say Steph Curry is better than Russell Westbrook and doesn't have to prove that. You could simply just look at what Kevin Durant did. He went to the Warriors and I think apart of it was because Steph is better than Westbrook. The Warriors will make the playoffs this year, They are playing really bad on defense at the moment. The worst in the league at the moment actually but I think they will step it up. Steph Curry is the best point guard in the league. He and D'Angelo Russell will need time to find chemistry.

Dark Horse MVP? 


Here are Kyrie Irving stats for the first 3 games of the season 

GP: 3 
Min: 34.7
Pts: 37.7
FG%: 45.7
3pt%: 41.2
Reb: 5.7
Ast: 6.3
Stl: 1.7
Blk: 0.7

I think Kyrie can be the scoring champion this season and I think that he is the dark horse of MVP this season. The Nets need to win games of course for him to be named MVP and I think they will. They have lost 2 out of the 3 games they have played by one point in overtime. I think over time they will get it together and starting winning games on the regular. I could see them being a 4-6 seed in the playoffs this year. Kyrie is going to have the ball in his hands a lot this season and he will 100 percent be in MVP discussions.  

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I truly believe that there are warning signs in regards to the Golden State Warriors because this goes a lot further than a matter of chemistry. Yes D-Lo and Steph need to figure each other out but they really are the only offensive threats this team has and when you look at the state the Warriors are in right now it's concerning. Giving prominent minutes to guys like Jordan Poole, Eric Paschall, Jacob Evans, Omari Spellman and other unknown players is an alarming concern. Curry and D-Lo can only carry this team so far and with the Western Conference so competitive I think it is very very likely that the Warriors find themselves in a load of trouble. Kerr hasn't found a lineup he likes, and for the most part the team looks lost out there. Teams arent afraid to double Steph because no one else is going to give them any perimeter damage. They're in a tough position and unfortunately I don't see a short-term way out

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On 10/30/2019 at 3:26 AM, Julius said:

I truly believe that there are warning signs in regards to the Golden State Warriors because this goes a lot further than a matter of chemistry. Yes D-Lo and Steph need to figure each other out but they really are the only offensive threats this team has and when you look at the state the Warriors are in right now it's concerning. Giving prominent minutes to guys like Jordan Poole, Eric Paschall, Jacob Evans, Omari Spellman and other unknown players is an alarming concern. Curry and D-Lo can only carry this team so far and with the Western Conference so competitive I think it is very very likely that the Warriors find themselves in a load of trouble. Kerr hasn't found a lineup he likes, and for the most part the team looks lost out there. Teams arent afraid to double Steph because no one else is going to give them any perimeter damage. They're in a tough position and unfortunately I don't see a short-term way out

Yup okay with Curry having a broken hand I think they’re really fucked noW. I don’t expect playoffs but I don’t know where they will land in the rankings now. 

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Could Russell Westbrook and James Harden win an NBA Championship together?


Going into the season it was a question if Russell Westbrook and James Harden would work out for the rockets since both of these two players have had the highest usage rate over the past 3-4 years. During the offseason, I was on this same talk show and I said yes that they would manage to work out. When you both two MVPs on the same team they will figure a way to work out. Plus both of them are friends and have been forever. So far from watching the Rockets games against the Wizards, Nets, and Pelicans. I can that the Rockets need to work on their defense as of right now. Even though they won against the wizards allowing 150 plus points from a subpar team isn't excusable. I feel like their defense can be way better too. Russ is a good defender, Tucker is a good defender and so is Clint Capela, even Austin Rivers is pretty good on that end too.

But the real question is, Can this Houston Rockets team win an NBA Championship and I think they can look at all the western conference teams, there are so many good ones but I think that the Rockets are maybe the 3rd best team in the west behind the Lakers and Clippers. It really depends on how they do play in the playoffs. I think that people calling Harden a choker in the playoffs is ridiculous. His team was the only team that was able to compete with the Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant. Russ on the other hand, I think it's been a problem but I think with James Harden and a new team and system which seems to be working out, I think things can change around for him and I think he's really motivated to win in Houston and to win with Harden. I think James is more comfortable with Russ instead of Chris Paul. Not only were they teammates before teaming up again but like I said before they are basically best friends. I think he enjoys it when Russ is hot and I think it's the same when James is hot. Both of their main goals for the time they are teaming is to win a championship and I honestly think there's a chance that it happens.

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You bring up some good points but there is no chance that these two win an NBA Championship for the forseeable future. Both of these players are high volume low efficiency stars and although Westbrook has played well to start the season I imagine come playoff time there will be a power-struggle. Secondly Houston Rocket's defence are god awful, they give up so many points are really cant defend anyone, they let a 1-man Wizards team drop 158 points on them which is a very scary sign. Thirdly, the rest of the NBA is just too powerful for them. Clippers, Lakers, Jazz, Bucks, 76ers and maybe even Denver rank higher than them and if they're going to want a chance to win they gotta figure out what to do on the defensive end because they absolutely suck right now 

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3 Young Players that can be at the top of the league in a few years

# 3. Zion Williamson


We haven't seen Zion Williamson play a regular-season game in the NBA yet and I have him at 3 on the list. I think I would have him higher if he would've started off the season but unfortunately, he's out for the first 6 to 8 weeks of the season. But in the preseason vs the Utah Jazz, we saw a flash of what he can do, going against Rudy Gobert and scoring on him. Remember this is Rudy Gobert who has won the defensive player of the year award in back to back seasons. Zion was hyped up all year when he was in college. We have seen what he can do it's just a matter if he can stay healthy and if so I think he could be ahead of the other 2 players I have on this list especially with New Orleans having some really young talent over there. 

#2. Trae Young 


Trae Young was balling out after the all-star break of his rookie season. It took him a minute to get used to the NBA and its style but then coming into this season he was on fire scoring over 25 plus in first 3 games this season. 38 against the pistons and 39 against the magic than 25 against the 76ers. Unfortunately, he got injured in a game against the heat, thankfully it's just a minor ankle injury and he'll be back in 2 weeks at most. I think Trae Young could possibly be a top 3 point guard in a few years. 

#1. Luka Doncic 


This man Luka Doncic coming off an amazing rookie season and capturing the rookie of the year award last season has been bringing the heat this season with his new running mate in Kristaps Porzingis the Mavericks have been looking nice. I think maybe in 1-2 years they can be a championship-level team as of right now I think they could be fighting for the 7/8 seed this season in the west but Doncic just went to war with LeBron James last night with both of them having a triple double. Luka and LeBron became the youngest & oldest players in NBA history to put up a 30-10-15. Going toe to toe with the best player in the league is something huge and I think after that game every Mavericks fan should be impressed. 

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I can't believe Kendrick Nunn isn't on this list! In all seriousness though, I think Luka and Trae are definitely in the top three but personally, I would've put Fox instead of Zion just because Zion hasn't played a regular-season game yet and Fox has proved himself to be a promising talent over the past two seasons.

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I feel like pretty much all of those guys will succeed so I'm gonna choose a more unknown three for my top 3.

G Josh Hart, New Orleans Pelicans: Everyone is raving about how well Lonzo and Ingram are playing, but for me the piece the Lakers lost that stings the most right now is Hart. The Lakers are lacking wing depth and Hart has taken a step into becoming a rotational player that could develop into a great 6th man and could even be a great starter. He's 6'5", and has an average of 13.3 points and nearly 8 rebounds (7.7). He looks to be a key part of the Pelicans going forward and I think he's gonna surprise some people, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up better than Lonzo with how injury prone Lonzo is.

F Brandon Clarke, Memphis Grizzlies: I believe Brandon Clarke was a lottery talent, potentially top-10 and the fact he slipped into the 20s made him the steal of the draft for me. He can fit right into the frontcourt of JJJ and Jonas for Memphis and play the three, and was said to be by scouts one of the most NBA ready players and he hasn't disappointed, putting up 11.5 and 6.3 in just 23 minutes. I think if Memphis commits to him he could be a great 3&D player for years to come.

F/C John Collins, Atlanta Hawks: Here's a bold prediction: I believe John Collins will be a top-12 player in the next three years, and in four years, Trae Young and John Collins will be the NBA's best duo, unless Giannis and AD somehow both end up in LA in 2021. Collins numbers have dipped so far, dropping from 19 and 9 to about 17 and 8, but with many new pieces like Cam Reddish and De'Andre Hunter, I expect him to pick it up. But here's the scary part, small sample size yes, but the past two years Collins shot 34% from 3. Decent, not great and his volume for shooting them wasn't great. This year, through five games: 9-19, 47.4%. Yes small sample size, but undoubtedly there's a willingness to shoot the 3 more. Atlanta, if Trae gets back, could be a 5 seed this year with a 5-out lineup of Trae Young, Cam Reddish, De'Andre Hunter, John Collins, and Alex Len all stretching the floor.

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I agree with all of those guys Sameer to be honest. There are alot of young guys in the league that I feel like could step up and take the league by storm in a few years. I just hope Zion can get through this injury and stay healthy, as injury concerns are a question mark for him but I think he is gonna prove some people wrong about that. I would also like to mention Ja Morant though too as he is looking really good at the moment. Just feel as if someone has to bring him up here. I think that Grizzles team is building something and Ja could push them to that next level sometime in the near future.

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